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Begone, Bramble.

Next Expansion: Brigade of the Sky
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shIFh6ZSM2o [Embed]
Card reveals: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jfOwl01oC0Xw7Jowun6LBK_01qzmpauM6yN7VhYlefc/

Latest expansion: Dawnbreak, Nightedge
Anniversary leaders: Moon Al-mi'raj, Fairy Princess


>Granblue Fantasy collab - Prizes for following @shadowverse_jp and @granbluefantasy
>Celebrating Shadowverse's 2nd Birthday - 50 free packs, 2nd leader poll, Take Two Grand Prix
>Chapter 1 of the Prologue is now Animated!
>May card changes - No cards
>Known Bugs

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i am screencapping all these post so be careful about what you post /svg/, especially that bloodnigger going going full damage control on naru and that shadownigger who downplay lady grey

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Quoted By: >>217885894

why do rune reveals always take forever to come?

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Navigator of the Blue Skies Rackam
Neutral bronze 4/3/3 follower
when this follower attack deal 3 damage to target before

Spiritual Marksman Sutera
Forest silver 4/4/3 follower
Fanfare : draw 1 card
Evo - +1/+1 only, when this follower attack deal 1 damage to every enemy followers

Small Holy Knight Charlotta
Sword silver 3/2/3 follower, commander
Evo - Ward, until the end of the opponent's turn your follower gets "receive 0 damage from followers, spells, amulets and leader effects" (Magnus effect)

Black Witch Anna
Rune bronze 2/2/1 follower
Last word : deal 1 damage to a random follower
Evo - Last word : deal 3 damage to a random follower

Skybound Scathacha
Dragon gold 5/5/5 follower
Fanfare :
Outside awakening, deal 2 damage to itself, +1 empty pp.
During awakening, leader gains "-2 to next received damage"

Twin Corpse Necromance Lady Grey
Shadow silver 2/1/3 follower
Evo - Drain, Reanimate 2

Fluttering Swordswoman Narmaya
Blood gold 4/4/3 follower
Evo - Bane. Destroy 1 enemy follower, outside vengeance leader receive damage to set hp to 10

Fixed to hide my shame.

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3 more months

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Quoted By: >>217885845

>thread theme still missing
kill yourself reddit shit

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This is the 2PP that will save Shadow
Is this a jojo reference?

>> No.217885787

>wow guys vengeance might be dead with belphegor rotating
>gets a new vengeance activator
>wow guys stop trying to say she is good

>> No.217885794

Is Haven conspicuously missing or did I just miss the post?

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Quoted By: >>217888285


>broken bullshit seriously what the fuck cygames tier
Lady grey

>decent tier

>t2 filler trash
haven bronze

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>shin takarajima blocked in my country

>> No.217885853

2PP 1/3 -> 5/4 Bronze
Evolved: (Doesn't have Ward)

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fuck charlotta is FOLLOWERS all of fucking them exactly like magnus

>> No.217885892

Is rackham just straight up worse than the 4/4 deal 4 to neutrals?

>> No.217885894

You got your belenus, forest just got dolorblade

Haven got a 2pp 1/3 that evolves into a 5/4, that's it.

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Quoted By: >>217885962

its so shit that /svg/ are trying to forgot its existence

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>(Doesn't have Ward)

>> No.217885951

I could imagine that seeing play actually. Thanks, mind if we get the name? I'm curious which Granblue it is.

>> No.217885962

The haven follower has Ward pre-evolve. It's a better Serpent Priestess

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>> No.217885993

You should add the Hags and their triggered victim complex the moment they don't get an extremely broken card.

>> No.217886050

snek priestess is 3/5 on evolve and def is the only thing you care anyway especially on a fucking ward

>> No.217886069

*plays 5puppets*
*each of them deals 1dmg to face*
what now artecucks?

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Quoted By: >>217886161

>play against Shadow going first
>turn 2 Lady Grey
>turn 3 skull ring
>turn 4 3 Lady Grey
>turn 5 free Lady Grey
Is aggro dead?

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File: 238KiB, 768x768, ara ara.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

it's about time they continued the tradition of broken shadow silvers. both lady gray and fran are fantastic.

>> No.217886148

No you learn to read, Pinocchio.

>> No.217886157

Well Grey + Ceres should be enough to make control shadow viable again
now we uh
just need a control shadow win condition

>> No.217886161

>expansion will ahve neutral blacked scripture and cudgel
careful with those KMR monkey paws

>> No.217886183

>in 5 turns

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Not sure but the name matches.

>> No.217886209

But it's not better.

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Just double Aisha bro

>> No.217886260

No, it won't
Early game means shit when you can't do anything late game without dying.
You need Kamura or Aerin tier card to be viable and preferably more shit with Rush, which shadow is never ever going to get.

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Vira will make shadow great again

>> No.217886273

I don't particularly like lady grey because if your turn4 is dropping 2 2pps and you aren't evolving andrealphus you're already in somewhat of a hand size situation

>> No.217886296

What's wrong with balanced 10 damage storm as a finisher?

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Quoted By: >>217886383

wouldn't get your hopes up, i could see her going to blood instead, or sword like all the other granblue cards

>> No.217886309

Straddler and Ghoul are legit wincons, the problem is that getting to them, and that's not just talking turn count, is fucking awful.

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File: 136KiB, 736x968, 56f2df043d591dc97fdfc29bfca6faa9--skirt-set-anime-art.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Puppets is saved!

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File: 69KiB, 646x541, 1527932648780.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217886592

>go 2nd
>evo Naru
>trade 1 for 3
>activate vengeance
uhhhh bloodbabs???

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File: 315KiB, 960x800, Hazen_(SR)_A.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

its father hazen
pic related is him

>> No.217886383

She could go Haven pretty easily too. Her themes are all over the place.

>> No.217886396

is her forehead as big as her face here

>> No.217886425

>cute girl wasted on a shit craft
It's not fair. She would've been right at home in sword.

>> No.217886437
Quoted By: >>217886613

so there are no meta combo decks now? is everything still just "play good stuff every turn until you win?"

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File: 404KiB, 960x800, Hazen_(SR)_B.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217886521

and his evo

>> No.217886460

They will just do Anne/Grea shit with Vira
>Shadow Vira
>Summon a chevalier
>Haven chevalier
>summon a vira

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File: 314KiB, 1000x1200, DZNXieVUMAA-T8K.jpg:orig.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217886554

Could I get sum more leaks?

>> No.217886521

berserk reference?

>> No.217886554
Quoted By: >>217886595

i never understood what the fuck her weapon is supposed to be
Is it a gun blade arm?

