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Anyone know where I can buy cheap beige paper in large amounts?

Everything I'm seeing is just really expensive high quality sketch books. I'm just looking for something cheap that I can do a lot of sketching on that is some kind of beige color that I can use white on.

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Packages from amazon have tons of brown packing paper in it.

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buy them in rolls, its more expensive initially but better value, and you can cut to size^^

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hmm, weird, where i live you can buy some paper sheets binded together for like 0.60$ (i dont live in the us). we call it "grey" paper but the color is beige. the paper quality is of course not amazing but it makes for a very nice sketchbook.

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forgot pic. they also come in a4 and a3.

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white paper.
tie dye.. dye. paint it on, let er' dry.
can also boil water add dye and soak plastic in it. popular with RC car enthusiasts who customize rims/spoilers to match custom paint jobs.

if you don't mind brown paper you can that at home depot in a 1,000ft roll for under a $100.
12/18/24/36 inch x 1000ft

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Do what Turner used to do, and cover it in a watercolour wash?

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try to see if you have a small press somewhere in your city, you might grab large amounts of paper for cheap

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try looking for postal wrapping paper, usually in stock at art supply places or moving/packaging places. a 75 foot roll is only a few bucks

not beige but you get the idea

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This is a good option. The color of the paper is a little lighter than what you see on the page. The image is just to see how the whites stand out. With the paper in front, the contrast is much greater.

1 - FC PITT artist pen
2 - Lyra Rembrant pastel pencil
3 - FC PITT pastel pencil
4 - Derwent tinted charcoal

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you can always buy some cheap printer paper and some cheap acrylic brown, mix some with water on a plate, wash papers in it and hang them dry

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baking paper is sometimes that color, idk though

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>almost 1 dollar a sheet

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