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Her art isn’t even that good! Her, HG-The-Hamster, and Waver92 (Bowser2Queen too kinda) seem really stuck up about someone’s art skills. It’s one thing if they rush and only want free art, but some people do try really hard just like them.

HG-The-Hamster acts like her art wasn’t that good. But once her art improved she has been acting VERY different.

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A thread died for this literally who.

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go draw, you useless tranny.

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Not your personal army yadda yadda rule 5 blah blah. Anon, why not worry about your skills? Have you even drawn today? How about you post what you're working on?

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Who gives a fuck what some cunt says on her deviantart.
Only a woman would make a thread like this.

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Hahahahaha! I’m not even human you idiots! And no I ain’t showing my art!

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