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previous: >>3357547

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Previous thread: >>3341630

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Previous thread: >>3369437

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New thread?

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Next time, you should just do it instead of asking.

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New Thread >>3385146

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Nah, I made this thread and no longer have new fanart to share. Thanks for making a new one though.

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The last thread fizzled out so time to retry with the spiritual successor also allowed

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Silver Wolf deserves more art desu

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hey anons, looking for a trap discord invite?

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sometimes i can't tell the difference between /lgbt/, /cm/ and /a/

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/cm/ is /cm/ /lgbt/ is /cmtf/

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>posts girl
Fuck off and never come back

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It's easy /cm/ is for cute boys and /lgbt/ or /tttt/ is for trans

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So fucking cute bruh

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thanks, knowing capcom i doubt there'll be an english release so i might as well get it in japanese

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Japan gets all the good stuff. We can at least rely on scanlations for the manga but translation for the novel and artbook is something I've been wanting as well.

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Iv'e been looking for a yaoi vn called ??????????????(Roughly translates to Red Night - Listen to the stars). Problem is, it's from 2003, which makes it really hard to find a free download. There has to be a ripped free download somewhere, right??

I've been google searching in english and japanese for five hours, please help. Can someone post japanese pirating/magnet link sites? Any info about free rom sites is welcome

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You might find it on share or perfect dark

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Have you already asked the wizards over at vg? Check the Boylove vn thread, ask them there. I also wouldn't recommend using Google to search for downloads since google hides the searches. Use duckduckgo, good luck

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Thanks so much, anons!!! Literally saved me hours of time. I'm setting up perfect dark rn, and it was just what i was looking for. I'll also ask on the other mentioned boards if perfect dark dosen't work out. Thanks so much!

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They have a BLVN thread on vg?

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New division announced, are you excited /cm/?

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so far only 6

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I like kuko

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It's the only one from nagoya who isn't a total cringe

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What was your reaction to Steg?

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Need good art of these two, most of what I tried looking for is cringy tumblr headcannon stuff. Old and young versions of the characters are both welcome.

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Thirded, I've definitely got more art to post.

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I got nothing to post but I'd like it

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Here ya go: >>3383014

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There, done: >>3383017

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Who is the boy in this ad? Is there any more from the same artist?

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Here's a boy for you guys.

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Save the Unicorns Edition
Previous Thread >>3370946

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New Thread >>3377040

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I want more of the panta drinking overlord

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I have never seen a boy this pretty in real life. Serious question: Do boys this feminine and cute really exist or are these artists just drawing girls with tiny penises?

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It's hard to tell the gender of most young children desu. You've probably already seen young femboys and just assumed they were girls. This photo seems a bit to sexual for someone to young though =/

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That's literally OPs question: do males THIS feminine exist

Not whether feminine males exist you retard
Learn to read

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I saw one today incidentally. He was a mega cute.

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You sure it wasn't a ftm?

>> No.3373859

Pics or it didn't happen.

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No Bachelor no life.

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Post your favorite feminine and androgynous characters
The more based the basedboy the better

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>like a girl with resting bitch face
Those are some serious bedroom eyes, though.

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Good taste anon

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Post your favorite androgynous or effeminate male characters

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Starting with the most based of basedboys

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Let’s have one! It’s been a while. What have you been reading? Any recs? I just finished Carry On by Rainbow Rowell (audio version), and I found out that the sequel, Wayward Son, will be released later this month!

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Natto-kun edition

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He's Chooki from Tenkai Knights

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What are some shota animes, if anyone can shed some light on me

>> No.3376951

Suteki na Shota Days isn't quite an anime, but it's similar.

>> No.3376954

Just search for kids anime in a database and pick what interests you. Though since it's kinda niche in the west, not many shows have subs.
If I had to recommend anything recent that has subs, I'd be Shinkalion.

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Can you believe how cute that Moth(er)fucker is?

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I don't ever see Initial D threads here. So why not start one and dump some of my Ryosuke folder.
>tfw no Ryosuke bf

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Quoted By: >>3377058

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Sorry for girls but don't have anything else and they are cute

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I don't know what to think of this image desu
Coot thanks anon uwu

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Have any Zim wallpapers?

>> No.3373431

Dude again? We already got a Zim thread use the fucking catalog and stop making these

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Last Thread >>3371374

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Kray probably doesn't know who's leading Mad Burnish so he's spewing misinformation to get Burnish Rescue to act more hostile towards them. Either that or they're talking about Mad Burnish about a group being around for 30 years in general.
The idea of old man Lio is pretty funny though.

>> No.3375655

>Mad Burnish about a group being around for 30 years in general
It’s this. Remember from the prologue scene that Mad Burnish formed immediately when the discrimination started.

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fug should I buy a dub ticket?

>> No.3375708

New thread >>3375706


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Last thread >>3371374

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Promare #35
I'm really sorry...

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