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does the multiplicative identity property violate the laws of physics?

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3 dimes * 3 dimes = 9 dimes^2 =/= 9 dimes

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Money is a single dimensional unit and can't be multiplied like meters. 3x3 meters length times length is 9 square meters an area not 9 meters length. Because you need the units to match on both sides of the equation. There is no such thing as 9 square dimes.

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im not sure why you all are caught up on the units. this is about how multiplication functions:

>If (a) x (b) = (c), then (c) must be some product of (a) and (b)
>Add (a) to itself as many times as is indicated by (b)

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holy shit just stop. how can you allow yourself to be baited so hard?

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i did acid the other night and saw a circle thing like flower of life except it had 4 symmetry (square grid) instead of the triangular symmetry of the flower of life

Can someone explain please

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Can any medfags estimate personality/sex/left or right handness just from this brain image?if so can you share what you can know about a person from a brain scan? Thx

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But sex must be possible to determine, there is a difference in the amount of white matter in male and female brains

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ask an archeologist to look at the skull shape, as for the rest I speculate that you are an idiot

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Increased density in the gay matter area.

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You are a male, right handness. You smoke and like junk food.

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Thx desu
Nice b8, got any proof?

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Since everyone on /sci/ worships elon

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Can someone explain this pic to me? Already did some research but couldn't quite get a comprehensive answer on the graphite tipped rod thingy (why the core exploded when the graphite tips of the control rods were lowered) Pic is from:

Why is there not a neutron flux spike in a) in the middle of the rods, shouldn't it be highest there because there is nothing but graphite for 2 meters on each side? Why does the bottom of the fuel rods seem to react so much stronger to the graphite rods than any other part?

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I know it is, but you don't need to explain all of nuclear physics to me. That's why I narrowed it down to one detail in the entire process.

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It is because of the graophite tip on the boron rods. Graphite is a neutron reflector, it increases neutron flux and fission before the absorber would go into place, nuclear reaction flashes up, temperuter rises, water goes into steam, pushes on boron rods so they can't go further down then propels them completely out meanwhile the the fission material overheats and melts and everything goes into plasma in an instant.
And that is how you get graphite on the roof.

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Yes, the graphite tips are the yellow things in the picture. But my question is: These graphite tips were already inside the core before AZ5 was activated in order to lower the rods back into the core. They were not newly inserted, they just changed position inside the core from central to bottom i.e. the amount of graphite in direct proximity to the fuel didn't change. Why then did this make neutron flux peak? Why did the bottom of the fuel rods react stronger to the increased moderation than the central part had done before?

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They were completely pulled out, AZ5 dropped all rods back in triggering a rapid graphite dispersion

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In the source it says
>When the rod is in extreme top position (Pic. 16a) it's graphite part is located in the reactor core.
Which makes sense, because when you want to bring the power up you wouldn't pull the rods so far our that the graphite is out too. That would let in water in the rod tubes, which would cut back the effect you wanted to achieve by pulling out in the first place. Are you suggesting they did this by accident?

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Is there any scientific evidence that transgenderism is actually legitimate

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yeah all modern textbooks on human biology say it's legit

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Go to /lgbt/, you’ll see more t than anything

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Who could be writing these textbooks I wonder

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>Does transitioning reduce this and improve mental health and general wellbeing? yes.
It reduces GD of course, because they specifically invented that illness to try and show that transitioning is actually "curing" something.

It would be like plastic surgeons inventing "small breast disphoria" and claiming getting a boob job relieves symptoms related to "small breast disphoria" because at least some fraction of women will no longer feel their breasts are too small after getting a boob job. In reality their underlying body dismorphia is still there and the change cured absolutely nothing, just like "transitioning" changes absolutely nothing in regards to the underlying mental illness.

There's no conclusive evidence suicide rates are lowered in those who "transition".. all those links in that biased cornell page are just asking trannies if they're happy with their enormous life choice which they've built their whole social and political identity around, which of course they'll be insanely biased to say they're happy with that choice. Saying transitioning is beneficial is pure pseudoscience at this point.