>> No.217886592
Quoted By: >>217886669

>opponent forced to use 2PP removal or evo crash a shit follower into naru
>has only 3PP left to play a small follower
>bloodnigger plays 1PP 4 damage removal + evo dark general

>> No.217886595

It's a sword, you dumbass.

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Quoted By: >>217886957

G.Chimera I guess.
Silver Golem and Mysteria Rune once in a blue moon, but generally no, you just play broken stuff and win if you go 1st.

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File: 2MiB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2018-06-13-15-57-18-124_com.cygames.Shadowverse.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I guess this is the best candidate for Silva's Accelerate?

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File: 38KiB, 107x149, 1528690884485.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

big if true

>> No.217886765

still a worse substitute

>> No.217886826
Quoted By: >>217886992

But substitute does not give you the ping effect.

>> No.217886834

Currently, yeah. Flower Doll and Analyzing Artifacts are also fair considerations.
A lot of Portal cards are Fanfare reliant, like Haven, so she suffers the same kind of issues Aether does.
Since her effect seems to stack, she's a pretty retarded amount of free grinder damage that severely reduces the amount you would need from other cards like Safira, Orchis, or Noah.

>> No.217886884
Quoted By: >>217888420

@gdoc anon
Sylvia's perma effect isn't fanfare. It's in Accelerate effect.

>> No.217886886

>retards keep taking every card literally

>> No.217886957
Quoted By: >>217887117

do you have to have that thing in play at the start of your turn?

>> No.217886962

what if i play silva and substitute

>> No.217886992
Quoted By: >>217887139

The idea is that you turn the Rush target into kind-of Substitution.
And effectively spent 0 (and discarding Silva) to deal unlimited chip damage. Going to need to keep a close eye on all Neutral and Portal 3-drops which don't need Fanfare to not suck.

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File: 195KiB, 640x628, Luminiera_Omega_B.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

shadowniggers can have their vira if we get chevalier, enjoy being cucked by mentally unstable dyke while we havenbros got a loyal giant waifu

>> No.217887062

Last words: draw a card

>> No.217887117

No, his effect is an enhance 6 and it stacks, but you need to have the cards in hand already or it doesn't work except for the card that he gives.

>> No.217887139
File: 2MiB, 1920x1080, 1528880761569.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217887987

RIP aggro forest

>> No.217887156

magnas arent canon
enjoy your flying blob of something
also haven legendary is going to be io

>> No.217887249

You could use harnessed glass with it to clear fairies, but it sounds more like a meme than being actually useful most of the time.

>> No.217887260
Quoted By: >>217887393

The thing is to maximize silvas effect you would run only 1 3pp follower
which hurts your deckbuilding a lot in portal
Just having her as an ambush follower is already good though since she curves nicely into the portal finishers

>> No.217887393

Isn't the follower from your hand?

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Quoted By: >>217887451

say hello to your swordcraft legendary /svg/

>> No.217887451

Sword will get apollo

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Quoted By: >>217887635

I definitely expect Vira to be Haven looking at her RoB art.

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>> No.217887505


>> No.217887625

Best part of this expansion is learning more GBF names so I can use them as tags

>> No.217887635
Quoted By: >>217893183

She doesnt have any religious ties
She is literally the leader of a knight island combined with a 1v1 fight me nigger knight summon

>> No.217887821
Quoted By: >>217888047

you aren't putting some random 3pps in your list hoping that silva happens to fetch them

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I'm reading your reroll guide and
>Upon completing the tutorial, you are given 10 pack tickets of the last 5 expansions each for a total of 50.
So if all I want is to reroll for Granblue I should wait until the new cards hit before making an account yeah?

>> No.217887979
Quoted By: >>217888238

You will miss out on the 2nd anniversary packs though.

>> No.217887980

> Put a follower that costs 3 play points or less into play
Isnt that the same wording as Saha? Aka you get to choose from your hand, she doesnt randomly fetch from your deck

>> No.217887987

while you are there why not run a flame for the 1/1000 chance of summoning f&g
before you know you have become a meme lord and you like it

>> No.217888006
Quoted By: >>217888238

you got another 10 free pack from the new expansion pack even if you made account before the expansion

>> No.217888015
Quoted By: >>217888238

Sure, but you're missing out on the 50 anniversary packs going on.

>> No.217888047
Quoted By: >>217888208

But you can choose, can't you?

>> No.217888062
Quoted By: >>217888238

rerolling good shit now allows you to just vial cards and craft the grabble cards you want
especially since we get anniversary packs now

>> No.217888127


>> No.217888180

So Sword will be tier 1 again?

>> No.217888208

oh yeah, sorry, I thought it fetched one from the deck

>> No.217888236
Quoted By: >>217888275

Wouldnt that mean it actually triggers fanfares

>> No.217888238
Quoted By: >>217888482

Alright. I'll start now and if I don't get what I want when the expansion is out I'll check my options then. Thanks for the replies.

>> No.217888275


>> No.217888285
Quoted By: >>217888357

I want D-rank to leave.

>> No.217888357

>missed the new translation
literally a worse black magus

>> No.217888420

Noted and changed

>> No.217888446

???????????? = Scathacha

Rarity: Gold


Class: Dragon
Ability:Pre-evolve: Fanfare: Deal 2 damage to this follower if not in overflowed. Increase max PP by 1. If Overflowed, next damage dealt to your leader reduce by 2.
Evolve: None.

Isnt this really shit?

>> No.217888482

You'd miss 2 weeks of roughly 1.5 packs worth of daily missions anyway, on top of 35 or so anniversary packs left.

>> No.217888552

It's an awkward looking Sibyl reprint without Sibyl's turn 5 condition, meaning it can be dropped as soon as you can afford it for ramp.

>> No.217888558

No Sybil ramp restriction. Could be bigger than Sybil

>> No.217888606

its pretty damn good
this leaks has a pretty high power level overall

>> No.217888619
Quoted By: >>217888835

>increase max pp
so is it ramp or does dragon get 11 play points now

>> No.217888631

it could be played because ramp is ramp but the 3def really felt like they didn't want it to be potentially good, which is a shame

>> No.217888648

>overstatted Sybil and Naoise on demand

>> No.217888714

Lady Grey will probably be a 2/4 on evolve. Bringing back a 2-drop is too good for +2/+2 evo stat. Can you imagine the Greyception of Grey bringing back Grey bringing back Grey?

>> No.217888716


>> No.217888746

They're trying to avoid another sibyl

>> No.217888835

It's ramp, same wording as Sibyl.

>> No.217888873
Quoted By: >>217889905

>5pp 5/5 that also ramps
Gee I wonder why they didn't do that

>> No.217888916

>take 10 damage instead of 12
>take 3 damage instead of 12
naoise on demand btw

>> No.217888934
Quoted By: >>217889247

What's the objectively third best craft after sword and forest?

