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which supplements actually do anything?

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Creatine monohydrate (regardless of whether you do something athletic), fish oil, zinc, magnesium, caffeine, and that's about it.

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Also a low dose of steroids on cruise, particularly testosterone enanthate, will also help.

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Dumb question, all of them "actually do something" depending on dosage.

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Brain Force

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Blood rush
Loltyler1.com code alpha

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Alcohol and LSD

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Fuck fish oil. People shouldn't even allowed to sell it. Use algae oil.

Also for magnesium just use hemp seeds. They have some omega3 too.

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Glutamine, BCAA, and whey all decrease soreness after working out. Glutamine is my favorite overall supplement for recovery and also stimulated gains. Creatine makes you get big. Test and Deca make you get really big but your balls get small, and there is more bloat than even with creatine. Anavar works really well, and if I ever juice again it would probably be 40mg/day Oxandrolone x30days.

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Just take whatever will give you effective DHA and EPA.

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a lot of them, if you actually have a deficiency

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fish oil and vit D if you're pasty white

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>Fuck fish oil. People shouldn't even allowed to sell it.
Why not?

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Vit D if white
B12 if vegan
Iodine if eat no fish
Omega 3 if western diet
Melatonin if sleep sux

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Whey protein, caffeine, creatine

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l-theanine actually does improve focus, especially when combined with coffee. CBD too I think, just ignore the bullshit cure-all claims

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Adderall isn't a "suplement", it's a prescription-only stimulant drug.

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Microdosing psychedelics

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So far I’ve been using fish oil and vitamin B9, and it works extremely well.

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