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I'm probably making a thread that isnt allowed or something but I just really need to ask. How can I become more creative? I like to draw, its fun but I can almost never think of something to draw. I have been doing anatomy studies seriously for only about 2 months now, but I drew a lot before that. Even knowing basic construction and anatomy and stuff I still have trouble just... imagining things. Like a pose to draw, or a fun/cute design for a character? Are there any good creative exercises I could do? I do have a few ideas but I can't... bring them to life at all. Like the perspective or the actual anatomy, I just cant see it in my head, Most my drawings are referenced from someone else's as far as poses go and I feel like I cant create anything new. I have this one idea where someone opens a locker and its just stuffed to the brim with like lovenotes and junk and it comes spilling out but I cant even get that right. I understand Im VERY new to doing art seriously but I really want to create something that is all my own.

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HAHAHHA what the fuck is this post trying to accomplish? Did you think at all before pressing submit?

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this niggas head looks like its about to explode

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All of them. Every single finger is fucked up on both hands. Just draw hands on a separate page or file.

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so, I'm still trying to work on painting with the hard round. This time I watched one or two vidyas.
Is this how it's supposed to work?
(I didn't work on the sketch that much this time because I wanted to focus on the painting, but please point out any structural issues)

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Crab battle

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LOL. I dunno why that caught me so off guard

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There are so many artists trying to do a cool and different method that classical straight forward use what's comfortable and good makes you stand out.
Besides, art is not about the way, it's about the final results, with familiar tools you can an infinity of different things.

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Do you a blog or contact info?

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how would i improve my rendering?

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Show me moar of wut u got; have a blog?

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Quoted By: >>4215476

>I'm not aiming for anything but amusing myself
Why don't you play a video game ?

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which ones

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The fingers.

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i swear i'm not trying to be dense, but a pro could find cases where that, or any other 3d software can provide useful reference. the problem is that as a beginner you can't, until you experiment and fail hundreds of times. no shame in doing that

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Hi illustrat. I appreciate the meme response at least.

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Many thanks! Just the critique I needed!

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hair value is too bright, considering how dark the whites of his eyes are the hair should be closer to that shouldnt it

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I mean the method of working. An unusual method that no one else uses. Like only ever using free Ikea pencils for all my art for example. I gave the example of GRRM who types his books on MS-DOS, but you wouldn't be able to tell just from reading the text. It's the method of creation

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ay dios mio

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put some more effort in

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anybody see anything I should fix before going forward?

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When you say method,do you mean style?

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