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Comfy fall swords. I love these boys.

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Wake the fuck up, /sword/.

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No, it's dark outside every day and I have no dice.

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No. I'm sleepy.

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Not until the newest toumyu is uploaded or something

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I wanna hang out in the QUALITY bar with my fellow swordfags.

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I find it really funny that the tantou can drink alcohol with no problems. Fudou seemed like an exception to me, but in the stageplays, everyone drinks.

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>all that oden
>but nobody eating it

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If you tell people you're actually half a millennium old and have the mannerisms to back it up, they tend to believe you're legal to drink alcohol.

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Oden isnt popular anymore, even with thousand year old swords.

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Does anyone else get stupidly excited upon seeing someone posting swords on a completely unrelated board? It kinda feels like running into an old friend on the street, although I'm sure most of the time it's just someone who happened to stumble on some sword fanart and saved it without even being aware of who the characters are.

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I absolutely do. Too many times I've seen people posting swords accompanied with "Oh, I don't actually know the characters." Kinda hurts but still gets me giddy to see tkrb leaking through western boards.

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Yes. I always get the autistic urge to reply "based sword bro" too when I see them as well.

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why did they turn bami into a little girl

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I don't think I've seen anyone outside of /a/ and /sword/, but a twitter tag I watch for fanart of a dead series updated today with a screencap of Chouson and I got a little excited. Speaking of I'm now at 7 rounds, two Chouson that dropped one after the other.

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>see someone with a tkrb shirt
>try to strike up a conversation
>ask them if they play the game
>oh no I just watch the anime, jiji's pretty cool though!

>see someone cosplaying a sword
>try to strike up a conversation
>ask them if they play the game
>oh no I just watch the 2.5D shows, jiji's pretty cool though!
Every single fucking time.

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I kinda drop and pick up this game once in a while, decided to do this event because I am bored and why not. I can't believe you can't recharge dices with koban. I wanted to get two sets of kiwame items, but I think it's impossible to clear it so much w/o whaling. So sad.

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Welcome 2 die. And then never gave compensation dice for the double maintenance that took a bunch of users' daily rolls, I swear they did during Chougi events.

Imagine if they approached me and asked if I watch the musicals and all I can say is oh no I just play the game, but Tonbo's pretty cool though!

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I don't play the game nor watch the musicals, I just read the doujins, Shinano's pretty cool though!

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You are not missing much, this game is just mindless grind. Coincidentally I sent Shinano on a kiwame training yesterday. I really like his overall posture and everything about his legs.

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goddamn this looks comfy

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i wonder which kiwame design is /sword/'s favorite?

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Dunno about others, but I'll go with Aizen, and that's absolutely not because he is my favorite character and I have a bias.

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Both Kikkou and Hasebe's designs came to mind for me at first, but I think I'll cheat and say Akita's since I love my small pink boy.

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>tfw never has secure enough funds to order the sword plushes I want when preorders come up
Maybe one day, but I hope that Honebami anon and Otegine anon are excited for new merch.

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Gokotai's probably, that tiger is cool as fuck.

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Yes, very yes. I've been holding off every time the Doudanuki one is discounted saying I can't have him if there's no Gine. My only problem is if it's over the customs limit, they're so small for the price and it's almost a guaranteed hit. They're perfect for claiming bottles at Christmas dinner though.

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I like how while everyone's busy adding a thousand new layers of clothes and design details linked to their backstory or emotional development, all Ookurikara does is attach a fucking giant claw to his arm and call it a day.

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Ookurikara, I need more brown swords

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Right one dresses like a whore. But nice hats, I like hats.

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WHOA! What is baby tsuru trying to do /sword/?

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His memo explained kiwame get stronk so he followed that. How does a rainbow skirt attack harder? Butterfly wings? Just add spikes.

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Hopefully something that won't put all of us on a watchlist.

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How do you even send this thing on expeditions?

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The one to the right looks like it's half-human, half-horse (those legs wtf)

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those legs are weird

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Spending the rest of your life in jail with /sword/!

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>rolling so low across four dice that you don't make your daily 10 battles

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Now will their faces be able to dethrone the pink okinawan as the ugliest sworddude or not? Stay tuned.

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But who are the VAs this time

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Can we just get an OnoD sword? Those two look pretty young, I doubt it would be some popular seiyuus.

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All menb had to to was put on greaves and ditch the cloak and he was instantly best kiwame.

>roll 1s and 2s whenever I'm near the boss node
It knows. It always knows.

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Tkrb doesn't seem to get popular veteran VAs that often but we can dream.

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