>> No.217889014

>dragoncucks downplaying a 5 drop that ramps that can also protect your face
sibyl really spoiled you niggers huh

>> No.217889027
File: 735KiB, 800x828, BrigadeoftheSky.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Fluttering Swordswoman Narmaya
>Blood gold 4/4/3 follower
>Evo - Bane. Destroy 1 enemy follower, outside vengeance leader receive damage to set hp to 10
Unconditional Labyrinth Devil with Bane

>> No.217889048
File: 304KiB, 960x800, scathach.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>mom/mentor of Cuhullin
What the fuck, rowen? Why are you suddenly the lolicraft?

>> No.217889139

reminder that next expac is sword,dragon themed so prepare for their bonkers cards

>> No.217889141

The entire reveal has broken evolve effects and shadow is in dire need of good early game drops
>inb4 but arthas

>> No.217889159
File: 2MiB, 1448x2048, 1521917095759.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217901542

Rowen has always been one of the better loli crafts.

>> No.217889226

shes also naoise's wife

>> No.217889247

Rune is the best, then Forest then Sword. That's a big power gap with Dragon in fourth. Then it gets hazy after that depending on how you're evaluating.

>> No.217889256
File: 173KiB, 640x628, Deirdre.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217902365

Because she is actually a dragon called deirdre and gbf naoise wife

>> No.217889404
File: 548KiB, 704x394, 1479000615010.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217889462

What the hell? Give me back my busty miko.

>> No.217889428

planning on playing her on your evolve turn means a few things: your curve doesn't have a lot of 4drops but a fuckton of 2drops (both for her effect and for ensuring you use up your 4/5pps when you drop her), and you aren't going 2for1.
the consequences of that are that you're running through your hand faster and that you need more cards to keep up with the opponent's tempo plays. all of this means that you want to particularly evolve andrealphus, which you aren't doing if you're evolving her
this makes me want to say that this card is unexceptional even with full evolve stats if we don't get some other good card draw to go with demon eater

>> No.217889462
File: 124KiB, 960x800, Scathacha_A.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217889709

youre fucking gay lad

>> No.217889481

>spread false information
>get called out
>"uhhh dragoncucks!!"

>> No.217889525
File: 307KiB, 1000x643, Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 5.47.20 AM.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217890948


>> No.217889552
Quoted By: >>217889702

But Shadow is used to have a lot of 2-drops for Skull Ring to curve into. Turn 4 for a 3/5 and 2 more 2-drop is nothing shabby at all, especially against an aggro opponent

>> No.217889562

>Durrayman is t2 filler neutral bronze

>Charlotta is sword
Shit, now I have to play sword.

>> No.217889564
File: 58KiB, 750x450, gbf scat9.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Dont forget to feed burgers to your lolibaba

>> No.217889702

I know, shadow even reached 17 2pp followers back in sl/cg, but those decks worked thanks to conversion and andre evos. it's precisely because you don't have the first and you can't do the second that I think this grey is not worth it as an evo play

>> No.217889709
File: 24KiB, 421x407, 1517473156613.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Lolibabas are shit. At least fap to actual lolis you prancing homoman.

>> No.217889828
File: 99KiB, 640x800, baf568696b9d24b1.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>this is the blood card

>> No.217889897

>missed obvious lethal during GP finals
Just kill me

>> No.217889905
Quoted By: >>217890027

I wasn't advocating that, they could've toned the drawback of ramping down like making it become a 4/5 or 5/4, which looks perfectly in line with the general powerlevel

>> No.217889908

Just use GBF art

>> No.217890027
Quoted By: >>217890172

She is 5/3 ramp or 5/5 with protection effect.

>> No.217890041
Quoted By: >>217890904


>> No.217890096

>destroy a creature
>deal damage to your leader until their defense drops to 10
Is the best oneesan secretly a psycho murderer?

>> No.217890172

why you're assuming I misread the card? I'm proposing 4/5 or 5/4 ramp, 5/5 protection

>> No.217890175
Quoted By: >>217890207

No way these are real.

>> No.217890186
File: 927KiB, 1125x1500, 3243932.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217890440


>> No.217890187
Quoted By: >>217890279

Meanwhile for 3pp Silva sits back behind your leader like a pussy and takes potshots at the enemy leader.

>> No.217890203

Haven't played since dragon&shadow days, now I get connection problems every time I try to find a game and every 5 games or so I get automatic loss from disconnect. What do? Definitely not the problem with my internet either.

>> No.217890204

Is there any way I can view how many Seer's Globe Shards I have?

>> No.217890207
File: 384KiB, 853x1024, 1513688948731.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217890275


>> No.217890253

As long you're not damaged, you'll have that reduce damage until you get damaged?

>> No.217890275
File: 62KiB, 542x540, 1521946906710.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

No, I mean seriously. The power level of the cards is absolutely insane. It makes WLD and ToG look balanced. I'm not falling for it.

>> No.217890279
Quoted By: >>217890353

I wonder what her pussy taste like

>> No.217890349

I think they're a significant spike in power from sl/cg but alice would shit on every single one of those

>> No.217890353

Ask her wife

>> No.217890384
Quoted By: >>217890769

>It makes WLD and ToG look balanced
Well now you are exaggerating, but yeah some of those cards look pretty dumb.
I'm looking at the blood gold in particular.

>> No.217890420
Quoted By: >>217890651

We have 15% between 1st and 2nd right now
strong 2nd cards are needed

>> No.217890440
File: 305KiB, 900x893, 1527997486311.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Heart shaped paizuri hole on a maid outfit
What the actual fuck
How can one design be so perfect

>> No.217890495

Most of the power is locked behind Evo.
/svg/ complained about firstverse, now it will be secondverse.

>> No.217890627
File: 153KiB, 899x1374, Shiki Cat 01.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I still prefer this paizuri hole.

>> No.217890651
File: 133KiB, 279x337, 1519628583636.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>print cards that make most firstverse cards look balanced
That's a good solution. Based KMR.

>> No.217890769
File: 31KiB, 400x400, 1503447809081.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Complaining about worse statted Belph that needs an EVO and doesn't draw cards...

>> No.217890774
Quoted By: >>217909043

>makes WLD and ToG look balanced
>turn 6 13 damage from hand
>turn 7 16 ambush damage
>cudgel on fanfare
>early anthem to board+hand on well statted body
Let's cool your jets.

>> No.217890782

Lady Grey is the most retarded card they've revealed so far. Just casually dump 6 pp worth of stuff on turn 4 + heal 3 with full stats. Shit gets even more stupid if they set up a Skull Ring the previous turn.

>> No.217890854
Quoted By: >>217891029

Shadow honestly needed the help.

