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Post your work
All posts that don't have a drawing accompanying them will be ignored

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So says you.

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What are the methods of making money from art?

You have, commissions, working for studios, the rare one-in-a-million successful personal projects...

What other ways are there of making money from art of any medium? How do people follow through with them? How feasible are they for making a proper living?

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Making logos, overlays, and sub/follower notification gifs to new budding streamers on mixer. It's practicly like printing money. I'm suprised more people aren't snatching up work from these zoomers. They are practicly handing out money to artists who'll do the work.

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Yeah. That's how those DX chair people make all their money. Streamers are suckers who'll fork up cash on whatever the latest fad is.

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AFK/stream starting soon/stream offline screen art too.

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No thats 200 to live in shit with retarded animals, though many first world countries cost 1200+ to do the same

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How do you get into that kind of market?

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Talk about art supplies and traditional art with other supply acquisition addicts here.

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Oh yeah, stay clear of Sennelier's earthtones, they suck. It's one of the reasons why I don't consider them among the best, even though I like a lot of their other colors, sometimes better than the DS equivalent.

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No. Tempera is covering color watercolor is transparent.

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The Sennelier's raw umber has a consistency of a dried turd. I needed to get some intense brown and well I got it, it just looks like someone smeared shit on the painting. Yellow ochre is OK, but it's opaque (as it should be I guess, but I like my color transparent) so I'm planning to replace it with M.G. Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide. Does anyone have experience with it?

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Lamy's are good however for the money i'd probably suggest an pilot kakuno in EF since japanese nib's run much finer than european ones. It's all peference, but pilot kakuno is really good because it can fit an con-70 converter which will fit a metric fuck ton of ink.

I use a lamy safari with a converter mostly for writing, drawing I generally prefer a TWSBI eco EF since the ink capacity is much larger.

I also use a pilot metal falcon SEF with the con-70 converter and boi there's just so much damn ink in there, and the line variance is insane. But it's an expensive pen so stick with either the pilot kakuno + con 70 converter or TWSBI Eco.

Lamy's are great but large ink capacity is a must imho.

I have all of these except the kakuno, so I can show you what the lines look like if you want.

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That's why I said "opaque watercolor". Learn to read.

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Would this book be a good start? The wiki said to use drawing with the right side of the brain but everyone says theres a bunch of nonsense in there, and I don't want to read through all that. Would this book be as good? How would it be compared to drawing for the absolute and utter beginner or keys to drawing?

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Key to Drawing by Bert Dodson is what I always tell people to get.
Drawing on the right side of the brain is mostly psuedoscientific bullshit and very little exercises plus it may not work on you.

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Looking for original artist.
I've tried everything with no luck, can't read the signature, so now I'm here. Help appreciated.

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Adding an illegible signature is so fucking pointless. You're not cool, you're a mong.

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Spinel is shit

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>> No.4204539

She's probably one of the least shit characters on Stephen Jewniverse, at least design-wise.

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Does anyone know what's this art style called? And with which medium is such a result obtainable?

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you'd love Junji Ito. There are a couple videos floating around and you can see how much care goes into every single pen stroke.

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Interesting! Thanks for the advice :)

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Is this...dare I say...soul?

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i gotta agree with the 2 anons above me. the picture is lacking cohesion and poorly composed. There are too many focal points and economy of detail could use some work. it comes off very bland even though in theory you have the elements present that are capable of creating the awe inspiring sort of piece you seem to be going for.

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>Is this...dare I say...soul?

Well it sure has the narrative element of a "soulful" piece but its surimposition just turns it into a pastiche
>clear skies
>cute young girl
>muh journey feeling
>monolithic pathway

That being said, the overall composition makes it more like an illustration for something bigger than an actual piece of Art I'd hang around in my room.

For it to be soulful it would have needed to be more personal and less expected/previsible. That's a collage of archetypes in itself kinda.

Stillt akes nothing away from the quality of the technic used.

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>those skinny legs on those skinny flying chickens that apparently just escaped from Auschwitz look really ridiculous. even funny/cringe
those are feathers retard

>> No.4205073

>feathers retard
what does that even mean??
did you mean feather retarders? like for braking from hign speed?