Show suicide rates are lowered because of "transitioning" or shut up and stop spreading anti-science propaganda.

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It comes with all the /pol/ tourists longing for validation

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>I have to submit a machine learning project in 20 days
Where do I start?

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Differential equations, vectorization, traits of vector shapes, sliders of how much of feature, that goes on automatically by feature dissection according to how much difference between possible clusters...

Then you make sliders...

Then you let anime trough...

Then you have "non random" anime waifu generator as product of machine learning.


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>generate 10000 lines of random text
>augment one character per cycle
>eval code on each cycle
>for i < 9999999999 to the 9999999
>if (some_desirable_output_condition) write file

you've just mutated yourself the perfect piece of software, who needs machine learning amirite

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Make a great regression line in python.


OP didn't provide anything to post about.
Depending on what the project is, it can be done in 1-2 days ,1-2 months, 1-2 years or maybe not done at all.

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sliders of how much of feature, that goes on automatically by feature dissection according to how much difference between possible clusters...

That sounds so convoluted and vague it might as well be a title of a research paper in explainable artificial intelligence.

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>Where do I start?
ask for an extension

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>course evaluation
>students are complaining about the course being "literally impossible" due to excessive workload
>it's literally a baby's first college algebra course

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>wtf i don't belong here

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ok boomer

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I can't stand that shit

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I know that feel. Tards always gripe about the slightest difficulty. If you aren't cut out to do physics or math, you aren't cut out for it.

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Same. It's not even that I don't care, I genuinely like the material. But there are only so many hours in a day...

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Give me ONE valid reason for why nuclear is better than renewable.

>it's cheaper!!!
Have you checked the prices recently for renewables?
>but thorium
Still R&D
>number of kills!
Yeah renewables have low kill number too but you don't have to evacuate everyone when the generator melts
>you can't store the energy
>breeder reactor
Still pretty shit

There's no actual reason to abandon renewables for atomic shit

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You have no idea how power producing plants work. They don't produce materials useful for anything but a dirty bomb.

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Expensive as fuck.

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>Give me ONE valid reason for why nuclear is better than renewable.
It's not.
We will still need some Gen IV inherently safe, fast neutron reactor to deal with the nuclear waste in realistic timeframes though.

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>18.5 gigafactories over 33 years
>Merely 3 trillion dollars
And the estimate is WILDLY conservative, scaling a microgrid in Hawaii to the Earth, and it totally ignores that most heating is fossil fuel based, and we'll also need to synthesize hydrocarbons to replace aircraft fuel and industrial feedstock. Just electricity is only about a quarter of our energy usage. So right out the gate, you're looking at 12 trillion dollars. But wait, that scale up was full retard mode. I wouldn't be surprised if it was off by a factor of more than 2. This shit could cost 20+ trillion.
Then there's the practicality of mining. Right now, a quarter of our lithium mined is used in batteries, and we're not making a lot of batteries compared to what we need. Lithium is mostly harvested through ocean water evaporation, and we're going to have to scale that shit by a factor of ten or more. Think flooding the Sahara level scaling. Guess what this demand does to the price? Yeah, it's not going to be this cheap for lithium. Also energy demands have risen on average 2% a year as more humans get decent infrastructure around the world. This will probably slow down, but expect an additional demand of 40-50% by the end of the 33 year run in the video. And this is just the cost for battery, nevermind the cost for the actual generation. How many trillions are talking? Too many.

It's just fucked. Totally fucked. A basic back of the envelope can tell you easily that renewable CANNOT replace fossil fuels and meet a good capacity factor on a global scale by using battery. The cost goes up dramatically the more baseload you try to replace. Going beyond 30-40% is just cost ineffective.

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So go find some

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Scientifically verified prophetic dream #9999999999.
So this morning I had a dream where I was in a mall and I saw a nurse. Then a few hours later IRL I saw a mall unchoosingly and then I saw a nurse IRL unchoosingly.
All the evidence is out there, it's undeniable. Prophetic dream confirmed.
I haven't seen a nurse in weeks. I haven't seen a mall in like a week I think.
I had a dream of a mall with a nurse in it today, and later, not by choice but by coincidence, I saw a mall renting medical industry real estate and therefore nurses in the mall and I also just saw a nurse IRL.

