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I've looked into all the methods that claim that myopia can be reversed and thanks to quitting my job and taking some time to actually put these things into practice I have sifted out what works, what's important and what's hogwash.
I can at the very minimum guarantee you a low-effort way to not get worse.
Getting better require much more effort because you have to regain better habits, there's no magic exercise that will fix you, you have to keep up the habits 24/7 until you do them subconsciously, as you actually did before a sedentary life of watching screen killed them.
Think of it like meditation. Meditation is very simple, you just have to stop your incessant stream of consciousness. But, it's not that easy to actually put into practice. This is the same.

Now, I've only been making consistent progress since a week ago, even though I had been trying for years with up and downs, that because I was missing a vital piece that I only understood recently.
I can't throw tall tales of getting rid of glasses and shit but I can help you guys keep good vision even after an evening of close up work.

I can recommend the following resources:
endmyopia.org (Jake Steiner is a fucking ass, but there's some good information)
Mark Warren's method (superior method for active focusing)

In short most of your eyesight problems are due to:
1) Ciliary spasm (cause of pseudomyopia)
2) Static tunnel vision (bad habits)
3) Using full prescription for near work (this is what makes it get worse)

I'm preparing a a few summarized topics for you guys.
In the meanwhile ask me anything.

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Get some outdoor time and do the same, Notice movement between things, look at things, notice details, keep peripheral movement in your awareness.
You'll easily notice how this makes vision sharper.
Getting to do this consistently is the hard part, and is what killed progress in my previous attempts, I was not incorporating the motion and the peripheral awareness and for that reason I was failing to get consistent result, leading to giving up only to try later other methods.
Disregard suggestions of toning down the stinging sensation, the more you help the ciliary relax the better. There's nothing to be gained from keeping your cramped muscle cramped.

If you feel an itchy kind of pain stop. You're doing something wrong, itchy pain is always a signal of mistakes, no exceptions. Close your eyes a few minutes and try again.

There's no lack of information to be had:

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# Path to improvement
I suggest to browse endmyopia to see the topics about "differential" and "normalized" glasses.
Get yourself a measuring tape, it's good to keep track daily of how many centimenters you see, multiple times under different lighting. Diopters = 100cm / how-far-you-see.
Once you're set up with the glasses and keep the good habits up, you'll see that even at late night your sight won't have diminished as much as usual.

As I said, I can't speak yet for dropping glasses as I myself have 3 diopters to go through, but I can guarantee you that I've seen a remarkable improvement during this week of full time effort. With other methods I had managed to recover 1 or 2 cm but with very flaky results, now in just one week I've got 2-3 with more stable readings.

Today with the closeup glasses I could even see the curtain patterns sharply from 6 feets away during daylight.
Maybe it's a lie that we can fully heal, although there are several people claiming otherwise, but just by getting your ciliary muscle back to top condition you should be able to lessen your prescription.
I'll repeat it, the hardest part is getting into the good habits, I keep going back to tunnel vision instead of seeing the whole. It's very very hard to break bad habits.
I have to constantly remind myself every few minutes.

But even if you don't want to put in the effort, just go get weaker glasses for close-ups, so at least you won't get worse. I think it's important because high myopia and retinal tears/detachment go hand in hand, and is a big reason I stopped getting stronger lenses. I was starting to see the symptoms and I got concerned.

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Another old-school way to relax the ciliary is by swinging left and right while staring at a finger.
This works due to the aforementioned mechamism involving motion and peripheral vision.
You can quickly test if your muscle is locked up, because the stinging happens usually very quickly when doing it (for me at least).

You should also try to follow the 20/20/20 rule (after 20 minutes look at 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds) which is a good general recommendation.

Sungazing with closed eyes can help you endure full daylight but I think it's only tangentially related to myopia reversion. Maybe it just makes the pupil muscle stronger so it manages to block the excess of light better.

When you start your improvement you may notice an increase in eye floaters. I notice them too every time I resumed eye training, I have a theory that they could be also caused by the low ciliary muscle activity causing the vitreous liquid to congeal in some places. They go away if you keep going. Keep in mind that there can be a lot many other reasons that cause floaters, so in doubt get your eyes checked.

