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Meanwhile, on British /tg/

>Oh noes, Lord Voldemort has been cyberconverted and is about to interrupt our five o'clock tea!

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How does /tg/ cope with having historically inaccurate settings?

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"Drone" the warforged bard.

>pale wooden skin
>skeletal face with eyes glowing blue
>long, dark vines serving as hair
>amber glowing crystals down his spine and back
>carries a trossingen lyre
>a cable leads from the lyre to his spine
>heavy, thick dwarven plates serve as boots
>a heavy steel knob on a bracer on his arm has three settings: Rest, March, Kill
>he plays doom/death metal dirges
>carries a flamberge sword at his hip just in case enemies get too close

Anyone else have weird or amusing ideas for characters they haven't had a chance to use yet?

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What are the primary forms of magic in your setting? Do you just use standard schools like in D&D or your own thing? Does the use of these types overlap at all, and how do they interact with each other? Are they fundamentally different or just different ways of using the same thing?

I was talking to someone about their magic system and setting in the last thread, but it died before I could get more information.

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Quoted By: >>69382384

Welcome to /wbg/, the official thread for the discussion of in-progress settings for traditional games.

Here is where you go to flesh out the details of your worlds such as lore, factions, magic and ecosystems. You can also post maps for your settings, as well as any relevant art (either created by you or used as inspiration for your work). Please remember that replying to other posters is what keeps the thread alive, not dumping walls of text.

Official Discord: https://discord.gg/yrp9saR

Resources for Newfags: https://sites.google.com/view/wbgeneral/

Worldbuilding links: https://pastebin.com/JNnj79S5

Previous Thread: >>69324994

Setting prompts:
>What are some pastimes (games, sports or simple distractions) of children, teens, adults and the elderly in your setting?
>Where do the nobility vacation? Do the commoners vacation as well?

Methodology prompts:
>Do you think there is merit to having games-within-games (for example tavern games with defined rules that your players/readers could actually play)? Have you fully designed a game for your setting before?
>What is the one thing you would most like to see other worldbuilders doing LESS of, and why?

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>Using my proposal for two question categories


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Quoted By: >>69382433

Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Science Fantasy Edition

Welcome to /wbg/, the official thread for the discussion of in-progress settings for traditional games.

Here is where you go to flesh out the details of your worlds such as lore, factions, magic and ecosystems. You can also post maps for your settings, as well as any relevant art (either created by you or used as inspiration for your work). Please remember that replying to other posters is what keeps the thread alive, not dumping walls of text.

Official Discord: https://discord.gg/yrp9saR

Resources for Newfags: https://sites.google.com/view/wbgeneral/

Worldbuilding links: https://pastebin.com/JNnj79S5

Previous Thread: >>69324994

Thread Questions

>Do you prefer sci-fi or fantasy settings? Neither? Both? Why?
>What are some settings from your chosen genre that you used as inspiration? What did they do well?
>What are some poor examples of your chosen genre, and how would you improve them?
>For science fantasy, do you prefer it more to the science side, the fantasy side, or about even, and why?

Hard Mode
>What are some concepts/races from sci-fi settings that would fit well in fantasy ones, and vice versa?
>When should real-world laws of science, besides the basic stuff like gravity, be followed in sci-fi and fantasy settings?
>In what areas is it sometimes better to deliberately ignore scientific laws and why?
>Does anyone in-setting believe that some kind of technology, etc, if magical, or vice versa?

Dante Must Die
>How can you avoid a setting, sci-fi or fantasy, staying more or less the same technologically, etc, over a significant period of time?
>How could (especially your) magic be used to create FTL, or other advanced sci-fi technologies?
>What kind of scientific principles, if any, does your magic have?
>Do you prefer magic as a science or an art, and why?

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Ignore this thread. These questions were crap the first time. This is now the third time.

Real thread

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Dante Must Die
>How can you avoid a setting, sci-fi or fantasy, staying more or less the same technologically, etc, over a significant period of time?
Start the setting at the cusp of a technological revolution caused either by new discoveries in engineering or magic.
>How could (especially your) magic be used to create FTL, or other advanced sci-fi technologies?
Thaumaturgy is the magical practice of Semiotics, where the symbols are also representations of the literal. Teleportation circles abuse these to create superimpositions of locations, where a physical circle contains semiotics of another location. Entering the physical location places you at the semiotic equivalent, thousands of miles away = teleportation.
>What kind of scientific principles, if any, does your magic have?
All of them except conservation of mass and energy
>Do you prefer magic as a science or an art, and why?
I prefer it as a "soft" science. It's firm enough that it imposes restrictions on the casters, but soft enough to allow for protagonistic abuse of loosely-defined concepts. I think this ultimately makes the best magic systems, like Fullmetal Alchemist: Firm enough that they need to touch the ground to cast, but soft enough that the protagonist can circumvent drawing things or can eventually break the Resurrection rule.

