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assuming he was already willing to leave behind his otherwise normal live for it.
>would he do attrocious things to further pursue revenge?
>would he still kill someone who is now doing good for society as a whole, and would make the world a much worse place if he died/got crippled?
>would he go after someone who got punished already and released?

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> Can't fix yourself by breaking someone else
Actually, I can.

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You can't hide from justice. If you wronged my knight then you will be punished by me, my god or law (that was established by god). And if you were already punished then you crime is forgiven.

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One eye is not always equal to another eye.

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Shadowrun so:
1. No since I don't want to give lonestar anymore reason to know my name.
2,3: Yes because I need to keep my street cred. Once you let Johnsons betray you for free they'll all start doing it.

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Anyone who's fucked you over once is liable to try and fuck you over again. Can't do that if they're dead

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"I'm sorry. What's the name of your character's again?"

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Rekrondor the flatulent

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Phil Mianus

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Ez'ki'l. Pronounced...Ez iyki el.
The pun of E-Z-Kill is deliberate irony as he's nigh impossible to kill, having only a few ways on which he can be harmed and even fewer in which he can be permanently destroyed.

He's an evil jackass that protects the truly innocent and torments everyone else.

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I like this image. It reminds me of an older time. When kids could go outside and enjoy themselves without seeing any black people.

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Wanz moor the sith

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Would your character consider themselves 'rich'?

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Yeah, let's say killing is my business and business is good

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He's made a pretty decent chunk of change selling robots the last few sessions, to the disapproval of a few party members. Jokes on them though, he's pretty much a millionaire now.

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He's rich in spirit, but he could use the money.

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We typically get paid like 5 gold each max for 90% of quests, and after we win encounters we pick up like 60 silver total.
We adventure at a loss lmao.
I honestly want to spec into something that lets me make some money so we can afford higher level armors and health potions.

Though lately our DM has thrown us a bone here and there.

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Absolutely. 3.X game and I have almost 4 grand by level 2. Everyone else is investing while I'm 'saving it for the rainy day' AKA spending 50gp per in game night on booze and hoes. We'll see how it turns out

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How to make them interesting and relevant?

I like representing them as the "people who get shit done." While the good, evil, chaotic, and lawful lose themselves in endless ideological debate, it is usually the neutral folk that are the first to spring into action and inspire others to do so. Since they are ones who are described as doing what needs to be done for their own good, it would make sense that they would be the first ones to take action against a threat.

What do you do to try to make them interesting in your settings, /tg/?

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I don't base my characters on shitty alignment systems.

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This is how I True Neutral

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Passivity and activity have always been considerations of True Neutral.
>Internal passive: Seek total neutrality of self.
>Internal active: Balance your good and evil acts.
>External passive: Encourage neutrality in the world around you.
>External active: Counterweight the prevalent paradigm in an attempt to achieve net neutral.

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True Neutrals are selfish opportunists which understand the virtue of discretion.

They're interested in Numero Uno above all else and they want stuff which benefits them. They'll break rules to get things done. They'll steal, mostly from those which have a lot already. They'll kill those who deserve it or who're after them, those that don't...well that costs extra.

Even so, they got standards. There are some deeds they won't do. If the criminal classes kill each other, many would let them get on with it so the hangman has an easier time. But when someone burns down an orphanage that gets a lot of negative interest. They have no truck with either extreme legalism as that often wants them brought to justice or blindly raging against the machine for no reason. The Machine has it's uses, but it's not something that confines this individual.

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Mike is Lawful Evil for sure and a great example of how not everyone with that alignment needs to be a cartoon villain. He's a family man with a strong code of honor but is also a career criminal that will do absolutely anything to get what he wants, including murdering just about anyone. When push comes to shove even the "family man" aspect of his character takes a backseat to self-preservation, we see that he isn't above abandoning loved ones in potentially dangerous situations when there is a risk he'll be arrested.

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Quoted By: >>69444022

This isn't a thread for world building or any of that. Just a thread for maps, preferably city or country maps.

