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Whats the best 3D program to create quick backgrounds to draw over?

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You already answered that, ir the Master armad serrano use sketchup, then sketchup is the best.
Video related https://youtu.be/CICRNnzJI5c

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Sketchup is fine for simple geometry, for something more complex use blender.

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Shame that google sold Sketchup and now it's run by kikes even worse than google.

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I prefer a program I've had forever, called Silo. It's a box modeller that I prefer the interface and toolbox of. It's dev history is wonky as hell, but it still works so I use it - Blender's tools are close, though - when Silo finally stops working, I'll switch to it.

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Know any good art books /ic/?

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ive been trying to find it for a long time

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Dude, weed.

>> No.4212733

it's been up on this board for years now, man.

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some of my favorites out of sadpanda favorited:
Oobari Masami - Robot Soul
Kim Jung Gi - 2016 Sketch Collection
Katsuya Terada - Rakugaking
Atmosphere (Ebisu, Tarou2, Yone) Sketchbook 1-3 + HAL
Yukiko Nakatani - Toei Animation Works
Nakamura Yutaka - Incompleteness 4
Yoshiaki Kawajiri - Vampire Hunter D storyboard book
Mamoru Nagano - FSS designs 6: XROSS JAMMER
Nishigori Atsushi - Telegenic!
Amano Yoshitaka - Japan
Yoh Yoshinari - (literally every single one)
Megaman Zero Official Complete Works
Koutetsujou no Kabaneri Gengashuu
Macross Chronicle - 30th Anniversary
Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans - Mechanics and World 1-2
Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt - Record of Thunderbolt 1-2
Light and Dark: Art of Hiromasa Ogura
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Ultimate - Illustrations 1-2
Super Sentai Monster History - 1975-1995 + 1995 -2012
Dengeki Hobby Books - King of the Braves Gaogaigar
Tsukushi Akihito - Doorbeetle Reco 2011 - 2017
Gunbuster Storyboards ep. 1 - 4
Senki Zesshou Symphogear G, GX, AXZ design archive
Shirow Miwa - no Illustration
Imaishi Hiroyuki Gengashuu 5
GAINAX Uru in Blue Frozen Designs Collection

i skipped a lot and there's a heavy japanese/anime bias here

also >>4187764

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Uru's Frozen design collection is a must read

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Last thread: >>4205508
>Link: https://dad.gallery/
>Backup just in case: http://last-artist-standing.herokuapp.com/

>Submit your artwork everyday (or your preferred frequency)
>The deadline for submissions is 23:59:56 GMT each day
>You should spend at least 30 minutes on each update
>Miss a day and you'll be alright, just keep going
>Have fun

>New thread is made whenever it is needed
>Please link to past thread
>Enjoy yourself.
>Please refrain from drawing sexual encounters with underage humans ;^) (a.k.a no child porn you sick pervert)


Something's broken, what do I do?
>Eat a banana. Potassium helps.

What is the goal?
>Be better.

me is beginner and not know draw, can me join?
>Yes x100. Stop asking and start submitting art, chum. You can't be the worst, like literally.

What is Last Artist Standing?
>The legacy, the legend, the original, the predecessor. It has changed and ruined lives of many lassies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epg08FlksTc [Embed]

Lava who? w what? banana whom?
>Lava was the deceased mother, potentially dead by surgery. Rest in peace mr half-empty toothpaste lemur.
>w is the heartless hypocritical pedo-enabled asshole father. Emerge occasionally to enjoy being the local scumbag that he is.
>Current dad: banana. Fuck up time to time but is trying his hardest, ganbatte kudasai!

LAS discord: https://discord.gg/2crFvKV
DAD discord: https://discord.gg/eh3z24v

This is a library of resources some users have made for the community. Please give it a look:

This is the /las/ list of inspirational artists. Everyone can contribute to the list and discover new cool artists:

Please comment on each other artwork because DAD's children love attentions

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It gives me great pleasure knowing how ngmi you are even now. Kill yourself

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Has banana killed himself yet?

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You first ngmi

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Does anyone feel like wanting to gain clout/paid for your art has turned this hobby into a chore? I've been told it should be a fun and relaxing experience, and lately it hasn't felt that way.

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Yeah, I feel you. It's not the drawing itself, but work. I hate doing work. I'm so against it.

I went into a trade as a result. Simply because if I'm going to feel like I'm just doing work, then I'll just do work.

I've come to gain more social skills, confidence, competence, and work ethic.

Lately, drawing professionally doesn't seem as bad anymore. Thinking of maybe trying to do it. We'll see.