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Can you explain the "How do I improve section" in more detail and clarity ? . I did what you suggested for ten minutes, and now I am actually able to look clearly at an object which I wasn't able to before without my glasses. Great thread OP and many thanks

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Ok, so like me you have your ciliary muscle locked up.
You blink slowly but it takes foverer to focus on things and, as it tries to clear, you get the stinging sensation.

There's not much else to say about how it's done.
When you keep your eyes in motion, even very slight motion, and you pay attention to the whole scene, not just the central area, it's like you're massaging a cramp.
The brain has more information for trying to tune up the vision.
The ciliary muscle starts loosening up, but this change reveals all the pain the muscle is sufffering, thus the sting and tears. Keep in mind that that muscle has been locked up for a very long time, hence the bad flexibility and long time it takes to attempt to put things at focus.
You should try not to blink while you feel the stinging for as long as possible. I've noticed only but improvements from grinding it like a korean game.

The edge of blur is the area where you can still manage to attain focus without too much trouble. That's the perfect starting point for all the training.
That doesn't mean you shouldn't attempt even where greater blur arises, it's just where you should focus your attempt.
I think loosening up with further distances is only beneficial, maybe as a short break from the screen.

It's easier both to see and improve during daylight because the pupil is more restricted, whereas in low lights refraction errors become more relevant.
For my desk I bought a bright lamp and I aimed it toward the wall, so I have at decently bright worskspace which makes my eyes less fatigued.
At night/evening you may feel discouraged because it all drops and you'll feel you're making no progress. That's not true, it wil eventually get better as your daytime vision does (according to what I read), it's just that the issues are magnified the weaker the light is.
I still noticed some slight improvements, though. I felt the stinging where before my eyes weren't even trying, so I think it's true.

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How much more efficient would humanity be if adolescents were married off at sixteen and people were euthanized at MAXIMUM 50 years old?

No aged care needed, we'd have a population where the able bodied ones would be the majority.

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None, you simply instill in people the desire to die on their own terms and give people strong family and dynastic values as well as a fear and hatred of being/having extremely old and senile individuals.

This would encourage people to prefer to die shortly after retirement instead of coasting on for 30 years draining all of their wealth, which would otherwise go to their children and grand children.

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I'm 49 and I don't find the idea convincing.
I can't exactly explain why, let's say it's a gut feeling.

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>coasting on for 30 years draining all of their wealth
>not having enough wealth to gain more as you coast

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The thing is, "humanity" doesn't care for itself.
People care for themselves, and that's it.

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>adolescents married off at sixteen
Much better
>people were euthanized at MAXIMUM 50 years old
good luck convincing anyone

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I suffer from 3 months of sleep deprivation by now. I wake up at night, often multiple times. I've had a 1 week at home sleep examination, and 2 weeks at the hospital. They can't find the cause. Can't be cured, can't be treated.

The only thing that really helps is zolpidem, but it doesn't eliminate it, it just makes it so I wake up later. When I take it, I usually wake up just once, instead of like 3-4 times. But, it's still not enough to help me function normally.

I've had some measure of success with plants that have shown in studies to increase pentobarbital-induced sleep: ginger and guayaba. They push the waking time back by about an hour.

I was wondering if anyone here knows of any way to increase the duration of zolpidem through other means, or knows of any other substances/supplements/plants that also increase pentobarbital-induced sleeping time that I can try with the zolpidem?

Thanks. I'm pretty fucked up and any help might be a lifesaver for me.

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How do I avoid doing dumb mistakes in mathematics exercises? I lack attention. Maybe I'm dumb after all.

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Use a tDCs machine, one sponge on your right prefrontal cortex and the other on your left shoulder, to increase your focus.

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Thanks, I'll try that.

I understand the principles, I, however, do a lot of mistakes due to a lack of attention. Such as switching signs. The theory is ok.

I'm the coomer archetype itself, once I was able to stay 1 month without masturbating, but now it's difficult. I'll make some efforts I guess. I'm trying to find the related external causes if there is any.

Never heard of that

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Ik, what I meant was go over your work to see if you made any mistakes. I’m just like you. It’s like you already know how to solve something so doing the math is so easy that you make tiny mistakes that cost big points, right?