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>chicken scratch bad

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drop 10 facts about jewish influence in western civilization
>s()y jack
post that picture of an artist being forced to draw 1000s of s()yjack reaction pictures by being commissioned from a single glow in the dark nigger autist

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He'd rather have
A Buffalo
Take a diarrhea dump in his ear

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I'm sure your fellow teenagers on reddit and discord would love this joke.

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>/pol/cels are so retarded they think "redpills" are like the VHS from the ring

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What does /ic/ think of Adobe Illustrator? Is there anything that Illustrator can do that Photoshop can't?

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>Is there anything that Illustrator can do that Photoshop can't?
Um, yeah? Illustrator is for vector graphics and Photoshop is for raster. Anyway, AI is a shitty program, if you want to draw in vector, use Affinity Designer

>> No.4204223

Like most adobe products it has a pretty high ceiling. It does the job for your everyday internet artist but nowadays there are probably cheaper and more compact options; can't say about pros. I do enjoy its compatibility with PS, but yes, they're different programs for different purposes. Shit thread btw

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I use AI all day every day, it's way better than PS to me at this point.


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Hey /ic/.

Here´s a Simple Question...

How can Memes be considered Art?

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This answer and your existence are also memes anon.

>> No.4204335

Technically, ideologies are meme-plexes.

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Quoted By: >>4204346

No it's not, you dumb bitch, because meme, by definition (created by the guy who invented the word "meme") is a thought with an ability to reproduce through minds of other people. You can't just point at everything at say "meme this, meme that", it's like saying "this is chicken" when you eat a fucking onion. If my answer and my existence had the ability to reproduce through minds of people, you would be thinking about me nonstop, everyday, I'd be your personal Jesus and Hitler.

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Keked. Failed for the bait. How long did you spend typing that.

>> No.4204394

Are you OP? Why did you quote a random anon to tell him art is subjective?
And why did you say objective when you meant the opposite?
Are you one of those low IQ subhumans who use "literally" all the time for no objective reason?

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really, nobody?

>> No.4204229

Post this on /s/ or /b/ and you might get a respond.
Asian porn is considered a fetish OP.

>> No.4204270

shoulders wider than hips


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I need artist similar un style yo Dean Yeagle pls, anything is useful.

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James Jean


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>> No.4204560

Hnnng, I wish that tree were me.

>> No.4204588

answer this op

>> No.4205704

Chris Sanders, Enrique Fernandez

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You already know what to do

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Kill myself

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Don't draw any more, it's useless.

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>tell myself to draw

fucking fuck shit cunt ass

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Is it worth the effort though?

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Its a been since Ive last drawn, and Ive been kinda burnt out. Ive thought about just going back to basics but Im not sure what all that entails.

If I had to start over as a complete newbie, what would you recommend?

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I saw this sketch by James Jean and I realized what a long way I still have to go. It's such a simple sketch. It's obviously nowhere near done, but he is just so fucking masterful in his execution. everything is perfect. It already looks 3d. I can work out texture.The level of intention in the varying line thicknesses... the precision, composition, subtle shading.

It's something that I thought a normie would see and shrug atl. But it has me ripping my hair out.

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Wtf why was Gauguin so based

>> No.4207361

Literally god

>> No.4207371

But you're posting in a thread about a very subjective topic of work that humbles YOU. It seems very disingenuous to twist this into a objective dick measuring contest of 'I have better taste than you'

It super easy to be a critic that's why everyone today has an opinion on something.

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You must be fantastically talented to be this arrogant. Either that or you’re lying to troll people on this thread.
Either way, fuck you.

>> No.4207544

Goddamn I'm following him on twitter but I never saw the really lewd stuff. I'm upset nearly every page has 15 dicks

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Hello /ic/ happy veterans day

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Hey guys
He /ic/

What if I just fuckin'

Download blender and a human model
Position it as I want to
Take a screenshot and then just trace on top of it
And voila, proportions and perspective is all correct
Is that cheating?

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>> No.4203937

lol give it a try let me know how it goes.

>> No.4203943

No but if you don't learn how to draw without those aids first then it will clearly show and you'll plateau quickly. Assuming your already highly proficient it could be used as a tool to speed up your work process.

