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I would introduce horny monster girls to the world, I can't be a bad person.

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>I can't help but wonder if the GE Jumpmaker is going to pull from the anime too.
I really fucking hope not. The changes they made were dumb as shit.

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>Implying they would have the guts to get to Hadou
>Implying that they wouldn't just refuse to jump that because it has nazis in it

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Outside of Hero Box, I can't think of any who's deeds are notably terrible enough, but I'm probably not digging deep enough.

True, but they might also just jump DYN or something. It's not really the point. You'd think they'd be all over killing Nazis though.

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Is it really that bad? I haven't got to watch it myself yet. The only thing I know is the MC became a golden boy.

Besides, they could just put in a drawback for letting us choose our continuity.

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Come to think about it, I also got a temp ban there.

They hated me because i said the truth. Traps are gay.

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Whose hero box?

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Only gay if they have sex with men.

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It's not a person, but some guy had an idea of creating heroes by putting them into a box where it subjects them to some mind-breaking torments until they wanted to kill demons or something. I'm not quite sure, but I know it was a stupid and pointlessly cruel idea.

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>Is it really that bad?
It is.
>I haven't got to watch it myself yet.
Ah, understandable why you wouldn't know then.
>The only thing I know is the MC became a golden boy.
It's... really quite worse than that. I suggest you just watch it and judge for yourself.

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>creating heroes by putting them into a box where it subjects them to some mind-breaking torments until they wanted to kill demons

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Take normal Artoria Lancer, give her Excalibur. boom, everything went better than expected.

I thought you could do this in just FGO, but I can't actually find reference to the method I usually think of in the jump. I may have fucked my memory a little.

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When you say it like that, I'm glad that we don't have a Shen Yin Wang Zuo jump. The characters there are so one-dimensional that Herobox could just tell them to kill demons and they would. Actually, maybe putting them in the box would give them character development and have them end up with a desire to kill demons, therefore proving his theory.

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You ready to go down this golden rabbit hole?

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It was a concept so stupid from the outset I didn't bother to fully understand it, but that's the short version as I understand it. I'm sure you can find it in the archives, but I don't give this any more attention than I have to.

It's definitely one of those things you can do, but not one where he asked if he should.

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Plenty of Xianxia and Chinese Isekai are like that, it's just the way that character writing is done there.

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That's doesn't mean your

Yeah, that's pretty bad.

It's hard to keep track of Anons. But, majority(or the vocal minority) of them are pretty bad since they shitpost, throw insults for no reason, and tons of other disgusting and annoying things. Some are also racist, sexist, and other shit, and openly type that shit here.

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Ump 1
Devil Survivor
Drop-in - 0
Peaceful Days are over - 0
Conquer your demon - 100
I won’t run! - 100
The Dreaded - 100
Break your barricade - 200
Let’s Survive - 300
Bels and Whistles - 800
COMP - 0
Headphones - 0
Battery Charger - 50
Devil’s Fuge- 150
And on the eighth day… + 0
Bel on Earth + 0
Morning Star + 800
King of Demons

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Yeah. It time loops infinitely too, and would end up making them hyper paranoid psychotics instead of heroes. The worst part is that even with the whole thread explaining the problems to him he just didn’t get it, only changing some of it because he thought it would be inefficient, still keeping the horrible parts.

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No that is not the right song this one is.

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Jesus christ, what's wrong with this psycho?

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I wish it was on the same level of those. The characters in those can atleast pretend to be people, I wouldn't say the same for the ones in SYWZ though.

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10/10 waifus. Now if only they didn’t suck gameplay-wise.

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Misplaced priorities and excessive misunderstandings.

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>Jesus christ, what's wrong with this psycho?
There's also his replies to the replies in that thread if you didn't read that far.

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Oops. Didn't finish typing this. My bad.
We don't all the other shit you did so it'll be hard to tell whether your a bad or good person.
By introducing monster girls, you are making it harder for normal human woman to get together with men. Not only that, you did not introduce monster boys, thus, not giving woman much options. If you purposely make the monster girls horny, that's not giving them much freedom, so just make them normal in terms of lust.

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You just haven't read the really terrible ones where the characters show up to just say one or two lines, then either fall on a dick, fall on a sword, or never show up again. With xianxia flooding the market in China and the market being as cutthroat as it is, a lot of the untranslated shit are beyond garbage tier.

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Not much, just the average Jumper. Every time he comes up with an idea and presents it to us, SweetieAnon comes in and eases him away from the idea.

I still remember that one time where he developed a method to creating the perfect waifu by taking existing waifus, shoving them in a machine and breaking them all down to extract their positive traits, and placing all said traits into a single being. It's a very stupid and roundabout way to make a homunculus, in my opinion.

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I hope someone can happen with that but do we have any system in a setting that would let us create a being that scales with how many people we sacrificed in order to create them. For example if I kill a family and create from the sacrifices a person that will only be a little bit stronger than a normal human but if you Slaughter an entire city you'll get a super human that's has access to many supernatural abilities like super strength to lift a house and the ability to teleport around the world for example. Basically want to have an Empire that gets its superhuman forces by killing people. Would be nice if the powers would be diverse that's not always the same each time.

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Well I guess I know what I'll be doing in my spare time then.

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>tfw most of your waifus appeal comes from their negative traits that synergizes with their positive ones or even just completely from the negative traits

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>creating the perfect waifu by taking existing waifus, shoving them in a machine and breaking them all down to extract their positive traits, and placing all said traits into a single being

Please, someone keep that monster away from my jumps. Waifus are not to be treated like that...

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>Basically want to have an Empire that gets its superhuman forces by killing people.
There was a really edgy isekai with that premise, the dude had to kill his friends in order to get a power boost that would let him kill monsters that were normally really hard to kill

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just make it retard

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>you are making it harder for normal human woman to get together with men
Women are ruined by the introduction of sexbots anyway. Even if he introduced them today, he only moves the timeline up 5 to 10 years.

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This vaguely reminds me of the Living Heaven from the Miskatonic, and I'm not sure why.

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The dude thought it was a smart idea to take all the waifu's negative traits and shove it into a weapon for said perfect waifu to wield.

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>t. sv mod

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Who let you post here, Zenos yae Galvus?

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No, just treated like tissue paper as you use them once and throw them away the second you have the urge to dick Generic Waifu No. 5486. You know, like what you do.

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Arguably, isn't that any leveling-type system? Get XP for killing, use that to make the user stronger? Just go to Kumo Desu Ga or Slime Tensei or whatever and grab their systems.

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The same could be said about men.

Nah. Never went there.

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In the distant future of Thread 40k, there is only war

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>The same could be said about men.
I guess it could, if you're retarded.

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>Creates a "perfect" pure being created of all the "good" in the world
>Makes it wield All The World's Evils 24/7
That's not going to go horribly wrong at all.

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How is that retarded, when it's the same logic your going by?

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>the gynoids start building perfect android husbands for themselves so they don't have to deal with humanity's various failings just to get a fix for their pleasure circuts

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