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If we all know that “WOW it looks like a photo!” Is the easiest way to get clout on Reddit why aren’t you doing it? You CAN do it, right anon?

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>You CAN do it, right anon?
Not 100% like a photo, but enough for a normie to say that. I don't want to kill myself though, so I don't do copies like that anymore.

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I’m surprised more people on here don’t use eBay since it’s literally full of coomer art that sells almost instantly

I’ve seen academic art have plenty of luck on Reddit it’s just the worst place to post “nsfw” art cause they’re all prudes and orbiters. Reddit is worse than twitch and literal pornstars stream on twitch.

Reddit’s probably closer to Artstation than 4chan

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It isn't easy, the ego doesn't like to be hurt.

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if you cant do portraits with grid then you're ultra ngmi anon

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How many exposures is "clout on Reddit" worth?

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Notice something?

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We should form an unholy alliance...just sayn´

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seems pretty interesting
thanks for introducing me to it

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>that shitty painting app
uh... slavs?

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Half my favorite artists are Eastern European or Russian... maybe I should move to Poland

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russian /ic/ looks amazing bratan)))

how to fix /ic/

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Is schizophrenia the god tier mental illness if you want to be an artist?

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spooky scary shit pls.

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Look up pictures of corpses

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just look up dead people on gore sites

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K thx.

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I just use a mirror

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Calm down ladies; this was back before I started studying the fundamentals. Had to start somewhere, right?

Plus, I don't think that you should be hiding your scratchy lines using an underdrawing and then putting your stabalizer at 100% anyway.

Here's some more /beg shit that I drew.

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Why is it so low-res damnit

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I was going to upload the Low-Res too but I figured it was a waste.

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Please upload the high res too
pretty please

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>4000x3000 is low res

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Someone asked me to do a background for a character they drew. They sent me the reference material and I instantly saw what I had suspected. They traced the entire thing, down to small details. Is it okay to still do the background? Should I call them out? I don't really know how frowned upon this kind of thing is.

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There was an online artist I really like who deleted all his profiles a few years ago and has been completely silent ever since. Over time I've learned to replicate his style almost perfectly and now I'm considering pretending to be him and staging a "comeback" to instantly net me a large number of his former followers. If I can pull this off successfully it would guarantee an instant steady patreon income without having to build up my own profile from scratch.

My big worry is that while my art looks the same as his, my methods are probably different and maybe a trained eye could tell the difference in the techniques used, like how experts are able to tell if traditional paintings are forgeries or not. Or if the artist was left handed or not, etc. How likely is this to be an issue with digital art where everyone basically uses the same brushes and colors?

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>"I want to commit identity theft and plagiarism"
Ok, retard

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Sounds like a fun challenge

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just build your own fanbase. it might take a few months, but it's better than spending all your resources and then end up losing face (when) you get exposed.

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That's a nice plan.
Don't say you're him be silent or ambiguous.
Also his friends and followers will chat you up. Unless you know how to talk like him or know things thing about him, your plan is in vain.

>> No.4210945

or another plan make two accounts op.
The one that you're pretending and your own.
Retweet shill your own account with your pretend account so if you do get exposed, delete pretend account. Doesn't matter, you're already popular.

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>> No.4210450


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If i open this photo from a .zip program will I get a nice special surprise?

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At only 451 KB? Nah, not likely.

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We need to use our collective mind to determine if the ipad pro 12.9 is the absolute BEST drawing tablet before BLACKFRIDAY

I'll start
>Seems to have the best parallax
>Best colors
>no lag
>Can be used for other stuff
>Pen needs to be charged
>Overall superior pen

>Screen too small to work on all day?(need feedback on that from ipadfags)
>Scuffed photoshop
>No hovering pen cursor
>Still quite limited compared to mac/windows
>Can't integrate 3d softwares into the workflaw

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since new iOS you can connect externals to your ipad
how much space do you get ?
is 64GB enough?

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Saw the thread, thought "oh nice it can't be that expensive", then remembered that I live in literal shithole

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>Do NOT get the latest one
im about to get one this week or next, which version would I get? and would an apple store still carry a previous version?

>> No.4213093

>Not trusting the common man.
Murican confirmed.

And im saying buy it used cuz anon think he can get the ipad cheap on black friday even though they raised the price 1 week before they lowered it.

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This isn't how you greentext you stupid fucking retarded newfag.
>Sorry not sorry.
NECK yourself.