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Quoted By: >>69444938

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How about checking the catalog? >>69424734

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Man FO4's Boston is small.
I never realized it because the game framedrops so much when you're in there that it takes ages to cross a single street.

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tell me about your favorite encounter youve ever played

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It was in a homebrew E6 Pathfinder game, our party was a group of contracted mercenaries for a powerful merchant's guild, acting partly as a living PR stunt by way of our big bronze fantasy mechas. We'd been sent to a mercenary nation to participate in a tournament, the grand prize for which was citizenship, which the guild wanted us to have so they could trade freely there using us as a proxy.

The first few rounds were pretty standard, spear battalions and a few beastmen, until we found out that a low-level demigod called Ajax was also in the running, apparently hoping to achieve apotheosis through fame. We even sat in on one of his matches and found ourselves swept up in his mythic presence as he riled up the crowd before impaling his opponent, a fire mage, against a stone wall with a single javelin throw.

One of our party even went drinking with him before our match, and we went in ready to get our asses kicked. At the starting horn, he closed the distance in the bink of an eye and carved a gash in my mecha's bronze chestplate with minimal effort.

The fight went on for a while, and eventually after doing a chunk of damage to him he started raging. He was darting between us, smacking us about with impunity. He knocked out the rogue, put me on 1HP before KOing our kineticist, and I finally put him down with a final valiant charge. There was a great moment of triumph as the crowd ran down into the arena and tried to lift me onto their shoulders, all of us got our citizenship tattoos, and afterwards we all went drinking with Ajax, who was pretty chill about losing all things considered. We rolled on drunken debauchery tables and I woke up in a ditch while the kineticist woke up in a bet with not one, but two women, and that was that.

I think what made this particular encounter memorable was a combination of the hard-fought, edge-of-your-seat victory, the climactic impact of the situation, and the setup/characterisation that our DM did beforehand

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Post Races you'd play in Tabletop if given the chance

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>Ah fuck, I got mostly murdered and need to become a Grievous-lite cyborg now
>Well hey, at least now I get to wear a cool green variation on The Hunter's armor

Did Weavel have standard space pirate anatomy before coming a brain in a suit? I wonder if they were Zebesian.

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Neat. Now point me at people running it and I will actually play then.

>> No.69461477

Do as I did and start DMing, ask your group if anyone wants to play it, etc
There are zero excuses not to play a game

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How are your homebrew projects going, anons? Mine's not that great, but I'm just trying to cobble together something rules light to play with some friends on the weekends

>3 main stats, Physical, Mental and Social
>2 minor stats per main stat, Physical has Power and Finesse, Mental has Wisdom and Intellect, Social has Persuasion and Intimidation
>Each stat is ranked 1-5 with 1 being weak, 2 being average, 3 being peak condition, 4 being superhuman and 5 being godlike
>Players get 3 major dots to distribute between the major stats at CharGen on top of their initial 1/1/1
>1 point in a stat = 1d10 to roll
>10's explode
>HP is really rough, either gonna use Wounds based on Strength or Hit Points based on Strength multiplied by some factor (need to tweak this one most of all)
>Combat and saving throws go off the dice pool of the relevant skill
>Weapons add between 1-3k1 dice to attack rolls
>Armor adds between 1-3k1 dice to defense rolls

Pic related is the first draft of the character sheet I put together in a few minutes.

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So its nothing but combat?

>> No.69448363

It's not directly alignment, more like a modifying factor for social interactions with people of opposing groups. It's also a good queue for roleplaying purposes.

All good suggestions, this is a super first draft so I'll do more aesthetic stuff later. Even the little logo at the top I just threw together, although I may end up expanding on it because I'm actually pretty happy with it.

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I've read through it but I can't give positive or negative feedback because my mind is elsewhere. I was mostly curious what you cooked up. In any case, I really like the Mundane/Craftwork/Masterwork/Artifact categorization. Having a grid for conversion is also interesting.
I just have no strong feelings about it right now because I have to think about it.

