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Should I familiarize myself thoroughly with perspective before I begin with Proko?

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You can't. You won't.
Understand the basics and then go for Proko.

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No, infact he goes over that, i took a perspective video course, and came to the same conclusion as proko, just draw as many random objects from real life as you can, and then learn theory, your hand will better match lecture AFTER practice!

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You can't learn art linearly. Just study what you feel like.

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you should familiarize yourself with perspective to get into drawing, period
(i wont say "before" you get into drawing because intuition and experimenting is the most important part of your learning process, dont withhold drawing until you understand perspective or any other fundamental, like anon above said - its not linear).
look for the drawing from imagination guide posted here yesterday it had a paragraph on the importance of perspective in character drawings

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This is the best advice

"Just Draw" isn't a meme. Draw, get frustrated when it doesn't turn out how you want, channel that into problem solving and learning, do some practice then Just Draw again complete with your new cool skill, until you encounter the next plateau, and the cycle starts again. This is how you grow, its the fastest way to level up, stay humble and acknowledge your flaws, and actually test yourself.

If you want to get really good at anatomy and perspective really fast, open a sketchbook. With zero reference, draw a human at an odd angle. That's your measuring point from which you will be able to see just how much you know, and how far you have to go. It is humbling

To use a really ridiculous analogy, it's like taking a professional career soldier, who's been in various allegiances and mercenary groups, experienced all kinds of conflict and fronts across the world has lost friends etc, and taking a nerd who watches war films and studies textbooks and call of duty, and asking them to explain what it's like to be in a battle. Even if the nerd can perfectly recount the historical sequence of a battle and list all the tropes, which in itself is impressive and valuable, all ears will be on the dog of war for his insight. Experience and originality will always be more compelling and worthwhile than academia and theory.

However, romance often beats both. Rousseau never saw the jungle.

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