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Is there any scientific proof of transgenerational trauma? Or is it just a way of excusing the behavior of certain populations?

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>le niggers are dum

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Way to dodge the question brainlet.

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There is plenty and it should be trivial for you to find articles on the subject in any academic search engine without even needing to use particularly specific or esoteric keywords.

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If it's easy then you should have no problem posting links to credible studies.

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>transgenerational trauma?
You mean like inherited poverty of the USA blacks whose poverty is each individually their own fault but is collectively the result of their ancestors being brought here as slaves and then freed without reparations and then them being an economic sub-class ever since? They say nothing is worse for adult IQ than childhood poverty.

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nice photo OP

Unfortunately it's nothing new. I assume when African Americans learn of their history in America SOME of them (and I emphasize some) believe this is acceptable of some how justifiable behavior. It's understandable why they'd want justice or revenge. Blood feud are a thing that is real. Sometimes shit is hard to let go. I'm not saying this is right. I believe "eye for an eye leaves the world blind." But it's perfectly human for them to be pissed and angry when learning bout their history. In fact this is ALL TOO HUMAN. This speaks more about the human race as a whole than it does about any small part of it.

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>premise is biased
>expects a straight answer

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>asking for scientific proof is now biased
The absolute state of /sci/.

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Transgenerational trauma is actually real. It explains the Nazi Germany uprising after the traumas they experienced during the WW1. So Germans chimped out during the 1940s. Same with Japan after they got generationally traumatized by the west in the late 1800s.

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They are.

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>As of 2015 most work has been done inanimal modelsin laboratories, and little work has been done in humans; the work is not yet applicable to clinicalpsychiatry

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>Therefore it doesn't exist!
OP asked for any scientific proof of it existing.

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I doubt you'd see it in their genes, but sociologically, yes. Groups can create inter-generational narratives that will be passed down.

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Did her neck break? she is looking back at an almost 180 degrees angle

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Pic related

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>having trouble understanding a simple sentence
Back to your containment board.

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This. It's how ghost stories work. That and what amounts to sociological hypnosis.

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Nice statement, care to provide some evidence?

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>care to provide evidence that groups of people influence each other?

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>>care to provide evidence that groups of people influence each other?

sorry for all caps, but you asked for proof, that's the was the most relevant proof I got

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Are you autistic?

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It does not follow that because groups of people can influence each other, that groups can create inter-generational narratives that transmit trauma.

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So in other words I'm not in control of my actions? I can blame transgressions on my ancestors for my reprehensible behavior??

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You can blame whoever you want while answering for your transgressions.

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Ok, I understand that they are less intelligent, but why do they have to behave like this?

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transgressions on ancestors is just a trigger

Blame your sense of entitlement, self righteous justice, and inability to forgive/forget. This is something that all humans have and have to work against. It's our natural state. It's human nature.

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low IQ and high testosterone

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>low IQ
Okay, everybody knows that.

>High T

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High impulsivity =/= High Testosterone

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One time I went to Portugal and shared a hotel room with a black man and a white. One of them thought it would funny to intentionally spray his diarrhea shit literally all over the bathroom so there wasn't a spot in there not covered in his shit. It wasn't the black man. This is just the kind of thing pieces of shit do.

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>It wasn't the black man.
But he behaved like a nigger.

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>It wasn't the black man.
But he behaved as such. So he was a honorary nigger.

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Prove that it does not follow or stop trying to censor things.

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It actually speaks about the fact that they’re niggers.

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Every time I see racists dehumanizing people based on race, this is all I can think about.

maybe "OK Buffalo Bill" should be the new meme response to racism in general

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Spic here. I admit Amerindians were sadist torturers though.

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>dehumanizing people based on race

Oh the Great Chain of Being. As if humans were intrinsically better than other animals.

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Am I a white nigger for finding this hilarious?

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Reminder that less than 1% of any population are violent criminals.

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you wanna talk about crime statistics and race?

did you know in the winter there's a spike in how many caucasians get pulled over by police officers? It's because winter has longer nights, and at night police officers can't see the color of the skin of the driver of the car. This is a statistical anomaly that was discovered in EVERY police precinct in America, and when they gave a precinct training in racial profiling the statistical anomaly was diminished.

African American people get arrested more because they're seen as more suspicious.
This is a statistical fact!
Meanwhile, caucasian criminals are let go free or "slide through the cracks" of the legal system simply because they're not viewed to be suspicious enough to warrant investigation.

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These behaviors correlate directly to IQ but nobody can talk about that

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>African American people get arrested more because they're seen as more suspicious.
They are arrested more because they commit more crime. Every "victims of crime report" backs this up

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I can't tell if you're misinformed or suffer from some logical fallacy, but I'm not going to argue you based on the facts if you're just going to make shit up.
I'm not here to force feed you.