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I've been tinkering with a firearm-oriented system for a while now. Most of it is based on opposed rolls, so it could potentially be used for PVP. Stats are as follows:
>Reflexes: Turn order, perception, reactions
>Strength: Recoil control, prerequisite for larger weapons, melee damage, health
>Skill: Prerequisite for advanced techniques like sniping, dual-wielding, and explosives
>Agility: Movement
So for example, to determine if a silenced gunshot is heard, the shooter makes a Skill roll, anyone nearby makes a Reflexes roll, and whoever gets the higher roll succeeds. Likewise, if one person tries to disarm another of their weapon, the attacker makes a Strength roll and the defender makes either a Reflexes or a Strength roll. My current issue is determining which dice to use; either d6s (for ease) or d10s (for divisibility-by-10 autism). Wat do?

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That's more or less what I had in mind, but it's hard to pinpoint which skills you can actually diversify and how.
Just for the record, my game's stats are Body, Mind, Soul and Feel.
Yeah, but I'd prefer to have specific rules instead of engaging in enternal arguments with people who can think of a way to srtetch the meaning of words until they no longer have a meaning and thus think they are technically right.

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Quoted By: >>69469912

So this setting is getting put on the backburner then?
The message is clearly they regret nuking fantasy, that is what everything thinks so that's what counts. Why would anyone invest in this when GW telegraphed their intent to Undo 3 years in advance. If they meant otherwise, why would they rush out such an early announcement with such fanfare? So much for being a better seller than its predecessor.

Hopefully you guys who bought in chose stuff that'll will be ported back to WHFB. So anything but snorecast.

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Oh goes that is brutal. But then it's why I don't hit AoS, I just check what shit is in it from time to time.
I am however still mad I can't run aztec style cities of sigmar humans as fooder for my lizardmen....(Well ok I can just use mauroders)

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Quoted By: >>69470244 >>69470424

They're not regretting shit. AOS sells well and is popular, but GW is trying to calm down and appease the oldfags that do nothing but complain about their old game no one played going away. They look at games like 9th age and kings of war and want to compete. That's it.

>> No.69470244

I bet it'll be just two Big Battle for Whatever boxes like HH, and maybe a handful of extra models anyway. Enough to get nostalgiafags happy, and drain their pockets with 200$ boxes, but not enough to impact the 40k and aos production schedules.

>> No.69470424

It's possible that there were just enough responses to the community survey (a la Sisters) or even the Last Chance To Buy's that's made them think that there might just still be a market there. Or there's someone at FW who has a real hard-on for the old style (while I personally appreciate some of what's come from opening up the artistic space by not being tied to 30-odd-plus years of background material, I do also miss some of the more 'traditional' designs).

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>your character wants to avenge her brother
>GM introduces an NPC who looks and acts awfully like her brother for a pseudo-sibling relationship

Would you be mad if your GM does this?

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Depends the quality with which it's handled.
Can be an interesting bit of character development, how they react to this person, with scorn? Using them as a sort of replacement, and hating themselves for it?
Ultimately, it's pretty simple to determine by asking the most important question: How cute are they?

>> No.69444602

It's perfectly okay as long as they don't try and push the relationship a specific way.
The PC could love the new NPC as well as she could be uncomfortable around him, because he reminds her too much of what she's lost.

>> No.69444624

Berseria was a 10/10 game and all the characters were amazing.

>> No.69445619

I would start to suspect that my GM has seen my Felix/Mercedes shipping posts or fanfic for FE3H.

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Surrogate otouto get!
Besides, being just like my brother expect not blood related might be convenient some years down the line.

