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All the FUCK I want is a freeware program that compiles images into a grid. Not online botnet shit or command line garbage. Is this so much to ask?

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This. Learn the shortcuts too, it's really worth it.

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montage -border 0 -geometry +0+0 -tile 12x12 *.jpg grid.jpg

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>needing references
ngl ngmi

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What do you bros think of my first iwagumi hardscape? Broke the cardinal rule and used an even number of stones, but it it feels right.

Suggestions for plants? My heart is telling me to go full bucephalandra. I have tons in other scapes.

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heres your redline bro

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based and aquascapepilled

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i like the enclosed terrariums.

is this to be a water garden?

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do you want your art to be in a gallery?

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this is pathetic

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if the image just immediately killed the viewer when they opened it, it would be a step up from whatever this is

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>nothing about his behavior indicates he's a nigger
You can't see his skin color? lmao

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back in 10th grade a family member took me to an art gallery or two, tried to get me to start networking. gave me canvases, paints etc.

stuff happened, depression and more— so i haven’t really tried to create much of anything nearing a decade.

but yes, i’d like to be featured in a gallery one day. picrel is recent practice, i’ve been missing out. :/

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>Indonesians, South Chinese, Indians, Native Americans, Middle Easterners, Maoris, Inuit, Mestizos, Filipinos, Latinos are Sub Saharan-African Americans

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Anyone knows what's this framing thing that some japanese artist are using? I'm very curious about it

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dutch angle

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It's just a messy brush texture, you weeb faggot.
There's nothing inherently or uniquely Japanese about it.

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Nigga, i've seen your work. You're not that great of an artist to be talking shit. I know who you are.

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>new layer
>drag WeirdFrame.png from the desktop to the canvas

Use your head, mate.

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who is it?? spill the tea sis!!

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>tfw all the youth and boomers are tripping over themselves to shake a youtuber or twitch streamer's hand + tip, but nobody except super enthusiasts cares about popular artists..

how do you deal with this feeling..

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dear god I want to throatfuck Oleana so hard

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Im not attention whore, so Iam super fine with it

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I'd like that with artists I like too.

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"stanning" people is cringe anyway. Kill yourself OP

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More room for me to discuss with them (:

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"just draw"

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It is possible to not enjoy drawing per se and keep doing it. One must have the desire to achieve something they really want. One needs a lot of willpower and obsession. Not passion but obsession. The two are not the same.

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considering how much i stress out about not improving as fast as I want to, or insecure about being a potential ngmi or whatever, I feel like this person probably loves drawing more than I do. I draw everyday, but at the same time there's many days I wonder why I even bother with it at all. I feel like the main reason I draw at this point is because I've already invested this much time in it, therefore I must continue.

but I feel like this person never questions why they do it. they know what they want to make, and they make it. it doesn't look good, but I feel like their willingness to share it means they must be somewhat proud of it. It's just a pure love of the process, despite the fact the process isn't delivering them good results.

Or rather, I'd argue that the process IS giving them good results, just not good artistic results - the good results are emotional. The personal pride of creating something in tribute to characters that mean something to you.

If that's what they need out of art, then they aren't a ngmi; they already made it.

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>using people with learning disabilities as an excuse not to draw
snip snip

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You really think people care that much?

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Okay /ic/,
I want to learn to draw, but what the hell am I supposed to draw when I can't draw? Should I just start by copying screenshots from a show or something?

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Did you read the sticky pal?

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I did, but the books just make me procatinate.

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OP, stop for a second, just stop, and think about how many times this thread with this question gets made.
Now consider if there may be an FAQ or something on this board you've stumbled upon specifically made for people like you.

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Is Art just another form of escapism? All of this romanticism and idealization of women and nature feels too delusional. There is almost no authenticity. I used to call certain types of artists pretentious but now I'm starting to realize all of art is pretentious and has nothing to do with the persuit of any form of truth.

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This person gets it. Life is boring as fuck and more than not shitty...when I make art I don't care if others like it or have some sort of whimsical experience...it's just some ideas in my head that I want to see with my eyes, interact with and just forget the idea that nothing matters...

If there's atheists, why aren't there arthiests?

Does art really have to be anything after impressionism and accidental splatter paintings? It's all emotional garbage we can't keep in, thus, we project...does it make any difference? Absolutely not...no social movement has ever adopted a piece of visual artwork as a banner. Art doesn't mean anything besides what emotions the artist is feeling.

I'll be the first to say it...not one person on this board is going down in history the way Da Vinci did...they won't ever write books about us, any one of us, but doing art is a nice escape from how the world is...you don't like your world, make anew one.

Does it matter? No, it's just people having fun.

Do you ask a child why they jump in a bouncing castle? More than likely not.

Appreciate art or don't, questioning it is just stupid and won't amount to anything because art is suggestive to whatever the viewer notices most.

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Romanticism and idealism can also be a model for what reality could be. Art doesn't have to escapism, it can comment on reality and act as an ideal to strive towards.

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Yes, you're going to die.
Now get drawing.

