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What should I expect in ochem 2? Im in ochem 1 rn and I think I'll be able to finish with an A. Is second semester a lot harder? What topics are covered?

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After extensive research I've confirmed this board has no glowie presence like I thought. But instead it is 70% trolls and 30% idiots.

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>paranoid schizophrenia.jpg
at least he is self-aware

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Thanks for taking the time to reply to my thread.

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educated fags will do the shilling without being told to do so anon

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Something familiar about that post.

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your girlfriend doesn't exist

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What is the scientific reason that some people have annoying faces?

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What is the scientific reason that /pol/itards post their idiocy at /sci/ ??

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you detect fake confidence and ill intentions

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Is studying to be a trauma surgeon a safe career path or am I going to lose my job to a robot?

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That has all physicians and all surgeons under the same category. There's a big difference between replacing a general practitioner with AI vs replacing a trauma surgeon with AI

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It is likely safe. The robot will be a tool only used by expert surgeon operators.

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>robot trauma surgeon
Perhaps some time in the future, but not likely soon.

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I want to start learning geometry. What are the best books to learn it?

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A friend gave me a copy of Euclid's Elements and that shit is thousands of pages. About ten fucking pounds of solid book. I'd be willing to bet nobody suggesting it here has read more than a handful of pages, because I got it for free and have a degree in physics and couldn't be assed to do that. It would take at least a year of consistent, dedicated study to get through the whole thing and I highly doubt you would truly learn more than somebody who used contemporary math textbooks like a non-autist.

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>he's not an autist
Never gonna make it

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>contemporary textbooks

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Not gonna lie, I'm Greek and the Greek textbook I had for Euclidean Geometry in year 11 (16 year old students) was absolutely brilliant, good explanations and good problems. Highly recommended.
Unfortunately it's in Greek, so... yeah

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Did you only study shapes that could be drawn with a compass and straight edge, leaving out anything related to conics?

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How hard am I going to die with ochem and physics 2 next semester bros?

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it looks like he is so far making it. you think that your AP Calc classes were difficult?

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>trusting the braindead education of high school for calc 2

My friends told me calc 2 in hs was an utter joke, did nothing for them and they zucked at calc 3 in college

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You a chem major anon?

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OP here, I got A's in calc 1 and 2 but am having a far more difficult time in linear algebra

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Biological engineering, chemistry dual major

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>be me
>engineering retard trying to understand convolution
>trying to grasp a decent intuition
>find a stackexchange answer
>think to myself how bad this answer is and how it didnt answer anything
>scroll down
>someone says "to elaborate on what terrance tao said"
>start sweating
>scroll back up
>the answer i called retarded was terrance fucking taos
>Terrance basically just says he "understood" what convolution was in grad school by settling for a tenuous, declarative description
what hope do i even have? how am i supposed to fucking understand anything? am i supposed to just use tools like a monkey without understanding them?

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genuinely dont understand*

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Convolution in 1d with a "small" filter:
Imagine you have an array of numbers. Every number is replaced with a new number computed from the numbers that are "close by" in the array. Specifically it's computed as a linear combination of them. The same linear combination is used at all positions of the array.

Convolution in 2d with a "small" filter
Now instead of just a few numbers before and after, you take a whole rectangle around your number. Again you weight the numbers together according to a fixed set of weights.

Convolution can be seen as multiplication in fourierspace (frequency space)

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>i don't think trying to 'understand' something far beyond what is immediately necessary is very helpful,
so when i ask a question its appropriate to give a complete non-answer anecdote that doesnt explain the thing at all

convolution is used in all of signal processing period, when i use it im not trying to "blur" a function as a means to an end, i'm using it to find the output of an LTI system given the input and impulse response. blurring isnt even relevant here, it's just a weird interpretation of the result of the output

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You can use it for other stuff too! Like sharpening, edge detection, spot detection.

They are of course used in "convolutional neural networks"

You can even use convolution to multiply numbers!

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I wouldn't overrate Tao's undergrad ideas (or his current ideas, for that matter).
At the same time, using some rough physical intuition to understand math isn't an exotic idea either, so I don't get your story, really.

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Hi guys I'm spongebob squarepants ama

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Best thread on /sci/

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nwyayayayayayayahhahahahahaha! THank you patrcicksia!
*catches a jellyfish*
*sets it free*

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Not science or math.

