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How would anon design them?

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Of all the gen 8 designs the starters are probably the least offensive, especially when we got stuff like this

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Oh jesus

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The starters all look good and look cute but if they had a bigger body in comparison to their giant heads they would look a lot better.
What I really wish changed was the final evos because Sobble and Scorbunny had a lot of potential to look badass or have cool concepts like pic related.
What the absolute fuck?? That thing is hideous

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To be honest, the starters have pretty nice design IMO, all of them are cute and easily recognizable.

The evolutions on the other hand are a fucking disgrace and every fake pokemons I saw have been better than the real ones.

For example, just look at this water starter... I'd be pretty hyped up for the game if this was real.

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Wait that's real? I thought you made this as a joke.

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Big boobs, wide hips and thick thighs

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I think it’s cute, I don’t get the hate, there are way worse pokemon, even in the older gens. It does look a lot like Pecola though...

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dare I say based?

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So much wasted potential ugh I'm groaning

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Also why are all 3 starters and their evolutions pure types? This is so fucking lame.

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Those designs look straight outta gen 3. So good.

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Right? Impressive how fans can do better Pokémons than GameFreak now.

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though it's not really in the style of pokemon this is still my concept for what I wanted sobble to turn into ;-;

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This is so much better than a shitty greninja clone

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If you haven't done so watch NotMark's video on Pokemon's devolving designs


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I think you could have found a better video to address the subject, which is quite interesting.

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These are so much better than what they made. They're not even hiding the fact that they're catering to lgbt fur fags. Bara, shota, and trap designs. I don't want to pick a starter at all!

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When do I get my check, Mr Nintendo?

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Ok so what better video then? Please share.

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The thing about pokemon is that if you want the "good designs" back in the days of gen 1, you have to improve on the game itself. And even the first gameboy games were designed for kids in mind and they're really easy to play. Even the autism of raising 'the best pokemon' by 1000 hours of eggs, leveling up etc. is a simple task that requires no actual skill if you compare it to games like Devil May Cry or most action games which require you to learn things and react to sudden attacks.

Seeing this whole 'controversy' makes me think that people should just let it fucking go. The new gen of zoomer kids love fornite and cal arts teir designs because its natural immaturity; pokemon was a kids game at the start and there's nothing you can do about it and the creators can do whatever the fuck they want with their IPs- even if they ruin it to the ground its their fault and there's other good shit out there besides pokemon. Its fun to shit talk seeing your chlidhood IPs being ruined by reboots, have a laugh and move on; pokemonfags can't do this for some reason.

Gamefreak focus most of their time on making good marketing because pokemon dolls/merch shit out more money than the games; on top of that you have the mobile GO game and the new gatcha shit. There's no hope that they'll diverge from their fortnite-dancing kids and casual 'omfg im such a nerd i luv zelda ecks dee' fans. I didn't word it well, but I hope people get what I mean.
Or maybe trying to make sense of psychotic autism amplified by nostalgia is pointless.

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the water one looks actually amazing

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I dunno, as a pokemon fag I just try to think of how kid me would think of the new pokemon and enjoy them from that perspective. I go into it knowing that I won't be playing the most challenging game ever, but I have fun with the storyline, collecting the pokemon and battling my friends. If I want the classic experience I replay one of the old games. Things change and you gotta accept it, otherwise you start turning into a boomer mentally.

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That image is retarded, people have complained about new pokemon games since gen4 and the complains only became more and more valid.

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Even if I was a kid I'd think the designs are shitty. Because when I was a kid I thought that way.

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>>4199550 <- this

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My issue with the Pokemon games nowadays is that even if I were still a kid, I can't imagine myself enjoying X/Y or Sun/Moon when I grew up on games like Colosseum and Emerald as my firsts.

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This will be gen 9 or 10 at this rate

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Whos's the artist for that fakemon?

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I can smell the /vp/ autism.
Nobody is complaining about the games being the same shit, because we all love the gameplay and we don't want it to change. What we want is high quality games, not trash like SWSH.

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already knew about rocket bunny but that sobble final looks sweet

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Millenials who grew up with the game are the ones complaining, anon

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"SWSH is trash" in what ways?

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What even are the evos? I think I'm retarded because I can't find them

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There you go anon
For me : Grass > Water > Fire.

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god I wish I didn't ask

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That is pathetic, what a disaster

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Make them reflect my black, dead, heart as I contemplate my existence as someone who must make do without talent, the pure and beautiful.

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I know you were joking but that is literally the blue one's middle stage.

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