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Sorry for the poor format. I'm new to 4chan, but I have a question that I've always needed to be answered, and I've looked so many different places for a solid answer, but still nothin'. What happened to the animation YouTuber, by the alias of Shunkah. Her channel is now literally just titled, "Died" to which the about section states that she was born in 2000, and died sometime in 2017. I know that there are other animation YouTubers whose fans don't quite have any closure, along with the one I'm bringing up, so I'm starting this thread in hopes that we might be able to find out how they actually bit the dust. A lot of them are no older than 20, so it's gotta be something either brutally natural or just downright tragic.

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> newfag comes to hacker detective 4chun thinking we care about some random animator
back to >>>/reddit/ you go

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post paintings you did here, or drawings, or pastels, or whatevs

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>Dekker's poetry entered into modern popular song (although almost unnoticeably) when some of the lyrics of the poem "Golden Slumbers", from Dekker's play Patient Grissel, were included by Paul McCartney in the Beatles' 1969 song "Golden Slumbers".

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it's oil, I've got days and days

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Quoted By: >>4214173

Day 3 of my portrait challenge

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>says Day 4

this idiot just can't count

Practice more Loomis

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Pretty neat looking Op, Would've fit better in the ruins of Carthage but still, neat. Definitely art related.

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>Prohibited to draw. Becuase It's Holy maeterial

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Loli butt

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why are pedophiles not burned at the stake? why bother with a trial? just gun them down.

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Quoted By: >>4202535

Techniques, supplies, vents, successes, whatever

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You first

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I've seen a various threads about those looking for someone else who is at their skill level, looking for critique possibly with voice or are looking for friends in the art community. I've made a discord server in which you can do just that while improving and sharing your progress/ finished work. The link will close at 50-60 members to prevent inactive members. The server is still being prepared so bear with me while I add in some more options and different text rooms to post in.

No porn allowed in the server.
18+ only
You need to have a discord with a verified email to join.

>The link

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based murderer

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I deleted my discord because I can't stand your hugbox bullshit.
>get deleted from discord because you mildly criticize someone
>criticize someone, get deleted
>be not in the inner circle, no one responds to you
>have people advertise their little uwu hugbox server on fucking 4chan of all place
>but no, please stop criticizing me! stop being mean you fucking nazi!
This is literally high school and the antithesis of what 4chan is, please KILL YOURSELVES and stop advertising your shitty servers here. I wish the tranny jannies actually did their jobs and removed your peepeepoopoo threads from existence, but I guess I'll keep on reporting them in vain. sage in all fields, and fuck niggers.

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You weren't deleted. You never joined. Here's your (you) since you're obviously seeking attention.

Link is now closed.

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now you can delete the thread.

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nosebro start drawing comics already. if you don't want to start on your main project just do side projects where you take the characters of artists that inspire you and do a page or two as practice. i also suggest drawing comic pages about your daily life or experiences just as practice. PLEASE DRAW COMICS ALREADY

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Well, I found this post on Facebook and i said all the things the author should improve, but lots of people told me that I should leave him alone. What're your thoughts about this drawing?

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my sidess

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People post on social media to show off. Unless they are explicitly asking for critique on the post, places like Facebook/Twitter etc. are the wrong place to give critique. That's just the basic social environment of the sites, when people were telling you to knock it off it was because you were being kind of socially dumb. If you really wanted to give crit, give it over DM or something.

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Looks like he was starting to make a blastoise figurine but then decided to shove his cock in it before it hardened up.

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Left has more soul

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whats that comic with really good art but its about this princess getting fucked by bugs and then has a bug child that she then fucks as well?

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im gay. i just like the art and cant remember if it was real

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what the fuck?

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No one cares if you like men, faggot.
This is not a request or hentai board.
Go coom somewhere else.

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i want it for the art :(

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i swear it was posted here before

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What art do you have on your walls?

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Coom stains

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Jesus and the Virgin Mary

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i have two aquaforte prints by my friends, thats it. they just have personal value to me and look quirky

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He-Man dragon walker poster from the 80s. Print of a pencil drawing by one of the old Disney artists. Print of a mammoth like creature drawn by Terryl Whitlatch. A couple of posters my roommates created. And a whole wall of drawings and posters by myself.

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Home printed hentai posters

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pls rate.

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it was a piece of shit when you made a thread a day ago and it is a piece of shit now
stop spamming the board

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its very jumpy and inconsistent, go to AMB animation for bare basics, but his shit costs like 1000 and his animation has absolutely no personality and he cant time his personal animation for shit either

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lmao look at that hunchback

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I like her idea of having both male and female fanservice

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Quoted By: >>4202561

Is this mlp?