>> No.217890904
File: 129KiB, 800x1070, Ddoe0JOVQAIYw.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217890948

please don't say a bad thing about my neechang!

>> No.217890925
File: 166KiB, 1280x720, almost.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217902824

Damn, so close.

>> No.217890948

It's literally the card name: >>217889525

>> No.217890970
Quoted By: >>217891010

wow, i can't believe how shit the new blood card is
RIP vengeance
why doesn't it have a "fanfare: draw 2 cards"?

>> No.217891010

>falseflagging this hard

>> No.217891029

Not this level of "help", it didn't, that's how Eachtar came to be and Shadow had to pay for him ever since.
Has the right of it. If Shadow gets any decent draw to pair with this cheap flood, you'll be wishing that bitch didn't exist.

>> No.217891065

poor v. blood doesn't get free cards anymore, they'll need to run purehearted like any other class :(
I guess a 6/5 rush bane body + destroy a follower is a bad tradeoff, I mean, it needs an EVO!
I've never seen them evoing belphegor on turn 4, it's not something they would normally do, let's see how it develops...

>> No.217891086
File: 905KiB, 1675x800, valentine Naru.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217891154

>How can one design be so perfect
glad you like her baker (valentine) outfit

>> No.217891117


>> No.217891148

Lady Grey existing in the same continuity as Luna is stupid.
Instead of one of a kind thing floating ghost relatives are now some kind of JoJo stand that anyone could have.

>> No.217891149
File: 17KiB, 423x317, 1503601346741.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Is that irony I sense?

>> No.217891154

It's gonna break my dick

>> No.217891216
Quoted By: >>217891326

they are freakin necromancers what did you expect
Isabelle just has to wait a few years and luna can bring back kyle

>> No.217891229

I don't wanna say I'm afraid of it, but it's definitely spooky.

>> No.217891270

i know, man
they should have at least made it kill 2 followers so it's a +2 like belph
wtf, kikegames

>> No.217891271

Of course, it's just like Bankais and Devil Fruits. Nothing stays unique for long over there.

>> No.217891296

Danua is going to be puppet support

>> No.217891326
Quoted By: >>217891457

>Shadowverse: Planeshift, everyone switches craft
>Isabelle with a ghost is Necro, Luna becomes old Haven hag

>> No.217891368

>2pp 1/3

>> No.217891372

I'm still waiting on the Forest wards. If they didn't print any, I'm afraid midrange/control will die, even with Axeman picking up the slack.

>> No.217891457
Quoted By: >>217891617

having alternate dimension versions of the characters in different crafts would actually be pretty cool

>> No.217891520
Quoted By: >>217891903

He side boob is now like 1/4 of the area.
Not even kidding, watch the reveal trailer.

>> No.217891617
File: 758KiB, 1200x1440, Sv Ceres 04.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Angel Ceres?

>> No.217891736

Whats her story in general anyway

>> No.217891759
Quoted By: >>217892146

Don't reply to him, newfriend.

>> No.217891861
File: 290KiB, 640x905, kumuyu21.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.217891903
File: 560KiB, 1280x1600, legend_02.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

in trailer her sideboob is waaaaaaaaaay more covered than in original card

>> No.217892046

new leaks when

>> No.217892146

Actually, I'm curious too.
She just seems to be a cute zombie girl who lures in men with her charms and then eats them.

>> No.217892161
Quoted By: >>217892221

>Eachtar is rotating
>Zombie party is rotating
Shadow needs some unfair cards

>> No.217892221

Shadow needs NORMAL cards to actually give them balanced expansions once the eachtar tax expansions are gona
expect shadow to be playable in 12months

>> No.217892496
Quoted By: >>217892641

the blood leggo better be good

>> No.217892641
Quoted By: >>217892716

I wonder what other GBF girls they will add to blood

>> No.217892716
Quoted By: >>217893132

to keep up the tradition that blood gets the best girls

>> No.217892967

>Charlotta in the dyke craft
No way this is right

>> No.217893074

This type of post is cancer, That "Heil Vira" shit is why the Virahater needs to put you fags in the gas chamber

>> No.217893132

>blood gets also summer Zoi and DAO or djeanu

>> No.217893150
File: 1MiB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-06-13-17-56-45.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Rookie here, what deck should I play?

>> No.217893183

Chevalier is more Hawkeye incarnate

>> No.217893223

you should reroll

>> No.217893362

Daily reminder Filene>Bampy>Yuggu>Deus

>> No.217893368

Haven but its expensive as fuck so re-roll instead.

>> No.217893389

Rowen loves to fuck kids. Ask Luna who goes dick deep into him every night while her parents watch and cry their daughter is now fucking a man

>> No.217893469
File: 282KiB, 632x289, kek.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217893531

>got the sleeve on a reroll account i made this month
i unskillfully went second on the 1st round but i'm not that mad since it's just a smurf

>> No.217893531
Quoted By: >>217894303

now be a good boy and give it to >>217893150

>> No.217893649

Where the fuck are the scans? I want to see all the cards.

>> No.217893689

You could build a PDK deck and add lindworm as a finisher.

>> No.217893690
File: 118KiB, 600x1188, 59b3d2bd330c1732b967490966f441c5.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Opponent dominates me and BMs every turn
>After a few turns of this, you just give up and wanna become his slave, falling in love with him
Why am I like this
It makes me lose a lot of ranked matches

>> No.217893718
Quoted By: >>217893784

Is it too late to be making zeuses for reanimate deck?

>> No.217893742
Quoted By: >>217893831

>japanese shadman

>> No.217893745
Quoted By: >>217893831

>japanese shadman

>> No.217893763
File: 713KiB, 1197x743, u2aCDIk1.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.217893784

If you play unlimited, no.

>> No.217893831

now kiss

>> No.217893865

i'll give you a 4/10 for effort

>> No.217893902
File: 90KiB, 700x942, 08749874398490349840.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217893956

Learn to love this face.

>> No.217893940

Your opponent is a japanese salaryman who has a 5 inch dick. Why would you want that.

>> No.217893956

Only her wife gets to love it

>> No.217893963

Is Prep holding a 3DS
thats a weird shot of him

>> No.217893978

>that font
try harder

>> No.217894303
File: 242KiB, 619x274, again.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I'm an idiot that used one password for all my reroll accounts so it's a no
this time i unskillfully went second against koi no ai on a another reroll acc

>> No.217894608
File: 83KiB, 951x824, 1483536198981.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217894654

>receive 0 damage from followers
>Magnus effect

>> No.217894654

>runetumor """"""""""""""""""""intelligence""""""""""""""""""""""

>> No.217894657

you can change your password anon

>> No.217894701


>> No.217894742

Magnus doesn't protect your followers

>> No.217894746

read the thread retard

>> No.217894789

*from followers

>> No.217894819
Quoted By: >>217895170

>I'm an idiot
that much I agree on

>> No.217895052

>(Follower, spells amulets and leader) effects

>> No.217895110
Quoted By: >>217895137

it does, for example belenus' lw deals 0

>> No.217895137

That's a damage effect though.