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In part, yes. If it was not for my carelessness, I would have had more than 50%. The first months I didn't studied everyday because I would arrive late at home, I still do, but now I force myself, so I fucked up in this aspect.

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Yeah dude just take it slow when working out the problems

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Is it at all possible to achieve true fluency in a language past the age of 20 or is that sweet neuroplasticity already gone?
I started pondering about this after observing that I reached a plateau in my german self learning efforts, specifically because I can't pronounce certain phonems even though their sound is very clear in my mind(I even watched videos on proper tongue posture and such).

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>because if you can't pronounce the langauge correctly, it nearly always means you cannot hear the langauge well either
There is a big difference between being able to recognize something and being able to reproduce it.

Although I'm curious, which German phoneme aren't you able to pronounce well enough?

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It's nearly always the case, people with bad accents can usually hear in the language much more poorly than would be expected or compared to how well can they hear in their native language. It isn't LOGICALLY necessary, but it is so in practice - when you can hear the language well, your pronunciation gets automatically matched with it. There is some kind of loop in your brain that is responsible for it; you can even prevent people from speaking by making them hear something else than what they're saying, which interferes with this loop and it's nearly impossible to overcome it.

I am not OP, so I do not know what phonemes they have trouble with.

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>which German phoneme aren't you able to pronounce well enough?
The ch and that raspy r, especially when it's neighboring certain letters. It sounds dull, like a knife in need of sharpening. Sometimes I can pronounce it similarly if I have enough saliva in my mouth, but relying on that tells me I can't really do it. And when I try to pronounce the r I end up producing the sound at the front of the mouth, near the teeth, when it should (theoretically)be done near the soft palate.
And I know the pronunciation of these phonemes can vary according to local dialects, but I like that aggressive sounding german which emphasizes both.

I'll try listening more then, but I'll do so hoping it's a long term thing because in my past experience it didn't do much for my pronunciation.

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literally super big fucking cope holy cringe.
>Im such a fuck brainlet I can't learn german
>it must be my deteriorating brain
>jfc I have fucking all-shiners

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and at what age you acquired those accents? have you actually managed to fool a native speaker of that accent that you speak that accent natively?

i don't think it's necessarily always impossible, there could be cases when you are already familiar enough with all the phonemes and intonation patterns of the target language through other languages you learned while young enough. or maybe some individuals have a talent for it, or maybe it can be done with enough obsessive dedication, though it's almost certainly not worth the effort. but generally speaking it's not a realistic goal

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How is it we can perceive solvated electrons as blue when their diameter is less than smallest visible wavelength?

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But we can: see picture, see video.
So, how?

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we cannot seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Well lightning is blue is it not?

>> No.11145847

wow that's really impressive, never heard of this before. I didn't even know this is possible.
It's like a metal, but without being a metal, and without even being a fucking solid.

to answer your question, you don't see the electrons, you see the conductive solution they form.

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The electrons aren't blue, that's the wacky complexes being formed during the reaction. The free electrons appear a metallic bronze colour.

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Are you insane if you know you’re insane?

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did he?

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i am convinced everyone is insane, especially me.

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How to distinguish if I am redpilled or just schizo?

>> No.11145957

have a debate with other people and gauge your own reactions>>11145914

>> No.11146551

>did he

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Is this a great starter for biochemistry, complimenting it with Albert's The Cell?

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I'm too biochemistrylet to start reading Voets.

>> No.11145556

Thanks for the rec. I need a bit comprehensive and detailed book but not a very advanced one.

>> No.11145708

Voets is very easy to read.

Stryer is more autistic

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Quoted By: >>11145737

It's pretty good, but doesn't go into great detail at the chemical level.

>> No.11145737

You need to read research papers for details

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dude black holes lmao

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prime numbah

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Have we been around since before the last ice age? Why did the cradle of civilization begin in the closest arable region to Europe? There was only hot desert below the Levant. So that makes the theory that humans came out of Africa highly unlikely. The last ice age lasted from 100,000 B.C. to 10,000 B.C. Also, people in the Levant made bread - they didn't eat rice. Did the ice age simply force people to migrate to the Levant and then back to Europe when the ice receded?

