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There is hardly any jobs in Australia relating to 'illustration' - mostly just cookie cutter graphic design plain boring creative crap, seems like people are more likely to get work the less training and able they are to draw.
Here I am being able to work pencil and digital and work with quils nibs - feels like I've wasted all the years learning how draw everything and now no one needs talent -
Looking elsewhere I'm starting to apply to illustrator jobs in the US, so would move over if I got an offer and work visa.

Anyone done this?
Assuming I am better than the local talent and have what the workplace requires will they issue a work visa?

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If you don't know the right people it's not even worth trying

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I'll get to know them, i'm sure they're mostly a friendly lot. And get to make art together, win win.

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>leave Australia
>for the US
Son don't do this to yourself
>mostly just cookie cutter graphic design plain boring creative crap
Have you seen any offers like this? Can you post them here? I do cookie cutter crap and I love working with Aussies

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>the absolute year of our fucking Lord 2019
>2014 + 5
>2016 + 3
>2020 - 1
>Thinking you have to physically move somewhere to get or do illustration jobs anymore

Are you ACTUALLY retarded?

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What's with this shitty Joker drawing I keep seeing? Is this the new forced meme?

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But I don't want it to turn out flat or crafty looking. Does any body have tips or advice to share?

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I'm talking the full package here. Hair, coloring, eyes, makeshift backgrounds, and all.

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Unironically Loomis.

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By cutting off your fingers, you pedophile.

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Concentrate all the power you have and ever will have into your wrist until it truly hurts so you too can draw anime.

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I would like to know what you think of this drawing

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Please use the /beg/ thread for these


Thank you!

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I think that I fucking hate nu-pokémon designs and that all the faggots that flood my twitter feed with those should kill themselves

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I think the designs are okay, good even, its the fucking bobblehead proportions I hate.

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I mean the bobbleheads are part of these designs. But yes it'd be much better without.

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Can we talk about glasses?

Has anyone switched to better/worse glasses and felt any difference in performance?
How about those fancy lenses "for artist professionals" that cost 3 times more for their precision?

Do you also have to wash it twice a day before drawing, and it's still dirty enough to annoy you?

I used to have no trouble with computers for nearly a decade, but in recent years I started to think I'm squinting or hunching a lot (blamed my new 1080p monitor), my attention span has gone to shit (blamed the Internet and instant dopamine) and I sleep a lot (blamed bad diet).

But it dawned on me I might just be going blind, so I need a new prescription. (I'm farsighted, btw).

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I wear contacts because im not a fucking bitch

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I want to make it not only To afford unscratched glasses but to be able to pay that expensive laser operation, so I can get rid of them for a long time! ( that costs 2000 bucks per eye but I've been wearing glasses nearly all my life )

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One of the most valuable lessons I've learned is to practice and study with little distractions. I used to listen to podcasts ,Trump shit, or talk on the phone while drawing, but it takes up 15-40% of your focus. Save it for when you're doing tedious shit like flatting colors.

The other is to copy. Find your favorite artists and copy the fuck out of them. Put up reference images and draw things like how they draw them. You don't have to do exact copies, but just mimic them.

Stick to one program. I wasted a bunch of time bouncing between apps, and unless you have time to learn new apps, then you're just learning the new adjustment tools rather than learning to draw and paint.

Stick to one technique/process. Find a process one of your favorite artists use, and just do that. There's always going to be time to experiment later on when you're good. Lots of artists have demos online for you to reference.

Lastly, have multiple ligaments in your wrist.

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Quoted By: >>4214594

My most valuable lesson I learned is that I hate being told what to do to improve. Seriously. I want to be free. And I have to stop telling other people what to do, because deep down I believe myself to be a know-it-all. Very unsatisfying shit. So I keep quiet with my advice.

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Kill yourself, zoomer.

>> No.4214576

I'm 35, fuckface. We've always called them apps for short.

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This isn't really a lesson ,and sometimes you might get constructive advice from someone more qualified than you, advice that you truly need. If your ego gets in the way, you might skip an opportunity...

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here, found this in my old ref folder

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What carreer options are there for drawfags in the western world?

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So basically you can do anything but do anime as a western artist

>> No.4214483

You can also make money teaching art

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We're on 4chan, retard.

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Anything you want to be
But your history of posting on this nazi site leaves you wide open to be cancelled

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If you can offer something the Japanese want then they will accept you. There have been a few successful western made IP that became popular in Japan in recent years.

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Just for this I'm going to start painting a ton of christian art. I hope it pisses off as many jews as possible.


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Quoted By: >>4214557

this guy's kinda annoying. could only make it a minute and a half in. what does pissing off jews have to do with painting a ton of christian art?

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Quoted By: >>4214630

not op but because they try to hide or shame anything related to religion.

>> No.4214630

What are you talking about? Did you watch the video?