>> No.217895170

see >>217894819

>> No.217895189

yes, from a follower

>> No.217895364
Quoted By: >>217895409

>Evo - Bane. Destroy 1 enemy follower, outside vengeance leader receive damage to set hp to 10

Is this piece of trash supposed to be our Belph replacement? W

>> No.217895409
Quoted By: >>217895656

Stop falseflagging.

>> No.217895482
File: 1MiB, 848x1024, labyrinthdevil.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217895770

>that naru

>> No.217895656
Quoted By: >>217895719

it's shit though
belph was a +2 without evo points
it's only fair if it has fanfare draw 1 card and the evo destroys 2 followers to make up for wasting an evo
we can only hope that KMR gives the leggo a better effect

>> No.217895709

Are unlimited cards required for anything in shadowverse, or am I safe to liquefy them all?

>> No.217895719


>> No.217895721
File: 546KiB, 1036x429, Screenshot_20180613_144629.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217895793

>> No.217895770
File: 237KiB, 287x384, ad91b8a2623f023c399239e6b5bd211f.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Remember. It's not powercreep when the initial card was never used.

>> No.217895793

>the evo has his mouth closed too
I wasn't expecting this kind of blunder

>> No.217895908
File: 2MiB, 1200x849, 54693527_p0.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217895951

>30 years old
A drop of cake into the puddle of lolis.

>> No.217895951

the skeleton stand is her dead husband

>> No.217895958
File: 208KiB, 287x384, b67f85159992fb2e87353538bf4a671a.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

guys i feel kinda weird when i look at lancelot

>> No.217895992

>fran, monster girl
>isn't a monster girl
explain shadowbabs

>> No.217896031

She has a monstrous personality.

>> No.217896043
Quoted By: >>217896059

>shadow isnt meta

>> No.217896058

He's very pretty

>> No.217896059


>> No.217896103

fuck off vane

>> No.217896127
File: 149KiB, 960x800, Vane_(SSR)_B.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

He is already taken cuck

>> No.217896147
File: 168KiB, 287x384, fran attendant.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

She's a soul inhabiting the prof's dead daughteru. This is supposed to be how she looks like.

>> No.217896162
File: 54KiB, 345x450, bakemono.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.217896197

>his daughter is dead

>> No.217896207
Quoted By: >>217896320

Clarisse and Cog legendaries when?

>> No.217896279

You know, wears a pair of glasses with a poorly maintained beard. And pukes out zombies on a daily basis

>> No.217896320

>alchemist mayhem
>Choose: Put a Clarisse or a Cagliostro into your hand
>Enhance (6): Choose both, recover 6pp

>> No.217896385
Quoted By: >>217896415

how did they make erika so unappealing?
what's the recommended mod to replace her out of the game?
i'd rather stare at rowen's stupid smile than this dyke

>> No.217896415

Get Albert from a CG pack.

>> No.217896471
Quoted By: >>217896728

>The reason he produces zombies is because he's trying to alchemically necromance his daughter to life

>> No.217896498

is the new expansion going to save shadowverse

>> No.217896530
File: 248KiB, 426x415, horry shit.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217896609

since the shadowverse ui can handle up to 9 cards to display at once (for things like spellboost) and a card like dragon knights now exists that can choose from up to 4 cards does that mean we'll eventually have a choose card with up to 9 different choices?

>> No.217896554

>all the powercreep

>> No.217896609
Quoted By: >>217896726

We will get one with 10 this expansion
>Choose: Summon 1 out of 10 jews

>> No.217896614
Quoted By: >>217897078


>> No.217896654

so does silva only get ambush on evolve?

>> No.217896726
File: 10KiB, 441x408, pffft.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

alright i'll admit that pun was pretty good

>> No.217896728
File: 1MiB, 1436x925, FMA Edward Nina.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.217896851
File: 394KiB, 361x867, DEEPEST LORE.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217896965

>fran is taboos' daughter
>arcus is also somehow related to all this
i guess this explains her being such blatant arcus support

>> No.217896965

Taboo reprint when?

>> No.217897078

damn this uploader is a gold mine

>> No.217897167
Quoted By: >>217897205

>youtube uploader is just a thief from the original nico uploader
try to link nico videos instead if you support the meme makers

>> No.217897205

check again, it's the same dude who cross links from nico to yt and vice versa

>> No.217897261
Quoted By: >>217897562

>4pp 3/4
>fanfare: gain 3 shadows
>Evolve: Give your Leader: Your next 2 necromancy effects cost no shadows

>> No.217897562

And suddenly 13/13 or 15/15 Storms on turn 6 are all the rage in Unlimited.

>> No.217897795
File: 929KiB, 1600x900, Shadowverse_2018-06-13_14-19-56.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Thank you...

>> No.217898005

kek, the fucking memories, m8
i want to get back into yugimanz but the link mechanic is keeping me here

>> No.217898159
File: 2MiB, 853x1024, Aiela, Dragon Knight (Evolved) 101411030.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Holy fucking shit this game makes me so salty.
D0 trying to play ranked after opening the free packs and some more from finishing the story and Elite AI.
Just lost 6 matches in a row, notable mentions being a turn 7 Azi Dahaka, a fully dedicated Lindworm deck, a Fairy Driver, a neutral Forest with a board full of 3/3 by turn 5, and 3 freaking Heavenly Knights one after the other, in a Summit deck obviously.

What's the fucking deal with all these beginners and D0 having such fully built decks. I barely have a couple legendaries per craft and they don't work in synergy with eachother at all. Don't tell me it's just smurfs because I did get past them in beginner ranks and if they are still present past D rank then this game can go fuck itself.
I did play it a few months after its initial release and it didn't feel so bad.
Have some artwork for the trouble of reading through this salt.

>> No.217898284
Quoted By: >>217899109

Post your deck

>> No.217898357

>whales get to grandmaster
>get bored
>make alts to fight D rank that has a lot more players

>> No.217898498

they're sandbaggers, people who stay in low ranks for easier dailies/chests. just console yourself with knowing that they need to concede a lot (more than they climb) to stay in low ranks so when you meet one you can get a free win or a probable loss. that said you should have a good budget decks even at lower ranks if you rerolled properly and asked for tips here so post your list just in case

>> No.217898579

Also, smurfs are at all ranks. Some prefer a bit more challenge than D

>> No.217898585
Quoted By: >>217898790

>have to switch to blood just for naru

>> No.217898790
File: 889KiB, 1000x707, 1512013752288.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Cowtit fags coming to blood
Oh no

>> No.217898828
Quoted By: >>217898948

Blood had a bunch of cows already. The real loli class is forest.