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cant totally hate the hustle, giving the minimum to get the maximum

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League of Legends Star Guardian rakan and Xayah, two characters who were made for one another

>> No.4202657

theres no problem here tard

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i just can't get this pose right. i mean i can't really get any poses right. i know it sucks, but what should i do differently to make it suck less?
this was a sketch, so things like scratchy lineart is just cause i haven't gotten far enough to do linework or coloring

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I would recommend Glenn Vilppu's timed model drawing sessions on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOtVUHgJqQk draw along and listen to what he says. Then once you start getting the hang of it you can do the timed figure drawing on your own using quickposes.com , hope this helps and keep on grinding!

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>I can't do it, I just don't know why? Nothing turns out right!
>attempt 1

Kek and ngmi pilled

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Swallow your pride and use references

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Quoted By: >>4204312

Post some concept art you like.
This one is from the game Furi, there's even a section in the menu where you can unlock the drawings to see. You can find the others here https://gremlin-lucio.tumblr.com/post/148060344238/pltnmghost-since-the-colored-concept-arts-been/embed

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The strap, the hand, the scale, the chain, the burst and the beat were my favorite designs when I played this game.

The Art of Overwatch has SOME interesting heroes, especially the robots and mechs.

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Can you really draw really shitty art and call it "your art style" and get away with it? How do you find your style? How do you get out of the phase of constantly trying imitate various artists?

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>How do you get out of the phase of constantly trying imitate various artists?
You don't. You just constantly try to imitate other artists in your own ways. You're welcome

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I want to marry Sin.

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I want to marry Sol!

>> No.4203782

I want to impregnate Dizzy and Dizzy's left wing

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he already has a boyfriend LEAVE

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Also, does it sometimes feel like not drawing for a while, and then getting back into it makes you start drawing better?

Sometimes when I keep tunneling/grinding something that doesn't seem to be working out I feel like I'm actually getting worse as time progresses.

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Something like this for me in terms of length. Really didn’t draw much after college. Maybe a little on off from 2005 a 2008. Then noting again until earlier this year.

>> No.4204208


A fight with my brother.

>> No.4204210

Almost a whole year. I finished a drawing I started late 2017 at the start of 2018 and didn't draw anything else until December 2018. My New Year's Resolution for 2019 was to never fucking do that again. Backwards progression is real. So far, so good with sticking to that at least, and I can see myself improving, but it hurts to know I'm just improving to get back to where I was rather than where I could be.

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5 hours, I always carry my sketchpad or ipad around and draw from life or from imagination while going outside.

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>Apply for animation school.
>Pour my heart and soul into portfolio.
>Talk with life drawing Professor, and the Animation program Coordinator what they are looking for and what I have I could put in.
>Encouraged by peers and instructors.
>Sometimes it takes months to hear back.
>Not even wait listed.
>Don't get accepted.
>Fall into spiraling depression.
>Not drop of ink, not a rub a graphite.
>Year later, submissions are due in two days.
>Make an entirely new portfolio from scratch (Coordinator said repeat submissions are noticeable)
>Get accepted shortly after deadline.

My soul died a little that day and I still have trust issues when it comes to crits.

The reason I think you are feeling you are getting worse is because you are actually getting better. You're starting to see more errors in your work, this is why people encourage comparing your old work. This a good thing though and partly why drawing is so difficult; it also relates to the learning curve if you want to read more about it. Eventually, you gain enough gain knowlege, with that knowledge you find confidence to execute, and eventually with enough mileage you realize how much you don't know and how much is left ahead of you.

Its a sign you are developing in some way, Anon. I beg you not to give up now and this is going to be a constant feeling as you continue draw. Stay strong, Anon, try to work through it.

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How to make my art look less sterile?

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Your'e too early on to worry about that bro, just keep grinding

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What makes you say that?

>> No.4202059

There are certain types of subtleties that are only picked up over time and experience that this is missing.
It usually isn't very calming to hear "it'll get better later". I understand that. I recommend while working on your usual practice also including doing life study & observation, master study and observation, and trying to imagine that super breathing piece your are trying to make while focusing on exactly how to do so.

>> No.4202065

is that your art? it doesn't look sterile to me, i like how you kept the sketchiness of your lines, just keep studying and drawing imo

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Study cartoons, you’ll come back with an better appreciation for simplicity and shapes. Practicing your gesture always helps. The two go hand in hand because animators always have good gesture.

