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Pen on paper
I make these while I'm in class
please critique

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You can't be serious.

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the classmate next to you who gives compliments is just making sure that you wont shoot them when the time comes

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not even /beg/ worthy
get off 4chan and pay attention to your lectures, you reek of underage

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HAHAHAHA, oh wow

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I love it.

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Post more anon

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Actaully really cool, has a a sort of balance to it even though its asymmetric.

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Don't know why this is getting so much hate, it looks pretty cool and unique.

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I call it Bold and Brash

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What am I look at other than blue ink on lined paper?

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because literally everyone has done this shit

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This time the word "literally" is actually fitting. I bet most people that don't even draw have done this.

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The second one is interesting. They’re doodles though, there isn’t really much to critique.

If you’re asking how to improve, read the stickied post, and put some time into learning the fundamentals.

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so what?

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If he's an abstract artist then reading Loomis won't help much. The sticky fundamentals are aimed at figurative artists who want to draw humans (most people here), not abstract/conceptual artists.

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The second image is an abstracted figure. OP improving their drawing skills would result in a better finished piece. Your goal doesn’t have to be hyper-realism to focus on the fundamentals.

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this is something i would make when high at school when 16.
anyway i'm high right now and even something simple like OP drawing seems like a masterpiece.

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on a classical painting, what are you looking at other than pigment on a canvas?
think about that high quality reply you made or zoom in you low Res fuck

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a little different, since I tried working with different coloured pens here

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