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A hobby is a hobby, a job is a job OP.

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If art ever feels like a chore I think it helps to step away from clout chasing or doing work to make yourself "marketable" and make some art for yourself. It doesn't have to be technically good, it just has to be fun and something that you want to make yourself. Whenever I start to feel weighed down with trying to impress people on social media I do some drawings of ocs that only I care about. The drawings usually get hardly any attention on Twitter, but it's kind of a liberating feeling because I know those drawings are for me and me alone, and it helps make art fun for me again.

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Art is a trade, though some don't see it as that.

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no, It is a hobby, and if its causing more discomfort it must be stopped. I recommend sleeping and eating as a hobby.

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Why have you not drawn the waifu of the month, anon?

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There is no such thing as waifu of the month
You don't get to have multiple

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A qt indeed

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It's a submissive fear grin. He's not really smiling as much as he's saying "please don't hurt me!".

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Be nice. His 'day in the life of' series is seriously good free content. Makes me nostalgic for my time in nippon.

>> No.4214654

Based CSP user

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I understood you anon. I was under the same impression as you, I didn't realize that mangakas could have their own team working for them. I just thought that they were the lowest rung on the ladder with the publishers being above them.

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>post art in discord server
>no one pays attention
>proceed to bitch everyday about how everyone hates my art and no one gives me critiques
>do this so often people get uncomfortable to post their own art
>now when I post my art people actually respond to it
Feeling devilish

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Which server?

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>Post my art in discord server
>People respond since I'm actually good
>I never respond to anyone elses art

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>post art in discord server
>people seem to like it
>don't feel that it's good enough
>delete it

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So where's your art? pyw

>> No.4212536

post it

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The old thread got archived.Post inspiring cartooy art

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kek i love it

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Norasuko is one of my favorite hentai artists. Keep posting. I'm starved for good bbw hentai.

>> No.4214069

based chad cartoonist

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I rendered a red box under green light and the result is a black box. Is this how I would have to paint red object under green light? It looks really weird so thats why im asking.

Also PLEASE does anyone have any tutorials on color theory, how to pick colors in shadow and light etc? I only see Gurney's book posted here and im too beg for it. Marco Bucci's video are too theoretical, I need real a walkthrough for a painting with human figures, i tried but failed at applying his colored spheres tutorials to painting people. It can be anything, including paid courses. Theres so many resources on construction here but nothing about actual painting and colors, im feeling rly hopeless here.

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True, maybe OP can share it with us all, if he buys it.

>> No.4211912

You're welcome, maybe this will help you too:

>> No.4211914

Thats more or less how it works.
In real life objects and lights will never be this pure. The green light would have some color leakage and the pigmentation of the cube would have some flaws.
In 3d you can have mathematically perfect colors which is why it works this well.
Here is a real world example I found

Also this is probably the best primer for color theory out there:

The best way to learn color theory is to paint from life because you mix on the pallet and hold what you mixed up to see if it matches what you're observing. inb4 MUH BOOKS/TUTS

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Painting is not ray tracing.


Painting is not ray tracing.

You are painting the illusion of reality. You may or may not need to add green to an apple if it's near a field of grass. Or, at best, mix some greens into the colors of the apple to family it in.

You're approaching this all wrong. Stop trying to reproduce what a computer is doing, and train your eyes and brain to process what you see onto the page.

>> No.4212247 [DELETED]

learn to read, im not trying to reproduce anything a computer does and i didnt state such thing anywhere. "mix some greens into the colors of the apple" ok why dont you show me what is the resulting color and how you would apply it? because everyone keeps telling me "just paint", "just observe" - do you say the same crap to people who dont understand values or construction? i truly dont know where this whole weird treatment of subject of color on this board comes from, its like nobody here understands it but doesnt want to admit it. you can find tons of book that hold your hand through constructing a human figure but the second i ask for the same about choosing colors im told im asking for shortcuts and i just need to observe more. maybe you all managed to understand how to pick the colors from observing, im stupid and cannot do it and im asking for detailed explanation.

(except for these 2 anons who actually posted helpful links thank you)

>tutorials (shortcuts)
no i dont want shortcuts, i didnt ask for any shortcuts, i asked for -any- resources, also including full courses. or are resources "shortcuts" to you? okay lets just stop recommending any books or courses to anyone here, they should just OBSERVE right
>but Bucci is "too theoretical" for you?
i didnt say bucci is too theoretical i said he lacks practical examples, i understand color theory but i need practice and he doesnt offer enough of it. painting 2 red spheres is not enough

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>he rotates the page

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The rotate key is one of the first things I assigned to the express keys on my Cintiq.

