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>stickers are the easiest version of graffiti
>it is significantly harder to catch you posting a sticker versus spraypainting
>stickers wear down with rain and are non-harmful to buildings
>stickers are very cheap when mass produced
>graffiti artists may not make money on there art, whereas stickers offer a way for artists to make money
>stickers are the superior version of graffiti

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i just buy sticker paper for my printer

stickers are great i put mine around my town from time to time. i also look out for new stickers from other artists

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this is an art and critique board

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wow will this work in any printer?

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Just grow balls and grab a spraycan
Also selling stickers gonna get you pocket change. I don't know where you got that graffiti makes no money, mural commissions can bring a pretty penny

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it works with mine... i have a standard laser printer, and i buy the sticker paper in A4 sheets - two options, glossy and matt, the matt one feels literally like normal print paper. picrel its my sticker for #36daysoftype on glossy paper (sorry i know the pic is shity). it also sticks very well. you just print it and peel the back layer off like on a normal sticker.

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It's from here.
I'd say Hampton but the sliced-cylinder shapes on the bottom right throw me off.

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So what's a non-retarded drawing method of figure drawing according to you?

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my biggest fear is that i'll end up like this guy, endless realism studies and zero creativity

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That's Kevin Chen you're shit talking peasant, have some respect.

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that sliced-cylinder is the forehead to brow ridge

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>zero creativity
based on what, crab?

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Recently made discord where people pool and buy tutorials, planning to buy
Vitruvian Fine Art Studio
David Jamieson
Drawing Basics – The Complete Online Course https://vitruvianstudio.com/course/drawing-basics/
anyone interested?
original thread >>4194802
discord https://discord.gg/GS7nuz

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I don't think you -need- that stuff though. Paper and pencil is more than enough for beginner drawing.

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This is a bad idea from the start.

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Hey I bought this I could upload it but the invite link expired

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here you go it would be a great help if you could upload.

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if you want I could contribute a tutorial with an equally amount.

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I want to start doing commissions to make some extra money but i dont know where or how to start. Which platform is the best for nsfw commissions? How is it set up? How much should I charge people?

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Not OP but what types of people pay commissions ?
I barely know anything about it. I don't get why people would play someone to do some art.
Also do people do commissions with anime art style ?

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Why learn how to draw when you can simply trace? Everyone is doing it.

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Tracing is only a tool if you're using it to learn, or tracing over your own sketch.

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because learning to draw is fun for me and tracing is shit if you want to start drawing very specific things from the mind
I mean you can use tracing to learn but I wouldn't use it for a full image

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yeah you can trace something but that doesn't teach you how to paint it well

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Tracing is for art career cogs. There work isn’t valued there just good enough to be part of the production line

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So how a person supposed to learn this?

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>mogs all of your finished high detailed drawings

nothing personal, kiddo

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How I learned it. It should be done in the order:
Learn to draw circles in perspective.
Do a fully finished drawing for 1/2/3/4 point perspective each.
Watch Carl Dobsky's perspective >>4203538
Find Robertson's How to Draw and tear out +read chapter 2, keep it under your pillow. Discard the rest into a fire.
Learn trigonometry.
Watch this to get a better understanding of fov distortion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQOJ3yCK8pI
Fuck around in a 3d modeling software.
Forget to draw anywhere after the part where you draw.

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>Panini 200
That's neat. Is there any software that can render real time fisheye perspective like that? I know blender can do it, but it's nonrealtime, and I would rather have something interactive

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If you need to ask this question you don't get perspective yet
keep practicing.

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key word is lens.

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19. The Instagram algorithm has ruined my chance at making it “big” on Instagram. I don’t like my art, but some people do, I guess. I haven’t drawn in a while because I’m balancing my first ever job with college. I need some advice on how to get back to drawing and regularly posting online. Should I stick with Instagram? Should I try another platform? I’ve got a good idea for a webtoon but I don’t even know how to properly make a webcomic. I have a surface pro 2 and an iPad Pro with adobe illustrator and procreate, should I just use procreate? Even though it’s pixelated? How do I piece together my panels to make it like the other webtoons?
Thanks for your time

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fuck yea

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tonsil stone
google it

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Have you considered it's because you're just not good enough?

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eww dude i can smell it from here

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How's CC 2020 looking? Are there any important features that make it worthwhile to update? I know they fixed the inconsistent behavior of the free/scale transform, but I'm not sure I'd bother updating just for that.