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What system would you use to run pic related? If you have, how did it go?

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Just had a first game with a new GM. I made a Sorcerer with the intention of going Divine Soul. We were doing an "easy intro" dungeon as part of our first session. We were all level 1. Everytime I used a spell with range, the GM said it fails because there wasn't enough room for the spell and my spell slot vanished as a result.

The first time was I tried to use Color Spray on a group of enemies, but because the tunnel was ten feet wide, the GM said my spell didn't have enough room to happen due to it being a 15ft cone and it just fizzled without doing anything. Then later when I tried to use a cantrip, he said that because I didn't make the spell roll, the cantrip fizzled and I couldn't use it anymore. That's is, he said I couldn't use Shocking Grasp a second time because I missed the first time and "the cantrip fizzled everytime after."

Basically, anytime as the caster I tried to use a spell, he said that my spell fizzled and my spell slot was used. I told the GM that this was fucking bullshit, he told me if I didn't like it I could leave, so I did.

I'm not in the wrong here, right?

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Quoted By: >>69382463 >>69382555

The GM was very adamant that because it's a 15 ft cone, it needed 15feet of space to be used. Any less space meant the spell failed. And when I tried to say that I didn't use the spell, he didn't let me recant. I was forced to use my spell slot on a spell that didn't work, because "as a spellcaster, you already know how magic works in this world." I wish I was joking when I say he said this.

I wish it was bait. Without memeing or being mean, the GM is autistic. He has a very specific set of rules for his game, which seems to favor martials. And worse, he expected everyone to know those rules, even though he didn't explain any of them at the start.

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Quoted By: >>69382434

The DM is being a cunt and if he's really serious about to little space, then the martials should receive a penalty for being to close to walls it other creatures because they hinder their movement.
But I hope won't be able to pass that idea on, because you won't be coming back to that shit show.

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Yeah, I have no intention of going back. There's other people in my college who'll GM. I'm sure of it.

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your DM doesn't know how to deal with casters.

I was right, your DM literally has extra chromosomes.

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He was in the wrong, and you left appropriately. Good luck in your next game, try not to get stressed by it!

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>Players can kill thousands of monsters
>Knights and mercs do literally nothing

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We are playing exalted, dood. Knights and mercs are heroic mortals at best and extras at worst.
You're all solars. Do the marh.

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What is the point in the player characters even existing if you don't need the heroes to do anything when joe random knight is just as good?

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The Witcher is again a pretty good example. The soldiers try to deal with this shit, but they're busy fighting an actual war. The 'monsters' are usually just a plague on isolated settlements or individuals that can't muster the force to deal with it themselves, hence the need for outside intervention.

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Just commit to playing as Joe Randomknight and let the heroes kill eachother over their 'plot relevance'.

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Dnd worldbuilding is shit thats why.

It tries to be both low power LOTR style but also high power fantasy.

This leads to massive dissidence between the themes and illogical as hell worlds.

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Oh no no no no no hahahaha

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>MtG lore writers cancel the Nissa/Chandra ship
Whatever I wasn't into it anyway
>MtG lore writers write Jace/Vraska as anything other than Jace being a sub

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This, the litmus test for good “shitty” lore is how popular it is with black people. Try it with other systems, you know it’s true.

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>Chinese cartoons
>preferable to anything

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>there are "people" who ship characters in a fucking card game

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Playing MTG for the lore is like watching porn/hentai for the story.
Maybe there's one or two cool storylines, but 90% of the time the story is going to be bad, because you're there for the porn (and/or card game) not the story. Even then a quarter of the videos are also gonna be garbage mainstream shit like foot porn or the videos are gonna have the Ugly Bastard tag.

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>Game has like 80 weapons
>Only 10 or so actually are unique and the others are the same weapons with the same damage and hit rolls
How do I avoid this?

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By not adding the other 70 weapons. Use the time you'd have spent on that on improving other aspects of the game.

>> No.69382024

If the game doesn't provide enough detail to differentiate all those weapons then they shouldn't be listed individually.

They should instead be listed as categories.

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Quoted By: >>69382101 >>69382142

No need to avoid. Some people like having those superficial variations for flavour. Just be clear about where the mechanical distinctions lie by explicitly stating categories if you really want to.