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Art is escapism if that's your intention.

You can make art stating how bad escapism is. Neon Genesis Evangelion or Paranoia Agent do just that.

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Someone who writes "persuit" has no right to opinions regarding anything above a nut screwer on an assembly line.

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Similar to pic related

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Quoted By: >>4210098

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I'm here for quite some time and from what I see you guys really hate Proko. I don't understand it at all. Most of the hate is caused by his persona during podcasts. Why? Draftsman podcast is really good because there is a "dynamic/chemistry" between Stan and Marshal. It is true that Proko tends to rephrase Mashals sentences to make them sound simpler (that often makes them more difficult to understand), but that's really a minor issue.
Because of that podcast people tend to just hate everything Proko related.
His art (personal preference, i don't care about that part much) and even his courses/video tutorials.
Isn't he one of the best tutors out there? He is known far and wide because of them. I don't think there is anyone who does it in more pleasant/normal way.
Is there something that i cannot see in them, that is wrong? Is there anything bad he teaches?

TLDR: Why do you hate Stan so much?

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stfu proko you cunt

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I'm not fucking proko you crazy nigger, his tutorials are good for beginners, did all the shitposting get to your brain?

>> No.4210578

He's a fucking goober and the worst part about Draftsman

>> No.4210644

go fuck you're dog in the mouth prokunt

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How do you get into "the zone" when drawing?

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the minute i start to draw. the hardest part is starting. especially after a long break.

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>> No.4209489


"Just draw" is there for a reason.

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My habit is to down a bunch of caffiene (energy drink, pill, chug a 2L of diet soda). At that point I know I have to draw, and can hard focus for at least an hour every time

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I need to get into "the chair" first.

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>artist draws for decades
>stagnates hard and can't seem to improve

seriously, how does one avoid this fate?

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He's a male feminist who doesn't even have the balls to commit rape. Like his most famous non inflation comic about some Powergirl cosplayer being harassed was completely made up with the actual cosplayer posing for the camera.

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it literally isn't

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that handwriting example really made think

>> No.4210276

>but he doesn't give two fucks about what other people think of him
He's constantly looking for validation which is a sign of heavily depressed people. And the worse depression gets, the more unpleasant you become. He's probably aware that he's a joke but he can't stop making a fool of himself because he's scared of being forgotten.

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Tumblr vs 4chan

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go away!

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Memes are art.

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Memes are not art, they're a disease.

>> No.4208379

Go away!
go to >>>/b/catalog
go to >>>/s4s/catalog

Those are the dedicated boards for your shitposting.
You are not funny and you are not making /ic/ better, only worse.

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Which is the best/used app to draw for android tablet?

MediBang Paint?

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I used to promote Medibang a few years back when it was a brand new app. Recent updates have just turned it buggy with those pop up ads. I still use it from time to time just because I'm familiar with it, but overall it's probably the best free Android app for the time being.

>> No.4208677

Anyone tried Huion Sketch? It's a free android app they've just released for their android compatible tablets.

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Quoted By: >>4208834

Anyone tried Adobe Photoshop Sketch?

>> No.4208834
Quoted By: >>4210015

I used adobe sketch. It was ok too. Medibang gets a bit cumbersome as far as ui is concerned. But the online gallery might be good for some people. You might wanna try autodesk sketchbook out too.

>> No.4210015

Is Adobe sketch paid/subscription based?

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Is there a name for this sort of style/subject matter?

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>> No.4208268

Looks like it's inspired by arte nouveau/ Jugenstil

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Looks very art nouveau esque

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First one definitely gives me gustav klimt vibes too

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Quoted By: >>4208440

>>Ryan Green
Story Artist / Short Film Director at Walt Disney Animation Studios

I thought all white's were woke. What's with the racism at Disney?
If you don't support POCs then why do you claim allyship?

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>> No.4208440

Imagine being a child and your father just sees you as a token

>> No.4208444
Quoted By: >>4208468

just abolish women altogether and replace them with cute traps and femboys.
send all xx to leper colonies.

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>trying this hard

Go back to plebbit

>> No.4208490

>announcing report

>> No.4208511

>Left-leaning white person is a self-destructive retard

Yeah who cares


also do you fucking job janny tranny

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ITT: art that you consider sexy but not overtly coomer degenerate shit like adding dicks everywhere art you all love. something more tasteful(I'm sure there's better examples than this)

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>> No.4210185

die norm

>> No.4210545

(You) care what my least favorite part is.
This whining is a waste of your own time.

>> No.4210594

>Memes are part of the foundations of 4chan anyway. Only actual outsiders would have an issue with it.
>implying you're not a discord tranny trying to force that meme

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>> No.4210619

It seems like only the same 1-2 anons keep getting triggered over the coom meme.

Judging by the coomer redraw thread, not that many people actually care about 'discord tranny' boogeyman and just have fun with the meme. It's only the same couple of anons who are obsessed with reposting >>4210050 . Just look away from the screen if a meme upsets you that much.