>> No.217898864


>> No.217898898
File: 32KiB, 305x246, 1522787938008.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217899119

>not a titty class

>> No.217898948
Quoted By: >>217899029

Shadow is the loli class

>> No.217899029
Quoted By: >>217899104

How? Literally only 3 - 4 loli cards.

>> No.217899104
Quoted By: >>217899154

you forgot about the countless loli skeletons and zombies. 50% of them are loli, and the other 50% are hags

>> No.217899109
File: 2MiB, 853x1024, Ancient Elf (Evolved) 701141010.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

It's shit and I know it, just an aggro Dragon with a few storm cards (Dragon Horde, Hippogryph Rider, Windblast Dragon), two Star Phoenix and a few damage spells (Heroic Dragonslayer -> Dragon Handspur feels like a nice push sometimes) and also a Dragoncleaver Roy. That's about all I have aside from a single Lindworm which doesn't really work for now.

I could probably vial other cards, open more packs (I was saving up for the upcoming expansion actually) etc, what I'm complaining about though is having to have a fully built deck just to survive D0, I know it's possible but it doesn't feel like proper progression to me. Hell it's just D0, I thought I had to be aware of those decks in B rank or above at least.

>> No.217899119
File: 144KiB, 1275x1700, 1512226180171.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Beast Dominator is good cowtits since she's a sadist.

>> No.217899154
File: 245KiB, 585x719, 1519934215607.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Makes sense.

>> No.217899195

God dammit. Ancient Mama reprint when?

>> No.217899202
Quoted By: >>217899979

Dragon is a bit expensive, but it works if you have cards for it. Save up for the new expansion, though. And just keep grinding.

>> No.217899264
File: 119KiB, 708x1000, DQAN6F9UEAAIAia.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217899386

There has always been a lot more grown up women than lolis in Blood, dude.

>> No.217899365
Quoted By: >>217899742

>all those broken evolve followers
Firstverse is done for.

>> No.217899386
File: 118KiB, 850x1231, 1509465378905.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Never gonna stop the good fight though, Vampy and Medusa are all I need

>> No.217899485

Would Medusa be better if she was 3PP instead of 4?

>> No.217899701
File: 169KiB, 1000x1310, d9Tpzxme9tHZ.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217900073

best blood girl
the face of blood

>> No.217899742

KMR cutting through the bullshit.
>tfw turns 3-5 are now the most important turns in the game because it's nothing but ridiculous going first cards vs insane evolve followers
This expansion will be quite something.

>> No.217899773

She'd still be shit. There will never be any Snek support ever.

>> No.217899905
Quoted By: >>217900307

She would be better if they had decided to drop Forest Bats and make Serpents the new token spam archetype. But they decided to bring them back along with legendary Vania.

>> No.217899979
File: 2MiB, 853x1024, Beastcall Aria 102723010.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Will do, thanks for the positive input btw.

>> No.217900034

>sword gets a SECOND liza
>forest only has a 5pp awkward bronze

>> No.217900073
Quoted By: >>217900686

>as flat as bampichong

>> No.217900231

Matomo was playing with puppets yesterday and he was winning very hard, specially against forest which is said to be the their worst matchup. Depending on how this card activates you can OTK with Noah pretty easily.

>> No.217900307
Quoted By: >>217900976

>Gorgon sluts
>Ever being good
>Der ewige Bumpy-chung
Cry moar snekfag

>> No.217900561

>give blood a shit ton new archtypes
>drop all of them just to push vengeance again

>> No.217900686
Quoted By: >>217900726

flat is justice

>> No.217900726
Quoted By: >>217901659

Only in 2D.

>> No.217900851

Dunno how it is in low ranks now but I'm sure there is a lot of regular players like you besides tryhards and sandbaggers with fully made netdecks. Perhaps you were just unlucky to run into so many like that or maybe they had suboptimal decks as well, just highrolled into their only copies of meta cards.
I wouldn't vial anything just to make one good netdeck unless it's a rotated out useless card. New meta might make that deck garbage.

>> No.217900976
Quoted By: >>217903708

I don't understand your third meme arrow usage.

>> No.217901341
File: 182KiB, 1000x1200, 1519497139616.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>lost every single 1st match in the finals in all GPs so far.
>this time lost to a perfect curving swordfag who went 1st into double hedgehog, one of which grew into a 6/5, while I drew 0 of my removal.
Literally cannot make this shit up

>> No.217901491

>orchis lost
>ceres lost
>medusa lost
>celia lost

>> No.217901542

That's a shota.

>> No.217901659

faggot, leave my general

>> No.217901670
Quoted By: >>217902079

I really want someone who is related to necromancy to win shadow and someone related to vampires with blood

But no, we get shit like cerberus and Dark General. Now we are gonna get a sandnigger and a chutulu monster

>> No.217901695

At least you won't be unhappy when you don't pull them.

>> No.217901751

>blood players didn't vote emeralda
>medusa lost
that's what you get for being irrelevant snekfags

>> No.217901783
Quoted By: >>217902128

Who won besides toy soldier?

>> No.217901798
File: 3MiB, 1920x2160, 1504501154475.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217902121


>> No.217901806
Quoted By: >>217901952

wait who won shadow

>> No.217901952


>> No.217901998

They are evolve followers. They fix firstverse. They are necessary.

>> No.217902079

Spawn is awesome though

>> No.217902121

me when I'm trying to do sword dailies on the top

>> No.217902128

Dork alice 3 votes over Aisha

>> No.217902268

imagine playing big dick ramp dragon using filene

>> No.217902309
Quoted By: >>217902369

Who even liks her? Her art isnt even good and her head is as big as her entire broken torso

>> No.217902330
Quoted By: >>217902736


>> No.217902349

the 3 votes were all me btw

>> No.217902365

naoise's wife is seruel dummy

>> No.217902367

dark alice

good if true

>> No.217902369


>> No.217902526
Quoted By: >>217903137

Who won for Forest? Cassiopeia? And can I have source?

>> No.217902582
Quoted By: >>217902736

I regret wasting my vote on Ceres. I should have voted for Aisha instead. Dark alice is so bland and unattractive.

>> No.217902598

Yes. It's DE 2.0. The broken evo effects are going to cancel out the broken going first cards.

>> No.217902673


>> No.217902730
File: 41KiB, 624x1109, 1513787964506.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.217902736
File: 175KiB, 975x930, 58140865_p0.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


if people had any taste ceridwen would win by a landslide
melissa over celia baffles me too

>> No.217902786

I hate homo sword cards but i would have prefered arthur over the abomination melissa

>> No.217902815
File: 175KiB, 960x800, Silva_A.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.217902824
Quoted By: >>217902931


what deck were you running?