>> No.4214650

Okay I watched the video but I don't get what paining a bunch of christian art has to do with it much less why that would piss of jews. Take your meds OP

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Eternal s
>self taught
>didn't study actual anatomy or Loomis

>told to study anatomy and Loomis

Why can't I do an eternal and got gud without studying some dead guy?

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Thank you! I was losing my mind. I tried looking up ic crab meme but it just made me more confused there. May you get hit with a wave of inspiration and be able to draw exactly like what's in your head.

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Have you drawn anything else besides this?

>> No.4214680

>If so than what's the point in trying?
There is no "point", there is only do and don't. You don't know how far you can get until you reach your limits. If you feel like investing enough time and energy to reach those limits then go for it.

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By learning from others.

>> No.4214815

the guys drawn othier things before

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CGpeers is down lads, its over.

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Every tracker is aids. I pirate because I'm poor, but trackers basically require you to buy a seedbox to keep a half decent ratio, which is money I don't have. Maybe CGP is more lenient but I don't have the time to fuck around and figure that out.

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>I pirate because I'm poor
Whtat the fuck... as a based anti-private-tracker fellow, I expected you to do it for the cause, brother...
I am disappoint.

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Quoted By: >>4214493

Cgpeers literally have no ratio rule enforcement. Everything is freeleech, forever.
It's basically a public tracker, but you can only register on certain days.

>> No.4214493

I have other objections to trackers (scene culture is cancerous, stingy trackers are basically as awful for industry as IP laws) but my core issue is no cash.
well then I'm glad CGP isn't stingy and now that I know how they do ratios I'll talk less shit about them. Still cautious about them since they're a tracker though

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I think you might be poor because you're retarded.

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Does anyone know of a place to learn sculpting online? Is any channel on YouTube any good?
Should I look for a course on a workshop instead?

pic somewhat related

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Imagine art version of Gordon Ramsey reviewing your art

>is this from imagination?
>well the style is from imagination and i changed the hands
>so it's from reference
>bloody hell

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Except you wouldn't be able to find any "restaurants" of artists working into anything remotely artistic.

You'd only have some design companies making soulless app garbage and company advertisement, I wouldn't have fun watching some gay nonce talking about Gestalt and not focusing on actual skill.

Well... I'm talking about Kitchen Nightmares, of course, but something like the Chef competition would be possible, although it wouldn't be as fun as trying to beat a bunch of artists into shape though a month or more in their jobs.

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>yes im seeing some authenticity
>wait no actually
>its SHIT wow anon you
>do you always draw like that? you do?
>is this what you consider profesional?

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>> No.4214365

>Except you wouldn't be able to find any "restaurants" of artists working into anything remotely artistic.

he could go to the studio of one artist and roast him there

>> No.4214423

Hayao "insult to life itself", "Tezuka was a hack" Miyazaki?

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Is this video art? I made it in paint and gamemaker it has no direction or meaning no one really watches my stuff ever but I work hard

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unironically laughed

>> No.4214569


>> No.4214710

Is it art ? Yes. Is it good ? In an absurd, stupid way kinda but idk if I'd watch it again

>> No.4214711

Dude this shits fucking repulsive, yet I still had a pretty good laugh

>> No.4214739

The first video was trash, but >>4214210 was pretty funny.

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I just realized that one of the reasons why I was frustrated was because I just started to notice that I made my eyes look flat and 2D rather than how Vilppu/Proko/Literally-Any-Artist explains that you have to imagine the eyelid in 3D and wrapping that lid around the sphere (your eye).

Which means that now I have to go study eyes until I draw faces again realize that my mouth is off or something and rinse and repeat.

I just wish I wasn't an emotional pussy to be honest.

>> No.4214408

Don't fixate on one drawing too long, get it finished and put it aside to start the next. Do your best to draw what you see each time, and keep track of the things you notice are different from how you did it before. Draw from memory so often and compare to the ones with reference.

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Quoted By: >>4214808

Can you just draw your way into cartoony/stylistic art or do you have to grind on fundies to be able to? Is Dodson better fundies if the latter is the case or Loomis or Bridgman?

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>Xavier Houssin or Omar Dogan
Copy a ton of their shit and study fundies/books on the side (when you get stuck on drawing a body part for example).
The "master realism before jumping on anything else" is a meme.

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i dont expect him to improve. i never said i did. because he isnt trying ti improve he is just drawing. its basically masturbation. which is exactly what im telling you guys not to do.

>> No.4214804

Looks like guest art from Zankuro for The Witch and the hundred knight in wich Harada is the main artist.

>> No.4214806

"Just draw" was meant as advice to people who are procrastinating instead of drawing. For the people who hoard resources and books, the people who ask should I use "drawing on the right side of the brain" or "fun with a pencil", to everyone who asks meaningless advice. Shut the fuck up and just draw.
Of course it doesn't mean replicate the same autistic drawing over and over without reflecting on your work, but the first step to improving is and always will be JUST DRAW.

>> No.4214808

Do both over and over.
Draw something --> See what's wrong --> Study

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Have you ever been criticized for drawing sexualized females? How did you deal with it?

