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>be me
>calc II class
>at the end, everyone's leaving, professor is showing us characteristic functions (for fun)
>engineering major in the back raises his hand
>"So, like, have you ever heard of Plato? And like, his idea of the forms? Is this kinda like that where, like, this is like the fake world and the real functions are like the world of the forms?"
>the professor almost shits himself, trying to comprehend what incredibly high dosage of autism could have possibly led to such a herculean leap in logic

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>be me, a PhD student
>browse /sci/
>all threads are made by undergrad kiddies telling stories about their babby calculus classes

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>OP not taking Cal III & Linear Algebra in freshman year

Never gonna make it.

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i graduated with a STEM degree with 150k starting salary and never had to use anything beyond my highschool calculus classes in my life

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enginigger or csmonkey?

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>he thinks being a codemonkey is STEM

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Found the nigger

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Cope, stay assblasted virgins.

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CS monkey it is

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>have you ever heard of Plato? And like, his idea of the forms
Now I've read a bit about Plato's theory of forms, but I know very little about philosophy in general. I've always wanted to ask, did no one ask for proof when philosophers came up with this shit? How did it gain acceptance to the point where it was taught in university for centuries?

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From what I understand about the time period essentially all the "fathers of philosophy" Plato, Aristotle, pythagoras, to a lesser extent Homer, would have today been dismissed as self absorbed autists but given the culture of the time they were allowed to just stand in the courtyards and market places telling everyone else they were retarded because they weren't autistic enough to invent a new way to use numbers to calculate how far a cows knee can rotate
Eventually some richer people were convinced that these guys might actually be worth something and funded them

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what did he answer?

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>code monkey
>qualified job

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