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Hello guys.Today i got my first calculator.How does math explains that something is happening "randomly"

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I just read that Escitalopram changes your brain structure like it makes the parts more connected and I'm wondering if that can be good or useful or fun outside of the basic depression treatment. Like help you think more broadly, or make your senses more connected and active

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some magazine

define "recrational".

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If you take it for any reason other than treatment of a mental disorder you'll be disappointed.

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how's the "changes your brain structure" felt then

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>some magazine
It shows. Sounds like what you believe based on "some magazine" is complete bullshit FYI.
>Escitalopram Decreases Cross-Regional Functional Connectivity within the Default-Mode Network

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You mean in the immediate term? Fuzzy-headedness, usually. You can pretty much rule out any common antidepressant having non-medical uses, if they were in any way fun then depressives would abuse the shit out of them.

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hey /sci/, i got a whole year free because i fucked up and now i want to put this time in good use. I'm really interested in programming but idk where should i start from. (Kinda noob in c).
p.s. pls recommend something noob friendly

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He didn't ask to learn a language to work with it, and you want to advise a hobbyst not to learn a language because modern shops don't use it. It doesn't make sense does it?
You also used the fallacy of trying to show superiority because of experience, which proves nothing, sorry about that OP, please don't mind someone that arrogant and keep studying :)

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i mean, i'm not trying to learn programming as a hobby, i'm still quite unsure about my futue so i'm trying to learn as much as possible before my parents eventually kick me out, so in conclusion i do plan to become a programmer someday

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Name one use case for mixing C and python that anyone but a dipshit would actually implement

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>Name one use case
Python’s interpreter

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Well /sci/? Who was in the right here?


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order of operations
bracket goes first
then divide
then multiply

>> No.11143716

Wrong multiplers and division are equal and determined left to right in this notation

>> No.11143724

>adding implied multiplication sign
>simplifying brackets
>expanding brackets
>division and multiplication have the same priority, so we do them left to right in sequence

>> No.11143735

I don't understand how normies can spend hours on end having an argument that's just
>THIS is the order of operations
>NO THIS is the order operations
>return to line 2

>> No.11143738

>Who was in the right here?
I don't know, but who ever started the "le ambiguous order of operations" meme is definitely in the wrong.

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Hi guys so today in class my psychology professor told me girls can have penises too, wtf? Is this true?

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>"Gender" is unique to psychology
Get a load of this guy
>He thinks posting a photo of Wittgenstein makes his opinion seem stronger
I bet you never even read him, you moron

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we need to go back to the basics. the world went crazy because we left the foundation of science and started doing crazy science.
there are many fields where literal retards can excel and those fields only produce garbage. but it doesn't matter because
> titles
> certificates
> papers
> I assure you, I'm doing smart stuff!
world has certain mechanisms to fix itself and humanity has mechanisms to fix itself. but it won't be pretty

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>Hi guys so today in class my psychology professor told me
/sci/ - Science & Math
>/sci/ - Science & Math
/sci/ - Science & Math

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40 percent of trannies commit suicide

>> No.11143711

It's because society treats them shitty. Same reason as the higher white male suicide rate.

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Doing a comp sci degree at my uni but the path is going to take forever and plan to do a coding bootcamp while I only take 1-2 classes online.
Was thinking maybe lambda school, but also looking into app academy, hack reactor, and maybe general assembly.

Which ones are the best, have you taken one?

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I have high blood pressure and just want to start running more and dieting better. But i was prescribed Adderall and they gave me clonidine too since Adderall increases blood pressure. I am worried i will make my body used to clonidine so when i get off it my bloos pressure will be shit. How does it work?

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Proof that public universities in the states are garbage. This was unironically taught to me

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gambler's crineacy

>> No.11143482

I know, modern science says that whether you are a boy or a girl has nothing to do with your chromosomes

>> No.11143483

with the way the question is stated, the odds would in fact be 2/3
the boy-girl paradox is all about how you obtained the information
did you randomly come to determine the gender of one of the two children? (e.g. you visited the family’s household and a girl answered the door)
or was the outcome of an event that relied on only one of the children being female positive? (e.g. you asked the father if he had at least one daughter, and he said yes, or you scoped the clearly menopausal mother purchasing tampons the other day)

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This shit is starting to spook me quite a bit.