Don't treat the 80 as a trick, just state clearly state that there are 10 main types, with ~8 slight changes to each (which might include slight damage differences etc. but are fundamentally similar).

If you're asking "how do I make more than 10 types?", that's up to you to play with the variables inherent to the system and invent some cost/benefit trade-offs etc. In other words be creative.

>> No.69382101

This >>69382035
Unless the weapon stats are so simple that there can be no distinction, you need to just group them and then have slight adjustments. Like giving one gun slightly extra range in exchange for lower accuracy or what have you. Even that's usually not as helpful as just making sure every gun is an interesting choice without just having niche upsides and downsides though. Usually having 80 weapons just means the players are going to pick one of the type they want at random anyway. If you've got 10 different types, having 8 variants doesn't give you much more than just having 3

>> No.69382142

>same damage and hit rolls
>same rolls
Well, if you're using dice, no shit you're pidgeonholing the weapons. There's a limit to the number of sides these dice can have before they start to become impractical.

Consider something like this instead:
>all bladed weapons use X damage dice, with the "size" changing how many of X dice are rolled
>All guns use X to-hit dice, but depending on ammunition, they do d6/d8/d10 dmg
This anon has the right idea. Make "weapon types" and then subtly differentiate these types from each other.

A Rapier and an Epee might have distinctions, but they're both stabby swords and both will use the Medium-length Stabby Sword rules.

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Does anyone live in Germany? How is it with a war hammer? Lots of clubs? Tournaments? What language do the rules read? How many cost miniatures? I’m moving there the day after tomorrow.
Sorry for the bad English, I'm generally a Russian Ivan from Siberia.

>> No.69381593

>I’m moving there the day after tomorrow.
Make sure you come illegally to earn a privileged status.

>> No.69381612

As a burger marrying a German and moving with her to her first world country I need to know this too.

>> No.69381732

Sorry for the "war hammer" instead of warhammer
So copied from google translator.

>> No.69381841

"Burger marrying" ?

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Quoted By: >>69381785

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>What if he does want to make a Hinata build in an rpg?
If he did, he would specify which RPG. It is totally useless to stat her in GURPS if you're going to play D&D, for example.

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I'm not sure who this girl is. Is she a naruto?

>> No.69381777

If he did, he'd have specified the system he's playing in.

>> No.69381785

She's a monk with blindfighting.

>> No.69381813

>coping that hard

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Where can I find a free copy of "The Specialty Retailer's Handbook"?

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Did anything happen to your character during his/her childhood?

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Of course not, don't be silly.

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Quoted By: >>69382184

>The Lords of the realm hire a few dozen extremely well trained knights to protect their castles.
>Their stats are higher than almost anything the party can roll
What do?

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Quoted By: >>69381384

I dump boiling oil on them and set it alight

come on guys, this isn't that hard

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Quoted By: >>69381384

At least one of you has to get BTFO during the first act to set up how strong he really is before you can do the training montage. It’s proper form.

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A group of well trained knights wont fall for the boiling oil trick. Try harder.

Fair enough, but the players should be able to pull him out after the fact.

>> No.69381623

Stampede cattle across his face. Problem Solved.

>> No.69382184


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Have you ever just have to say no to a character concept, because of the character art the player insisted on using?

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3. Black, white and grey for shading.

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Here's your artificer.

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Quoted By: >>69382369

That picture has less than that though.

>> No.69382369


primaries: red, yellow and blue
secondaries: pink, white, green and brown

You nearly had me for a second

>> No.69382436

not that anon but how would you vet players on r20?

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Quoted By: >>69381594

New DM for 5e here. Everyone wants to be some “rare” race, which is fine, but would it be broken for me to add a feat of their choice on character creation if they choose human?

I’d like to make humans a more attractive option, as I do understand that they’re pretty boring seeing how they have no mechanics.

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Quoted By: >>69381544 >>69381562

Oh okay I’m just an idiot, I didn’t realize that already existed. Is variant human in the PHB or a different book?

>> No.69381544
Quoted By: >>69382116

>is it in the PHB
see this post:

>> No.69381562
Quoted By: >>69382116

It's in the PHB, pg. 29.

>> No.69381594

>Everyone wants to be some “rare” race, which is fine, but would it be broken for me to add a feat of their choice on character creation if they choose human?
Yes, it would be broken.

Variant humans are in PHB. Also, all books are in the trove that you can find in 5eg general. Just download them all.

>> No.69382116


Thank you I’m a big dumb roody-poo

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>Players can take down an empire with ease
How do they expect to get past hundreds of thousands of men and weaponry?

