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What is an interesting fact from your domain of study that most people won't have heard about?

I'll start: There might be iron snow in Mercury's core. Iron "snowflakes" could be forming at the core-mantle boundary and drift inward, where they melt again.

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You are controlled by god. LOL THAT'S RIGHT

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only in three dimensions can one talk about vectors (force, velocity, acceleration, electric field, etc) and pseudovectors (angular momentum torque, magnetic field, etc) as same dimensional objects. That's because grades of clifford algebras follow pascals triangle. For algebra of physical space (clifford algebra cl_3) we have pascals third row (counting from 0), which is 1,3,3,1 meaning there's 1 dimensional scalar, 3 dimensional vector, 3 dimensional pseudovector (bivector) and 1 dimensional pseudoscalar (trivector).

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>We routinely use quantum tunnelling injection to place electrons into the floating gate on MRAM, which is surrounded on all sides by an insulating oxide.
>By restricting the physical dimensions in quantum wells, we can abuse the position-momentum uncertainty to force an increase in electron energy, increasing diode efficiency for example. This is called confinement energy.
>We can also use quantum tunneling to, instead of transferring an electron through an oxide to another layer, make it only exchange spin with another electron on that layer, by applying an appropriate polarised current. This is called spin transfer torque and is hard to calculate.

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God can revise history to be such that your circumstances and memory lead you to make a certain decision in a moment, but ultimately the choice is yours to make. If you don't choose what God wants you to choose, then he can revise history again, and over and over, but the choice is always yours, and then it is God's choice about whether or not make a revision to encourage you to make a different choice.

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Protein synthesis in prokaryotes begins when the 16srRNA of the small ribosomal subunit binds to a conserved region called the Shine Dalgarno sequence, assisted by IF1 and IF2. This complex then associates with the large ribosomal subunit and IF3, completing initiation. The ribosome scans until it finds the first AUG. Elongation of the polypeptide strand begins when a formylated methionine carrying tRNA binds to the start codon AUG in the P-site of the ribosome. The next codon after the start codon will associate with another tRNA carrying the correct corresponding amino acid and correct anticodon to the A-site. The next step in elongation is when a peptidyl transferase catalyzes the formation of a peptide bond between the two amino acids, at the same time as this, the entire ribosome ratchets over 3 nucleotides, putting the original, empty tRNA in the E-site and the growing polypeptide containing tRNA now resides in the P-site....i dont wanna talk about termination.

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god could also choose to make you not a retard homosexual but he likes it

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>iron snow
I don't think so

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I'm afraid you may have a fundamental misunderstanding of what snow is

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Then you deny that I am Jesus Christ, a heterosexual man?

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>Then you deny that I am Jesus Christ
of course

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