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Why is it a guess whether or not anybody has seen her? Does she not go to work? Doesn't she have to go to the store to get groceries every once in a while?

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Thanks for the timestamp 44 again lol.

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She is from Heaven. She was on Earth before for time but not now not currently. I call her celestial meaning Heavenly.
Thanks for the timestamp 44.

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Thanks for the 4 lol.

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Ugh just give me time.
Patience is key.

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Why does water pressure increase with depth?

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If you have 1 pound in your hand, you feel 1 pound of weight, now imagine if you had 1 pound pressing all over your hand, now 2 pounds, now 4,5,6 to infinity. The more water that presses on you, the greater the total pressure.

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Did you post her because of her increase intracranial pressure? This gives me a hearty chuckle, fren.

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>another roastiepost

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i'd take women over frogposters every single day of the week

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no one cares about your opinion, cumbrain.

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>tfw you roll into the lab

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bro how is this nigga gonna build a phone

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Cringe anime tbqh

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Trannime isn't science. Fuck off.

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Is there a source where I can read the original published papers of famous theorems? There are many that I want to read that I can't find with a simple google search. Specifically right now I'm looking for the original publications of the Schroeder-Bernstein Theorem. It's a simple proof but I want to read the original papers.

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I can get a third letter for my master's applications. The first two are stronger letters. A third prof said he could write me a "positive" letter, but that it won't be as strong as the others since I only had an 80 in his course. It could even weaken my application from that perspective. What would you do /sci/?

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I do vaguely remember it but I'm very confused can someone explain their relationship briefly please

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if dG is less than 0 => reaction will spontaneously occur

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How many of you have a degree in Environmental science? What do you do? Do you like your work? How has it been finding work? I am studying towards it but i'd like to know how you guys feel about your profession.

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You become the WorldCompany's bitch, you allow them to continue to pollute. Or you work for your government but you are useless because politicians are useless

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You spread the myth of man made climate change while pocketing billions in grant money, what do an environmental scientist does?

>> No.11139815

>pocketing billions in grant money
haha yeah whoo I'm a billionaire!!

>> No.11139933

you can actually do this if you deny it, the heartland foundation will hire anyone with a pulse and a tangentially related degree if you're willing to lie about AGW.

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Considering you have sex without protection... 800 woman, ( considering you are breedable male )

Half of them have HIV.

How many healthy children you can get?

Statistics and source.

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Quoted By: >>11140175

if you fuck 2 girls, you have a 1/2 chance of getting a healthy kid, fucking 4 girls, 2 having hiv gives you a higher chance as there is a possibility of fucking 2 non hiv girls in a row before getting hiv, for 1 girl you don't have that chance to get 2 healthy kids so fucking 4 girls gives you a slightly higher chance, fucking 800 girls is better than fucking 1 girl

>> No.11140175

(( them ))

>> No.11140181

>Considering you have sex
Unreasonable assumption

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Quoted By: >>11140202

HIV positive people are only infectious when they aren't taking thier drugs (and you can even get prophylactic ARD now), so your question is completely meaningless.

>> No.11140202

I know you probably made a machine that spits out this pills for $300k a year and it costed you like for months after trials, but...

How much is one pill?

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According to law of conservation of energy, tidal powerplants slow moon down, therefore we should stop building them, because moons stop orbiting around the earth if we spend too much of it.

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Quoted By: >>11139723

tidal energy is already "lost"

However you gave me an idea. If we squeeze the earth in a certain pattern we can actually slow the moon down. All it takes is trillions of TW of power and moving incredible amounts of mass in synchronicity every day for millennia. This way the perturbed gravitational field of the earth will make the moon fall out of orbit.

>> No.11139723

Let's try it, woman will maybe become sane for whole month then.

>> No.11140222

>therefore we should stop building them
No, because the energy stored in the moon orbiting the earth is gargantuan compared to the energy needed to run our societ

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How long is it possible to go further in life and remaining healthy without interacting at all with the opposite sex?