>> No.217902828

For characters that never got a 2nd art from RoB, are they going to create new art for them? If that is the case, I am legit hype to see if they can fix Melissa.

>> No.217902931


>> No.217902935

I forgot to mention that I was talking about the winning characters from the 2nd Anni poll.

>> No.217902953
File: 147KiB, 424x822, Sword.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

The only real competition was a meme leader
>, I am legit hype to see if they can fix Melissa.
The problem is the leader itself wont be fixed

>> No.217902968

aiela a shit

>> No.217902992

Sweet, most of them were my choice as well. Didn't care much about haven or dragon and spawn was my second choice anyway.

>> No.217903127
File: 537KiB, 872x720, 1509177846893.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

78018 Concede please

>> No.217903137

>The 2nd Birthday Card Popularity Poll has ended as of 11:00 p.m., Jun 12 (PT).
>The results will be out on Jun 21.

>?2nd Anniversary ?????????2018?6?13?14:59??????????

>> No.217903140

Bea > Vira

>> No.217903163
File: 503KiB, 1200x715, 1520359448618.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>it's a gamewith votes are the official votes episode

>> No.217903181

>BotS meta
>go first

>> No.217903201

>gamewith had every leader correct the first time

>> No.217903375

>Sword gets a 2nd fucking Liza effect
Tier 3 BTW.

>> No.217903413
File: 176KiB, 431x865, SpawnBTFO.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

WTF is this. I thought Spawn won. You lied to me.

>> No.217903417

>it's a /svg/ in denial episode again
are we doing this every year?

>> No.217903532
File: 214KiB, 715x1000, sample-7715f910c952c6fa56cc2d634eebdc36.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217903617

Gamewith was wrong with Azazel.
Gamewith will be wrong again with Spawn.
I believe in Medusa!

>> No.217903534

The poll is close enough, it could go either way.

>> No.217903617

im going to bot every faction to 150 and save all my gold from now an if medusa wins

>> No.217903628
File: 345KiB, 750x697, 1511513044446.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217903795

Please respond

>> No.217903635

The only vote I could see turn out to be an upset is Orchis vs Toy Soldier, purely because Cygames ""may"" decide to trim some of his vote.

>> No.217903708

Der ewige Jude was a Nazi documentary about the machinations of the Jews. It means "The Eternal Jew". You blame Vampy-chan and her bloodkin for your precious sneks not getting any support and subverting what Blood is as a class. Seem familiar?

>> No.217903717

>clear wins on gamewith
Toy Soldier

Dark Alice vs Aisha
Spawn vs Medusa


>> No.217903751
Quoted By: >>217904171

It's just a poll. Lots of trolling. Many people don't even know about this shit and voted completely differently. And honestly, the internal SV poll may get rigged if Cygames perceives that it was sabotaged to piss people off. They want more players, not less. Would Toy Soldier attract more or would Orchis/DEM do a better job? In their place I'd definitely rig it if it went against the interests of the company. The game sadly still has a lot of people who "main" classes and don't ever bother with anything else. Those people tend to be haters that want every other class to get shit.

>> No.217903795

Thank you

>> No.217903864

>tfw my leader vote lost
>start rerolling accounts and voting for spawn so that blood doesn't get a third loli leader and become pedocraft
this is for you, urias

>> No.217903882

Toy Soldier is a dude

>> No.217903891
File: 97KiB, 800x800, 1500964320186.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217903985


>> No.217903946
Quoted By: >>217904049

bampy and???????????????????

>> No.217903969

>In B4 they give Spawn a bishie form that only goes monster after the first evolve.

>> No.217903985

worst meme

>> No.217904031

thank god

>> No.217904049

>dork general isn't a oppai loli like dork dragoon
blame gbf

>> No.217904064

two nukes weren't enough clearly

>> No.217904153

Good. Fujos aren't welcome here.

>> No.217904160

Cass and Melissa winning just shows that nips love the retarded sameface artist from rob

>> No.217904171
Quoted By: >>217904265

>put toy soldier together with Oz
>problem solved

>> No.217904265

Cass is pretty hot though

>> No.217904286
Quoted By: >>217904552

Cass is fine. Melissa's art is fucking horrible though.

>> No.217904552

At least Cass and Melissa and Oz and Filene and Aether have some playability. Dork Alice and Spawn and Toy Soldier are memes.

>> No.217904620

>Spawn is now considered a meme
Oh how the mighty have fallen.

>> No.217904623

>Dork Alice
Faggot with shit taste.

>> No.217904646
File: 1017KiB, 787x718, 20180613_222059.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217904868

Did I assert my dominance well against /hanakanafags/, /svg?

>> No.217904675

>caring about the playability

>> No.217904771

3 of 7 leaders are already from that sameface artist. why getting surprised now?

>> No.217904868

nope. try to win the game with toy soldier next time

>> No.217904920

Spawn is perfectly playable. It's Control Blood that is a meme, not Spawn.

>> No.217905004
File: 17KiB, 712x271, Capture.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217905285

Just for you buddy

>> No.217905027
Quoted By: >>217905285

Toy Soldier isn't a meme. It's just trash. It's not good even in a pure Puppet decks.
At least Spawn and DAlice are played in their respective decks.

>> No.217905092
Quoted By: >>217905149

Why do we have so many faggots in this general?

>> No.217905095

Spawn is the reason why this game is dead

>> No.217905149
Quoted By: >>217905346

They come from /hsg/

>> No.217905285
File: 36KiB, 800x656, oQQ0tG4.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

dark alice is officially dead when test of strength rotates out.

KMR san, this gullible baka gaijin sent you a email!

>> No.217905346

>not voting cute girls in a game that's all about cute girls
You are right. Only those refugees would do something so fucking retarded.

>> No.217905487

>lose finals to ayy lamo tenko canon
too much fun dudes
too much fun...

>> No.217905583


>> No.217905592
File: 48KiB, 181x201, 1501894258705.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.217905615

>take a 5hp penalty just because I go 2nd against blood
Nice fucking game

>> No.217905692
Quoted By: >>217905759

Pick your broken evolve follower >>217885759

>> No.217905751

just power your way through balanced 2PP 1/4 wards

nerf snow white btw

>> No.217905759

None of them gives me back my hp or clears a 5/4

>> No.217905786
Quoted By: >>217905850

Why are we so alive bros?