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I wanted to include a complex background on my illustration, but the problem is I'm unfamiliar with the design of the architecture behind it, since it's very complex. And videos and pictures don't give me enough information. Any ideas on how should I approach this?

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Patience and observation. A lot of patience.A LOT

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All of the most successful artists have one thing in common; they draw for HOURS AND HOURS EVERY SINGLE DAY. There are no successful artists who draw for a couple of minutes once a week. So lets discuss why so many people fail to put in the time required to get better. Why do they expect it to happen by magic without any effort?

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but some people barely ever draw but are amazing because of talent

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Wrong and stupidpilled

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>draw for a couple of minutes once a week
oof. wheres the fun in that? at least try to get a shitpost drawing in once a day.

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I think one of the main problems is expectations, imagine this you are a beg wake up time to do fundi, figure, whatever you make a lot of mistakes, most begs get discouraged and scared, then they go back to their comfort zone, get bored from drawing the same shit, quite and do something else they hardly even put 2 hours there.

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I am currently studying first year engineering and lost interest at some point (depression), I just think that future work will just be something like designing better can openers. Did something like this happened to you and what did you do and can you please give me an advice?

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I acquired passion for drawing in last year of my university study (2014). At the time I had dreams about being an artist, had conflicts with parents because of it and so on.
I had no other choice just to accept my situation and deal with life because I was and still is shit at art to make a living out of it.
As you go older and (hopefully) wiser you're starting seeing the broader perspective on your own life. The shit I've been through last 6 years shaped me as a grown person. As an artist, I definitely have much much more to say in my art then in 2014, and I don't know if that would be the case if something happened differently in my life.
From the job point of view - you can never say in what particular way learning your engineering degree can brighten your artistic mind and workflow. I almost certain it can only be for the better. Mind accustomed to problem solving is what you desperately need, when doing illustration, and that's what engineering can give you, just be smart about it.
For myself - I landed a job as network engineer year and a half ago. This experience was the most challenging and yet fulfilling part of my life so far. I didn't draw much. I have an ok job which pays my bills, place to live, and plenty of time to make art after job and in weekends (though I have a gf who helps with household chores)

tl dr; noone can tell which path you should go, but don't be timid. In the end what you choose will be your life.

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but you got to do what you wanted

even though that's not what you want now - enjoy life for what it is

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How can anyone forget what they did after a year or two? are you retarded? there are places where everyone does military service before college, are you too stupid to memorize shit for a year or two?

>> No.4203907

Use it or lose it, anon, I don't make the rules.
You brain WILL throw away a lot of the information if you're not constantly reviewing it and a year later you are less prepared than others.

A country where everyone undertakes military does not count cause everyone has the same handicap in this case.

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I got a chemical engineering degree, realized in my last year I hated it so after I finished I got a computer science degree, I ended up hating that too. Now I have two degrees in fields that I hate and I struggle not to kill myself everyday. Look after your mental health bro, if you can live the rest of your life working a boring job you despise you'll be fine otherwise just follow what you love and focus on how to make that love profitable,

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Can someone help me find the origin of pic related? I can't tell if it's a charcoal drawing or a heavily textured photograph. If the later, I want to copy it by hand. If the former, I'd rather not.

Plz help.

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Quoted By: >>4201460

go away!

>> No.4201460

They're not going to help, anon, you know this.

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I doubt you can make those subtle gradients with charcoal without smudging

>> No.4201535

I was thinking that too, but I thought there might be a certain finessed technique I'm not familiar with. Say using kind of sifter then spraying on a fixative . Then again there would be spatter. Never mind, I'm retarded.

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In many ways you improve and in many ways you lose your style.
What are some ways of improving while not losing what gave your art SOUL?

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just draw and it will come

>> No.4201440

Is that actually the same guy? I remember left from some how to draw manga book I had from the scholastic book fair or some shit.

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The only way to keep your soul is to have good taste

>> No.4202393

>11 years for this

>> No.4202796

that piece is fucking gorgeous, thank you anon

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What's your favorite tablet? Do you like connecting them to your computer or do you prefer an iPad?

I don't wanna sound like a shill but pic related is currently 30% off on the official website. I just grabbed one for $174. At that price point and quality, you really can't beat it! I can't wait to get mine. I've been using a Wacom Intuos for almost 2 years now.

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I remember when a Wacom Intuos 4 was the most recommended here

>> No.4210392

That was before Wacom's patent expired.