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I'm not even the doctor. How's that for being retarded? Awkward, anon.

>> No.11140654

For boys, -9 months.
For girls, 0.

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I used to self-filter. I used to waste a lot of energy maintaining a persona, subconsciously, as a survival mechanism. Now in public, I try my darndest to be completely genuine, even if what I say is completely outside the groupthink. It doesn't matter if I stammer through the sentences, I'm gonna be myself. And it pays off. You will learn more, because you crystallize your own thoughts by talking about them, as well as get to hear the feedback from others on your deeper opinions and modes of action, but you will also expose your blindspots when you suddenly can't justify the next step in the chain. A golden nugget of an idea will come from the people you expect least. You just can't simulate other people in your head, you need to leave your head and join other people in order to benefit from the tremendous nuance in different humans. Those people who listen to surface level music etc? You are judging them on maybe less than 10 parameters, and they may judge you back on others that you are blind to, but I guarantee that with an open mind they can teach you about thousands of parameters to human life. There is something beautiful to exactly everyone. And you get to learn what.

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>/sci/ - Science and Math

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I don't go out of house if I don't need to because i have no money. I don't have a job and I have trouble getting one, only way to earn money is writing programs for other people and gambling on cryptocurrencies. I need to pay for uni every month, so there is always more expenses than what I can earn. I am 24-year incel btw. I hate my libido, I tried to do NNN, but I failed after nine days, I had trouble falling asleep without cooming even tho I was tired as fuck. I am starting again, I want to get at least 14 days without cooming

In summary: I am 24 year old jobless incel, I live with my parents and I study in shitty school. I could in no way be perceived as attractive by opposite gender. I doubt there are people on /sci/ that are bigger losers than me, however I would be glad to hear otherwise

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Does refraining from porn or masturbation really have positive effects on men?

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>It doesnt mean "when someone refers to another noun other than myself".
Sure, and I wouldn't call you out on it if that was the case.
This is non an ad hominem.
>You are wrong because of X, you fucking American retard
This is an ad hominem
>You are wrong because you are a retarded American, so you are just projecting your dumb viewpoint
Say I have a problem all you want, but that doesn't invalidate anything.

>> No.11140796
Quoted By: >>11141027

>fallacy fallacy
Do YOU know what that means? Pointing out logical flaws is not inherently itself a fault of arguing. If anything, it helps one to patch up the holes of an argument to make an even stronger case. A fallacy fallacy refers to the faulty reasoning of equating invalidity with unsoundness, not the invalidation itself. That's not what happened.

>> No.11140799

Kill yourself, fucking stupid coomer

>> No.11141027

the "fallacy fallacy" comment was a joke dude, don't take it too seriously. does not detract from him not knowing what an ad hom is and how to properly use it (ie, shouting ad hom doesnt automatically win you an argument, or mean that the opponent does not have a solid argument)

>> No.11141163

Porn, sex and lust ruined my mind, my life, my will, my memory. It infected and ruined everything. Hypersexual slow cumbrain. Its worse than heroin.

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Is a Master's worth it? I'm trying to figure out what I want here. After finishing a computer engineering degree I started a Masters of Engineering, hated the course based aspect of it, and got a job working as an automotive software engineer. I did enjoy it for a few years but then it started to become really repetitive and more about the diagnostic requirements than the actual product. I since switched to a start-up designing white hat hacking hardware. It's cool stuff, and my boss is a really smart professor. I'm just realizing it's going to be a little bit weird attatching myself to something that for the most part, seems pretty much done. It seems like the work that's coming my way isn't really going to be anything too exciting.

I don't really know what I want here. At heart I'm an environmentalist which is why I loved the automotive stuff (the whole point was to make cars more electronic). I'm considering finding a Masters to jump into instead.

I'm not rich, probably about 45k in savings. GPA wasn't super high overall but my last two years of undergrad were really high, I did the bare minimum when I started because I found it all really boring. The last two years was really exciting, I didn't get that.

I want to do more hobbyist electronic stuff but so much of it seems kind of pointless to me and anything really cool costs a lot in equipment.

