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>Unearthed Arcana: Class Feature Variants

>5e Trove


>Stable releases


>Previous thread:

Any time you blatantly, intentionally broke the rules? Did others notice? Did they let you get away with it anyway?

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Well, I do like the concept they were bringing across. Changelings are described as taking on personas when they adopt a role in society, so attaching a proficiency to a persona is a neat idea. Similarly, an integrated tool for a custom warforged is an interesting idea, although that one is less backed by the setting; warforged were rarely described as being built in different subtypes, at least in the original sourcebooks for 3e and 4e.

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I don't think I've used any other method than rolling. But I usually end up rolling two negatives at least and a 10. Almost guaranteed.

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>using minor illusion to cause a puff of black smoke onto an enemy's face
Allowed or is it stupid?

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Allowed and stupid.

I guess if you want to take the disengage action for someone else?

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he's a ranger, right?

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What do some of you guys use to paint figures like in Warhammer, I just got a free figure and picked up a 3 pack.

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>finally finish saving up enough gold for the Holy Avenger
"Oh I don't do spell resistance in my games, anon."
>3.5e, the system where casters are already broken as fuck
>but no spell resistance

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>divine power imbued into monumentally powerful sacred relics
>you can buy it from a store for currency

bUt I cAn dO iT iN sKyRiM

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I agree with both these statements.

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It's for crafting costs. Holy Avengers aren't unique, they just need a lot of gold and a high level spell (or maybe a high level scroll?) to craft them.

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This. My party has a legendary blacksmith making our weapons for us after we saved his life. We still have to pay him, though, and pay for the materials.

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Don't play DnD. That will solve your problems.

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They Did it!

Those crazy sons of bitches, they did it!

Oh shit bitches

Oh fuck

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Are they going to bring back the Fantasy Necrons?

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...is that loremaster?

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Simple solution: "The Old World" is like Azeroth. It can be used to refer to both the world and a specific region in it. This makes sense now in a way it didn't before because this way they don't have to keep calling their old setting with new material being published for it "The World That Was" which was dumb and awkward to begin with.

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I suspect they're going to use AOS rules as a baseline and bolt additional rules onto it. Opening the door to cross-pollination between the two games only makes sense. Otherwise I'd say that's a pretty realistic "best-case scenario."

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Eh, Mantic is finally fleshing out their setting starting with 3rd Edition that's basically out.

I'd guess Mantic has 3rd or 4th ed WHFB fluff by the time GW finally has their asses in gear on this.

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My man really out here trying to convince anyone druchii are anything besides a sorry bunch of zoophilliac hypercoomers.

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>Would this be happening if 9th Age hadn't been such an amazing clusterfuck?
No, because you still have alternative rule sets, earlier editions, and even alternatives to 9nth. People just want to see the game line continued commercially so that its community doesn't slowly atrophy away into nothing. Total War will only keep public interest for another couple of years, tops!

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X-Wing used to be at the top of that. But then it got flabby, weighed down by constant fixes upon fixes. 2.0 was supposed to fix that, but honestly, it hasn't really because the other big problem was product fatigue. They've oversaturated it, and these 3 month waves are only going to make it worse.

Meanwhile, as for AoS, it's selling well, but look at how much money GW are throwing at it. How many completely new model ranges did they make for last year? Compared to 40k? Jesus, Blood Bowl has had less teams than that and all they need to do there is a 6 model sprue, board, dice and I guess an issue of Spike?

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A bit late but thread theme:

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Anyone played Age of Worms? Any tips on it?
I want to run it sometime

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The Lesser Worm that Walks template in that book is interesting.

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No in 5e, level 1 to 2 is 200 xp and 2 to 3 is 400 xp or so.

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How would you guys recommend using the Wormcrown and Scale of Dragotha? Where would you put them?

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Scale can obviously come from Dragotha himself, or maybe one of his apprentices like Ilthane.
Wormcrown fits nicely as a treasure Dragotha or Lashonna has kept

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Glad you guys like it. It's a lot of fun!

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You encounter what appears to be a simple sliding tile puzzle. This is a drawing of what it looks li-
>I roll intelligence.

>Do you allow it?
>Why or why not?
>How do you react if they succeed?
>How do you react if they fail?
>Does this affect your DMing/how you treat all of your players going forward?
>If so, how?

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the giant rat that makes all of the rules?

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One successful over-the-internet stabbing and the rest will fall in line

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Yes. If they roll above average I give some hints. If they roll below average, I cover up parts of the puzzle to represent their character’s lack of understanding, making the puzzle increasingly harder.