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please go check out my instgram and youtube share the love guys

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Quoted By: >>4201999


>> No.4201999

go to the shill thread newfag

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Crack when bros???

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Quoted By: >>4209161

Yeah, but can you render like Ruan Jia with those programs. If not, then those alt software are only restricted to making anime and cell-shading styles.
>inb4 what are professionals who used to use Corel Painter

>> No.4209161

no rullz just toolz.
nice bait.
also crack is out.

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>Dude let me add a picture I took of my screen so I can show everyone i'm watching my chinese cartoon

>> No.4211163

The only reason why I stopped using CS6 is that it gets bad on higher resolutions.

>> No.4212157

I dont see a reason for using anything other than CC 2015

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Quoted By: >>4201949

Some more caricature sketches... thoughts?

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>> No.4201946

It's not a fundamental exercise, it's a drawing.

>> No.4201948


>> No.4201949

Okay, have you looked at other people's caricatures. What do you think you lack when you compare your work to theirs ?

>> No.4202077

but it's missing almost all of them
this really is the kind of stuff you should post in /BEG/
now a piece of advice that will make you better instantly is to draw hair in clumps and not individual strands

>> No.4202347

Then some good advice is to quit doing drawings and start doing fundamental exercises

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Quoted By: >>4201963 >>4202029

how long until twitter goes the way of tumblr in regards to porn? what will be left after that?

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>purityfag gets triggered because of it

>> No.4201963

There was a new update to the law in regards to the internet that you can't make money or collect data off of anyone under the age of either 13 or 18

So most likely never

>> No.4202029

Hopefully nothing.

>> No.4202097
Quoted By: >>4202726

Instagram doesn't allow nsfw

>> No.4202726

Your ass doesn't allow my fist, doesn't mean it's not full of it

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Quoted By: >>4201957 >>4202072

>stickers are the easiest version of graffiti
>it is significantly harder to catch you posting a sticker versus spraypainting
>stickers wear down with rain and are non-harmful to buildings
>stickers are very cheap when mass produced
>graffiti artists may not make money on there art, whereas stickers offer a way for artists to make money
>stickers are the superior version of graffiti

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Quoted By: >>4202057

i just buy sticker paper for my printer

stickers are great i put mine around my town from time to time. i also look out for new stickers from other artists

>> No.4201957

this is an art and critique board

>> No.4202057
Quoted By: >>4202082

wow will this work in any printer?

>> No.4202072

Just grow balls and grab a spraycan
Also selling stickers gonna get you pocket change. I don't know where you got that graffiti makes no money, mural commissions can bring a pretty penny

>> No.4202082
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it works with mine... i have a standard laser printer, and i buy the sticker paper in A4 sheets - two options, glossy and matt, the matt one feels literally like normal print paper. picrel its my sticker for #36daysoftype on glossy paper (sorry i know the pic is shity). it also sticks very well. you just print it and peel the back layer off like on a normal sticker.

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Quoted By: >>4204727

It's from here.
I'd say Hampton but the sliced-cylinder shapes on the bottom right throw me off.

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>> No.4202921

So what's a non-retarded drawing method of figure drawing according to you?

>> No.4203513
Quoted By: >>4204735

my biggest fear is that i'll end up like this guy, endless realism studies and zero creativity

>> No.4203520

That's Kevin Chen you're shit talking peasant, have some respect.

>> No.4204727

that sliced-cylinder is the forehead to brow ridge

>> No.4204735

>zero creativity
based on what, crab?

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Quoted By: >>4202632

Recently made discord where people pool and buy tutorials, planning to buy
Vitruvian Fine Art Studio
David Jamieson
Drawing Basics – The Complete Online Course https://vitruvianstudio.com/course/drawing-basics/
anyone interested?
original thread >>4194802
discord https://discord.gg/GS7nuz

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>> No.4202470

I don't think you -need- that stuff though. Paper and pencil is more than enough for beginner drawing.

>> No.4202474

This is a bad idea from the start.

>> No.4202632
Quoted By: >>4202751 >>4202808

Hey I bought this I could upload it but the invite link expired

>> No.4202751

here you go it would be a great help if you could upload.

>> No.4202808

if you want I could contribute a tutorial with an equally amount.

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Quoted By: >>4201771

I want to start doing commissions to make some extra money but i dont know where or how to start. Which platform is the best for nsfw commissions? How is it set up? How much should I charge people?

>> No.4201753


>> No.4201765

Not OP but what types of people pay commissions ?
I barely know anything about it. I don't get why people would play someone to do some art.
Also do people do commissions with anime art style ?

>> No.4201771


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