So much of Academia seems so boring and humiliating, constantly trying to publish and get funding. On the other hand, research seems pretty cosy.

>> No.11139641
Quoted By: >>11139692

I have nothing in savings.
My GPA is higher than yours.
My loans are in default.
I cannot do anything with my life.

You have it easy.

>> No.11139692
Quoted By: >>11139716


Sorry to hear that. I'm sure you'll come up with a plan to turn it around. Good luck.

>> No.11139716

I am, thank you.

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Whats the most sci/effective way to study large amounts of material for someone with adhd?

I have a pile of books on my desk but I cant even get past 5 pages without being distracted

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>> No.11139763

Already trying it, anything else?

>> No.11139808

read one page then decide whether you can read another page or not etc.

>> No.11139878

be an autistic savant at STEM so you barely have to study anyway

>> No.11139920

leave the books open and make a habit of going to them often, just walking past them or sipping tea by them, even better if you keep your phone and PC away so you are forced into boredom

eventually youll start skimming proofs and get into it

also leave all the books open not just 1, adhd likes to flit

>> No.11140268

Amps my dude

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Lets say a female has a 50% chance of conceiving somebody that will go onto live the greatest life to have ever lived

The other 50% chance is that they will have a child that will live the worst possible life imaginable

Is it fair to breed when there is potential for such a horrific existence?

I mean, when I was in the womb, I had no choice as to whether or not I was aborted. Why should my mother - somebody who was completely foreign to me at the time - have control over me and all the future suffering and pleasure that I could / would possibly go onto experience? It's not fair. I did not ask for life. This is wrong and selfish. It's immoral to spit out children, only thinking of yourself and not the future of said child.

At the end of the day, we will all be gone and there will be zero trace of humans ever existing. When this time eventually comes, do you really think all of the suffering that humans went through was worth all of the pleasure? Absolutely not.

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Quoted By: >>11140299

I'm traumatised. Fuck you, op.

>> No.11140299

If it makes you feel better, he's supposedly okay.

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Your argument doesn't make sense. If the man in the webm lead a generally happy life until he was bear food, how can we judge whether or not he wanted to experience all of that? Obviously if we were to ask him if he would like to have spent his life without ever having been attacked by a bear, he would reply yes, but if we were to ask him would he like to experience his life over again as he lived up to and including the incident, we cannot know his response. You are assuming he would not want to live anymore which means he never wanted to live at all, which are two distinct things.

Also, your mother plays a small part in shaping the future suffering and pleasure that you may experience. Many parents do think of their future children and all the time move and buy homes in areas with good schools in order to secure a better life for their child. After a certain point in your life, the amount of pain/pleasure you experienced is moreso determined by your viewpoint and beliefs on life as opposed to your mother's imposition of life upon you. I do not think it is up to us to determine if the entirety of human experience merits the pain produced versus the amount of pleasure experienced. You are talking about hedonistic calculus on the largest scale even though our viewpoint is so miniscule in the history of all humans to have ever experienced being, we will never be able to even begin to add up all the pains/pleasures of the dead and you are projecting your own pessimistic view on the lives of all persons to have ever lived. Your post is just assumptions wrapped into assumptions wrapped into ignorance, lurk moar.

>> No.11140323
Quoted By: >>11140657

Yeah but it turned out to be cgi and make up. No man was ever hurt.

>> No.11140657


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>Never mansturbate, never had sex(don't have urge)

Will i die from prostate cancer?

>> No.11139473

>Never mansturbate

>> No.11139486

>(don't have urge)
Focus on this more. I'm not saying you should be masturbating - however, not even having the urge at all should be something that means something. It may benefit you to get a medical consultation.
>inb4 k cumbrain
Remember, I'm not saying that masturbating is either healthy or unhealthy, what I am saying is that not even having the urge at all - is not a sign of a healthy developed body.

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Will the universe as we know it ever ''end''?

>> No.11139523

>as we know it

>> No.11139536

The universe as we know ends every day. Its always changing its shape.

>> No.11139718

There are only theories. Heat death of the universe for example is not provable yet.

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