>> No.11145474

the last ice age wasn't that long

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We a niggers, deal with it. Nigger.

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4chan sucks lol.

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YOU suck

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What is the scientific consensus on biological sex as a spectrum? SciShow released a video today that looking at differences of sexual development. Is this the common view amongst biologists or is he spreading propaganda?


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>Bill Nye the not-scientist 15 years ago
>Gender is determined by chromosomes
>Bill Nye the not-scientist today
>Gender is a social construct
This almost belongs on /pol/ but without watching the video I'm pretty sure they're going to mention klinefelters or the 1 in 1000 chance of getting spawned with both organs as an excuse to deconstruct the underpinnings of society. Rolodex propaganda.

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Quoted By: >>11148197

"they're ugly" is not a valid rebuttal

>> No.11148197

yes it is

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Not if I harness the power of the tiny amount of jewish DNA and subvert the trannies into self destruction

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It's official, science is a fucking joke and doesn't mean anything anymore

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Help me /sci/,

I'm studying to become a ship machinist and I'm having trouble with the electricity theory. I tried looking at the sticky but the link to the Serway google document is broken. I'm a brainlet that's just starting with the theory about electromagnetic fields, coils, resistances, condensators etc. Can anyone recommend me a document or something because the sticky doesn't work. My teacher gives me assignments but he doesn't give the answers to the exercises. I'm sorry if I'm bothering /sci/ with this.

To make up for it: this is also a thread to talk about electricity in general, I guess

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Quoted By: >>11145878 >>11147593

watch whole playlist - then start reading:
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiHVe8U5PhU&list=PLkyBCj4JhHt9dIWsO7GaTU149BkIFbo5y

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Quoted By: >>11145878 >>11147593

Check out course 8.02 by Walter Lewin. Former mit professor upload his lectures to YouTube. Lots of demonstrations, the text book used has PDF copies online

>> No.11145878

Thanks. This will help a lot.

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not OP but this is also helpful, thanks
t. doing electrical installation diploma

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The US navy has a course called NEETS specifically designed to teach sailors about electricity.

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Lift is created mostly in 1 way: The wing's area, upon displacement, becomes a vacuum.

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Quoted By: >>11148163

>"No, it literally applies to airfoils"
Yes, that is a great description of your argument's relation to OP's question.

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Quoted By: >>11147807

>Did you even read it?
Yeah, I skimmed it. I'll give it another shot...
Good arguments, but lost me at
>Coanda e?ect
At least it's not a Bernoulli shill.

>> No.11147807

god DAMN you are dumb

>> No.11147837

>>wings are like rockets
>The absolute state of sci.
Sci fags simply have their own religions, that they call theories.

>> No.11148163

I never made an argument, I simply stated a widely published theorem in external flow dynamics

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>you will never work at a quant fund and make 1m dollars a year

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>> No.11148621

No, I'm averagely at average competence, I already experienced mount stupid many times so I recognize now when my knowledge is lacking.
I just have to open up an old notebook with old drawings to be reminded of the dangers of dunning-kruger.
My OCDs demands I study all resources on the topic at hand, so I get to spot my mistakes and weaknesses.
If I were mount stupid I would have already been fired for failing my job. I actually spend more time fixing other people mistakes and managing our infrastructure. You do need to know what you're doing and be quick to respond to issues.
I don't even care about reaching the peak, most likely they'd try to throw even more work at me.

>> No.11148715

(In the US) apparently the top for "I can have a nicer life and be happier with more money) ends in the $85,000/yr range. After that people who were surveyed said it wasn't all that different, but they probably don't have the desires or goals that would require a lot of cash, like funding the research for ultraefficient desalination plants or something cool

>> No.11148720
Quoted By: >>11148805

>I have many skills and are
Nice English, "genius".

>> No.11148767
Quoted By: >>11148805

You're just an impulsive cunt who sees mediocre results in whatever he's doing and decides to switch to whatever else without becoming proficient at anything. That's really not impressive, retard.

