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Daily reminder that any belief that there is a genetic basis for differences between groups of different ancestry is RACIST AND MMBAD OKAY and all discussion around it should be silenced, even at the cost of modern civilization. Thanks.

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Who is worse: those who make watson threads or those who make greta threads?

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greta, at least watson is an actual scientist.

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Too bad discussing biology isn't actually what you are interested in.
>but le niggers are dum

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how would you know?

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SJWs fuck off back to >>>/reddit/!!!!!
If you can't handle reality then leave!!!!!

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>what?! how can you see through my obvious dishonesty of intent?
You are sealioning

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i'm just asking you to back up your assertion. if that's sealioning idk what to tell you. btw i'm not op, just answered the question about greta vs watson. so your accusations are a bit misplaced. but please continue to assert things without evidence.

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>all discussion around it should be silenced, even at the cost of modern civilization
I think we all know who is behind this post. You can't fool us (((OP))). We are too based and redpilled to fall for your tricks.

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