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Average the max and low score and add 7 points for the final result. Example: 130 max and 120 min=125+7=132 = your range is Between 127-137 with 95% confidence.

*The 7 points added are due to the webarchive version lacking the adaptive feature the original one had, so the scores here are deflated.

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131, I skipped like 12 questions though because it was taking so fucking long.

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I prefer to shoot for the stars and land on the moon rather than wonder what could have been.

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Yes, it's hard test. There's more than 90% correlation between the score here and the WISC V

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Sorry it's the WAIS-III Matrix and it's 89% correlation. So it likely your score in an actual IQ test will fall between your RIX score (the min and max score you get after finishing this test).

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our observable universe and the anomaly known as gravity is the result of saturn.

saturn is a natural particle accelerator, continually running and causing high frequency false vacuum collapse incidents (estimated at at least 72 trillion times per second) for the past 14 billion years.
our entire existence and all matter in the observable universe is just a hologram caused by our existential radiation 'surfing' the wavefront of the high frequency false vacuum collapse
gravity is a result of the 'pressure' like what pushes a surfer down to his surfboard on a wave for example. our entire universe is enconded on an incredibly thin layer riding the surface of 'a' high frequency false vacuum decay incident.

due to the inverse square law, the suffering is multiplied exponentially at every second, with trillions upon trillions of souls being tortured right now if a god ever existed, its reasonable to think he was lost long ago to, many trillions of generations back.
probably before we were holograms in the first world i bet god exists.. lizards will be mad (they love the high frequency life), but i think the only option now is to nuke the rings of saturn or saturn itself to at least try and stop it but we will all die sadly.

discovered this myself by remote viewing and hoping trump and tucker carlson will see it, (i call it the high frequency false vacuum collapse theory).
interested in any links about saturn being a particle accelerator too. feel free to spread around if you want.

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none of you arr smart enough to comprehend

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>inverse square law

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Hey Anons, thoughts on seastar wasting disease?

I understand it seems to have had less of an effect as of late but the fact that it was so unprecedented and yet we're still having difficulty pinpointing the specific environmental factors/causes behind this epidemic makes it something I think is work discussing.

Anyways, I hope you've all had a nice day. I've been having a tough one but hope your successes make up for mine.

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Some related reading material for you guys!






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Bros why are we in the quantum reality where this is what you’re seeing? What does it mean? What reality is this?

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me in the middle

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What you're seeing is the logical extension of the laws of physics that were randomly generated at the beginning of our local bubble thanks to eternal inflation. If you were in a different bubble with different laws, you would be seeing more shitting dicknipples in the image.

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Does Lubos still have it?

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1) Motl has been out of the physics community for more than ten years, and this is reflected in his writing. His understanding of post-2006 work is often superficial, and his observations, which he seems to produce more or less off the top of his head, are often incorrect. This is especially the case when he is talking about things which are not related to his previous work. Looking at him as an "expert authority" is a mistake, and anyone with access to more reliable sources who does so is being intellectually lazy and irresponsible.

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>not knowing based Lubos Motl

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this. unfortunately there are literally 0 other string theory blogs on the internet so i end up reading just to fill that void, though every time there are like 5x more cringe things than interesting things

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just to clarify: distler and clifford johnson have blogs but they are basically completely inactive

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not OP btw

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Should I never browse 4chan on the basis that I don’t want to be like any of you on here and that your environment and friends form you?

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Arguing with poltard crossboarders is certainly a waste of time

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Why would you browse it if you aren't already fucked up in some way

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You're not a young blonde handsome white man so it doesn't matter what you do.

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That is a risk but some threads are comfy, like >>>/g/cyb for instance. Generally speaking 4ch threads have huge potentials for interesting stuff as well as for unspeakable horrors and just disasters.

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>Haha you like thing feminized consumer of glycine products.

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Do random real numbers exist in the Universe?

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Quantum mechanics has been shown to produce random numbers consistently. That's the whole point about it. The Bell experiment sites there's no hidden pattern.

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unless it's just one infinitesimal element of a branching multiverse, in which case it's entirely deterministic in the way it unfolds

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>f you find the pattern than it isn't random.

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And if you can efficiently compress (i.e. generally accurately predict) it, then you have probably found the pattern

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>if you find the pattern than it isn't random.
Textbook falsifiability

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What is a rouge neuropathway?

Some thoughts act like a brain consuming cancer

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Pro tip: you literally cant

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This should do it.


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This is quite sad.


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Hey that's that song from the first twillight movie

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It's not your fault.