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Does it make sense for Kobolds to be cold blooded and sunlight sensitive at the same time? Don't cold blooded reptiles like to sunbathe?

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>not whoring
Kobolds are infamous sluts.

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Here's your kobold, bro

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Please refrain from using such images, for a second there I thought he was back.

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Whatever do you mean? I only had to go into my ancient folder for this shit.

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what makes you come back to /tg/?
sometimes, threads are good because psyops cant cover the entire board

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I browse this board to get a free engrish lessons , so far I have learned faggot bitchass niggah

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Eh, maybe because I only see them from time to time

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Just luv it when someone lose it or gets triggered sadly baitpost quality tanked of late and snoflakes are no fun amigo

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>what makes you come back to /tg/?

Lost interest in video games

Lost interest in tv

Lost interest in politics

At least I still play trpgs as a hobby

Also to hoard pdfs I'll never read

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Statistically 25 is the happiest time of people's lives in studies that have been done on this. That is the peak and it plummets continuously until 65 where it finally picks back up again, at least a little.

So you should try enjoy yourselves now.

The only way is down.

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"My master's wife, the Marquesa, has written to him telling of your brutish behaviour, of your cowardly attack on her!"

"There's a clearing in the woods, at the south road. Meet me there this evening. We will duel there."

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"Don't waste my time, if you've come to try and kill me, take your shot. I'll snap your little whisp of a prick in half and shove it up your posterior."

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"My attack on her was in no way cowardly, I was myself also unarmed and I threw her through that window fair and square."

>well duel there
"Sure thing, but you may want something bigger than that toothpick, im bringing the cannon."

>> No.69439661

Yeah mate, sure thing.


*lives happily in a neighboring county because the Local Lord is rooted in the ground all the way over there*

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>"...I am the Marquesa, you imbecile."

>> No.69440194

"Not happening, sissy boy. We duel right now or not at all."

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i need skaven art, you gat eny (no female furry art11)

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fuck off, you had your chance >>69435722

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hey /tg/ random anon here. cant really take life anymore, i gave myself ten years to fix my life and quit being a fucking loser 10 years ago and a notification i set then went off. i have a shit job i dont like and no actual home for myself, no girlfriend and i havent actually done tabletop in a long time either. i managed to push away my closest friends and i eat ramen boiled and fucking strained like every night. i dont have anything im looking forward to and im tired of doing the same goddamn shit over and over for days, weeks, months on end. so, I'm saying fuck it. you stupid faggots were the closest thing i had to friends, and it sucks that this place too has gone to shit over the years.
Im gonna go lay down on the train tracks and just die. Hope you people get better luck in your lives than I did. peace.

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>scan that barcode
Item: Faggot (1)
Price: $3.50

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a thread died for this

>> No.69437860

...and erase that stupid mole.

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Coming on 4chan and expecting sympathy is like trying to rescue bake a cake with DYNOMITE!!!

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>guy makes a thread asking about interesting /tg/ related stuff
1 reply, 0 images, 404
>guy makes local lord cancer thread
23 replies, 9 images, 404
>guy makes unrelated non /tg/ shitpost suicide thread
40 replies 6 images and STILL going.

the fuq is this website

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I stopped playing 40k a few editions ago. I'm wondering how much of the current timeline reinstates the Eye of Terror results? Obviously the campaign conclusion was something of a cliffhanger with Cadia itself being largely controlled by Chaos but the Imperium controlling the subsector space lanes, and so it could have been pushed in either direction were it not retconned, but I'm more interested in how the campaign itself is represented in the new fluff.

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Ultimately unimportant, Chaos was driven off for a while but then they came back and Abaddon cracked the planet with a blackstone fortress.

>> No.69441193

Dude, Cadia is gone. The planet broke before the Imperial Guard did.

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They reference the fall of that one prison world, St. Josmane's Hope.
But Eldrad still survives, Wulfen show up before the Crusade and likewise the White Scars leader on Cadia was killed by Kharn before the Crusade so some events definitely no longer line up.
I remember the current campaign book where Guilliman wakes up glosses over the opening stages of the 13th Back Crusade, stating that there were massive losses without going into any details. I always assumed that's where most events that (may or may not have) happened in the original campaign take place now

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None of it.
Eye of Terror was declared non canon

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Resources are in the "Image."

Thread Question: What are the most unique games and campaigns you've run?

