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Matsu thread because the movie DVD comes out tomorrow

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>one of favorite matsu artists deletes their whole twitter just because they're not interested in it anymore
Jesus fucking christ why do Japanese artists keep doing this!?

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Requesting only your best Oso's

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More than likely they wanted to branch out from the fandom into a new one and don't want to be associated with the old one anymore. I'm curious, do you have any art you can upload here if I can recognize who it is?

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They were matu_hinata on Twitter. Now they just draw reimob which adds absolutely nothing new to the mp100 table

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I hate it when they do that shit. Sure they're free to do what they want, but it makes me so paranoid. I hoard like hell.

With pleasure.

Movie download link from /a/ : https://nyaa.si/view/1192330

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At least they kept their Matsu works up on Pixiv. Most of the Asian artists, especially the jp and korean ones, have no qualms over removing all traces of their existence off the internet.

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Oh I meant in the case of that. Some of my favourites have completely vanished, return, only to vanish entirely again. Pic related was one.

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Thank you anon for the raw link!

The artist who drew this one also got rid of their stuff from pixiv. I was so sad. It's one thing if they haven't uploaded anything since last year, because at least I could still view pics I haven't got to saving, but to just completely wipe off your work and the lovely comments that came with them, it's just disheartening. So to hoarding, I must.

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The worst is when you bookmark a work to download it later. But the day you decide to download, it's been deleted/privated.
I also hate looking at previous pixiv rankings for tags and seeing these deleted works that I wasn't able to look at.

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I'm watching the beginning of the movie and I'm already covering myself with my own arms in secondhand embarrassment over the matsu boys lying through their teeth.

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You're welcome! It's actually got subs, I thought it was a raw at first but you can turn the subs on and off (which is really handy for screencapping!).

Oh I love that artist, they still have a fairly active twitter if it helps. https://twitter.com/zonbibatake
This one by them always cracks me the hell up. I love the adorably-vacant faces they draw.

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So that's the same artist who purged her pixiv! What's up with that?

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>finally got my hands on it near my birthday
Thank you for this gift Buraza

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You're welcome, friend! I've been making lots of (mostly Kara) gifs, here's a link (spoilers obviously)


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The movie was so sweet, kinda wish the teen Matsus got more screentime though.

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I think it was alright, no one overstayed their welcome. Though the one time I got impatient was the scene where Jyushi and Choro went to go see Totoko, because at that point it was getting painfully obvious how they were avoiding 18Kara.

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Finally hearing 18Kara's sweet voice at the end when he gushed over NEETKara's lies, filled me with such giddiness, but I did felt kinda jipped how little lines he had. Still, I got a lot of laughs out of this one. It'll be so sad knowing we won't have another animated season/movie from the Osomatsu series.

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Best boy.
Is it really confirmed they're not making anything matsu related again? ;_;

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Nothing is confirmed yet. The movie did have a pretty "ending" tone to it, but Matsus are still a profitable cash cow so new animated content isn't completely out of the question in my opinion.
Either way, I'm trying to convince myself that I'm satisfied with what we've got so far, so hopefully it won't hurt too much if we really do end up not hearing from our boys again.

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How can I choose when all the Osos are so good
>that last two digits
>requesting Oso
He'd be proud

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It's missing the best Youkai version of Oso

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Yeah, there was an obvious teasing nature to how long they kept him from speaking.

When I caught a glimpse of spoilers they made it sound like current-Kara was a shallow dick for lying to 18Kara, but in the movie itself I saw it as a clear case of "come on, could you tell the brutal truth to that sweet face?" He was protecting himself, literally.

To me, it ain't over till they say it's over.

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>a clear case of "come on, could you tell the brutal truth to that sweet face?"
YES! That soft sweet voice of 18Kara, coupled with that cute troubled look as he wait for Kara's answer! He was just so incredibly adorable, even if we only get to see that almost at the end of the movie. I want more timid 18Kara.

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He's too adorable for words, guys

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Movie was fun. The first half was good, but everything after the letter introduction kind of sucked. And it was just ultimately a self-insert fangirl film with the matsus showing they're content with how they currently are in life.

Overall it made me increase my love for Kara, Ichi, and even Todo.

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The sentimental parts bordered on schmaltzy for me sometimes, but I felt they were good at still keeping it lighthearted overall. And they killed off the self-insert, anyway, so hopefully that won't be a continuing theme.
All of the boys were endearing, although Kara taking forever to bring up his regret got annoying.

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>it was just ultimately a self-insert fangirl film
That was kind of amusing, as staff did say they based Takahashi off the fans. Couldn't relate to her much, though. I would've just talked to the boys and now squandered my time like that.

>with the matsus showing they're content with how they currently are in life.
See, that's true, but I thought it was kind of positive as well. The whole world they live in is constantly kicking them down even when they do make an effort, so to me it felt like they all got a little bit of healthy self-love there.

I don't think they're great at doing extreme levels of drama. The thought that Takahashi caused them all to bond again only to die felt like total Doctor Who canon sue companion-level stuff. So I try to not think about it, I prefer how the boys otherwise saved themselves.

>so hopefully that won't be a continuing theme.
Fujita has said they're ready to "betray" all of that nice lore we got in this movie, so everything is meaningless. Great. /s

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18Kara and 18Ichi are my favorites by far.

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>Fujita has said they're ready to "betray" all of that nice lore we got
They've always done that, though. Like "Letter." It's not supposed to be deep and meaningful in the first place.

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>Fujita has said they're ready to "betray" all of that nice lore we got in this movie, so everything is meaningless. Great. /s
Really? Did he confirm s3?

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I think "Letter" was different. This was something that had foreshadowing, a proper conclusion (unlike a lot of skits), and went to the trouble of creating a bridge between -kun and -san. So in this case it feels like a lot of work for nothing.

I'm just parroting what a friend said he said in an issue of CUT Magazine. As far as I know they're open to it.

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>I would've just talked to the boys and now squandered my time like that.

That's what you get for being a filthy normie.

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>little bit of healthy self-love there
I like them but the matsus are pretty bad people, some more so than the others, so I'm not sure that's a good thing.

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>Oso wearing Choro's glasses
Holy shit that's adorable.

Oso was exceptionally cute in the movie. Glasses Oso is also top tier somehow (formal meets casual?).

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Best 18matsus

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Happy OsoOsoOsoOso day!

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I love how the artist always draws the boys soft, muscles are shit

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Hey now, muscles can look fine on other characters. I just think they look a little silly with these lads' babyfaces stuck on top. And having designs where they're not wearing much (such as Poseidon in the Greek Gods AU) but still having marshmallow bodies is part of the charm that I think a lot of fanartists miss.

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Am I in the minority liking some muscles and they still have that bean shaped face and eyes?

>> No.3401541

Not at all, a shitton of eastern fanartists (a good amount of western too) draw them with bean faces but muscles, when not full-on bishounen. It's actually harder to find good art of them (that's meant to be fanservice) while they're still squishy.

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