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Quoted By: >>69461154

>playing DnD
>DMing it brings me zero joy due to the aspects of DnD that my players find fun and the aspects I find fun absolutely being separate from each other
>Suggest we swap to blades in the dark
>Get protests from players
>Suggest we swap to Shadowrun
>a different set of players protest
>Stick with DnD
>Dread every single session
>Bring it up to players
>say that as they are approaching level 11 that I will be working on an interesting overlapping story to go along with their current characters
>Players are board and aren't interested interacting with any NPC they can't kill
>Get fed up of people "IC" pooh poohing any pertinent information and decided to just focus on maying interesting fights
>Start creating hoard fights with a ton of low level NPC's using clever tactics to challenge the players
>players are getting low on HP as they're not strategizing or attempting to think of a way to counter the enemy's strategy.
>players literally cry about the fight despite being the people who started the fight with a bunch of werebats that had no intention of attacking them
>players complain so much I just finish the fight
>players go up to the dragon they were travelling to to ask for his sword
>dragon say no
>players kill dragon
>get tired and just scrapped the entire game
>say we're playing shadowrun or else
>half the people leave as they refuse to learn another system.

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>Tries to play "y-you replied."
Go pull the plug on router faggot and stop trying to behave like you played Shadowrun let alone DM any system except 5e.

>> No.69461154

I think there is some truth here. D&D has always been the most entry level rpg and thus attracted the worst crowd, but in the past you could rely on some people finding a part of the system they jivved with and then exploring further in that direction. 5e really just trains people to do as little thinking as possible in every possible scenario.

As least 2e taught people how to problem solve and resource manage, 3e demanded required players actually learn the rules and how to build characters and eventually their own encounters, even 4e worked as an intro to tactical combat and coordination.

5e doesn't even do any work to help people roleplay, falling into all the usual traps just with even less flavor and fewer new ideas.

>> No.69461159

>D&D created industry

>> No.69461351

Goddamn I respect you.

>> No.69461700


trove is good

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Quoted By: >>69444950 >>69448700

Hey /tg/ what are some good puzzles to put into your game?
Not just talking about combination puzzles.

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>> No.69444950

I always make my players guess if they are going to survive the next session.

>> No.69446188

Pls bump and someone post. I always love a good puzzle thread because I’m bad at puzzles

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>> No.69448741

This is a good post.
The problem with most GMs when it comes to puzzles or riddles is that they have a specific answer in mind. A more open-ended challenge is always better.

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Quoted By: >>69443373 >>69443553

So I wanna run a game where everyone is a member of pic related. Any systems out there able to capture the inherent weirdness of the venture universe?

>> No.69443373

Mutants & Masterminds

>> No.69443553
Quoted By: >>69444076

Base Raiders is my go to for super or super-adjacent games. For a oneshot, though, I bet Fiasco would be brilliant.

>> No.69444076
Quoted By: >>69444286

I don't know fiasco, what makes it ventureish?

>> No.69444286

It's a gmless game that plays in one sitting and it's designed to emulate a Coen brothers style dark comedy movie. Structurally, every character has some kind of relationship with the characters on either side of them, relationships get needs, often conflicting needs, attached to them, locations and props get defined, and then play starts. So the setup is a weird and volatile tangle of interpersonal relationships with dangerous or unhealthy drives and whatever set-dressing you need for your aesthetic.

Then you take it turns to have a scene for your character. You can either set how your scene ends, or how it begins, but not both. So, for example, Dr. Venture's player might pursue his need for cash by setting up a scene where he's talking to some general about selling his latest 'invention', and you start playing it out, but at some your fellow players get to judge in things will go well or poorly for you, based on the roleplay, and you have to follow that.

Or you can decide you want to control the outcome, but then someone else sets the scene, and they don't have to be kind. Maybe they describe Dr. Venture waking up to find the IRS hauling filing cabinets out of the lab, and now you have to roleplay that. Things tend to devolve into, as the name suggests, a fiasco.

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What’s the greatest Atari 2600 game in your opinion? For me it’s turmoil, such a classic, anyone else here enjoy the kino classics?

>> No.69443150
Quoted By: >>69443202 >>69443209

Sweet child, that is fucking sick but i must warn you are in pen and paper game land. Here led me guide you to your people


>> No.69443171
Quoted By: >>69443209

>not having a dedicated emulator built into an old video game cabinet

>> No.69443174


2600 was before my time. I only had a 7800.