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The Active Defense limitation is for turning passive defenses (like DR) in active ones. It's completely separate from power parries, which are meant to turn offensive powers into active defenses. Damage Resistance (Force-Field, +20%; Directional, -20%; Active Defense, -40%) [3/point of DR] would let you throw up a shield that lasts for one attack, adding the DR to your own (and hopefully reducing damage to 0) if you succeed on your defense roll.

If you want to make an ability based around power parries, I think the best solution would be to take a Crushing Attack [5/1d of damage] with No Blunt Trauma (-20%), No Knockback (-10%), No Wounding (-50%), and Cosmic, Can use Power Parry rules vs. all forms of attack (+100%) for a net +20%. The result would be [6/1d of DR with active defense], which is more points efficient than the above example of DR but is less reliable: you could spend 6 points, succeed a parry but roll poorly on "damage," and get only 1 DR out of it vs that attack.

>> No.69457992

Not at all, anon. I used pen and paper for a long time, but software does make things faster and easier for new players.

>> No.69458213

seconding this
GCS is fucking great once you figure it all out, I can make up fully statted out and equipped characters in just a few minutes

>> No.69458242

One of the best shadowrun players I've met used notepad too. He was also a furry

>> No.69458275

The head is not a limb or extremity. If you want to decapitate someone or go BOOMHEADSHOT, you'll need to kill them the old fashioned way (them failing a death roll or you reaching -5xHP) with a hit to the appropriate location. The closest thing there is to crippling rules for non-limbs is the oft-ignored option from Bio-Tech letting you crush a windpipe with crippling blow to the neck (plus some miscellaneous rules for cutting off noses).

That being said, it's not hard to kill someone with those sorts of blows. Skull hits are x4 injury and cutting hits to the neck are at x2 and normally swing-based.

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Quoted By: >>69448064

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck strategy and card choices.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen color identity.

>Official search site.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface, more cards, and a deckbuilder.

>Thread Question
How did you find your current playgroup?

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>Marvel isn't good enough to even be a presence

>> No.69455948


>> No.69455954

You haven't lived until you've Narset's Reversal-ed a board wipe back on top of someone's Teferi's Protection

>> No.69456599

>Anybody sane is against Oubliette
It's a shitty black version of Oblivion Ring/Prison Realm, why would anybody be against it?
Sorry I bought my 4x for under a dollar, you're a huge fag.

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Beautiful cards edition

Previously: >>69426053 ->#

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck strategy and card choices.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen color identity.

>Official search site.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface, more cards, and a deckbuilder.

>Thread Question
What is your favorite card aesthetically? Whether it be frame, art, flavor, or a mix of all.

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Quoted By: >>69448114


>> No.69448076

>Why not both?
Waste of slots, would be better used on disruption or future sight itself especially considering divergent transformations making it a 2-card combo (kykar + divergent transformations)

>> No.69448114

Let it die

>> No.69449099

>Khans. I feel like that was the last block were the worlds got more focus than just "backdrop of the week for our boring superhero team".
At least there wasn't a single hint of the Gatewatch on Eldraine.

>> No.69449577

Haven't actually had the chance to play the deck yet, as I've been out of town. I'll report back next weekend.

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Quoted By: >>69438038 >>69439105

I want to do an xcom type campaign, except instead of what happens in enemy unknown, where xcom starts winning early on, has some tense moments but eventually snowballs and takes a giant dump on the ayys, i'd like for humanity's best laid plans to fail, forcing them to fight an actual insurgent war. so on that note: what tips do you have for failing forward, players losing etc?

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Quoted By: >>69437595


>making any victories seems pointless, and such.

I can't help but wonder, with how many people have you played before? Because right around 3-6 months of DMing you should realize that for players to fuck up with no one to blame but themselves you only have to leave them to their own devices.

>> No.69437595

that's true, but there are a couple pretty good tacticians in my usual group, and if they do a good job and roll well they should probably expect to at least partially achieve their objectives, otherwise what exactly are they doing here? listening to me tell a story about how some people got fucked up? how do you strike that balance between "hey you managed to slow down the invasion!" and "ultimately it doesn't matter because the enemy is hopelessly overpowering"

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Quoted By: >>69438654

The biggest thing is to be upfront with the tone of the campaign with the players. The thing is that xcom is brutal, but fair, and ultimately the players are supposed to win against the ayys.

The feel of a campaign has a rhythm kind of like the steps to a dance beat. Normal games might be a big step forward, little step back, big step forward. Players achieve their objectives, the villain might make some new obstacles and further his plan timetable, then the players push on and get closer to saving the day. Ultimately that gives a more hopeful feeling as player success has forward momentum.

