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How do you get to the point of drawing political art?
Did they start as kids? Was this their dream when growing up?
Its so bizarre to me.

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Probably because he could make his point clear. He's still retarded though.

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How much money do political cartoonists make?

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Dem tags. Did he make this for the mentally challenged.

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I like the cross hatching in this one

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I think the joke is zoomer gets their hair styles because Trump says things.

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I made this tutorial. Do you find this helpful?

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Since you're drawing a still image, you want to impart a sense of life and movement into it.

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The problem with these kinds of body flow/line of action tutorial is that they don't actually explain what happens to the body parts when you're following a specific flow.

That's why it's important to understand contrapposto first before telling people you have to follow a specific curve on the whole pose or something.

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What's the point of making a tutorial that's been done a million times before? Just Googling "lines of action" has tons of results for basically the same thing

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>The problem is that just isn't the line of action.
can you elaborate? since you clearly know your shit

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worthless because you don't even consider the distribution of weight in the figure

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Post your art, Ill try to give you a critique

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This is really cool and cute.

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I'd like to think that this pose just happens midway though conversation.

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Yes, I need to study Loomis

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Cute as fuck, saved.

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pic related is suke, my favorite from riot

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Some of his earlier work.

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mah nigga

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alex flores

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Alex Flores

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Hey Friends,

I'm writing a paper on Art School and stuff and I'm wondering if you all know any established artists without art degrees? I've been doing my own research and I'm looking for some other artist other than my own findings. - Thanks!

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a lot of them anon
a really good example is moebius, my personal favorite

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There's plenty.
If you want current artists I can think of Dave Rapoza, Darek Zabrocki, Kubo, Oda.

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Are there any rooms where you can draw together with some people online? I'm thinking about sites like flockmod or aggie.io.

If not, can we make our own room? I like drawing surrealist/manga styles

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drawpile on some /ic/ related discords

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Like oekaki?

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How do i into sculpture?What's a good beginner medium?

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not an expert but i heard wax

it's cheap doesnt make a mess or loud noise and easy to sculpt.

also it's reusable

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sculpey /thread

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Is makeup the reason why so many girls are better at drawing than guys?
They basically paint a realistic loomis head on themselves every day

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and boys are better at drawing muscles because we are more muscular


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burden of proof is on you, faggot. please stop peddling your favorite website, reddit.

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He was disproving OP you fucking tranny

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The more muscular you are the less interest you have in drawing, so no.

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So by your logic, because I can name more women who are better at drawing than men that’s now means they’re generally better at it

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Shut the hell up
Can we just ban these fucking posters?

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Now if only ricardo popped out it would be real

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> complains about annoying spam
> is a stupid frogposter

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only because you bullied me into doing so

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is this the meta thread for ic
why is anime-posting tolerated in this general? every single anime poster needs to be permanently banned and, going forward, all new anime posters need to be warned to stay on their disgusting containment board.

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Why color like that?

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Not quite papercraft tier, but where the paper has some involvement in the drawing.

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You can't really tell from the pic that I've got, but the flowers wer done on some heavy watercolor paper, the cut out and attached to another sheet of paper (some overlapping) with the drawing of the teeth. It gives them a little more depth. This pic doesn't really shiw it so well though, but it's the only one I've on me right now and I think this could be a neat thread.

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That is such a reddit picture

>> No.4207219

I like that, I get what you mean and I can imagine it looks pretty sweet

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ITT post examples of soulless art

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even better, post an artist of those demographics that you think have soul

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>Can we gag on the dicks of all non poles please
>unzips dick

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No big anime tities no soul.

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burden of proof is on YOU, nigger faggot.

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Fuck off cumgobbler, I didn't argue for what you're sperging about. Read the post again.

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I've heard Wachowski brothers wrote the Matrix. Then I've heard that it was in fact some black woman that did.

Truth is, pic related was the basis of it all. Anyone read it?

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no one heard of this shit and lame

>> No.4206784

black ppl can't read or write

>> No.4206788

I know right. In ancient Aztec football, they cut the left nut of the losing team leader to make new football ballz because black people have big ballz.

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>I've heard Wachowski brothers wrote the Matrix.

Dr Who had the Matrix in 1976. (The Deadly Assassin.)

