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/ic/ - Artwork/Critique

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So basically my goal is to recreate Raphaels School of athens but with all the 4chan boards interacting in one picture.

So far I just have yostuba, moot and /a/

If you frequent any boards and can think of an idea on how to best represent that board or how it might interact in an interesting way with another board please let me know

or if you want to submit a design for a board be my guest but in the end i'm comitting to doing this entire picture myself, i just don't frequent every board and don't want to do a generic chef for /ck/ and so on

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at least try to use their real body types. yotsuba looks weird

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This booru should have art of every board-tan as well as a few pics with alternative designs.

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I never realized that the center of the biggest arch is slight off center which in turns makes the whole perspective of the upper part slighty wonky

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/int/ should definitely be Averroes, as the board's population is almost entirely brown. I'm not sure whether /pol/ or [s4s] is more deserving of being Diogenes, but one of them needs to be the fucking loser alone in the middle. /pol/ would make more sense given the cynicism but [s4s] fits the theme of living in a pipe.

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nope. look at where the arches starts, the picture itself is tilted

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r9k is diogenes
alcibiades should either be /pol/ or /fa/ tho
the sculptures could represent 2chan in some way maybe

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Make /bant/ the leafgirl.

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Just make them all variations on wojack & pepe, that would be a more accurate representation of modern 4chan

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/tg/ should be a wizard.

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steve jobs should represent /g/

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Whats /ic/?
crab chan?

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Or a Space Marine. Or a Dorf. Hell, if you wanted to pretend they were still relevant, you could even draw an Angry Marine or Cultist Chan.

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Gross misrepresentation iToddler. This.

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