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>all discussion around it should be silenced, even at the cost of modern civilization
I think we all know who is behind this post. You can't fool us (((OP))). We are too based and redpilled to fall for your tricks.

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"I am an upscale fetishist pornographer sir, but please, no more inquiries into our personal backgrounds, it is prying and uncivilized"

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"Anon" is pic related

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Only an idiot tries to assign logic or reason to the actions of a woman. If I was going to guess, however, I would say it's a pathological sexual malice fetish. Also, I don't believe I accused Helene of torture. I think my main accusations against her are rape, fraud, and conspiracy to defraud. If I was going to guess who is the main person that has the remote control to my anal implants, it would be the USA's favorite person: pic related, whose real name is probably Anthony Colombo, or Something Colombo, of that NYC mafia clan that will be totally exterminated should the apparatus of violence ever come to rest in my hand.

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>massive increase in funding

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>Yesssss, goy... we need more immigrants for population growth... it's good for the economy!

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Russians right now knowing more delays means more fat checks for Soyuz seats.

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I'm sure deception, manipulation or persuasion wasn't a natural trait of ours until a certain point. Does anyone know when this behaviour flourished? And why?

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I need to get something removed from my record. I've been fucked by the state in regards of getting a drivers license. How do I locate a corrupt physician who will help me remove a diagnosis from my record so I can just live my fucking life.

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Thank you Shekelburg, I will keep watching cuck porn and lend my wife to rapufugees because it's the most progressive thing to do

This anon is right, sadly

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>Send your kids to indoctrination machines

Nope. My daughter will not go to public school. Maybe private, but since I can work from home most days I will probably home school her. No fucking kike will tell my daughter to fuck niggers and terrorists. Whites only.

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Who needs your own homeland when you could just use your superior intellect to manipulate goys into letting you into your more advanced country? Also don't forget the fact that a good majority of jews dominate the science field. Just admit it wh*te goi you and your race can't compete with that BAB

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Money > not money

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Right on the money

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>publish incomplete proof, hold off just enough information
>5 million!

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>Films about science and technology are usually pessimistic. Why?

You can thank Michael Crichton for that.

In the late 80s that fucking hack started looking at any new tech that was on the horizon, and because he didn't truly understand it he freaked out and used that as the general outline for all his shitty book. And of course, this approach has mass appeal and fear markets itself.

1. See new tech
2. Something goes wrong
3. Running and screaming
5. Profit

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/sci/ is apparently the WebMD of 4chan.

>"S-sometimes i have thoughts, desu"
>"You're gonna need medication for that"

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I wonder who this is

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this is why

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