Now the factory where wacom ordered their tablets can just make their own but for 100$.

Wacom are fucked, they will either slash prices 5 times over and downscale or just bankrupt.
Don't believe me? See the 600$ Cintiq, they used to charge that for an Intuos.

>> No.4210411

Should i get an 13" xp or huion with a couple of stylus tips or that faber-castell iskn repaper or just draw in paper and use opentoonz?

My friend and i will produce a lot of drawings and we are aiming for cost-effectiveness

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i just bought xp pen artist 15.6 and they release this

>> No.4210629

just ordered a Huion Kamvas 16 does anyone here have it? how is it?

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Hey idiots.

How come you're not using a glass dowel rod slotted in the groove of a ruler to paint perfectly straight lines like they do in Japan? Hm?


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I think they were being obtuse on purpose. Like, "How do I apply your physical media techniques to my digital workflow?"

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Quoted By: >>4205341

... because i already have two paintbrushes and a regular ruler. One of the mizobiki videos even shows an artist doing this.

No need buying yet more specialized/useless equipment that will break when it accidentally rolls off your table onto the floor.

>> No.4205341


You could get one with an aluminum dowel...

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Absolutely god tier, you can skip to any part of this and it’s beautiful

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>> No.4201407

More Russian goodness

>> No.4201462

holy fuck I remember seeing this when it first came out, thanks for reminding me

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Quoted By: >>4201532 >>4201549

Look how the girl looks at the chad and how the incel in the back looks at the girl.

>> No.4201532

she's looking at the sky

>> No.4201549

That's a boy, a girl and a grown man, not a incel you dumb fuck

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>buys Cintiq
>Supports mini displayport or usb-c only
>have none of these

fuck you wacom was it that hard to include and hdmi or a normal displayport.
Fuck you I'm gonna buy an adapter

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Quoted By: >>4201396 >>4201461









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VGA or bust

>> No.4201396

Ok I lose here

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>be really slow at drawing because haven't had much practice
>can't get enough any practice because am slow at drawing and spare time is scarce

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Quoted By: >>4201618

Yeah I'm an ICT student in a public school here in the Philippines and most people here have low iqs.
School isn't really that hard since if you know basic English you're smarter than everyone else.
I usually just draw at school using phone or read on how to draw.
Cheating is everywhere and no one literally cares if you cheat as long you don't get caught by the teachers or by overachievers.
So school is pretty much meaningless just waiting to get those degree so I could work and even then I'll be 22 years old.

I just want to work already atleast I have money while I draw but degrees here are important.
I go to college in order to conform and to please my parents.

>> No.4201618
Quoted By: >>4201634

>I just want to work already atleast I have money while I draw but degrees here are important.
>I go to college in order to conform and to please my parents.

Exactly my point too... but the thing that gets me the most is that most of the shit I'm learning here, I know I won't ever use. Why am I spending so much time studying compilers, abstract math and computer theory if I'm just going to be working on back-end web dev or some lame shit like that?

>> No.4201627
Quoted By: >>4201634

Yeah, I can relate to that so many unnecessary subjects. Do your best to be as efficient as possible.
Maybe even go to other boards like /wsr/ or /g/ to help with your stuff like homeworks or thesis.

>> No.4201634


>> No.4201673

>b-but I need at LEAST 2 hours of internet page refreshing and YouTube!

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When making a digital comic are there recommended size dimensions you stick to in order to simulate "pages"? I'm always sort of concerned about making something too big or too small that won't translate well.

>> No.4201395
Quoted By: >>4201715

>take page dimensions you want
>set PPI as appropriate
What exactly is confusing you here?

>> No.4201715

it's less that and more asking what the reccomended page dimensions should be to begin with

>> No.4201773

I think you'd just pretend its for A4 print while you make it and then scale it down for the webpage and upload that.

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I have a clip studio template based on ratios given by 30+ year comic vet Erik Larsen, co-founder of Image.

11 x 17 canvas with a 10 x 15 binding-finish size (what you crop it to) and a 8.75 x 13.50 inner border (where your panels will be), set to 600 DPI.

Obviously you could set the inner border to the binding finish if you wanted, but you'll have more traditional comic style borders, plus you have more space to draw outside of panels if need be (large splash panels, characters bleeding past panels, elements bleeding across pages, etc.)

I'd recommend setting up a cropping tool so you can get an exact crop every time, much like the one i made. You'll want this so you can use page/panel/border splitting tools in the correct ratios and framing with the inner-border, while still being able to crop out the entire page, and keep the exact page size for every page you do.