>> No.4214213

I make a living using Photoshop, I wouldn't if I switched to either of those.

>> No.4214263

I used to rotate very frequently when I was use Autodesk SKetchbook. The interface is very clean and navigating the canvas. rotating/pan/zoom is super easy and simple.

Now that I use photoshop I dont rotate the canvas at all. I zoom and pan less aswell. I dont even know if photoshop has to ability to rotate the canvas desu.

>> No.4214264

Using photoshop has made me better desu.

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How do you effectively learn fundies?

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Yes, that's the most efficient way. It's like a flashcard, but with drawings.

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you're a fucking imbecile.
you're still a rookie trying to sound like a master
your mother should have swallowed your stupid ass before your autistic father was allowed to pollute the world.

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Apply pencil to paper. Draw circles and squares until they look like circles and squares. Use eyeballs to look around you and draw that shit until it looks like what you saw. Continue until you can draw everything you see. Dont come back to 4chan for 2 years if ever unless you really want to flip hamburgers for the rest of your life.

>> No.4212901


>> No.4212904

grind perspective and gesture
then draw from imagination and for fun

alternate back and forth until drawing for fun becomes the norm
it's just a game

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Forget exactly which podcast it was, but heard Marshall emphasizing "bad practice" in one of the recent Proko podcasts, and how it can actually make you get worse at drawing cause you need to forget the bad habits, and relearn new ones.

If this is true, then the "just draw" theory is completely false and you actually need to be thinking each time when you draw or you risk the chances of actually becoming worse.

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well sorry i'll rephrase. I guess what I'm trying to say is mindless drawing. More emphasis now that I actually found the episode and timestamp

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUjaRMGSrK0&t=1978s 37:32 is when the question is asked

>> No.4212050

It's true that you can practice in a way that's harmful but it's never as irreversible or hard to change as most people worry. You might develop a muscle memory that's off or have a narrow comfort zone but you can break out of that with a month of deliberate practice. The worst-case scenario is really just that you waste a lot of time.

>> No.4212059


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Quoted By: >>4212093

The problem is you and people like you who feel the need to turn a simple invocation to practice into some kind of "theory."

Leave the ponderous philosophical debates to the old guys. You're young, you should practice.

>> No.4212093

I felt like a 60 year old since I was 20.

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Quoted By: >>4211826

truly based if real. also pymurals

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Quoted By: >>4211736 >>4211742

lol you're such an underage fag, you were probably like "heh, gotcha" when you thought that stupid shit you just said

>> No.4211736

>that stupid shit you just said
what did I mean by that according to you?

>> No.4211742

are you going to answer the question tho?

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Communism is fascism.
Prove me wrong.

>> No.4211832

>Prove me wrong
I cant

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I don't know how to draw this correctly

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>offers solid advice with the logical reasoning behind it
>pyw crab
I didn't even say his stuff is bad. I recognized an area he's weak at and gave him a potential solution. But I guess if you want to brush it off, fell free to I guess... not my loss.

>> No.4214625

Can you link me to kyle’s set?

>> No.4214631
Quoted By: >>4214668

pyw tho

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Well no harm in it, I guess.
Here's a little study I did a couple months ago.

>> No.4214677

Good post. Saved!

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Okay. Just say it to me. I want to draw characters (females) from imagination.
I already feeling sick from reading books about fucking anatomy or perspective. Can someone say what books are strongly recommend for drawing this, and what books are fucking trash. RN I reading Loomis book, and I heard a lot of shit about this book here.
Can someone explain better way to learn it.
I feel really sick of books (studying in technical University) but if if the best way to learn character drawing from imagination - I will.

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Quoted By: >>4213461

I'll do it for $300, kurwa.

>> No.4213461
Quoted By: >>4213973

Art books are not dissimilar to math textbooks
These books tech you the 1+1=2
Just like in mathematics, the bulk of your time is not spent reading paragraphs, but solving problems. Your training should be using these basic tools during practice and building up on them, slowly learning how to do them properly and learning new things.
If a book tells you the 1 additions are 1,2,3, 4, 5,6,7... and multiplying adds the first number to itself the amount of times in the second, you should be able to figure out on your own that 2*3=6
Hope this makes sense
Personally I prioritized practicing 3d, and attempting to draw things I wanted to draw ( hot chicks). Keep in mind that you should make decisions based on what gives a better end product, and try to understand why it is so.
I will post my work on /ic/ the day a cut I keyed makes it onto sakugabooru
Depends on what you do and who you work for. Some pay hourly, some pay per product, pay range varies wildly depending on your skill and occupation.
If you are self employed it's all depends on how you can market yourself. If you work under a studio or freelance your pay depends on what studio you work for and what kind of job. All the studios I know as far as i know pay decent to good. Even newcomers doing clean up douga, and inbetweens, don't get less than min wage.
Maybe I've just been lucky, but if a studio offers you less than 600 a month you might want to turn and run. I don't think you can even rent a trashbin with that much.