>> No.4206854

Let this thread die anon. It should be on /lit/

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I wanted to get intuos this black friday (2 years of experience drawing with pencil)
but then some fags told me that mechanical skills attained using cintiq are transferable to traditional media while the ones attained using a screenless tablet are not.

I don't want to get cucked after getting good on a intuous only to find out I cant draw for shit with a pencil..
(and I thought intuous would be great because I wouldn't have cuck-neck posture from leaning over a cintiq)
I hate this shit, all I do is research shitty youtube videos of ipad vs intuos vs cintiq all day
I just wanna draw

I also don't wanna buy cheap shit that I will feel like second tier fag and have 0 motivation to draw

I mean should i just buy ipad pro?
I found out that some big dicks do in fact use intuous (sinix, marco bucci)

what to do?

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Cintiq are more precise: the ratio between your hand stroke and what you see is 1:1, while with screenless tablets is different.

Because tablets aren't as big as your screen, this means that surface of the tablet can't cover the whole surface of the monitor 1:1. So what happens is that by default your hand strokes are smaller than what you actually see on screen, hence drawing feels different and more difficult (to match how you draw with pencil you have to draw smaller).

But wacom have an option called "precision mode". You can limit the active area on your monitor to match the actual size of the tablet. Now the only problem is the actual size of the tablet, the big ones are still basically a4. It's ok most of the time, but if you draw bigger with the shoulder like some artists do during life drawing sessions you may not be able to replicate the same movements.

Keep in mind: I'm just explaining why with a tablet you will draw slightly different.

Tons of artists use tablets, you can do art with them just fine. They're just a little different from traditional media and cintiqs, you're not wasting time if you use them.

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I have been burnt countless of time before by going for cheap shit and then buying the real shit afterwards on top of it, ending up paying even more. I don't want to waste my time and money.
I gave myself time to see if I actually like to draw (2 years) before I even decided to buy a tablet and then I buy it on black friday so I might as well buy something good than mess with shit and waste my time

>> No.4206776

then whats the thread for... youve already decided.

>> No.4210149

A Cintiq can be used like a regular drawing tablet. You can have the Cintiq screen off, but still use the Cintiq to draw, while you're looking up at a computer monitor or HDTV. That's a specific setting. Most people probably have only a Cintiq as their screen, or a Cintiq with the screen on and a second monitor that's displaying something else.

I'd check the online pdf manual before you buy to make sure it can do that, though.

>> No.4210173

I bought the Cintiq and it's helped me enormously. Just being able to look at what I'm doing and placing my hand immediately where it needs to be placed has been a godsend.

My neck does hurt a bit after some time using the Cintiq, BUT you can buy stands for it that attach at the back. I just haven't gotten around to doing that.

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Am I missing something? The latest meme I'm seeing everywhere, can someone please explain what happened?

>> No.4206731

seething cope

>> No.4206732

The next gen after gen z will blame millenials, and the gen after that will blame gen z.
Baby boomers were once the gen z of their time too, how history repeats itself.

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How do I get over the fact that I didn't start learning to draw as a child and now I'm decades behind everyone else?

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Van Gogh was a horrible artist though. His work is only praised because of his tragic backstory, not because it has any artistic value.

>> No.4207049

Just get it out of your head that you will become a master that people will look up to before you are an old man with gray or no hair(or never at all).

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Quoted By: >>4207092

This. The hack couldn't even render realistically from imagination and never understood composition

>> No.4207058

if you have a few hours to spare everyday there's literally nothing stopping you from achieving pro level in 2-4 years

>> No.4207092

holy fucking cringe

these are some absolute moronic ignorant opinions

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Quoted By: >>4208114


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kek my sides

>> No.4208114

I need that "I heart computer art" hoodie.

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Remember this very boomer and his rant about how digital art is worse than Hitler.

>> No.4208736

Old artists are really stubborn. That's how we instantly went from beautiful hand drawn illustrations to really bad digital art we affectionately call vaporwave now. The only people willing to experiment with new mediums are young people that don't care about artistic sensibilities.

>> No.4208771

u guys are brain dead

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i want to sketch a face from a photography which im projecting on a canvas.

how difficult is this to do?

any clues for searching a tutorial?