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I made some notes while studying different artists' progress but I couldn't post it on 4chan due to it being seen as spam. Let me know what you think about it


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I kind of agree with algen. The only reason to STUDY black and white is if you're trying to isolate values and work on that. You can absolutely do that, but when you're competent enough at matching values, it's advisable to include the dimension of color to your brushstrokes.

>> No.4210813

Thank you for this. It's really insightful.

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Should i do gesture drawing before or after i learn basic anatomy

>> No.4213044

along with. never learn fundamentals separately

>> No.4213048

all of those are illustrators though

if you want to do concept art, there's a different system you should use.

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Anyone have upload of those Spectrum magazines so that I may gaze at their glory?

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This can't go on like this anymore.
I waiting whole day or week to have some spare time and spent it for drawing and practicing, reading some books about anatomy, perspective or composition.

So, this time has finally come, I did everything that could disturb me from drawing. Drawing supplies are ready for use, sketchbook opened wide and lying on my table now, also my graphic tablet is ready in case if I don't want to draw in paper today.
I read 1 row of text, draw one fucking line, feeling so tired and extremely needed to do EVERYTHING EXCEPT DRAWING RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

If anyone know this situation, and he was here before, or someone who's struggling right now, just say how to fix it or I fucking going to kill myself

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Go on figure drawing sites and draw. It'll put a picture in front of your face and will force you to shit out a ton of drawings. You don't have to think of what to draw, you just gotta start drawing the figures.

>> No.4211022

Don't do this if you know whats good for you.

Do this instead

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I had this problem, but figured a thing that lets me draw 6+ hours every day.
Doesn't work for other crabs on /ic/ so sucks for you.

>> No.4211060

What did you usually do before in your time off?
You're likely trying to move on from an addictive habit. The thing is all the things you did in the time leading up to whatever your addiction is trigger the same reward center. Clean your room before getting your fix and cleaning your room triggers a Pavlovian response.
Since you are doing something new, that doesn't have the reward dependence built out yet, your brain is throwing a tantrum for its scheduled dopamine kick and demanding you go do one of those things that you did leading up to your fix.

>> No.4211076

Life is suffering, and time is the most valuable currency. Either you clench your teeth and push through or you are going to stagnate.

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>imagine not improving at all in over 10 years
I sure have an example. https://www.deviantart.com/xjkenny
The Vexus picture on the left is from 2008 as evidenced by this blog post http://teenageroblog.blogspot.com/2008/11/cluster-dream.html
The bigger picture on the right is from 2019 as evidenced by the source https://www.deviantart.com/xjkenny/art/Ring-Gear-Misplaced-2-820363306

Basically he has over 3000 digital paintings in his gallery, and it still looks pretty much the same. Maybe he is just realling enjoying the very early digital art look.
The picture is smaller on the left, because the source picture was smaller than the new one.

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>here's an example
>rest of the thread will be forever discussing the example

>> No.4211585

Maybe people are burned out by the subject considering it comes up quite often.

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>imagine not improving at all in over 10 years

I do not need to, this is reality for me.

>> No.4211593

I'm certain that you are exaggerating, got some examples?

>> No.4211775

Unironically post your art.

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Okay, I can't really draw. I don't really try and don't exactly care. That being said, I know how to use photoshop a good amount. My question embarrassing question to you fuckers is, how do I learn to draw cum on anime characters without having to know how to actually draw? I've been editing some of good hentai pics for awhile with very small edits like adding camel toe, nipples poking through a shirt, or making a composite of my favorite elements of an image with pre-made edits (like pics that are mostly the same but the character will have different expressions, have a dick in them in some, cum in the final, etc). I'm a coomer with a cum fetish and I think there would be a good amount of pics that would make me rock hard if they had cum covering their faces and body but i'm tired of requesting those kind of edits on /h/ because it's slow as fuck, I wanna do it myself without having to fully learn to draw. Pic related isn't something i've done, it just made me think about this harder and deciding to see if you artist fucks could help me

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what's the sauce on these feet?

>> No.4210395

Not just this board, but most the whole site itself. It's sad and annoying.

>> No.4210405

>It was the first image I saw
>coomer meme isn´t real

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I've been trying to get people to do cum edits of it for awhile even having a 2nd pic of the artist for cum comparison.

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Underrated post.

Funny you'd call others trannies while uptalking like one??????
^ Faggot.