>> No.11148805

"Tanks". I don't really bother proofreading my shitposts.
I derive pleasure from derailing threads and getting my daily dose of (You)s

If it makes you happier I completely suck at following directions, reading maps, teaching others and I have no gf.
There's power in mediocrity, especially when you're mediocre at almost everything. I can feel content that few men have a total sum of skills like mine.
I even have cool skills like triggering any emotion at command, lucid dreaming, doing somersaults.
You might say I'm very proficient at learning new skills. I absolutely am.
I think you should be objectively impressed.

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This will give /sci/ an aneurysm

Yuga Cycles – Changing Densities And Dimensions

>> No.11145981

Ancient science systems were destroyed in a cataclysm and remain unfinished, it's basically a walking ghost and you know who isn't actually afraid of ghosts >>>/x/

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Quoted By: >>11147681 >>11148584

mathematicians will tell you this is a knot

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behold, a double torus

>> No.11147681


Pishposh that’s obviously a cock ring you virgin nerds

>> No.11147798
Quoted By: >>11148445

what about the term "dirac delta function"

>> No.11148445

Never heard that in maths or physics. Only in engineering classes. In the former it was always called distribution and in both it was explained what that meant (compact carrier etc).

>> No.11148584

You need to start with a definition of what a knot is mathematically.

A knot is a smooth function from S^1 into R^3. There's an obvious smooth map, i.e. the inclusion map. Then this gives the unknot, a knot with crossing number zero.

In general you define knots up to a sequence of moves and smooth ambient isotopies. So this diagram is just one possible representative from an infinite equivalence class of knots. The issue then becomes that crossing number isn't invariant with respect to the reidmeister moves so you next to look at reduced diagrams, where all crossings in the knot projection cannot be moved away with an ambient isotopy nor a reidmeister move.

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Quoted By: >>11146260 >>11147715

I may come off like a retard, but has anyone experienced a psychic like ability to determine when they wake up? I know it sounds like like /x/ than /sci/, but I've experimented with this in the past, and just "thinking" and wanting to wake up at a certain time has lead me to doing so. I've had times when I "thought" about waking up at 4AM, and then I would. It wouldn't be 8 hours, or even close (more like 4) and I wouldn't feel fulfilled at all, yet I wanted to wake up at the time and I did. Are there any studies on this?

>> No.11145237
Quoted By: >>11145244

It's the reverse, Anon. You wake up, then your brain fabricates a coherent story and makes you think you conscientiously decided to do so. There was a small book on these phenomena, can't find it right now.

>> No.11145244


>> No.11146260

Yeah runs in my family. My mother know the time, like ALL the time, she does not need a watch. I have also have the ability to get up at a certain time that I "set" my body to, BUT I have to see the real time on a clock before I sleep to properly set my internal clock.

>> No.11146284

I noticed I can do this. I started having to set my alarm to wake up at different times for different things. If I consciously set my alarm for say 5:45am I will wake up at 5:40am, if I set it for 7:30am I will wake up at 7:25. Every single time

it's pretty neat, I am proud of myself for this for some reason

>> No.11147715

You're not imagining this OP. I'm too lazy to find the study, but if you listen to Matthew Walker on the Peter Attila podcast he goes into it.

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Quoted By: >>11145060

Why do people say that in the future they'll "upload their consciousness" to a computer or an AI? As if they'll just hit enter and go to cyberheaven? They'll continue to exist as a human with a digital copy online somewhere, that if continuing to evolve would become divergent from themselves. What the fuck do they mean "their consciousness"? Are they so vain they think they need to eternalize their shitty generic personality traits into some chatbot? That their mind or intelligence, distinctly physical and biologically rooted things, needs to continue on a system benchmarked by bandwidths and processing power superior to our own brains? Or are they hoping to enter some wonderful VR world where they fuck loli pussy all day, again, the sensation of which is entirely rooted in our biological bodies?

I can't wrap my head around any of the appeal of digitizing your brain. It might be good for scanning for faulty/lost memories or maybe mental illnesses but a digital copy serves no purpose and even in a situation with a sentient AI, your copy would be joining the sentient AI to no benefit to you or probably it either. All it would be good for is data and maybe better pattern recognition? It wouldn't make you fucking immortal. Fuck.