I recommend the two-steps forward, one step back.

If you want to stymie them, consider forward back back forward or back forward back, forward forward back.
That is to say, they achieve something, then the ayys in the next phase achieve success, then they go on the offense, and then the players manage to bloody the ayys and make some gains.
The end result is that it will feel a bit more like a stalemate, that they have some successes but they are ultimately not much closer to their ultimate goal.
Of course if they are stalling for time to develop new tech, that can work to their favor, the players can sort of break even until they get the equipment that equalizes the battlefield.

But ultimately there has to be some sort of forward momentum for the players to have a chance to triumph overall. But it may be a long and gritty road to get there.
Might recommend looking at a movie like Empire Strikes Back and count the steps of forward progress/reverse. It's a pretty good example of the concept.

>> No.69438654

interesting, and an excuse to watch empire, seems reasonable enough to me. i suppose that an aspect you could make use of, especially in the beginning, would be like other squads not returning/shrinking and moving through the aftermath of conventional forces getting wrecked, doesn't need any actual game effect but could help with that atmosphere,

>> No.69439105

Give them always several missions to chose from. You can save one location but in the meantime the other 2 critical locations will be overrun.
Weight every objective with different ressources.
Saving the town will give you personell.
Saving the base will give you tech.
Saving the mining complex will give you resources.
This will force your players to make hard decisions against their morale compass and gives you an easy tool to advance the plot in a dire way.

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Quoted By: >>69458209

How do you make gemology/gems interesting in your setting? Do you use them to make lightsabers, catalysts for spells and/or as a simple way to carry retarded amounts of money?

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>> No.69454430

Where did it go?

>> No.69454497
Quoted By: >>69458058

Magic gems going into jewelry/clothes/weapons and granting specific powers predates materia by several centuries.

>> No.69455878

Singing Stones are crystalline rock formations found within the earth, each cluster emits a certain vibration that echoes a “song” forth from the Immaterium.

Dwarven gemsmiths can refine these stones into usable forms by cutting them and etching tunes upon their surface, allowing long distance communication, the ability to glimpse into other worlds, and the enchantment of tools and weapons.
They also hold a spiritual significance for the Dwarves, who believe that some stones allow them to communicate with their deceased ancestors who dwell in the ethereal halls beyond the world.

>> No.69458058

Such as...

>> No.69458209

Those old meanings the psychics and spiritualists would give the gems? Like, Tiger's Eye is good for mending bones?

They're all true. You just have to learn how to activate them via magic or alchemy.

Except for diamond. Diamond is associated with the soul, and is an essential catalyst for resurrection. Having a sphere or spheroid of diamond is an prerequisite for being able to call back souls from beyond. The greater the quality of the stone and the shaping, the better the results.

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Candy elementals cant be THAT dangerous.

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Quoted By: >>69451799 >>69451926

you can use a fate point to stop a natural one and only that, you can get fate points in joining the oompa loompas singing about someone's death

>> No.69451799

That would be either terrible or terribly hilarious

>> No.69451815

Each player can control a gang of oompa loompas

>> No.69451834


>> No.69451926

I always liked the idea that Oompa Loopas developed a culture that celebrates death as a result of the deadly environment in Loompa Land.

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Quoted By: >>69436926 >>69439647

What if you brought back in time a fleet of motorcycles and plenty of fuel? Could they take on cavalry or infantry?

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>> No.69436926

bikes are for messengers and dragoons, not for charges

>> No.69436990
Quoted By: >>69439715

And? My point was that it'd be hilarious, not practical. It's already been long established that motorbikes in any form would be impractical compared to horses as far as this thread goes. Like we've both said: dragoons, and even then, horses are probably better.

>> No.69437063

Actually the most viable option so far. No need to stop, no need to melee yourself off balance, just strafing runs.

>> No.69439647

this would be so cool irl.

>> No.69439715

Autist just have to say things sometimes, anon. They can't help themselves.

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Eternal reminder that Sartorius was the greatest thing to ever come from the game Yu-Gi-Oh and we should all inspire to be just like him.

>> No.69436219

The word you're looking for is "aspire".

>> No.69439499
Quoted By: >>69440364


Why is he named after a small pelvic/leg muscle?

>> No.69440364

Not all of us aspire to be a time-stopping bissexual vampire.
I shit you not it's an actual (sur)name.

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My PC.

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Sage. This fetish spam is ridiculous.

>> No.69445190

If her pupils become hearts at some point it's definitely not rape, but anything else is unclear.