>> No.4203949

>going through this process everytime you want to draw
Ok retard have fun despising art and never being creative. I bet you can't even feel the form

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Quoted By: >>4203973

Now you're stuck with one body type.

>> No.4203973

Download models of different body types

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Quoted By: >>4204347

Looking for the original artist, help appreciated

>> No.4203878


>> No.4204347


>> No.4204415

how did you get one of my pages of eye studies?

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Just got a job laying out color flats for a comic artist working with high-profile IPs

I-i think I'm going to make it guys

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As a celebration for your success why don't you share us your blog I'm sure there are some aspiring artists here who would love to shi-I mean share the moment as we have the same goals there are those who wouldn't mind some inspiration coming from someone who's made it with the big boys.

>> No.4203886

>lolifag trying to get anon fired by association with us
Nice try

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Proud of you Anon. : )

>> No.4204256

Any advice you can give relating to how you found the job? GG Lad.

>> No.4204259

How many cocks did you suck to get in?

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Quoted By: >>4203855


>> No.4203855

It’s fucking garbage, kill yourself.

>> No.4203857

Post picture please

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Quoted By: >>4204799

Share your art thread.

Post your work here to be critiqued or for feedback.

This particular piece of mine is watercolor paint. You can also find more of my art by googling “Daniele Kay art” any feedback is helpful.

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let me guess, your favorite artist is ilustard

>> No.4204629
Quoted By: >>4204631

This, but it's defintely got soME SOUUUUUUUULLL!

>> No.4204631
Quoted By: >>4204802

It's boring generic "babies first acid trip" bs. No soul at all.

>> No.4204799


>> No.4204802

Post in /beg/ and ask for tips there.

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Quoted By: >>4203941

I'm considering getting a tablet, possibly going to use it a bit for art as well. To anyone who has experience with any of them, how are non-Apple stylus'? Does Apple Pen gen 1 vs. 2 actually matter?

>> No.4203941

>Does Apple Pen gen 1 vs. 2 actually matter
drawing performance wise they are the same
>gen2 has touch / double-tap on the barrel for tool switching
>gen2 has inductive charging and stores on the side of the iPad

Personally I love gen2 pencil
>smaller and lighter than gen1
>flat edge on side, so it doesn't roll around
>matte finish feels better
>unibody construction, no cap

gen2 pencil only works with the new iPad, which is has reduced bezels, no home button, and faceID so you will be getting the upgraded iPad as well.

If you have the dough go for broke and get the new pencil and pad

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There was a suggestion in one thread about a "Trending General" so we could discuss and capitalize on trending topics so here we go, lets get one started, boys. Work out the kinks in this v1.

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>> No.4207824

F3H continues to be surprisingly active for a FE game. Pokemon is pretty much always guaranteed money but there's a hype spike every time new info gets announced.

>> No.4207830

Promare has been doing the rounds for a while.

Name of the Pokemon, for one thing. There are plenty of people who fag for a handful of specific Pokes and will search for that alone.

>> No.4207967

I hate how JoJo has attracted all these post-ironic memers who think they're so funny.

>> No.4207976

Whatever make you happy kid

>> No.4208023

Yes, you think that.

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i know im not the only one
how do you anons find inspiration and gain soul... I want to be great and I'm developing technical skill but I lack the motivation/soul to create anything truly beautiful

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>> No.4208618

Absorb real life, interpret, describe, convey it on canvas

>> No.4209475


>> No.4209505

for inspiration? Honestly i just scroll through artstation for a few minutes and that usually gets me in the mood.

>> No.4209551


scroll until an image strikes you and look into that artist, make studies of their works. draw from life

Go to a library and bumble through their art books, they'll usually have a rarer selection because a) human curated books b) bullshit copyright laws restricting certain images/artists being freely circulated online

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File: 52KiB, 769x672, 1500416201444.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Post your work or kill yourself already. You don't want constructive critism to help you, you just wan't ass pats. Your typing like a 16 year old erping discord mongoloid. Stop. I'f you post your work I'll help you out otherwise fuck off you goddamn pussy.

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