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/v/ and /co/ shotas welcomed.
Old thread: >>3396341

Thread for shota traps and femboys : >>3380236

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Hope you can find some time to relax

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Do you have a discord for me to vent at? I don't want to bring drama here.

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if you like!

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Stop spilling into the board you assholes or I'll start suggesting the mods to make shota against the rules

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Shut the fuck up worm

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Keep your shriveled dick out from the rest of the board you're all embarrassing to look at

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What do you mean with "spilling into the board"?

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Must be the Hooni, Hiro and Supersons threads in the catalog
I do think is a bit weird the last two were made almost at the same time.
Also the few request posts doing rounds on unrelated thread asking for specific shota art of non shota characters.

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Why the hate on Hooni?

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I made the Hiro and super sons thread. Not the Hooni though. Was that bad? I'll take it down if it is bad.

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the weak should fear the strong

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This is why we need /sm/

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this to be desu with you

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That's stupid, 4chan doesn't need another slow board

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Fucking 7chan refugees make it less obvious you came from a honeypot

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Says who?

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not him but I like shota

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Unrealistically large bulge

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so do I but at least I try to not look shady by demanding another sekret klub
Just make a server where you all hang out and then have it closed for accepting and grooming kids in it

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>demanding another sekret klub
/sm/ would not be a sekrit klub and no one is "demanding" anything.
Go be a moron somewhere else.

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Which makes it worse somehow.
Just go to /trash/ or /b/ the last thing i want is for this site to give you fucks a home, go with the furries and real pedos where you fucking belong and rot.

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Thread needs more depressed bois

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Do not depress the shotas

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thoughts on the new Sword and Shield Pokekid?
me, for a split second I actually thought about buying the game when I saw him.

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i want to do unspeakable things to him

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I understand anon.
the power of shota is also influencing me to buy this game... Not sure what to do

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instead of wasting 60 on a shit game, commission art

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Slow boards have a negligible impact on the servers and costs (otherwise 1/3 of 4chan would have been deleted years ago, /cm/ included). A loli/shota board wouldn't supposed a problem in terms of hosting and userbase, the real problem would be finding a mod willing to monitor it.

Not him, but 4chan used to have a /sm/ board years ago. 7chan simply copied it.

Or wait until someone rips the models.

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I really like shotas

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Yes and I'm happy moot nuked it whole

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Why are you always grumpy, anon?

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goodnight shotabros

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Because you all deserve to be treated like shit. I don't come here to validate anyone.

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me too

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so why do you come here at all?

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I like shota
I just don't like people who like shota

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I like shota, and if you like shota you're alright by me!

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do you hate yourself?

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anon, I don't want to alarm you, but there's something soft, smooth and peeking

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I like shota, if you draw shota or look like a shota please contact me, otherwise I hate you

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Taking in count there just nothing about myself that I respect or like and that I live thinking about dying I would say:

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This thread is BULGING with shotas
we must have a new thread

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Nevermind, just opened up twitter and stumbled across it https://twitter.com/nakahara_GLCTC/status/1193879157362417665

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I'm gonna do it... I'm gonna make a shota thread! Wish me luck guys!

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New threeeaaaad >>3401218

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