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>> No.4214766

not unrealistic, just not appealing

>> No.4214787

Reddit is a fucking awful place to advertise in though, because of the asinine anti self-promotion rules and retarded mods.

>> No.4214795

all this body shaming

>> No.4214800


>> No.4214802

You deal with it by placing their critique into perspective. Is sexualisation something that you’re working towards or trying to get away from? Did you solicit their critique? You decide if what they say holds value and if you want to do something with the information.

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Hi /ic/. Anyone got any tips on how to draw landscapes and backgrounds such as those you'd see in the animes?

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Are drawthreads & dumpthreads useful for visibility?
Wondering if I could participate in the SFW ones to gain more followers.
Anyone got decent gains this way?

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Quoted By: >>4213971

Just make sure to reply to your drawing post with >blog?
then post your blog in reply to yourself

>> No.4213971

Smart little ruse, but it's easy to check with the number of posters.
(I might give it a shot though, social proof is powerful when used right )

>> No.4213981
Quoted By: >>4214009

I got at least a 50 followers here, many comments, retweets and replies from /ic/ alone, you guys are amazing.

>> No.4213986
Quoted By: >>4214009

me personally

i know i have it in me and i am not too far away from having some following and recognition
right now im struggling with making presentable art, like good lines, rendering (even if on a turd)

>> No.4214009

Cool, 50 is decent enough. Keep it up!
What do you struggle with in particular? Who knows, I might have a helpful tutorial or a useful resource on it.

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Quoted By: >>4214782

How do i develop the same amount of desire to draw as him? I am trying to draw a lot bot everything i do turns out be shit and it makes me anxious, because i dont know if im going into the right direction

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>> No.4214666

Okay then stray further from yourself every moment

>> No.4214719

The secret to getting to his level is to stop giving a shit. That's it. Just stop caring. Feel like drawing something ? Just do it, go balls deep, doesn't have to be perfect or even look good, just draw it. See something interesting on a walk ? Scribble it on the back of a receipt. Just draw dude. You're not getting graded on it, its not a big deal, just fucking do it and have fun with it

>> No.4214747

>you cant develop desire externally, you either want to do it or you dont.
In my experience this is not true at all, I have developed desire and passion for things that I barely liked.

>> No.4214769

>"Hah, i have broken the code. this is nothing but marketing. nothing real involved here so i will continue to act as if i am on the same level as this man"

>> No.4214782

By drawing and getting better.

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Could you please recommend a lightweight sketching tool please ?

Photoshop is too heavy for my laptop and causes it to lag. Native windows sketch apps are decent but each one lacks basic features that make it frustrating.

Some cannot change canvas size, others have no hotkeys.. so on...

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Quoted By: >>4213979

paper and pencil

>> No.4213976


>> No.4213979

this, jesus christ op is a tard

>> No.4214067


>> No.4214076

>Photoshop is too heavy for my laptop
my win 7, 32 bit 3.80gb ram laptop runs photoshop 2019 just fine, youre making excuses faggot.

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Quoted By: >>4214092

Is Sai 2 better than the original one? I see Japs use the original one still so I just want to know.

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>> No.4214092
Quoted By: >>4214111

One word:

>> No.4214111

sai2's elegant autosave system has saved my ass so many times. One of the big reasons I moved from CSP.

>> No.4214175

Does it have touch controls? I can zoom in and out with a pinch?

>> No.4214180
Quoted By: >>4214581

anyone got a dl link?

>> No.4214581



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Quoted By: >>4214717

IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice. We should not have to make new threads or post in the /draw/thread with our fundamental exercises.

Feel free to post even the smallest exercise you have done to show you are still trying, or you literally are never going to make it

previous >>4209441

READ THE STICKY if you need guidance.

Sticky: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uwaXKU7ev6Tw_or__o8ARpUb6r2rCZYJGqwSFV9AD98/edit#bookmark=id.15jx3pyuimvj

RESIZE YOUR IMAGES - try ~1000px, <1.1mb

thoughtful critique betters both parties. help each other and try not to get assblasted.

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Quoted By: >>4214812

Not a furfag but it looks okay so far find your light source(s) and then you can control the shadows better. Honestly the only thing that really bothers me is the weird hypnotized eyeball.

>> No.4214748

Can anyone vouch for the loomis head method?
I can do anatomy, but I just can't do heads. Is there a better method or should I just do it a couple of hundred times until I get it?

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Quoted By: >>4214777

My friend said that I'm ngmi.

Do you guys know an anime artist who use boxes to draw?

>> No.4214777

Krenz Cushart.

>> No.4214812
File: 3MiB, 3125x2344, wuuuuuuuuuuug.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Thanks anon. Believe it or not, I'm not a furfag either.
Does the eyeball bother you because it's not to your taste, or is it just off in general? Is there something I could do to make it better. And yeah, I guess I'll try to study light

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