If you feel uncomfortable and need a hug box then go back to /pol/

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Bitch you get arrested because you commit more crimes kys


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I'm not from /pol/ so sorry to pop your bubble.
Blacks commit more crime than whites so it's natural they will be under a higher degree of suspicion from police (who are not even white in a lot of cases).
I'm not american but when I visit a gas station here, I don't have to pay before pumping my gas while brown people do. Why is this?
Where I live it's impossible to find a service station that is not owned and staffed by Pakistani's.
Why do Pakistani's have a deep mistrust of brown skinned customers? Could it be that they have to deal with "fuel drive offs" and have made a note of the people who consistently do it? Or are they just racist?
Perhaps they are white supremacists?
It's pretty much for the same reasons that brown security guards follow the brown people in the store. They deal with theft all day and are simply trying to be more efficient with their job which is loss prevention.
It's the reason why my insurance premium goes up if I move to, or even just close to certain neighborhoods.
You can make all the excuses you want. Blacks commit crime at a higher rate than any other race.

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>sees a few graphs online
>suddenly become expert in racial criminal profiling

Here's my counter argument graph

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Every one of those graphs has sources, FBI etc.
Your's has nothing but an unfunny adhom attack

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IMO, the real object of BLM's protest was that they hated how the occupiers were saying that the economic system is a far worse problem than the justice system, which is true, so they invented BLM to get people to complain about the justice system which basically doesn't fucking matter compared to the economic system.

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>thinks "nuh uh" is a counter argument and his feels trump actual data and for the cherry on top implies the other person is the one who thinks they are smarter than really are

you are so fucking cringy I got whiplash. Gtfo off this board hack

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Why is it always the dumbest people who bring up occam's razor and dunning-kruger? They are trump cards for when you don't have an argument so you can claim victory you fucking moron

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Taking a few graphs out of context then twisting and contorting them to win an argument on an anonymous mongolean basket weaving forum doesn't constitute a scientific argument. It's called cherry picking.

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What is the scientific purpose for spamming a bunch of images with no actual knowledge?

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>only 22% of blacks killed by police
This is because Black dudes are T1000 tough. Who else could take this many bullets and walk to a hospital?

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negroid cope is the most transparent and cringy cope

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>Taking a few graphs out of context then twisting and contorting them to win an argument
How else should the relevant data be presented?
It is what it is.

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Link the actual links in text for me and I will find the errors. Attaching a claim would be good too.

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>brought here as slaves and then freed without reparations and then them being an economic sub-class ever since?
What about the ones that took the option to be setup in Liberia?
How did that work out? The first thing they did was enslave the locals then start a civil war.

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look it up yourself you lazy shit, you might learn something.

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This is a science board. Make a claim, show your evidence, and have it reviewed by your peers. Spamming jpegs doesn't allow for that. One claim will do, give me one you think I'd disagree with.

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Not only have you failed to follow a simple task, but you have also played yourself:
>Academic research indicates that the over-representation of some minorities in the criminal justice system is explained by socioeconomic factors and racial discrimination by law enforcement and the judicial system.

Go home now child. Go.

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that's because people like you edit the articles.
Go ahead and read passed the first paragraph. Maybe click a few of the sources

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What? BLM Was about how the police system is completely fucked up and doesn't revolve around police killings only.

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Countless articles on abusive parenting stemming from the parents childhood? War trauma on families? multi-generational poverty?

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So you've switched from denying the data in the graphs that show blacks commit more crime to arguing that blacks commit more crime because they're picked on?
Average 80 IQ detected

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African blacks are even lower iq than American ones. Haiti's average iq is in the retarded zone, they can never achieve civilization.

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>What? BLM Was about how the police system is completely fucked up and doesn't revolve around police killings only.
No it wasn't. It was a political, funded by Soro's. They crashed Bernie Sanders rally and shouted him down, then threw their weight behind Hillary. This makes no sense.
The useful idiots are the ones angry over blacks being gunned down by police while ignoring WHY they were gunned down by police.
Think about how stupid the average mob of people is, now subtract 20 IQ points.

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What exactly did you think this thread was about? This isn't your nigger hate thread on /pol/. The place where you got these images.

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Looks like blacks have improved a ton over the last 30 years.

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What makes you think I'm white?
How do you know I'm not a Pacific Islander?

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Is soros the /pol/ boogeyman?

Brah African nations are developing a ton if you actually bother to pay attention. Your statements clash with the reality of progress that is going in the world.

>> No.11129949

Probably. That doesn't change the fact that he funds BLM

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Do you have the source?

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Since we're posting people doing stupid shit.

>Riot after surf competition

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You think poltards care about that?

>> No.11131257

>Invoking the /pol/ boogie man
>Completely misunderstanding what he read
Is it poor reading or social comprehension? Is it the former and retardation, or the latter and the 'tism? I'm always curious why people make such emotional posts on an anonymous masturbation club, and especially how they can do it after mischaracterizing what they've read so completely.

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