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Hi everyone,
I've been on this board for years. I wanted to share something good that happend to me. My children book won the best children book prize in luxembourg ( tiny country, i know...but i'm happy regardless)

I just wanted to share it with all of you since this board gave me so much and helped me a lot. Art is often hard and frustrating, so i thought i share it with you all in the hope that it might give some hope to all those who are struggling everyday just like me.

Rant is over, feel free to tell me that ic is not your personal blog,promotion platform haha.

Love you all

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I tried to put some together.

>> No.4210127
Quoted By: >>4210152

Nice anon, looks pretty good.
May I ask what are the logistics behind making and publishing an illustrated book/picture book, it seems like a load of work and would you say it's feasible to live from doing this?. Do you do something else aside from children books?.

>> No.4210132
Quoted By: >>4210152

This really looks like a story about racemixing.

It's obvious now that the page in the OP shows the mestizo trying to sneak into the white girl's house.

>> No.4210152
Quoted By: >>4210154

Not finished yet..but the latest work i'm working on now

Finding a publisher is hard if you don't have at least some pictures and the complete text. It's pretty much a bet you make. You invest time and effort in the hope someone will be interested. In my case it ended up being an old client who new a publisher who recommended me. Once i got the contract i got 3000 euros of advance on copyright to finish the book. Once it sells enough in benefit so that the publisher gets back his 3000, then i'll get annual copyright for every next sales. The good think about copyright is that it's taxed differently then contract work...at least where i live.

As for living with it. It should be possible...especially since children books are one of the most profitable books. Once a baby is born...family, friends etc...want to gift you something. And children books are always welcome. But it depends on the market. Luxembourg being tiny, i hope that it will make enough profit to be translated in french and german so that it can get exported.

As of now i mostly do all kinds of work. Theater backround illustration, mood books for films, illustration for books, cover, magasine etc,table games...

Luxembourg is peculiar since...the market is tiny, but in the same time...once you're known in the cultural circle you'll get regular work.
haha the nsfw doujinshi will have to wait a little bit.

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forgot picture

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>accidentally washed tablet pen
>got mad and destroyed tablet
what tablet would you recommend for a replacement

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>> No.4210051


>> No.4210066

based retards

>> No.4210291

Your neurosis will only hold you back from making it as an artist, start working that before you consider buying another tablet.

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show pictures for proof

>> No.4210324


Before you think about spending more money, seriously consider working through your issues. That's not normal.

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How do I learn to have passion for making art? I really don't enjoy "the process" at all. Everything about actually making art annoys me, even down to disliking the sound of a pencil or brush on paper. Yet I deeply yearn to make finished artwork and bring my ideas to life. How do I square this circle?

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Quoted By: >>4210021

You are the perfect kind of person who could make art into a job and earn money from it. Just use every shortcut to actually avoid drawing, copy other art instead of putting any thought into your work, and focus all the time you are not wasting on drawing on marketing yourself
you have a bright future ahead of you as an artist

>> No.4210021

Harro Kubushinofu-san. Why do peopre disrike your redesign? We invested money in you.

>> No.4210023

Just keep doing it. By the time you're really good at it, you'll like it. What we "like" and are "passionate" about is mainly correlated with what you're good at, i.e. things that make you feel powerful are pleasurable and things that frustrate you are not. Therefore what you're "passionate" about can change as your abilities change.

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File: 29KiB, 700x629, 5YKHW2F.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Well, if you really want to bring forth your ideas through art, I think it's matter of powering through the process of making stuff. Maybe you dislike how messy the inital stages are, maybe the outcome doesn't match your expections, hell, you can even be a total wiz and just laydown strokes and color like nothing, but really, those are things that most artists, even pros in some instances, go through. Eventually as you create and produce pieces that you feel content with, you start to appreciate the journey you went through in making that idea a reality.

Of course, that's just my two cents.

>> No.4210049

Maybe try out other avenues like sculpting and 3D, if it's just about your ideas coming to life there is more than just drawing.