>> No.4202079

My mangaka life has a video about the different types of paper sizes
find out the type of media you want to make (comic, manga, doujin...) use the tamplates to create your dimensions and set the dpi at 600+

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And what does "soul" mean, exactly.
I posted this before but I would like to know how I can keep it while getting better because a lot of people here complain about works having great skill but having no soul.
And if it doesn't, how can I improve?

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Quoted By: >>4206595

You can only be good at art OR have soulful art.
Because the only way to git gud is to sell your soul to the devil

>> No.4206595

What if God bought me through the blood of Jesus Christ? That's gotta count for something better right?

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You'll have to get creative. The top left drawing is a really good example of it being done right. The face isn't shown, but nothing is taken away, rather, it adds. If you have the best intentions and draw purely as a service to God, He will inspire you. (just don't fall for the nudity meme)

Here's how Shia Muslims handle the matter

>> No.4209898
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>> No.4209900
File: 41KiB, 640x804, download (2).jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I hope to run across your art in the future, not enough people draw to please God

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A thread perished for this.

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Quoted By: >>4206376 >>4209923

You can tell shit's all fucked when /3/, /gd/, /sci/, /g/ and /diy/ are all dominated by people who are actually interested in getting jobs in their field

/ic/ used to be dominated by threads about concept art, freelance work, how to make a portfolio, photobashing, etc all related to the art industry and getting jobs.
But now it's nothing but anime porn and whining about talent.
The art industry hasn't gotten worse, if anything it's easier than ever to get into it. It's both bigger and more open than ever before.

What the fuck happened, why has everyone given up. Is there anyone here who actually wants to go pro anymore?

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>> No.4206376

Coom is where the money’s at, no more concept art anime girl doing wacky poses

>> No.4209923

>Is there anyone here who actually wants to go pro anymore

Ah yes; I would love to spend my days drawing [read: photobashing and slapping on filters] hastily drawn, soul-draining and virtually indistinguishable N E A R F U T U R E, S P A C E E X P L O R A T I O N and/or V A P O R W A V E masterpieces in the hope that some balding, overweight, middle-aged middle manager, someday, somewhere, will see my art and say "this guy's flavorless paste is exactly the dynamic vision this place needs" and then I can continue producing more flavorless paste except this time for a little bit more money and in an actual office as my overall health and my mental health continue to slip because of a combination of poor diet and a mind-numbing and occasionally hellish work environment.

Yay, I made it.

>> No.4209944

Sadly he is right, Tokyo for example is a ludicrously expensive place to live at just finding a shitty 1 room rental apartment is a small fortune. Did you ever wonder why most people rather deal with a 1-2 hours commuting time and live in the suburbs instead? Because shit is that bad.

>> No.4209945

>Consider how many artists it takes to make a single video game or movie.
Concept artists are just a small percentage of that number.

>> No.4210031

>lol this is a myth
>famous tutorial peddler said this isn't true
do you work in concept art?

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Quoted By: >>4200906 >>4201018

A graffiti thread dedicated to the New York city graffiti scene.

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Quoted By: >>4202430

>graffiti is an art!
go be nigger somewhere else

>> No.4201018

I've seen some pretty cool graffiti. But this thread is just the same shit like 99.9% of it. Figures street punks don't have what it takes to actually get good at what they do

>> No.4202430

Absolutely based

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Quoted By: >>4200853 >>4200945

Not sure if its the right board but where would one go to have a picture painted in the same likeness as this?

>> No.4200853
Quoted By: >>4200857

just use a camera you dumb nigger
photorealism is dead

>> No.4200857
Quoted By: >>4200938

I have no idea what youv just said, is this picture acctually a photograph or are you just tryna break me balls?

>> No.4200938

Photorealism as a genre of art is DEAD. Andrew Loomis painted photorealistic girls for magazines only because of lack of decent cameras at the moment of time. Now everybody's got a camera inside his smartphone, no one gives a shit if you are human xerox. Where would one go to have a picture painted in the same likeness? Instagram lol. There is a surplus of photorealism niggers. Or, you can be a sane person, make a photo of your ugly mug, and use one or two photoshop filters.

>> No.4200945
Quoted By: >>4201610

looks like black and white acrylic on canvas. maybe look online for good portrait artists who work in a similar medium. You can search through relevant hashtags on instagram to find an artist.

>> No.4201610

Thankyou very much mate

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