>> No.4213842
Quoted By: >>4213948

Wh-what’s the story, here? She’s not really a loli, right? Just a midget or something?

>> No.4213948

Yes but unironically

>> No.4213973

> Depends on what you bla-bla-bla
That's a recent forced meme. Some Polish dude kept spamming /ic/ about how skilled does he need to be to get at least $600 a month working online. Some d/ic/ks decided to start spamming it ironically.

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Did you guys already talked about it?

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File: 22KiB, 640x360, 20191003-CK Animation School_2019_??? ?????-Lovescream(?????)-??????(Chungkang Animation)-dK46frkAkRI.mp4_snapshot_02.31.486.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>4211613 >>4211795

>> No.4211613
Quoted By: >>4211806

Hot, wish that was me, God.

>> No.4211795
Quoted By: >>4211855


>> No.4211806

? boring

>> No.4211855 [DELETED]
File: 1MiB, 2452x1496, 1573828138982.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Go back.

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Quoted By: >>4214042

>actually listen to loomisfags
>life drawing every day for a few years
>learn anatomy
>go through robertson

>still can't draw from imagination
>don't have fun drawing
>pretty much forgot why I ever wanted to draw in the first place
Is that just what happens to every /ic/ anon who doesn't leave this board?

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>> No.4211880

It's a meme in the sense that the exact hours don't matter that much (I think real mastery is much higher than just 10k) but it's not a meme in the sense that you really do need an insane amount of mileage to get any good.

Your gains are not counted in years of sitting on your ass but hours of drawing and a couple of hundred hours mean fuck all.

>> No.4211889
Quoted By: >>4213839

I'm pretty sure proko could draw an eye or an arm or whatever from imagination.

>> No.4213839

>proko could draw (...) from imagination

>> No.4214042

You need to actually apply what you're learning to imagination. If you just mindlessly copy without drawing from imagination you won't apply what you've learned and just become good at copying,

>> No.4214060

You can't say something like that without posting your work

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why is proko so bad at drawing from imagination?

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>> No.4211493

Why is proko your only inspiration after thousands of years of art? Botticelli did more than proko does back in the 1600s

>> No.4211494

because a thread died for this

>> No.4211500
File: 339KiB, 1256x1276, 1563157473779.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>4211518

Because he's never drawn from imagination before, his very own words: "Don't make the same mistake (I did), don't wait 10 years to start drawing from imagination." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4h4-2HRHaHI

Meanwhile, the chad Marshall Vandruff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80yhjO8yLeE

>> No.4211508

Yet he made something that will last forever. Have you made anything better from imagination? Something that people care and share online? No? I thought so.

>> No.4211518

>the chad Marshall Vandruf
I love this guy

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If I "like art" and constantly think about what I want to draw, why do I fucking hate art so much?
I procrastinate even on tiny projects more than I did my fucking schoolwork. Last night I decided I was going to do the basic animation practice of doing a bouncing ball. I spent 20 minutes fucking around with Krita to get a brush setting I liked, then proceeded to spend FIVE HOURS watching nature documentaries. I stopped at 3 AM. I got so far into my procrastination that I deluded myself into thinking I was going to start a new project, a fantastical web of life, because I grew fascinated how everything evolved to become so dependent and connected with everything else.

I'm a hard worker, I have work in a few hours and have proven myself our most dedicated and hardworking employee consistently. But the second it comes to drawing, I regress back to my highschool days of "I'll do it at this time, I'll do it after dinner, I can't do it now, I'm too tired, I'll do it after work tomorrow, I can't do it now, I'm tired from work, I'll do it at this time after I've relaxed"

To be honest I'm not even sure why I'm making this thread. I've seen all the videos, and the only thing anyone ever says is "just start, do something small and just start, it's a billion times easier to start with a line on a page than a blank one" I guess it's in an attempt to see if anyone has anything new to add this time

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>> No.4212067

i'm not one to jump to conclusions but the only one i can reach at the moment is that you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about

>> No.4212094

it's probably because you are now a slave to your ideal, your ideal is yourself drawing all the time, meaningfully, having absolute joy. Now this ideal is judging you, forcing you to draw so that you are like him and the natural response to this lack of power, over this authority, is to procrastinate. Maybe the ideal is more powerful than you, but you get to choose when you draw, and that's how you manifest your own power over your ideal. You don't like this situation and you are fighting the ideal, but at the end of the day your ideal is still what you wish to become, you will be in pain because you don't get to be like the ideal.