>> No.4206620

>how difficult is this to do?
not sure what you mean. the drawing of a face? you drawn faces before?

>> No.4206621

So... literally tracing? You need a tutorial to trace?

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any tips on tackling this issue?

Whenever i see someone elses sketchbook, i see loose but great sketches of people/characters just standing in dynamic poses doing or expressing something.

I grinded so hard the past years to become good in figure drawing, painting, composition and stuff, the more time i spend on getting better the less time i focused on creating something.

I feel like i became dull and soulless, i know it's a meme around here, i really feel like i hit bottom in that regard.

At first when i started out, i've been fearless, i drew just everything, it turned out shit obviously because i knew nothing. then i became frustrated and thought IT IS IN ME, but my lack of skills is holding me back.

Now i think i got a set of skills to work with but now i lost my inner artist voice or something.

Just to add what i would love to do: I prefer real-life stuff over fantasy, not abandoning fantasy stuff, but it's not as interesting to me right now..

Would love to read your thoughts about this, thanks.

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Start a comic / webcomic!

You'll have one story, but tons and tons of stuff to draw. You'll do character designs, set designs, prop designs, and storyboards. The only ideas you have to come up with are expanding on your initial story, which is really easy to do.

You'll fall in love with your characters and your worlds and that's all you'll ever want to do, every minute of the day.

If you publish it online, you might even make some side money.

>> No.4207869

Samme issue here, i'm fucking so tired of just picking up Pinterest and draw from random photos i found.

>> No.4207917

a sketchbook is supposed to be a dumping ground for ideas. but sometimes we dont have ideas.
some would say having an idea isnt correct. nobody really knows what they want until they put together thoughts to come up with something.
so thats probably what we have to do. proko podcast a few episodes back had that thing on picking an uncommon thing from 3 subjects and trying to come up with a way to work them together. that seems like a good starting point. >>4207839 seems another way to do it.

>> No.4207969

draw what you want to see

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You see 10000000 different artists in just 10 minutes and your brain thinks they're all the same person.

Not literally, but it makes you think everyone has this "collective" skill/creativity and that gets reinforced every time a new artist makes something you like. When you see something uncreative, your brain just doesn't even register it. Confirmation bias. Truth is most of those artists are very repetitive, and truly creative ones are a minority.

Not everyone is built to deal with unlimited inspiration positively. The reason religion exists and dominated for so long is because sheer freedom would bring chaos to the lives of a lot of people, even if it'd be liberating to others.
A little bit of mental constraints - in your case, not comparing yourself with the entire world and thinking in smaller scopes - could do you some good.

But here's an important question: Do you actually ATTEMPT to draw?
Many times I have no ideas (or just something bad) in my mind. As soon as I start sketching some thumbnails, those ideas start to transform and gain elements, sometimes they're even clever.

Inktober had absolutely abhorrent themes - I hated every single one of them and always felt rather uninspired beforehand, postponing sketching ideas the longest I could.
Yet, out of 28 drawings I did following the prompts, in the end I enjoyed:
- 21 ideas;
- 21 drawings (execution);
- 19 both idea and execution

I always have this problem of considering myself creative in a general sense, but getting a lot of self-doubt when it's time to execute a specific idea. Yet this is all my brain being a coward, pain-avoiding retard. My Inktober results show 2 out of 3 times (19/28) I'll like my own results.

As a last topic, do NOT get attached to your drawing before you've put enough time into it. What you're currently doing doesn't have to be "the one". Iterate QUICKLY to avoid calcification, learn that mistakes are useful in that they give hints to you of what you actually want.

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Quoted By: >>4206782 >>4206787

how to draw appealing hair like Rei and others?

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is that hair made of latex ?

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Her hair looks like an apple.

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Quoted By: >>4206918 >>4206939

the thread is about how to draw appealing hair, not the ironic OP pic being the subject of appeal.

In other words the thread is still waiting for your Soulful contributions to this topic lowIQ-kun

>> No.4206918

> Posting "ironic" picture, asking for real answer.
Are you reatard? Are you OP?
My big brain 420 answer: "Just draw"

>> No.4206939

Asking lowIQ person for Soulful tips. Kek
Do you look in the mirror Anon, and when you do, do you see an ape?

