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It's been a while. What do you think of the new additions?

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Here's to hoping. I was on the fence about the new divisions but damned if Kuko and his accent didn't win me over.

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Same. I'm interested in Jyushi and his backstory. I wonder if the crazy theories I've heard from the nips are true. His seiyuu also said he has two different voices so I'm looking forward to the drama tracks.

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Two different voices? Like a jrocker voice and his normal voice?

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Like his chuuni voice and his normal voice. His seiyuu said he changes the tone of his voice around people he dislikes.

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That'll definitely be interesting then.

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old thread's full.
it was this one.

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Get in line.

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the arc of this comic should be that Jiro actually DOES fall in love with CRG after a series of misunderstandings. anyway supportive brother taro is very comfy thank you!

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Post your shotas here.

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I just noticed that two pics were deleted.

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Done. Now we're at file limit again.

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Thank you anon, every shota thread must be taken to the limit!

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Because it's cool

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It's been a year since the show ended and I still love Misha.
Mikhail and Yuliy are the best brothers so here's a thread dedicated to them.

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Would you like to watch an e-girl(male) on Twitch?
I have a stream and I'm doing requests.

Join if you:
> like thighs
> enjoy anime
> know who dakooters is



Also giving out Steam codes to followers, here's a free one:

By the way I'm 16 ;3

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I dropped the show because there's no full on werewolf transformation. What's the point of having your main character be a werewolf if you're not gonna have him go full on transformation? I get that it's to tie in with the plot device the story is centered on but it's just boring not to go all the way. Especially since the vampires are allowed to be bat monsters.

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Of course he is! ...but his life wasn't...

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I've shed so many tears for him...

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He has gone through so much... (damn I shouldn't make us sad...)

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Nono, Madara evokes every feeling in me, sadness is just a part of loving him!
Please join us in the next thread, we reached another bump limit! Godspeed

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Yeah it's kinda self explanatory. Paper is just a dis link.

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have sex

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is that a girls butt?

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dumb fuck, you can't post rl shit on here
go to /hm/ retard

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Last Thread >>3380458

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Jesus that angle is fucked up.

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Okay new thread

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It's just a personal moral standard ive set for myself

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>I'm not okay with writing minors fucking as fap material for adults.
Christ, kill yourself.

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Stop replying on the old thread you retards, or at least learn how to sage.

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(or just Stan in general, but all South Park boys are welcome, as always!)
the first episode of season 23 just aired, what did you think of it?

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another good thread
see you all in the next one

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new thread

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One of my favorite looks. Post your fanciest formally dressed /cm/s!

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Found more opm pics

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Purely a coincidence that King is overrepresented here compared to his actual number of appearances.

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Cute couples, boyfriends or bestfriends

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Cute boys face squishes or GTFO

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Fuck I ran out of face squishes

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Good job OP you killed the thread immediately

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Last thread. >>3373151

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man, thia board has been faster than usual lately.

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Bonus points for Caster Cu

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Quoted By: >>3400775

What are you currently reading, /cm/?

Also, this comes out today.

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Read D.H. Lawrence's short story The Prussian Officer, which was really homoerotic. I don't know if he meant for it to be that way since he writes about everyone having "fires" and/or "primal urges" burning within them, but there was so much homosexual tension in this story you almost feel as if he's into it as he's writing it.

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Hako no Naka - Narise Konohara

Read if you're into prison men, shy/innocent seme. Has a really good ending

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Anyone else wish Moby Dick had an alternate version that was the homoerotic adventures of Ishmael and Queequeg?

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I just had the weirdest urge to re-read "Methodius Buslaev", a Russian YA fantasy series I used to be a fan of as a kid, and got reminded of the fact that it features an actual succubus (male), who is also best boy and did not deserve any of the shit that happened to him in book 14. Man, I never bothered to finish the series after that, maybe I should, just to fill the spaces of lore I might have missed by not getting the last few books. It has some cute boys still, but it's not the same without my disaster husband.

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Increase the file limit editon

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uhh ok
just don't act weird again

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>> No.3384664


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Do you know the artist's name?

>> No.3385223

no, sorry shotabro

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Can I get a babe thread for hm, /cm/?

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**Chubby Thread** :
Last thread got purge, post soft chubby boi here. Pizza edition

File: 21KiB, 293x390, https_%2F%2Fi.pinimg.com%2F736x%2Fc2%2F1b%2F93%2Fc21b93db1001b78d596b3d3bd0a14621.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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This thread doesnt exist yet, but it's one of my favorites.
Any Dark Bois allowed

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Previous thread:

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What wouls you guys want to see on the other side of saitou's joke frog dakis?

>> No.3388902

Blob versions.

>> No.3388924

Frogs in lingerie.

>> No.3389027

i like the blonde aniki

>> No.3389282

New bread:

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In kind of a shit mood RN. Send Sylvains. Preferably not ship art and not sourced from Twitter (I've seen basically everything from there), but anything's good.

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Quoted By: >>3382042

Three-way Edition
Last Thread >>3379107

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Cute and comfy.

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new thread

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Last thread: >>3375694

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why does shingo have fatter tiddies than kyo?

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Shingo is canonically pretty buff, it's how he makes up for not having Kyo's powers or years of training. But since you wanted fat Kyo tiddies.

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New thread: >>3393719

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my boyfriend was just telling me about gentle femdom and how he likes it so much and there was a thread about it on here he loved, please drop some of you can !!

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wrong board nigga

>> No.3380311


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Get a muscle hunk to dominate and fuck the shit out of your bf while you watch.

>> No.3380314

piss off, no women aloud

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/cm/ = boys only

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Guys that look like girls thread
Only know of Chihiro and general mainstream femboys that have been sexualized to shit; please culture me, /cm/

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and here i thought Soren looked very feminine

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Fuck you

>> No.3399555

I know I don't care about gender, I love boys and girls equally

>> No.3399686

Is it over?

>> No.3401142

Piss off, this is a peaceful board

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