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Post that special someone
Spooky Edition!

>Do they like scary movies? Either way how would they react to one?
>Would he like dressing up for Halloween? If so what would he be?
>Is he interested in the occult? (ghosts, Demons, magic etc)
Picture Prompt: Him in costume or the spookiest image of him

Previous Thread>>3326255

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File: 28KiB, 720x526, [Seriti] Yami no Matsuei - Episode 11 (DVD 526p) [8AD53E9A].mkv_snapshot_09.59_[2016.02.08_06.48.34].jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>I'm going to make a new reference collage that simplifies everything and reduces all of the unnecessary clutter that confuses people!
>41 layers later
>and here's the large box for two paragraphs of text I haven't written yet, and
>this isn't long enough I can't fit all of the faces or hair
>how many outfits should be here because the suit is probably boring people by now and you know he wears like 60 different costumes none of which get drawn enou
I lied to myself, this isn't simple at all.

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I'd just make a simple, appealing reference and maybe put the details in a link. Really restrict yourself with the amount of space and images you get to use and it won't get so cluttered. Stick with the basics.

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For the WWD right?
Do what I did and break it into parts, have a simple reference for his most common esign/costume and other essential details and then have other references for stuff like all his outfits or all his designs and what have you and link them in a catbox/imgur album.

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This probably doesn't help at all, but I like the setup you have now - one overall ref (the purple border one, dunno if you'd consider that your main ref or not) and a link to others for whatever else you might need. Maybe you could just edit the "main" one, pare it down a bit if you feel it's too much?

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>do you have any (physical) pictures of him?
no, but i want to frame one like this some day, when i move out so i dont have to worry about anybody seeing it.
>how much merchandise of him do you have
a lot. there's so much merch i'd like to own; plushies, little plastic 'action figures', keychains, posters, clothes, basically anything kyle-related i would like to own.
>how long did it take you to fall in love with him?
i always thought he was cool ever since i started watching the show (about 4-5 years ago), but in the beginning he actually was my least favorite of the main four characters of south park. i always rooted for cartman over him (most of the time). but as i watched the show, and i think as i grew older and more mature, i began to appreciate his morality and bravery and intelligence, and he soon became my favorite character.
then eventually, at some point a couple years ago, something happened - i don't know what - and every time he'd come on screen, my heart would flutter a little bit. my favorite episodes soon became episodes centered around him, and eventually i started to become uncomfortable every time i watched an episode and he got hurt or was in danger somehow.
and then... i don't know, my appreciation for him grew into affection which eventually, slowly, grew into love. it took a few years, but eventually i could no longer deny it - i loved him, in a way i'd never loved anyone before, and i loved him more than i loved anything else in the world.
so now he's my husbando.
>how long has he been your husbando for?
i 'accepted' my love for him about 7 months ago.

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I just watched it, can we have a thread?

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>not to have a thread overun by headcanons and daddydom shit. It makes me feel like Twitter and annoying fandom hyperactivity is inescapable.
New to /cm/ I see. I agree with you though, unfortunately /cm/ is barely moderated so twitter/tumblr hybrids run rampant

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>Barely moderated
Look again, over 100 posts got deleted on the thread in the last 15 minutes.
The mods are pretty much awake at this hour.

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Quoted By: >>3388744

There's still some of them up like the ones that have *action*.
I'm not against a bit of discussion in /cm/ but never go full retard. If there's nothing /cm/ proper to discuss then just go back to /tv/ to discuss the movie.

>> No.3388744 [DELETED]

For once I'm happy to know the mods are not dead and I'm not the only one who thinks all this was absolutely autistic.
Anyways I'll be seeing if I can delete my own posts too, I dont wanna continue contributing to the problem

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Previous: >>3375204

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Chougi would be the type of guy who goes "I put what in where?!" when it comes to fucking.

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Quoted By: >>3402502

I agree, especially if he was high and mighty in knowing what he was in for when he actually didn't.

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Chougi would put it in your ass and then claim he meant to do that.