>The Global Infrasound Acoustic Monitoring Network
>This system is comprised of 60 stations operating in 35 countries that monitor low-frequency pressure waves in the atmosphere. Although built for the purpose of detecting nuclear explosions in support of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, it reportedly also has the ability to detect and track bolides and other objects transiting the atmosphere. For example, US researchers have recently established that this system can monitor missile launches. There have long been rumors suggesting that environmental scientists participating in CIA’s experimental MEDEA program (an effort to determine if US intelligence systems could further the scientific understanding of climate change) detected anomalous objects entering earth’s atmosphere then maneuvering at high speeds.

>Although UAPs generally seem to lack exhaust plumes or strong heat signatures, there are numerous reports in the open source literature claiming that the SBIRs system has recorded unidentified objects that entered earth's atmosphere but, unlike meteors, then maneuvered or changed direction.

>Moreover, the deck logs of the USS Princeton for November 2004 are also strangely and inexplicably missing from the National Archives, raising the extraordinary possibility that some secretive USG component is working to conceal UAP incidents and information.

>Finally, if these are vehicles created by another species there is the wholly unprecedented challenge of seeking to study an intelligence greater than our own that apparently does not wish to communicate or be understood.

>Christopher Mellon

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Would /sci/ recommend a CS minor??

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>> No.11143512


>> No.11143513

No, learn to code on your own time.

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Why does Leibniz not get credit for inventing computer science?

>> No.11143457

Because if he was alive today he'd tell you to go to G for computer "Science"

>> No.11143458


because he's a cis gendered white male

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Leibniz was an ugly facecel in lederhosen, completely mogged in every respect by our own action-jawed anglo saxon chad

>> No.11143573

he does in my book... read "The Universal Computer: The Road from Leibniz to Turing"

>> No.11143625

I don't know what you're talking about. Boole and Leibniz are usually said to be the most fundamental in its development and Turing being a modern breakthrough or whatever you want to call it.

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uhhh guys... what do?

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6. If it just happens that your vote was decisive make sure to declare it openly and proudly that you took away 4 points from some faggots.

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Quoted By: >>11143699

>also goes to University of Maryland College Park

>> No.11143699

OP doesn't study there, that pic has been posted several times here and elsewhere.

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Stupid game. Don't play it

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Everyone who said 6 is either clinically retarded or masterminds who baited this idiot into lowering everyone's grade to make themselves more competitive.
This is peak /sci/

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If science is so smart, how come they don't know what day of week Big Bang happened on?

>> No.11143439
Quoted By: >>11143624

But they do. It was Sunday.
Maybe do some research next time before you embarrass yourself with another shit thread.

>> No.11143528

Weeks didn't exist back then.

>> No.11143559

It happened on October 1, 2003 which was Wednesday

>> No.11143586

It was Week 1.

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Can you recommend a physics book so an absolute brainlet like me could learn the basics I need before moving on to more complex stuff? want to eventually get into cosmology or astrophysics in general but I'm years from understanding that stuff.

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>author uses Occam's razor to support his theory

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do i have to assume that x and y completely independent of each other? presumably this is how you calculated P(x and y)

>> No.11143445

>thinks all events are independent

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Quoted By: >>11143685


Everybody on this board is delusional but me.

>> No.11143685

Your girlfriend isnt real

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>author supports his theory

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Share some stories about things,events or people that have made your blood boil, in your field.

>finishing my undergraduate thesis. Subject: 'protein-protein binding site prediction'
>Killed my-self writing the document. Perfectionist retard. 160 pages, more than my peers. Good experimental design.
>Had to learn coding and math concepts that were beyond the scope of my bio degree.
>Defend it, answer all questions.
>Asshole thesis jury says that my work 'is too boring', gives me shit grading.


>One of my female peers writes only half what I did. Also she worked on it only half as long as I did.
>Her subject: some recycled stuff her director had previously worked on about some shit parasite. Dubious experimental design.
>She does not do so well defending it, unable to answer some of the questions.
>However she was one of asshole's jury favorite students.
>"This poor girl, she worked sooo hard on her thesis"
>She gets perfect grade.

>I am left wondering why do I even exist.

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Quoted By: >>11143393

The professor and his female student had a sex-relationship, that's why you didn't do great compared to her. Should've sucked his dick.

>> No.11143393

Damm. Should have not skipped those cock appreciation classes.

>> No.11143398

>take on annoying cumbrain undergrad student into my research lab
>dumb as a brick
>spends his whole life on undergraduate thesis
>doesn't even go to grad school

>> No.11143715

>muh long thesis
Quality > quantity. If you go to gradschool try to focus on doing quality research instead on how many pages you write.

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