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Quoted By: >>4211526 >>4212087

>25, burning my money like wild fires burn California every summer, on an art college,
>Majority of students are either spoiled kids and "everything else was too hard for me" types (including few legit autism or other problems guys who sit in a wrong room, rant on unrelated subjects, or start screaming while nothing's happening) and guys who dropped out from other subjects but aren't actually into art. There are few people who were tutored since they could hold a pen.
>Myself I started seriously drawing 1 year ago. I feel I'm doing fine for that time, but I paint too slowly according to the professors and lack technical knowledge, or generally just rant at me for asking for any critique or advice how to improve.
>Literally got told "I wouldn't advice you to buy a better brush because you're clever and you did well without it"
>Theory classes are a joke. It's 15 minutes of professors showing few slides of examples of design ideas from 70's, the stuff I did read from the lecture materials during the first week, and then trying to come up with anything to do.
>Nothing about digital, design, modern trends or styles, or anything I could use.
>Grow depressed, as I was hoping for a challenge and huge gains, or at least similarly nerdy groups to hang out with, extending my education safety period

Any point in paying for that if I want to go pro but I was learning faster on my own and wasn't exhausted by waking up at 4am every day?

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>> No.4211526

lol imagine wasting such digits on a blog about bad decisions most people could have seen from a mile away, even the most basic of normies and boomers joke about art college so why did you pick it ?

>> No.4211540
Quoted By: >>4211701

I'm in art college here in Ireland but because I'm poor I get it payed for me by the government and they give me 250 a month to help with rent. Im glad I'm here though, they really push you and having artist friends and teachers to talk to and get help from is great.

>> No.4211664

>If you want to be an animator then you also have to go to school for connections.

It's not about skillz it's about (((connections))).

>> No.4211701

>they really push you and having artist friends and teachers to talk to and get help from is great.
Except the op's school is exactly opposite of that.
Tho, good for you anon. Keep it up and you're gmi.

>> No.4212087

4am? wtf man?

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>60000bucks per month ATLEAST
How to archive to make enough money from your original art if you are Davinci level and you have based and original ideas?

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>> No.4210531

I never did care for the Polish. They don't seem like a very welcoming people, like a rape victim that is distrustful of everyone.

You know who was great? The Egyptians. They had that geometric thing down pat.

>> No.4211252
Quoted By: >>4211290 >>4211323

>beg tier polished medicore art with shit anatomy

>> No.4211290
Quoted By: >>4211309

post your pyw

>> No.4211309 [DELETED]
File: 150KiB, 736x993, 22218435_911889582296620_2339087175196086443_o.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

irrelevant, but ok. I have 0 patrons. I don't even have a patreon. should I get one?

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File: 99KiB, 500x493, 1542729995884.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>this is beg tier

File: 3MiB, 2667x2000, mDUfr8jy_1705182218231gpadd.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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Quoted By: >>4209941

>> No.4209941

They're 2 different mediums. Anime looks simpler because it is animated.
Manga is more comparable and despite not being rendered and painted as beautifully as your picrel it can convey action better for example.

>> No.4209950

Depends on their themes. Dumb fuck Americans conflate all anime style into one style they're familiar with.

>> No.4209952

One is a medium. The other is a genre. I don't compare them.

Having said that, D&D has had a huge influence on anime and manga, so there is a connection.

>> No.4210038
Quoted By: >>4210139

youre an idiot. you can't compare animation which is for time and cost saving to an illustration book full of still simages.

>> No.4210139

The painted background art is a more apt comparison.

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Just recently getting into drawing again, bought a small Wacom tablet. Started out simply tracing, but have moved over to drawing side by side. Is this a good way to learn? Don't really feel confident enough in my own abilities to do independent drawing. Even though I have tried

>> No.4209894
Quoted By: >>4209904

Side by side and tracing are really bad for learning, read the sticky

>> No.4209904
Quoted By: >>4210035

Side by side drawing IE; copying reference is what 90% of you ngmi crabs do though.

>> No.4209907

Get good at proportions. Compare ratios on line lengths and approximate angles between the original and yours. Use a base length or angle to compare against.

>> No.4209915

OP please use the /beg/ thread for this

>> No.4210035
File: 489KiB, 1012x1191, 20191115_143918.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

First: I'm not a crab or a ngmi
Second: side by side isn't just copying references it's another name for sight size, it doesn't help you develop a good eye for propositions
Third: post your work, pic related is mine, I'm a beg but I don't go around calling everyone a crab like you

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i want to start a magazine

>> No.4209895


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Does anyone know how to make the current brush switch between a preset size like 20px>50px as example? For PS

File: 2MiB, 2309x3727, 20191112_011931.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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am I improving?

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>> No.4209909

>doesn't post comparison
Based retard.

>> No.4209910

post your art at least months before this. Jesus

>> No.4209970


>> No.4209978

Bruh u fucking serious?

>> No.4210010

based retard

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