You will never reach that ideal so it's better to throw it away since it's clearly not doing anything for you.

It's way better to not compare to an ideal, or anyone else because you will get into the defensive state of procrastination. Understand that you are drawing because you want to, it is not in control of you and you have a life other than drawing. You draw out of pure free will and you want that, that's why you come here asking for help.

You draw for 1 - 5 minutes and if you feel like that's as much as you are willing to go you leave it there, now next time ask yourself- Can I draw even longer without experiencing dread? If not just stay there getting stronger until you can answer yes, but stay in the fight of not going lower. When you are ready you push yourself another minute, 6 minutes, and the next day you push yourself another minute. If you did this for months and years you would reach a massive amount of daily drawing time. And you are extending that time based on your pure will, not based on the judgement of a tyrant self.

>> No.4213871
Quoted By: >>4214331

Art Is an expression of self. If you cannot create it is because you do not know yourself. It can't exist in a vacuum, fix your life first.

>> No.4214322

you're working too hard and don't know how and/or don't care about making money from art right now. Not having energy to draw or do fucking anything at all is a real REAL problem. You wouldn't be watching stupid nature documentaries if you were or NEET or only worked part time. Things won't change for a long time until you want to quit or have enough money to do whatever you want.

>> No.4214331
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I love how half of this board is all about "art is expression, art is deep, art is a reflection of the self", but 90% of the drawings are anime booty.

Prostitutes should start doing the same.
>when I'm with a client, I'm giving him spiritual guidance, his climax means enlightenment has been reached for a fraction of time
>I am the bridge between my client, myself and the cosmos

File: 98KiB, 430x640, 36dc15f5a814e4076190c64dd152fa5c.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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Post backgrounds for later reference

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>> No.4212040
File: 154KiB, 650x907, IMG_1720.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.4212041
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>> No.4212043
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Hopefully this image dump was helpful

>> No.4212061
File: 480KiB, 1600x1060, download (7).jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

File: 525KiB, 1920x1080, ??????????.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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Quoted By: >>4211382 >>4211439

Could this pass as art?

>> No.4211382
Quoted By: >>4211439


>> No.4211405
Quoted By: >>4211439

Anything can be art.

This post is art.

>> No.4211439
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File: 20KiB, 355x355, 51zCI0jaMwL._SY355_.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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Quoted By: >>4211989

What would you say is the best drawing paper for a finished piece using ink / art supplies general

>> No.4211364
Quoted By: >>4212185

strathmore bristol 300 series 20 sheets

>> No.4211387

I'm european, so Starthmore is hard to find and I didn't tried it. But I suppose is good because in the usa is the standard for comics. In my experience the best is Canson Bristol (the 200 g/m2 one), but right now I use Canson Bristol XL. It's cheap and if I want I can print cyan lines on it without stressing the printer.

>> No.4211989

I've found it worthwhile to spend the money on rolls of drawing paper, or sheets of illustration board or watercolor paper for wet media (rather than bound sketchpads). I like cutting to size and stretching my papers.

Gatorboard makes a good rigid backing panel

>> No.4212185

Ding ding ding

Have 3 pads of different sizes on my table right now. Love, love, love bristol.

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only ever painted 7 minis what do you guys think?

>> No.4211356


Not Australian, so can't really tell. Doesn't help I'm /beg/ tier though. In any case, neat.

>> No.4211367
Quoted By: >>4211369

why do you hang them from your ceiling? to keep the dust off?

>> No.4211369

>>4211367 of course man no other way works

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What do you think about old videogames cover art /ic/? It seems to be a lost art.

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Cover of the Rondo of Blood SNES remake by Akihiro Yamada (same artist from >>4211373).

Fun fact, Konami changed Richter's design when they discovered the artist directly based his original design on Ryu from SF2.
That's why Ayami Kojima redesigned Richter again in subsequent appearances.

>> No.4212952
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>> No.4212956
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>> No.4213263
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>talking shit about japanese illustrators illustrating illustrations for japanese videogames

>> No.4213588

>Prince of Persia by Jordan Mechner

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