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Going to graduate with 2.5/2.6 GPA as a math major. Am i Fucked?

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if you wanna do grad school then kinda

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No, I have no desire to do grad school.

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Hi welcome to McDonald's what can I get for you today?

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No that bad?

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Are superbugs the biggest scientific threat after climate change?

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>>11138897 Ban beef, limit meat and prohibit irresponsible antibiotics use in animal farming

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Yeah this. Makes no sense to outlaw meat.

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We need to be reasonable though, in places like the USA what you just said is politically unattainable in rural areas.

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humans aren't omnivores.

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Babby's first troll.

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So what are the potential consequences of this?
Scientifically speaking, of course.

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Is it okay to eat radiation fish?

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Seals in the radioactive flavor.

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Is it okay to eat bananas?

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please simply fuck off, there are way worse things happening right now than this. for example several nuclear submarines from the USSR are leaking nuclear material into the ocean right now
you are such a superbrain and so aware because you read a vice article!:)

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You're right, and yet those leaky subs aren't a problem either. People tend to massively overblow anything having to do with nuclear anything.

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does anyone have any advice on how to study biology? theres a lot of memorization involved and its been hard for me to keep everything straight in my head since i cant really apply it to anything else like in math/chemistry.

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dropping is smart desu..i wouldve dropped it but i overestimated my memorization abilities. at least after this sem its over:D hank you also ill check out anki!

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just dump all the notes into Anki and revise daily. ez top

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Seconding Anki. I’ve been using it recently to learn all sorts of stuff. Math formulas, people’s birthdays, trivial stuff I want to know but would never remember on my own. It’s the most efficient way to learn a large amount of facts, and there’s no cramming or special memory techniques involved (although reading up a bit on how memory works and how to memorize more effectively will make your life a lot easier, if you plan to remember what you learn!)

>> No.11138703

And this page (by the guy who made SuperMemo which was like Anki but in the 80’s) is a great overview on how to formulate the cards. Basically only one “atom” of knowledge, or one simple fact per card. Better to break a complex piece of information up into many small cards. Good luck

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>i cant really apply it to anything else
wrong I apply my reproductive ecology knowledge to make incel rants here

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Is there any actual proof of global warming? Why do Democrats push this so hard?

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>Is there any actual proof of global warming?


> Why do Democrats push this so hard?

Why do oil-funded republicans deny it so hard?
It’s a mystery.

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You can pretend there is no proof of literally anything you like, including that the Earth is round.

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>I like to blame all my perceived problems on imaginary boogiemen like the Jewish Cabal that runs the world
You have to be 18+ to post here

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>It’s a mystery.

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US republicans are the only mainstream politicians on the planet who deny climate change is happening. And somehow it's "the democrats". Learn some perspective and look outside your bubble.

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A showerhead that's also a phone charger

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open cycle cooled nuclear powered midwife

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Shotgun shooting makeup in your face.

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Homer! You had it set on "whore"!

>> No.11139007

Thanks, I was worried nobody would get it.

Blockchain for real money transactions.

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Brazil already thought of that one

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Have transgenders always existed or is it a modern phenomenon? Why are most transgenders male-to-female?

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they did
just like cancer always existed, but you are more likely to get it if you smoke pack a day
xenoestrogenic (products of chemicals plastics decomposing) make that mental illness more likely to develop, along with lower spermcounts and other issues in the population

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Not science or math

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Based fellow philosophyChad, coming here to dab on the STEMlords once again

>> No.11140220

>Have transgenders always existed or is it a modern phenomenon?
there's plenty of evidence it was always

>Why are most transgenders male-to-female?
confirmation bias i assume

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>The science is settled

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>constructing a strawman argument

>> No.11139816

Die barneyfag.

>> No.11139838

Correct, carcinogens increase the rate of cancer, but are not the cause.
Acidifying diet (meat, sugar, little insoluble fiber) is the cause.

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Kill yourself JustPassingThrough (ban-evading Argentinian ((Barneyfag)).

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I want to learn more about circuitry and make technology, but there is so much thats neccisary to learn that it is overwhelming. Where would someone start?

>> No.11138549

Why do you want it?

>> No.11138557

what do you mean? I want to become an electrical engineer. I have a physics and an engineering class but have yet got into circuits in either

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Open source textbook for circuits. Knock yourself out. https://www.allaboutcircuits.com/textbook/

>> No.11138562
Quoted By: >>11138572

geez that's a lot, will see how it goes, thanks!

>> No.11138572

yw :3 I'm not an EE but I know the basics. lmk if you need help.

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What are some good introductory books on mathematical proofs?