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Any tips or methods for improving your mind's eye?
I can draw from life plenty well but can't transfer those skills to drawing from imagination because I'm borderline aphantasic. If I REALLY focus I can at most get a momentary "flash" of an image in my head but it quickly fades from focus and I lose it.
I figure there must be some way to train this but all Google gives me is business lifehacks.

Pic unrelated.

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Quoted By: >>4210292

Mind explaining or you’re an example of a sexual assault survivor

>> No.4210292

it's a /x/ meme

>> No.4210311

Only coom to things you draw. Eventually you’ll improve so you can get better cooms. You’ll be hyper focused and blue balled as you eagerly draw something good. Your coomer lizard brain will make you draw like never before.

>> No.4210384

People aren't recommending to make a tulpa, but to look up the visualization guides they have. Pretty sad when you have to get help from a tulpa community for something as important to art as visualization

>> No.4210389
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>good at drawing from life
The next step is drawing that same subject but from an angle you don't have a reference for.

If you can rotate things you already know how they're supposed to look like, it'll become easier to train your imagination.

Other than that, watch this

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Quoted By: >>4206758

Instructions: Improve, extend drawing, or continue the comic in any way you like.

If a cross post occurs, any artist may combine/reconcile the results in any way you like.

>> No.4206758
Quoted By: >>4206791 >>4206809


You're gonna have to be a little more clear than that, I have no idea what one is supposed to do.

>> No.4206791
File: 904KiB, 2224x1668, Untitled_Artwork-1.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.4206809


Each person adds on to what the previous has done. You can improve the drawing, or add another panel.

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File: 318KiB, 1607x1604, RenderedImage.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

File: 135KiB, 1220x1480, 4C3BD064-3A35-42E4-9298-63554B09A1AA.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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So I don’t know whether this belongs here, but I want to sell my art because I’ve got to a tough financial spot.
I’ve decided to use Fiverr as a platform for that. I’d be forever grateful if you could criticize my Fiverr account and the Gigs I offer (prize, pics I use, descriptions, etc. or maybe give me tips about my art specifically or recommend a better platform) and hopefully give me helpful tips that could make people more attracted to buying my art

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>> No.4206936
Quoted By: >>4206981

Oh, okay, I’ll look into that then! Thank you :)
Protože získávání práce v ?echách je docela bullshit, takže si chci mezitím p?ivyd?lávat n??ím mimo

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File: 109KiB, 1220x1480, ED2DA1CF-34EE-4972-AAD8-4369E19AB1B4.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Ok so I changed the pricing on two of my gigs, I’m afraid to go any higher because it could possibly turn away potential future customers...?

>> No.4206972

krtek ahoj to se ne vrati

>> No.4206981
Quoted By: >>4206988

to musis mit spatnou profese, ja si mohu hledat praci vsude

>> No.4206988

U m? je to spojení bad luck a zatím nedod?lané školy

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Quoted By: >>4206720 >>4206722

Where were you when artists were replaced by AI?

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Quoted By: >>4207651 >>4207741

That seems like a funny idea for a comedy cartoon. Where everything is animated except the protag's face where it's just the VA's face superimposed on the cartoon.

>> No.4206722


>> No.4207651

I just dtole your idea, you can do nothing legal about it, see you in 2025

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Search "synchro-vox". They didn't want to spend money on animation so they put face still and superimposed the IRL VA talking on top of it.

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I know this is basic stuff but can anyone explain to me how to approach doing an under-drawing? Do I just do the drawing as normal but not care about how the lines look messy and do no cleaning up?

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>> No.4207325
Quoted By: >>4207418


>> No.4207418


>> No.4207528

The underdrawing is what you draw first, you clean it up after when you're doing the lineart. Some people have messier, sketchier looking lineart than other people. People who have drawn for years may not need to do an underdrawing. Other people use very light pressure when they draw so they go back over a given line many times to darken it and define the forms better. In person it doesn't necessarily look very messy but when scanned and blown up these details look more apparent. My sketches look much messier once scanned, for instance, because I like using short, overlapping strokes.

>> No.4207701

Just draw

>> No.4208136

Your so fucking stupid jesus just quite while your ahead.

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