>> No.69445196
Quoted By: >>69445527

You're not the first person to misinterpret that part of the Vagina Monologues, but I'll be damned if you aren't the first person to use it to justify a pedantic argument involving TTRPGS.

>> No.69445527
Quoted By: >>69445689

>the Vagina Monologues
Fucking hell, why are women so obsessed with their vagina's? Say about men what you want, but the majority of female "comedy" is just
>Vagina's amirite?
>Have you ever had a period?
>Let me tell you why men are worse than AIDS

>> No.69445689

Because most comedy today is either observational ('this situation I saw was so fucked up') or self-effacing ('let me tell you about this dumb thing I did').
Women are so self-centred they can't do observational well, and hate making fun of themselves, so they mash the two together to make 'pity-me' jokes instead.
>My life sucks but it's not my fault, pity me
>men are the reason my life sucks

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Hello /tg/. I'm going to be GMing and I need only your most obscure monsters.
No stat blocks necessary, just weird off the wall shit. If it's the kind of creature that causes your milk to sour, or travels by gusts of winds and leaves mysterious cuts on people's ankles, or stalks you invisibly until you let it pass with an "after you, betobeto-san", it's the kind of creature I need. My players are all savvy and experienced so it's hard to surprise them without making things up whole cloth.

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How about the Lithuanian “little winds” (also called small devils on occasion). These invisible bastards are your tradition trickster spirit, they blow papers off the table, scatter the dust pile you’ve been sweeping, tickle the back of your neck, etc etc. Thing is, there’s only one way to get rid of them. You need to, without looking first, throw a knife through the nearest open door or window. If you hear a scream or find blood, that means you got them, if not, then they’ll be back.

>> No.69455907

Depends on your definition of myth but is have a few

The preyton, a mix of stag and bird that has the shadow of a man until it kills one.

The hidebehind, a tall thin being that lives in the woods and preys on those who travel there. It only let's itself be seen out of the corner of your eye and hides behind trees before jumping out and killing you.

This one is a bit different because there is no specific name for these things, just the place where they are. The tribe that live in the valley were called the Naha but they have since dissappered. But since then there have been reports if headless monsters living the valley, and more then a few headless bodies have turned up there.

>> No.69455914

not a monster, but an encounter I read about here sometime ago.
I wrote most of it down to use as an encounter myself.
>Greedy bastard fakes being a priest of any faith.
>wants to collect tithes, offerings and shit from peasant folk
>proceeds to convert and or otherwise con the people into some legit faith
>people cant get to afterlife
>all of the dead townspeople, as ghosts or worse appear during nights significant to the faith
>Usually in the church/chapel/mosque whatever to pray
>they try to find their way to afterlife
>are not aggressive until they witness their holy place looted, or behaviour concidered not to be pious
>if the person/party weathering the night in said holy place encounters them, if they manage to wait out the night and pray, they're fine
>this mass of souls can fuck spacetime
>one night might last for several days in the affected area
>the souls of the dead hope to be taken to afterlife by their deity after these shows of piousness

They dont need a building to appear, any holy places such as islands, rock formations, waterfalls etc will do.
And the more there are, the stronger they are, imagine Orc WAAAGH.
Legit holy relics of the faith calm them down not to appear. If relic is moved, they are bloodthirsty as hell, and can follow the relic to get it back during the night.

Also a legit priest of said faith can send them off into afterlife.

Usually, if faith says creatures like flies, spiders, scorpions, snakes or even plants, etc are of the devil, the usually abandoned holy property is surrounded by their dead carcasses to a various distance depending how many souls there is lingering around as the earliest warning of its existence.
>some player races could work here too

I have tried to work this into an encounter, but its a bit too out of the blue to be anything other than a quest element.
I have tried to write this into a horror segment, but I dont have necessary horror talent for it.

>> No.69457135

Monster Of The Week. That's why the stat line is unimportant. It's mainly a "make it yourself" system.

>> No.69457355

Is it just me or are original myths and fantasies way less interesting than their modern counterparts?
I was reading up on the origin of "geas" earlier, and it comes from Irish mythology. Basically a dude had a curse on him so he couldn't eat dog meat. But then some old crone offers him dog meat, and it would be rude to refuse her hospitality, so he eats it and his spirit is weakened in an upcoming battle.
How fucking lame is that? For all we know the head has nothing to do with it. Maybe he got food poisoning from eating fucking dog meat.

I find genuinely mythical monster are all the same way. They often only do very specific things, or their design is laughable rather than fearsome

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