>> No.217905797
Quoted By: >>217905889

1pp neutral spell, banish all amulets in both players' decks

there, I fixed the game

>> No.217905798

did you face a top tier tenko player that outplayed you by going first and playing t3 white fang t4 tenko shrine?
any tenko player that can't do all of the above in every single game are shit tier

>> No.217905840
File: 8KiB, 226x251, 1375305263768.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>"Connection error. Return to the title screen" message appears for a split second before my opponent concedes
What did you try to pull, motherfucker? Accept your GP loss like a man.

>> No.217905850

New expac hype.

>> No.217905889

print spartacus for haven and we cool

>> No.217906202
File: 4MiB, 4848x2655, 1515318132248.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Reminder she's tiny as fuck.

>> No.217906249

>aether winning
never thought this would happen in the same vote as alexiel, thank you nips for having good taste this time

>> No.217906341
File: 727KiB, 1020x575, Shadowverse 13_06_2018 11_47_58.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217906517

I did it bros!!

>> No.217906368

>silva's height

>> No.217906517

But congrats anyway being the top of the brainlets.

>> No.217906521

i managed to go through this exact t2 spiderweb t3 waltz t4 moon while going second with tenko cannon during finals

healing is underrated

>> No.217906627

Oh so that's where silvagunner got his name from.

>> No.217906634

>Forte is a womanlet

>> No.217906743
File: 113KiB, 383x328, 1449718656332.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.217906818
Quoted By: >>217906887

wtf thats not even standard japanese woman height

>> No.217906887
Quoted By: >>217906924

Draphs aren't humans

>> No.217906907

>they call her Forte because she's four feet tall

>> No.217906924

that`s racist

>> No.217906967
Quoted By: >>217907191

please do not confuse forte (demon) with shorte (cow)

>> No.217906985
File: 408KiB, 883x729, heart_eyes.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>D cup breasts on a 73cm body

>> No.217907145

Ive seen mexican womanlets like that irl

>> No.217907174
File: 81KiB, 620x876, yaia15.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217908184


>> No.217907191
Quoted By: >>217907293

Draphs were a mistake

>> No.217907293

abe please

>> No.217907405
File: 6KiB, 216x200, 1515515950552.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>20 years old
>125cm tall
>I Cup

>> No.217907445

Only GBF Forte who is is a draph. ROB Forte is a half demon.

>> No.217907485

gbf sv mmo when

>> No.217907615

They should add SV as a minigame in the GB RPG they are making.

>> No.217907642

How do canon SV fights even work
Did Urias just like the kings sick control deck?

>> No.217907725

The king was commanding all those knights and fighting alongside them like Arthur.
Urias cuts himself to summon demon sluts.

>> No.217907873

It's probably them just having an actual fight, though I like the idea of them preparing for battle and then pulling out a deck of cards.

>> No.217907969
File: 188KiB, 487x600, Narmaya.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Narmaya's that fucking good
That effect is absolutely begging for either an emergency nerf or Unlimited-specific restriction, but I'm gonna enjoy the fuck out of her before that happens

>> No.217907974

When will Mommy Magisa actually yet a good card?

>> No.217908001
File: 3MiB, 1800x1800, 1520999578565.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.217908184

Oppai loli is key

>> No.217908290
File: 1008KiB, 1500x2083, 1527543783472.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217908903


>> No.217908296

Would it be worth it to run Belph and Narmaya in Unlimited Vengeance? Maybe you could cut Scarlet for her, but the healing is rather nice.

>> No.217908365
Quoted By: >>217908496

Holy shit are they ever going to give Shadow a 2pp follower with more than 1 attack?
>Sword gets Evo Ward Magus so you can have 6 Lizas
>Blood gets a card that has three positive effects
>Shadow gets Sweetfang Vampire

>> No.217908493
Quoted By: >>217909740

Scarlet's whole thing is she can go 3 for 1 with an evo, which it looks like Narmaya can do as well. People might run 3 Narmaya 2 Scarlet.

>> No.217908496

You are also never getting any rush cards, ever.
Want a 2/3 ward? Forget about it, sword needs another one instead.

>> No.217908820

They played soul dealer before...

>> No.217908874
Quoted By: >>217909740

I'm interested in trying a more aggressive build without Belphegor.

>> No.217908889
Quoted By: >>217909043

"I'm gonna make TotG and WD looks like a fucking joke"

>> No.217908903
Quoted By: >>217908975

Yurias greeting was sort of a fuck up from the devs, should have been a taunt like saber alters or nexus

>> No.217908975
Quoted By: >>217909073

Well he isn't a cunt or anything, he just wants a really good fight and a good dicking

>> No.217909043
Quoted By: >>217909213


>> No.217909064
Quoted By: >>217909740

>Unlimited-specific restriction
Nah, the power level of the card is fair enough for unlimited.

>> No.217909073

watashi wo tanoshimesete kure should have been his greeting then not his bm

>> No.217909074
Quoted By: >>217909150

>They keep pushing Reanimate but won't print anything worth reanimating
>"Just stall with sticky board until you overwhelm them, I guess, in a game where Sword, V. Blood, Brambles Forest, and Portal exist"
>Zeus rotating out
What is Shadow even supposed to be in a month? You keep trying to stick 1 attack spoopy skellys on the field and hope you can somehow survive like this until turn 16 hoping to topdeck two Aishas?

>> No.217909102

>go second 4 matches in a row at GP Final Stage
>win 4 matches in a row
Uhh, shadowbabs?
I am a fucking nervous wreck right now holy shit what the fuck is wrong with me I'm fucking shaking

>> No.217909150

Just Arcus, bro.
Just Proto Bahamut, bro.

>> No.217909213

this just one legendary and some gold, imagine what sort of retarded shit they came up with if they maintain this level of powercreep

>> No.217909262
File: 335KiB, 1360x768, 20180613112314_1.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Forgot image like a dumbass. It's Ginger (yeah I know but I only won one game so far because of her)

>> No.217909320

Really don't think they'll get to 13 damage out of hand on turn 6 or Nblood again.

>> No.217909332
File: 113KiB, 401x401, 1510144908189.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>217909521

>tfw you realize ALL cards voice by MAO are top tier
KMR really wants to tap that pussy, huh?

>> No.217909371

Lost my first game with ginger to a perfect curving sword after qualifying 5 times with her.
This game mode is a fucking joke.

>> No.217909373
Quoted By: >>217909496

They should make a Blood Pact on a body so that there's a replacement for the other Belphegor effect too.

>> No.217909469

why is lady grey silver
that kind of retarded shit should be leggo tier or gold at least

>> No.217909496

Bloody Grimoire
3pp 1/2 draw 2, deal 2 damage to self.

>> No.217909521
Quoted By: >>217909609

who does she voice

>> No.217909547
Quoted By: >>217909754

>wanting more 2pp legos
end yourself

>> No.217909609