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>> No.69381998

You're telling me a medieval kingdom with thousands of soldiers can properly manage and order them around, especially if the players are known mass murderers, what's stopping them from simply refusing to fight. I'd quit.

>> No.69382013


>> No.69382040

There are actual historical examples of lone men fighting hundreds of soldiers at once, including a flamingly gay poet and playwrite, and you think an experienced team of mythological heroes with magic couldn't manage it?

>who would win:
>250 of the duke's best men-at-arms, in full plate harness with pole arms and a plan
>a gay boi with a chokepoint and a dream

>> No.69382050

>PC's are the only people in the world at the level of power and the king doesn't have many more loyal servants of equivalent or greater power level.

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Quetzalcoatl Edition

>Unearthed Arcana: Class Feature Variants

>5e Trove


>Stable releases


>Previous thread:

What are some of your favorite patrons, deities or spirits that you/your group has made up? What is unique about them?

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divine sorcerer? divine light warlock are pretty close too.

agree tho, clerics with medium armor/shields by default was a mistake. theyre too hung up on doing things merely out of tradition

>> No.69382521

Take one level of Monk
Don't wear armor
Ask your DM for monk Unarmored Defense instead of armor profs
Play a Divine Soul

>> No.69382527
Quoted By: >>69382557

Alright, now that we have a new class...
Class and subclass tier list time, who wants to take a stab at it?

>> No.69382537

There's an option in the DMG for Clerics to get Unarmored Defense

>> No.69382557

Same as last, Artíficer ranks just above Warlock, or below depending on subclass

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In this alternate Earth, certain species of dinosaur never went extinct!

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Quoted By: >>69382536

Those dinosaurs were scary yo

>> No.69382130
Quoted By: >>69382536


>> No.69382201
Quoted By: >>69382536

Nah, fuck off. I'm not going to look like a retard in front of my peers just to appease some brainlet xoomer on 4chan who wants everything to remain like that dumb poster he had on his bedroom wall as a kid.

>> No.69382425
Quoted By: >>69382536

What about dimetrodon?

>> No.69382536

That's a dinosaur
faggot pseud
That's a dinosaur

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>> No.69381180

OP is clearly a a picture of the wild south

>> No.69381458
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>> No.69381490
Quoted By: >>69381510

i-imagine being lovingly bred all night long by your mantid husbando, haha...

>> No.69381510

Now anon that's sin.
Tell us more

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Quoted By: >>69382430

CYOA Booru: https://choose.booru.org
AllSync: https://cyoa.allsync.com/s/t6EgW8LqyMknt9d
Previous thread: >>69367700

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>> No.69382430
Quoted By: >>69382471 >>69382499


>Celestial Elf
>Clever, charismatic, and wrathful
>Intricate Choker
>Clear Rune, Sorcerer Rune
>casual clothing
>formal dress
>guest room
>beating, flogging, spanking
>sorcery, literature, history
>free time, outings, fine jewelry, elven trinkets
>Telepathy, telekinesis, teleport, heal, visual cloak

She was too defiant and capable for her previous master, so she was discarded.

She will be my aide and the steward of my house, with granted authority over all my holdings. If she handles them well, she will retain her station. If she rebels or handles them poorly, she will lose status and have to earn it back, also beatings.

The relationship with be an ongoing process of managing her pride with her desire to avoid an actual slave-like position.

>> No.69382471

You will burn for this slaver. Liberty at all costs.

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It's on the reddit server. OP actually went there fishing for shitpost fuel.
Yep, that pathetic.

>> No.69382499

>some gutter trash picked up after chad dropped her
>tricked into thinking she's your equal
>controls your money, lands, and family
>appeased with jewlry and fine clothes
>kept in line by shame and beatings

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I'm happy that you care.
Here you go.

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>seraphon update when edition
>Official AoS website

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:
>AoS Novels, Battletome PDF and Audiobooks

Last thread >>69369995

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>> No.69382474

Yeah, I originally ran some 10 man units for that but that limits the pay off from summoning with the Ardfist so having some cheap Greenskinz Orruks to cover that frees up some summoning gains.
>tfw could have 80 Ardboys on the table

>> No.69382491
Quoted By: >>69382508

Optimistic to think chosen are going to have a warscroll.

>> No.69382503

Why do you say these things without evidence? Do you just get off to being a doomsayer?

>> No.69382508

And why wouldn't they?

>> No.69382535

I can't tell if this is always the same retard posting this every time. I'd like to believe it isn't, but some people are actually that autistic. Will you keep posting when you eventually get btfo when they get their update?

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