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please and thank you
(magic words)

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>the same as wizard

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>muh terminology
We don't need another magic boy thread when there's one already.

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can't tell the difference in these images anyway.

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Wahoo edition
Previous Thread >>3383572

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New Thread >>3391328

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post your best hoonis

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lonleyboy says its usually just filler, so he doesn't bother translating them yet

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I wish I could help more than this

Hope you get it right, Anon

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I've heard that you can inquire about it here, but you'd have to email parkgee about the details.

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not them but
i'd actually enjoy reading that filler
guess i have to learn korean now

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Please post more of Ha Jun Seo. Boi deserves to be happy.

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Would you like to watch an e-girl on Twitch?
I have a stream and I'm doing requests.

Join if you:
> like thighs
> enjoy anime
> know who dakooters is



Also giving out Steam codes to followers, here's a free one:

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So rare with anime boys blowing bubblegum, if you have more, I would appreciate if you could share!

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Post that special someone
Spooky Edition!

>Do they like scary movies? Either way how would they react to one?
>Would he like dressing up for Halloween? If so what would he be?
>Is he interested in the occult? (ghosts, Demons, magic etc)
Picture Prompt: Him in costume or the spookiest image of him

Previous Thread>>3326255

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I have one, but I only slept hugging it once and it wasn't that great. Guess they're just not for me. It's still always in my bed though.

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I don't really hug mine either, I need my limbs free to be comfy enough. Feels nice on your back, though, and it keeps you warmer in winter.

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i don’t have a body pillow of him, but i sleep with a plush of him every night

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i'm so jealous, i want a plush of kyle so bad
i'd really like one of the vintage ones from '98, because then the plushie would be as old as i am, which is just really cool
>when your husbando has been around longer than you have been alive
it's a weird feeling sometimes

>do you have any (physical) pictures of him? such as framed ones, ones you keep in your wallet, or anything like that?
>how much merchandise of him do you have, or would consider buying? (if any at all)
>how long did it take you to fall in love with him? was it love at first sight, or did he grow on you over time until you realized you loved him?
>how long has he been your husbando for?

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All the time bro.

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I just watched it, can we have a thread?

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>not to have a thread overun by headcanons and daddydom shit. It makes me feel like Twitter and annoying fandom hyperactivity is inescapable.
New to /cm/ I see. I agree with you though, unfortunately /cm/ is barely moderated so twitter/tumblr hybrids run rampant

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>Barely moderated
Look again, over 100 posts got deleted on the thread in the last 15 minutes.
The mods are pretty much awake at this hour.

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There's still some of them up like the ones that have *action*.
I'm not against a bit of discussion in /cm/ but never go full retard. If there's nothing /cm/ proper to discuss then just go back to /tv/ to discuss the movie.

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For once I'm happy to know the mods are not dead and I'm not the only one who thinks all this was absolutely autistic.
Anyways I'll be seeing if I can delete my own posts too, I dont wanna continue contributing to the problem

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Previous: >>3375204

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Keep going.

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>you will never lick those balls

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Veins don't actually bulge like that, that almost looks painful.

>> No.3401037

>not posting a better example
Don't feel bad for not having a bulging sword cock.

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Wish more anime had handsome protagonist. Don't like looking at dorks.

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Don't like looking in the mirror?

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ooh hit too close to home

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Sadly, not every protagonist can be as handsome as Guts.

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Then post pictures of anime protags and not Vocaloids

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Who is the cutest Fate Stay Night boy and why?

Pics with proof are a plus

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niche interest I know, but could we get a boys on toilets thread happening per chance?

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Pedo mod should kill himself

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New thread for all the shotas you can post.

Old threads:

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Based pedo destroyer

>> No.3388130

Learn to sage or stop replying on the old thread you tards

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just one picture of a boy

>> No.3389125

an qt

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Funny anime pic

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Is there a place where i can find cute boy shipping without yaoi

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your brain

>> No.3386156

I don't understand what you want.

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siema ch?opaki this is my very cutest bf i've ever meet hope you like him

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I feel like we haven't had one of these in a while. Post your most recent findings

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Post other boys then

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Worst boy as a maid

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second worst boy stepping on shoe boys's shoe

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Great things come in small sizes!


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there is already one

>> No.3385994

shoulda linked it!

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Also know as shota thread.

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Done: >>3386412
Just don't sperg out (again).

>Or getting /cm/ known as the board with the thread full of pedos
Nah, /a/, /tv/, /g/, /co/ and /v/ already cover that spot. There are only dramafags here.

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I don't think you quite understand your position. Everything in this entire board, if not on this entire website - such creatures are lower than filth. The only one in denial here is you. Stop projecting anytime, faggot. Go die from AIDS or something.

>> No.3386454

You seem to be projecting denial where there is none.

>> No.3386459

It's weird.
I came to the thread just one month ago myself, but i wasn't brought by any special event or invited by any person.
Nor was i awake for this superspeed thread !

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finna need proof anon

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Tiddly Reigen is the best Reigen.
Last thread >>3378331

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>fw_kun took my request
I feel so blessed

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Post best literal boy pussy here. I just love him so much!

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I haven't seen one in a while, so let's see our favorite boys from U.C. and everywhere else!

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source pls

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You get what you deserve...

I deserve cute superheroes (and villains).

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you have to start a thread with 5 pics

>> No.3385786

we live in a cute society

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If I had five relevant pics, I wouldn’t have to start a thread asking for relevant pics.

>> No.3385818

Then fuck off the rules explicitly say you can't make request threads.

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