>> No.11145060

Idiots don't understand how computers work and think that they can magically transfer themselves into a computer, not realising that- like computers- the digital version will just be a copy. It is the exact same problem as teleportation. If humans want to attain immortality we must find a way to transition our physical selves, our brains, without copying them or disrupting the flow of consciousness that we experience. It's probably never going to be attainable though so we all need to stop being cowards and find a way to accept death

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Quoted By: >>11145873

The Sun is an electrical transformer not a nuclear reactor, there is literally zero evidence to support the nuclear fission theory.

>/sci/ about to seeth post reeeeee
>thinks about it, he's right

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>> No.11145870


>> No.11145873
Quoted By: >>11145875

Electric Universe is total pseudoscience tho

>> No.11145875

Anon Tesla was right about everything, seek and ye shall find

>> No.11146436

Trolling outside of /b/ is forbidden.

>> No.11147966


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Quoted By: >>11145600

so how do cells know when to stop replicating themselves? why dont we just grow into amorphous beings all the time, but have a very stable shape? how can cells, like, the very fucking rudiments of life, have such precise coordination, how do they know these logistics? who says "ok lets grow", and "ok lets stop"?

scientists literally dont know. but do you, /sci/?

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>> No.11145295

The pituitary gland secretes growth hormone, which tells cells how much to grow and when to stop

>> No.11145311
Quoted By: >>11145631

but where does that leave God?

>> No.11145600

I recall reading about this in relation to the fruit fly or something. Maybe on a too macro level to what you asked about: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drosophila_embryogenesis

>> No.11145631

In the trash.

>> No.11145641

but that's just an opinion, how do I check it is true ?

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Some ignorant Islamic guy is a die hard for the Quran and the presence of Allah
What's some undeniable scientific evidence that could change the kebabs mind?

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>> No.11145001
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>>using science to answer inquiries of philosophy/theology
Neither of these can answer any question. You are confusing the question being invalid with the question being in a different domain.

>> No.11145007


Muhammad only got less than 100 people to follow his religion after 10 years of preaching it peacefully so he became a robber and killed people who were delivering goods with a few of his followers and he started stealing and killing anybody who refused to accept his false religion. Muhammad himself knew the religion was false too actually. He started a seizure and takeover of as much land as possible, married a 9 year old, killed children after stripping them to look at their pubic hair, wrote about such things in the quran, oh wait, no he didn't! Muhammad didn't touch the quran! He didn't write any of it! It was written years later based on his oral teachings so as far as you know it was all made up by people other than him!

He got poisoned around the same time he conquered a new land ,everybody there worshipped him basically despite his teaching of not worshipping him (muslims still worship him which is contradictory to their own religion) also plenty of muslims are not peaceful despite pretending to be a peaceful religion

the quran states that arabic is the "chosen" langauge indirectly by stating that the quran was made in arabic specifically, which is too specific to make sense,

and Muhammad died and when he died he started a hatred for other religions by making fun of them as some of his last words. He did this on purpose because his religion remained relevant through contesting the other popular religions at the time.

>> No.11145034
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Cheers King

>> No.11145223

>Muhammad himself knew the religion was false too actually.
>killed children after stripping them to look at their pubic hair
these are some top quality facts mate

>> No.11145328

Why didn't anyone just kick his ass?

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2 more years bro's

>> No.11144876

Awesome! I can't wait! Only 3 years left!

>> No.11144933
Quoted By: >>11144960

WFIRST will be ready before JWST

how do those people at Northrop live with the shame?

>> No.11144960

JWST is going to be a fucking astronomy revolution and it's going to launch without a hitch. Mark my words.
They are leaving no room for error, cut them some slack.
All critical testing so far has gone very well

>> No.11145008

It was 2 more years 2 years ago.

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I'm looking for a good book to be able to identify the chemical makeup of common things in the real world.

Ie. if i see bricks, I'd like to be able to know it's chemical composition as well as how it's properties are derived from it's lattice structure.

I've studied materials science in my undergrad (i focused on nanotechnology), so I have a pretty strong foundation in chemistry but I've been out of school for a while and I'd like to pick this back up.

>> No.11145799


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