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shut the fuck up stan

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Finally somebody says it. I love when Marshall does a monologue and then fucking Proko has to come in with his low IQ interventions to be funny.

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The most recent episode about kids felt like a refreshing break from the normal "anyone can accomplish anything!" blind optimism.
"I'm a 50 year old blind single mother of four who works 60 hour weeks making minimum wage and I've never drawn before, can I make it as a professional artist."
No. No you can't.

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I unironicly watch that podcast just to hear Marshall. Dude is fuckin great.

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You say that as if this wasn't true for most people who listen to it.

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Sorry I made the foolish assumption someone watches this for proko.

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Marshall has such a smooth, silky voice. Its like listening to ASMR.

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Marshall is wise, Proko sounds like a soiboy

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Because he is a soiiiboy

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Always funny seeing some 4chan virgins who will never know the feel of a vagina call others "soiboy".

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Yes, I was pleasantly surprised by it. You can say a lot of things about Proko but he's definitely not woke.

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Okay proko

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Both Marshall and Proko are fucking /beg/ tier artists

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Says the faggot who loves anime

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hello proko marketing team.

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no talking only drawing

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please hire me

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I used to think Marshall was a hack who couldn't amount to anything so he teaches perspective and other boring shit.

Boy was I wrong, this is a man's man. He does make Proko look like boy in comparison.

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Proko is Marshall's apprentice.

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Does anyone else find it a bit weird when Proko keep saysing that Jeff Watts is one of the greatests draftsmen in our time? Or of all time even, I don't recall exactly how he phrased it. He aint bad but he's not THAT good.

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I think he’s kind of pretentious and smug but Watts’ videos are pretty informative.

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>marrying a flip
ok proko

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I have an important question.

Marshall was talking about how he "gave some draftsmanship" to his nephew's (or whatever) monster creations.

Are these pics drawn by his nephew or by Marshall?
I am really scared about finding out the answer.

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uh, the handwriting looks adult. the drawing on the right is consistent wirh marshall's actual style, picrel. maybe he drew on top on the kid's doodle? i dont know.

i have artistic heebie jeebies about proko and marshall, i just stay away from this channel. proko does studies only and marshall's artwork is really weird and unrelatable. i dont have anything against them andi m not hating, i just personally find them to be very uninteresting compared to other known artists

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*smugly* why not just take a photograph?

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Yeah I did a double take when I saw that but hey it's better than the proko fetus I guess

Best to just take most of their advice with a grain of salt

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Marshall enjoys these weird Mad magazine type of drawing
He isn't as insecure to only show the nicest thing he drew ever

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Proko is known to be garbage, this has been covered in many threads.
I'm not a huge fan of Marshall's art either but at least he tries so that puts him way ahead of Proko.

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How's your chicken scratches, granpa?

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this is pretty fun to look at. i want to try more pencil rendering but i dont have any of those thin eraser pens that seem to be very useful for the style.

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you can buy a kneaded eraser and shape it pointy with your fingers

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An eraser can be a useful tool but you don't need an eraser to render like that. Just be very slow and patient and build up values gradually where you want them and you can accomplish anything you want with just a pencil.

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i suppose that would work. the ones i saw used for grass effects for example were as thin as a mechanical pencil though, seemed much more precise.

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tru, they are more precise and more comfortable to use, just wanted to propose something cheaper/more available

i bough a pen eraser that i can sharpen and it has a brush on the other end to swipe off the eraser-thingies (sorry english hard), maybe this would be cheaper?

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ill keep an eye out, thanks.
would you recommend mars blacks for values, or just a regular pencil set?

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Honeslty I haven't found a satisfactory way yet of getting to pure black values in pencil drawings. I don't like using charcoal enough to draw entirely in it and charcoal and graphite don't mix very well. All the "carbon" pencils I've tried are basically just charcoal. I've heard good reviews about the lumograph black pencils but I haven't tried them myself yet.

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powdered graphite. darkest you can find.
or grind your own.
there are ways to apply it with water. just can't be erased. gets into the paper very well.

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right is marshall, definitely

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I'd be willing to try it, but wouldn't powdered graphite applied that way clearly have a different texture and stand out a lot from graphite applied with normal pencil strokes?

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Carbon pencil is very different from charcoal, you probably tried the wrong ones. I used "Wolff's Carbon" from the UK, but there are probably other good ones out there.

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hes so ukrainian.

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why cant you miserable faggots enjoy anything without trying to ruin it for everyone. god i hate this place sometimes. go outside, talk to people



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Dude we are just making jokes, calm down ffs.

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no there are brainlets who hate proko because hes popular and they shit up the board with constant eceleb threads. go draw you faggots

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its not without precedent.
penn and teller
adam and jamie

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wow some other pepole have hated each other in human history very concrete evidence

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you can just tell marshell wants to gouge prokos eyes out. its pretty obvious tbf. watch his body language. i was trained with a three letter agency, i can pick up on these things.

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bro ive watched every Charisma on Command and Body Language Drama video there is and i can tell with CERTAINTY that Proko wants to sniff Marshall's bare feet.

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i can see that. definitely.

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>the dissapointment in proko's face that time marshall said he would come in wearing boots but they turned out to not be thigh high latex boots

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Nah no one believes this. if anything Marshall fucks prokos wife while he watches

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>this man had sex
>this man got a wife and a kid

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Second drawing from imagination stream when?

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is really that hard to have sex for you? jus gieve her your dick

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Penn and Teller hates each other?

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No, but they aren't exactly friends. They have a strictly business relationship and don't socialize in private from what I know but this is probably a good thing. I've worked with my then best friend as my boss on a production and it almost ended our friendship.

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never ever ever

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with the water it might.
i haven't tried it.
you can just rub the powder into the paper.
stump/finger. piece of cotton. an old t-shirt.

people that do photo realism do this for dark backrounds or anywhere where there will be a lot of black.

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>best friend
>as my boss
found the problem. When working with friends, its best to work as equals, or respect each others skill.

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he just had a story this episode about being mistaken for Ukrainian kek

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>found the problem. When working with friends, its best to work as equals, or respect each others skill.

Yes, that was precisely it. The shift in power dynamics bled into our social hours as well.

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