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Should I buy a cintiq 16 (not pro) or an ipad pro?

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>> No.4208231

The Apple iPad Pro is the only serious drawing tool existing now. You're merely a hobbyist until you step up and purchase the Apple iPad Pro 12.9.

>> No.4208240

Id buy an Ipad Pro. If you're going Cintiq there's no reason to get anything below the 24in.

>> No.4208275

> This is just a bait thread now

>> No.4208467

Is the cintiq screen as grainy as the iPad is with a matte screen protector?

>> No.4208474

i you're gonna get a cintiq take the 22 inch one.

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Quoted By: >>4209128 >>4210603

Speaking of popularity and amount of followers bs, This dude worked on AAA hollywood films. He is more successful than the top artstation whores combined with millions of likes

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>> No.4209128

Yep.I always found it weird when posters on /ic/ push this idea of "making it" when it just amounts to getting dozens of thousands of online followers on social media. It has nothing to do with bettering your craft, getting more experience in your career, and working on amazing projects. For them is comes down to a popularity contest.
This is also an example of another vacuous meme masquerading as critique. It seems to go hand in hand with the "making it" meme.

>> No.4209130

But I do have artists friends lol. how do you have ZERO like-minded friends? how is that even possible?

>> No.4209131


That person is known in the industry. He has real followers, not internet ones.

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well no wonder. That's a pretty shit portfolio

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Quoted By: >>4208946 >>4208996

well ill be damned

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>> No.4208871

I always though shemales were transexuals. Men who dress in women's clothing and act and get fucked like girls.
While futa's are like a genetically absurd form of human, that have a human female shape, curves, breasts, shapely ass and hips and have a female face shape. They may even have a pussy. But they also have a cock.

>> No.4208946
Quoted By: >>4209001


Teratophilia = Love of Territory? Real estate agents? Maps?

>> No.4208996

I completely stopped watching porn and lost all of my fetishes except for tentacles and guro

>> No.4209001

Had to google it.
>Teratophilia refers to the sexual attraction to either monsters - from the Victorian penchant for mummy erotica to the Babadook, or to the attraction to deformed people. The word comes from the greek ????? meaning monster and ????? meaning love.

>> No.4209044


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Pawoo is (potentially) kill

Pawoo is being transferred from Pixiv to a South Korean ad company

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>> No.4209460
Quoted By: >>4209495

Quick rundown on "malaysia"?

>> No.4209467

Let's allow the government to suspend our liberties over drawings.

And I don't even like lolicon.

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File: 91KiB, 500x399, cringe.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Reminder that /pol/ is filled with more faggots than a faggot pride parade.

>> No.4209484

Not like I ever amassed any following in this shithole, Japs need to stop living in the 90s and revolutionize this godforsaken platform that is the Internet.

>> No.4209495

it was a guy from malaysia that would post on /pol/ and tried to get draw threads there or something. He failed to do that and came to ic. He would post his poorly hand-drawn nazi comic then post good comments himself up to thread post limit.

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Pls anons, can you share any good tutorials/books/videos/whatever about inking? I need help with both traditional and digital. I just dont understand this shit, when am I supposed to make the line thicker, when it should be thinner, how and where to draw cast shadows, how to draw faces so they dont look like old people. Im really frustrated about this.

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>> No.4207601
Quoted By: >>4207615

I think he means putting a blue layer on the piece you want to ink over to make the lines turn blue, so that easier to see the original blue sketch and your current black ink work.

>> No.4207614

You can do this on photoshop by putting a layer with only blue color on top of your sketch layer. Then set the blue color layer blending option to multiply.

>> No.4207615

Nothing stupid about asking such questions, maybe I wasn't clear
It's as >>4207601 says. If you're working traditionally you can print it after bluescaling, works just as fine.
That way you can compare your inking to the original's, and there's a lot to grasp there if you have little knowledge about inking. Though don't forget that it won't magically make you understand all about it, you gotta experiment without tracing and with your own stuff too.

>> No.4207620
File: 147KiB, 420x359, Bluescale.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Correction: Set to Linear dodge.
Like in the picture

>> No.4207646

okay thank you very much guys ill try inking over some pro’s pieces, but still - arent there any books or tutorials on this? cant it be described as a set od rules to follow? sorry for being needy ive just been trying to rely on my intuition with this and havent learnt shit:(

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if you cant draw it traditionally without reference, it doesn't count

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>> No.4207964

if your masterpiece doesn't take 2+ years of careful planning and practicing every single stroke you're going to make + meditating for several hours a day on what you're going to paint on your canvas then it doesn't count.

>> No.4207989

Forgive me senpai

>> No.4208073
Quoted By: >>4208094

also, you can't paint over your mistakes or change things in your painting

>> No.4208090


>> No.4208094 [DELETED]

painting =/ drawing

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Quoted By: >>4209156 >>4209802

Be sure to also put your art in:

Post-free dice rolling tool:

previous thread: >>4152302

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>> No.4209802


>> No.4209810


>> No.4209812


>> No.4210376


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