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Hey fuckers
I'm new to 4chan
I'm also drunk
I'm 21 years old (For Now, life is so fucking fleeting™)
I want you fuckers to tell me what life is all about
No telling me the meaning of life is to suck some nut, I already know that shit
Fuckin here's the deal
I just finished the flash player game called "motherload" right? if you know you know. and it was fuckin dope. I realized that I've never ever ever finished it before. Kinda cool! But either way. Explain to me this:
what is the poin of anything
and is it worth it to try to save & invest and retire earyt

please dont rip me a new one internet,
(my first try at this fucking autistic bullshit)
Drunk Fucker

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I genuinely can't tell whats happening in that picture
is it frozen in a block of ice or did it burst out of the package?

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This board is for pictures of cute anime males, go fuck yourself tourist.

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Old thread: >>3429811

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I wish crop tops were common for men.

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No chubby boy representation and I don't even have any examples to post. kms

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>Ruining a good thread willingly.

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https://discord.gg/c7B6dv raid pls

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It's that time again!

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I think that this is what you want:

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And to answer to that one anon, that's pretty much shota.

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thx anon

dunnoh how to not bump a thread

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I feel bad for you being so fucking retarded so I'll be charitable with the community for once
To stop bumping a thread from fucking page 9 to page 1 again you just write "sage" (without the quotes, you animal) on the option box.
And that's it.
Or you can also not post at all and let the thread die. Either way you'll be a hero.

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No need to be a bully, anon

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No Hanako-kun thread? This series is chock full of top-tier cute boys. Post them!

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/cm/ is for 2D male work-safe images. Images should depict animated males and be cute in nature.

1. Check the catalog before creating a thread to avoid duplicate threads.
>2. Please post 5 to 6 images to get new threads started.
3. This board is for animated content only. Do not post images depicting "real" people.
4. Images of heterosexual couples belong on >>>/c/
5. Pornographic homosexual or solo male content belongs on >>>/y/

Global rules apply as well. Provide high quality content and report infringing posts.

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Pictures of the cute blonde twink.

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>blonde twink
>draw green haired girl
>call her a guy
trapfags are really pathetic

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Was it really that hard to wait literally 12 hours for the thread to die?

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Just help report this shit as a request thread and hope the mods do their fucking job this time

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please post more

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Specially looking pics of the fog pillar.
shonen ai ships are ok, but dont post too graphic stuff.

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Man, I miss the explosive, fast paced threads on /a/
Maybe they'll be back with the movie, for a week or two

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Zenitsu has made a new friend

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>That file naming style, and the insanely high number
I miss you too, kokuspic. They were good days

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Doppio/Diavolo thread

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Post your best boys!

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Previous thread: >>3433164

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Haruna is a bad influence

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new thread:

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Previous >>3418851

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robin needs some love

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We all are in agreement that Bedivere is the bestest knight of the round table, yes?

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I tried so hard to summon and dumped 100sq and dozen tickets to fail (Got spooked by more girls)

Why did I go wrong?

Even worse than the Chiron summoning disaster

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So about the raped football player shown...

What do any of you think happened to the poor fellow?

>> No.3439540

This is a blue board

>> No.3439548

mods do your work please

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Previous thread >>3434698

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You're making 2D sick ;_;

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Time for a new thread

>> No.3443100

New thread: >>3443099

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Previous: >>3428699

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>> No.3451008

New thread: >>3451006

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Previous: >>3435460

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>I'm pretending to be autistic just to wind you up
Ironic autism is still autism Anon

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Crop your images right you retard

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Reddit spacing is by far the most reddit insult ever conjured. Literally only redditors are autistic enough to point that out

>> No.3441789

Shut up you redditor

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kenny's official canon birthday is on march 22nd, so post cute images of him in his honor!
his friends and any other cute south park boys are also welcome.
previous thread:

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Son of a bitch, forgot my image.

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Quoted By: >>3445096

>Stan is my favorite
I see, you're a man of culture. Unfortunately the image limit is reached, so just pretend there's a cute picture of him attached to this post.

>> No.3442573

New thread

>> No.3445096
Quoted By: >>3445159


> " >Stan is my favorite " ;
mine too

> " I see, you're a man of culture. Unfortunately the image limit is reached, so just pretend there's a cute picture of him attached to this post. " ;

Nice, imaginative logic.

>> No.3445159

why the fuck did you bump this old thread when there is new one? fucking newfags are annoying

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post cute yoon bum

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This is a fact. I liked the mom reveal but thats about it

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>> No.3442864

Oh shit oh god oh fuck

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I want Yoonbum to be happy!


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formalwear thread

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Stupd whore loli and looking for Cool Senpais to play some games with
add me on steam

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Whether they are from an anime or videogame, post guys who wear nail polish.

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Pics that display the wonderful male form, nude or otherwise.

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>> No.3453774 [DELETED]
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Quoted By: >>3453775

>> No.3453775

Porn belongs in >>>/y/

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Previous >>3427837

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>> No.3452586
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Sword penis in vag00.

>> No.3452587

My mighty ootachi > your piddly tantou.

>> No.3452669

reminder that Haseeb on foot is still faster than Ishikirimaru riding a horse

>> No.3452686

gay. don't post stuff like that again

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