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Quoted By: >>3402581

>put it in your ass
>put it
But what was "it"?

>> No.3402581

His dick. Give Chougi some credit, he may not now how use it to satisfy someone, but he knows he has one.

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Wish more anime had handsome protagonist. Don't like looking at dorks.

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Quoted By: >>3386918

Don't like looking in the mirror?

>> No.3386918

ooh hit too close to home

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Sadly, not every protagonist can be as handsome as Guts.

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Then post pictures of anime protags and not Vocaloids

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Who is the cutest Fate Stay Night boy and why?

Pics with proof are a plus

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niche interest I know, but could we get a boys on toilets thread happening per chance?

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Pedo mod should kill himself

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Quoted By: >>3386421

New thread for all the shotas you can post.

Old threads:

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Based pedo destroyer

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Learn to sage or stop replying on the old thread you tards

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just one picture of a boy

>> No.3389125

an qt

>> No.3389200


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Funny anime pic

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Is there a place where i can find cute boy shipping without yaoi

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your brain

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I don't understand what you want.

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siema ch?opaki this is my very cutest bf i've ever meet hope you like him

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I feel like we haven't had one of these in a while. Post your most recent findings

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Post other boys then

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Worst boy as a maid

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second worst boy stepping on shoe boys's shoe

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Great things come in small sizes!


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there is already one

>> No.3385994

shoulda linked it!

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Also know as shota thread.

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Done: >>3386412
Just don't sperg out (again).

>Or getting /cm/ known as the board with the thread full of pedos
Nah, /a/, /tv/, /g/, /co/ and /v/ already cover that spot. There are only dramafags here.

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Quoted By: >>3386454

I don't think you quite understand your position. Everything in this entire board, if not on this entire website - such creatures are lower than filth. The only one in denial here is you. Stop projecting anytime, faggot. Go die from AIDS or something.

>> No.3386454

You seem to be projecting denial where there is none.

>> No.3386459

It's weird.
I came to the thread just one month ago myself, but i wasn't brought by any special event or invited by any person.
Nor was i awake for this superspeed thread !

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finna need proof anon

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Tiddly Reigen is the best Reigen.
Last thread >>3378331

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>fw_kun took my request
I feel so blessed

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Post best literal boy pussy here. I just love him so much!

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I haven't seen one in a while, so let's see our favorite boys from U.C. and everywhere else!

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Quoted By: >>3397640

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source pls

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You get what you deserve...

I deserve cute superheroes (and villains).

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you have to start a thread with 5 pics

>> No.3385786

we live in a cute society

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If I had five relevant pics, I wouldn’t have to start a thread asking for relevant pics.

>> No.3385818

Then fuck off the rules explicitly say you can't make request threads.

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Last thread >>3384619

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Figma is good but I want a nice dynamic scale instead.

>> No.3388174
Quoted By: >>3388178

how intelligent is Lio? I know he made some smart moves in the movie but I still get the feeling he isn't that bright actually

>> No.3388178
Quoted By: >>3388180

He's smart but he probably never finished school so he doesn't know math or how to do taxes.
Someone make a new thread please.

>> No.3388180 [DELETED]

Oh shit I didn't notice, hold on a little.

>> No.3388182

Ok jump in

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kot edition
ITT we post Dekus and talk about how lewd he is in lieu of the fact that he will never be real.


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anon pls....

>> No.3399041
Quoted By: >>3399058


>> No.3399058
Quoted By: >>3399067


>> No.3399067

I'm so proud of you.

>> No.3399142

cute flustered dekufujos

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New Touhou game announced
We are free from floating fighters bros

>> No.3385608

Fuck, wrong board
Can some mod delete it?

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Thanks for the news, friend. Didn't expect to learn about it here.

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Call this number to mess with my friend ;) (336) 250-8523

>> No.3385505

Not your personal army.

>> No.3385509

Lol no you're ugly

>> No.3385511

>posting an ugly ass nigga on cute male board

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Cuties of the stage!

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6th fluffy boy edition
Old thread >>3365606

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I love my sweet prince.

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