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I really like /Invitation to Discrete Mathematics/ by Jiri Matousek and Jarloslav Nesetril. It's the book we're using in my Combinatorics course at uni and the way it formats these proofs is really easy to understand.

>> No.11138582


a wholly welcoming title

>> No.11138586

have you tried reading an introductory book on mathematical proofs?

>> No.11138607

A Course of Pure Mathematics by Hardy

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anons please tell me if my course load is too hard for next semester.

Algorithms, Algebraic Structures, Computational Linear Algebra (I took lin alg two semesters ago) and a humanities course.

I am worried about Algebraic Structures and the Linear Algebra class.

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Is cognitive ability heavily determined by genetics or not?

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Also why the translation of liu cixins books seem so strange, chinese translation need to be more or less re-written in English, as they would sound retarded if translated directly. (the whole vocabulary of modern chinese is less than 10000 words, and even a large part of that would count as obscure)

>> No.11140924

And Mandarin is not the most example by far; ancient sanskrit dictionaries list about 2000 words; less than a half of those can be actually found used in practice anywhere in known literature. Every word dver used in that language is derived from those < 1000 roots. This suggests Brahmins must have been selected from people with extremely powerful cerebellums.

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Quoted By: >>11140970 >>11141070

Why isn't there an Australian Aborigine empire?

>> No.11140970

there is, its on the other Earth plane, the one that comes next in the cycle associated with Venus

>> No.11141070

Didn't I write it clearly enough? They have high crystallized intelligence (i.e. they are not retarded in the traditional sense; they have intact memories and can learn thing when you teach them) but they are not intelligent either, they can't figure things out the way other people can.

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Maybe it's just me being ESL or not understanding Logic, but I think the logician notes here are a bit confusing.
(not trolling)

>> No.11138521

I found it in your list, I like the notes, I am going to read that introduction to set theory. It looks readable

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Yo, anybody know how to do these problems. I'm missed instruction and I don't really understand how to do these
I'm doing 54,68,84, and 92

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File: 2MiB, 3264x2448, 15735268669068071802866682810339.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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BRUH. shoulda read the rules. My bad

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You know what really grinds my gears.
So I'm on /sci/ right reading about how women and black people are subhuman or whatever(even though it violates the rules) and I'm like "what an open minded forum"
So I'm thinking why don't I bring up the time I was working professionally to build a quantum computer with a research team and we discovered that quantum computing is just another water powered car.
As in lots of patents, lots of pictures of quantum computers, lots of people claiming they are real, lots of "working" prototypes etc, but no actual results.
Anyway we abandoned the project, but for like another ten years I maintained an interest.
Then in around 2011 all these articles pop up in trusted magazines about "scientists make teleporter, scientists make time travel machine etc"
And I'm like "that doesn't sound right"
So it's 8 years later and still no results.
So I go on /sci/ to try and get some answers and the threads get deleted when I point out the inconsistensies in the directly contradicting theories using the scientific method I got taught at University,
And the threads keep getting deleted.
So my theory that QM is a hoax and it's turned into a cult is being reinforced and if I wasnt convinced before I really am now.
So disparriaged QM on a science forum is against the rules because apparently saying
"But the photoelectric effect used the threshold of emission as proof of the particle nature of light but later we discovered some materials don't have a threshold so it's been disproven" that's apparently a topic for paranormal investigation.

I propose (with evidence) that QM is a mass delusion.

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Quoted By: >>11140221

>you and I are the only ones [...] who will understand it
I thought you didn't want to be condescending?

Tunnel effect is btw something you _don't_ want in transistors. Explaining transistor behavior doesn't involve it. The guy you responded to is still right with the rest though.

>> No.11140221
Quoted By: >>11140309

Really? I though tunneling was some fundamental aspect of how silicon transistors worked these days.

>> No.11140309

There are some experimental designs like the TFET (tunnel field effect transistor), but they're still being investigated. They have some valuable properties and will probably spread, but for now, no tunnel effect.
Actually, the tunnel effect limits the size of transistors. As soon as they are small enough that tunneling happens (we are very close to that point), traditional designs reach their limits.

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Do you believe special and general relativity are real?

>> No.11140497

Actually, you can do undergrad-level experiments to see QM yourself. It only takes undergrad math to explain why classical physics can't explain these things. You actually just don't know what you are talking about enough to have a valid objection.

There are valid criticisms of QM (reduction, paradox, incompatible with GR for instance), but these don't apply to the parameters it used for and explained in (the laws of physics are not scale invariant and experiments have shown this).

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