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thats not how foreshortening works, fist should be significantly bigger than forearm. also chode torso

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holy yikers

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>he thinks he knows better than the NEW MASTER himself

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i love huston's art. hes one of the few "new masters" whose work i actually recognize.

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not everything works with anime perspective nigga

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he could probably beat the shit out of you irl though

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Steve is kinda cute.

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Steven's men look pretty hot. Those muscles and body types are perfect.

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A more serious answer is that, it depends on the perspective
I forget the name, I think it's field-of-view, you can make an image with all the proportions being basically unchanging even as the arm reaches out to the view, or you can go the opposite and make the foreshortening really dramatic

As long as the foreshortened thing doesn't get SMALLER, and as long as the field of view is consistant across the whole image, you should be fine

Ignore the crabs, perspective is less intuitive than it seems, I spent years not knowing this too

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who is this
that drawing is beautiful

although it looks like a sexy version of Ian McKellen

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Steve "Art Daddy" Huston

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its not a matter of perspective lol, foreshortening has nothing to do with perspective, its about depth. its what ever is in succession, a limb foreshortened will appear as squished oval, and the hand being the last thing on there it will be the largest.

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I'd like to call you a retard but what I really want you to do is to compare OP and this example of foreshortening and figure something out. You can do it, I believe in you.

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>foreshortening has nothing to do with perspective


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What does foreshortening have to do with vanishing points and horizon lines, retard?

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Perspective isn't only about vanishing points and Horizon lines lmfao

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Its literally the same, what do u mean, wtf

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with what video course should I start?

I know how to draw boxes in perspective already and have decent line control over a short distance

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wow, everyone in this thread is stupid.
Including me

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constructive figure drawing

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Jesus Christ I hope you're just a troll

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vanishing points and horizon lines are a crutch to teach perspective

foreshortening is actual perspective

you are confusing the crutch with the actual field

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>>4199516 to add on this

when you say perspective, you are actually referring to the perspective you have on thing, where you stand when looking at something, where your point of view is, what are saying and what not

an object can be above your head, can be below your waist, can be far away, can be below your feet, can be behind another object. Looking at that object from those different scenarios is called perspective

a horizon lines is a human construct, a line drawn at the eye level, to show which objects are below your point of view and which are above. Size and distance are information extracted from a combination of proportions of elements of said object, as well as proportions with other objects relatively (to your point of view) close

vanishing points are used to show distance

therefore, both vanishing points and horizon line are used to show where you stay relative to the viewed objects, but at the end of the day they are a human contruct

foreshortening is literally an object obscuring a part of another object, or an element of an object obscuring other parts of the same object

in conclusion, foreshortening is actual perspective, vanishing points and horizon line are crutches, and imho, any teacher which starts with those 2 when teaching perspective is doing a bad job

their are crutches which should be used at the intermediary stages. First learn do draw without them, to get an idea of how objects really are, then start using them to check yourself on how good your perspective is, then once you corrected your mistakes drop the crutches

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what are seeing* and what not

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anybody who jumps onto horizon lines and vanishing points are getting ahead of themself. They see thats what gets most learning results (because its the stage you are correcting at), so they drop anything, why should they do anything else since its not as efficient at teaching? Right?

Wrong. You cant correct what youve learning if theres nothing to correct.

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the drawing it's from this course


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Don't forget it's probably slightly disorder from photoshop plus his arm isn't finished. Your a mongoloid

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his art looks too right wing. why does everyone look like some muscular construction worker from the 30s?

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you're an idiot.

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Fuck you who the hell wants to draw some disgusting obeses lady's fuck you poo poo

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>proves his low testosterone and feels for the obvious troll

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Yea I guess some people prefer furry trash on devient art

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Source for that anime girl?

Looks like a tutorial, and I want my anime girls thicc.

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Source on that anon?

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>its not a matter of perspective lol, foreshortening has nothing to do with perspective

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>vanishing points and horizon lines are a crutch to teach perspective
>foreshortening is actual perspective
>you are confusing the crutch with the actual field
"real" perspective is way too complex to be taught as it is, linear perspective is a simplification of it, but its close enough, foreshortening and linear perspective are literally the same thing, converging lines in relation to a horizon due to the diminution through distance

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jesus christ i hate this board

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perspective is a meme

just draw

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I wish Steve was my dad

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