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If so, why doesn’t everyone do it? I’m scared of randomly dying from a blood clot

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If you trip and hit your head while on blood thinners then your brain might bleed and you may have irreversible neurological damage.
Diet might help against clotting without having any negative side effects. Look it up.

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Because it inhibits COX and gives you chronic gastritis which can degenerate in cancer.

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Also there's a risk of gastrointestinal bleeding.
Diet is the best preventative measure against the vast majority of diseases
>The same foods that in excess can cause plaque buildup in blood vessels, increasing the risk of heart disease, can also increase the risk of developing DVT, Dr. Masley notes. That means you want to stay away completely from unhealthy trans fats and cut way back on the saturated fats in full-fat dairy and fatty cuts of red meat, as well as sugar and salt, according to the American Heart Association. "These are all foods that increase inflammation," Masley explains.
Eat more fruits, veggies, nuts and whole grains. Eat less meat, dairy, sugar and salt. This will prevent most diseases.

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This dietary advice killed Steve Jobs.

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Yes and reduces the risk of colon cancer but increases the risk of bleeding

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Steve Jobs was a fruitarian and delayed surgery for 9 months, you fucking retard. This is a SCIENCE BOARD. Look at statistical evidence before you say stupid shit. Do you really base your worldview on popular rumors and sample sizes of 1?
Look up the statistical evidence on what increased meat and dairy consumption does to people. Going vegan or vegetarian wont kill unless you're doing something wrong. You don't have to give up meat and dairy completely. The Okinawan centenarians (meaning people who live in Okinawa and live past 100 years old) got about 2% of their calories from meat and fish. The Okinawans had the highest rates of centenarians in the past and are the most studied group of centenarians.
>inb4 genetics
There are other studies on centenarians with similar findings on diet and disease. It isn't just the Okinawans. Heart disease, cancer, stroke, alzheimer's and all of the greatest killers are caused by diet.

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>I’m scared of randomly dying from a blood clot
I see youre functionally retarded.

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Why are you afraid of dying form a sudden blood clot? As someone who has survived having gargantuan embolisms in the lungs, I can assure you that you will probably know something is wrong way before you actually end up dying. The best way to prevent a clot is by eating a proper diet and maintaining physical fitness.

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Thanks for your response. The reason I’m scared is because I always hear stories about otherwise healthy people dying from aneurysms or other clot related problems

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yes but it ruins your stomach

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Even 5mg of aspirin has been shown to inflict GI damage. It's not quite yes either as failing to adhere to dosing schedule incurs a rebound effect. That is why aspirin regimens sometimes show paradoxical effects for clot preventing, i.e. boomers who skip a day or two and suffer increased clotting thereafter.

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>GI damage
who fucking cares? caring about anything except the heart or the brain is bluepilled as fuck. not like it's going to make you blind or deaf.

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You mean "IFLScience":
>The state-specific introduction of birth certificates is associated with a 69-82% fall in the number of supercentenarian records. In Italy, which has more uniform vital registration, remarkable longevity is instead predicted by low per capita incomes and a short life expectancy. Finally, the designated ‘blue zones’ of Sardinia, Okinawa, and Ikaria corresponded to regions with low incomes, low literacy, high crime rate and short life expectancy relative to their national average. As such, relative poverty and short lifespan constitute unexpected predictors of centenarian and supercentenarian status, and support a primary role of fraud and error in generating remarkable human age records.

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We have no clue what causes this and current research says alcohol use can increase it.

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See >>11131923
>Indicators of poverty and fraud, and contra-indications of health, are also ignored in remarkable-age surveys. For example, smoking rates of e.g. 17-50% [6] and illiteracy rates of 50-80% [5,6] are often observed in samples of the oldest-old. Surveying the ‘blue zone’ of Ikaria, Chrysohoou et al. observed that the oldest-old have: a below-median wage in over 95-98% of cases, moderate to high alcohol consumption (5.1-8.0 L/ year), a 10% illiteracy rate, an average 7.4 years of education, and a 99% rate of smoking in men [3].
>Instead of prompting skepticism, under the relatively safe assumption that smoking, drinking, poverty, and illiteracy should not enrich for remarkable longevity records, these contra-indications of survival are routinely ignored. In contrast, it could be suggested that the abundance of supercentenarians in these regions reflect high rates of undetected error.

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only if you abuse

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Aneurysm is not clot-related

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>Just get GI bleeding or perforation bro
>Just go get emergency surgery for that when you're like 75 y.o. bro

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shut up fucking vegan

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Gastrointestinal damage and that all forms of cuts become more dangerous.

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Unless you have risk factors for thrombo-embolic disease, anticoagulation - even mild like low-dose aspirin - carries more risks than benefits.

Blood clots are a risk for people, and are a major source of morbidity and mortality; however this is balanced against the equally major risk of catastrophic bleeding - from upper GI bleeds and intracranial bleeds in particular. Finding the right balance between the two is the key to maximising life expectancy - and finding the right balance is the reason that natural selection/evolution has developed major variation in coagulability within populations (i.e. haemophilia, thrombophilia).

In short, unless you are more likely to get clots than the average person, it will do more harm than good.

t. a doctor

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you sound like a whiny bitch

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