Joust was fun. Dig dug, robotron, good times.

>> No.69443202

>you are in pen and paper game land.
No he’s not, he’s in Board Games land.

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I love /v/ tho even tho it’s a shot post fest

“Using emulators” no thanks dude yuck

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>dude what if we arbitrarily apply real-world logic or science to some part of a magical setting?
>Bro, that's amazing! What if, like, necromancers aren't actually hubristic creeps who are playing at being god and instead it's just a normal thing to dig up the remains of somebody's aunt to do your housework!
>yeah man, that's not disrespectful at all! And what if blood magic, which combines all of the same elements with a well-established association with demonology and human sacrifice, also wasn't bad? You could like, cast power word aneurysm!
>haha dude that's fucking great I just pissed my pants laughing, there's clearly not any kind of an aesthetic or symbolic quality to magic and the rules associated with it! We should, like, raise an army of skeletons and use them to automate labor!
>Bro, that's so clever! Obviously a preoccupation with death and power is not in any way a character flaw, and necromancers are clearly not the sort of people who shoot up schools!

I fucking hate you people, you know that? You've been spewing the same level-breaking bullshit since before the fucking internet was invented, and somehow you still think that it makes you clever when you choose to be deliberately obtuse about the symbolism involved in magic.

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>> No.69453388
Quoted By: >>69453636 >>69455302

What the fuck is "real world logic"? You're talking about morality and everyone's moral compass is different.

You're basically saying anyone who disagrees with me and thinks necromancy isn't inherently evil is evil.

But when someone acts in the interest of being good even if they are wrong they are not inherently unchangable, inflexible, self-interested, stereotypical and boring evil people.
What the fuck are you on about with this autism?

>> No.69453569

If they need to really rationalize it to feel better, they're not really evil.
Evil is rationalized through things like gaining more power.

Good people can rationalize and do evil things. Evil people just do things for themselves.

Though you do highlight a good fault in the DnD alignment system; most people who do evil things, or even can be defined as basically evil, are not sociopaths or psychopaths.

>> No.69453599

I like mtg's take with amonhket, with gideon thinking they're cool dudes then they just murder eachother cuz its norma;l

>> No.69453636

>You're talking about morality and everyone's moral compass is different.

The only moral compass that is the correct one is the one possessed by the person holding a gun to your head, because at that point one moral compass is going to cease to be.

>> No.69455302

In DnD undead is always evil. There's no reasoning with it and trying to argue and moralize over it in the middle of a game is a good way to lose friends.

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>the party finds themselves in a land filled with bloodthirsty cows carrying human weapons

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>> No.69447693

Oof, right in the nostalgia. Whirlwind Assassin was fun as fuck

>> No.69450467

Would not be the first time.

>> No.69452260

click click click

>> No.69452414

As far as I'm concerned everything after 2 just isn't canon, what with the dissolution of Blizzard North and the creator's sudden attack of christcuckery.

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Why must brothers fight edition

Last thread

>Official AoS website

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:
>AoS Novels, Battletome PDF and Audiobooks


>Thread question
What other units should we expect for the StD release (besides SC box, and Ogroid)?

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I hate trannies

>> No.69448436

Why would someone wear, let alone buy, a hat like that?

>> No.69448964

So is soul just codeword now for sculpted by a monkey? I can get not likeinf copy pasted digital numodels but that dwarf is awful

>> No.69449029

Every AoS discussion is just gonna be shitposting about Warhammer Old World forever now isn't it.

>> No.69449204

I decided to start with age of sigmar rather than 40k since I much prefer fantasy aesthetics. However, most of the players in my local stores play 40k. Did I make the right call by going with what felt most interesting aesthetically, or did I shoot myself in the foot by limiting my ability to play with people?

File: 52KiB, 1024x615, untitled_by_yuanyujia_d6whjuj-fullview.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
69442758 No.69442758 [Reply] [Original]
Quoted By: >>69458521

Has anyone here ever ran a cataclysm dark days ahead campaign?
How did it go?
I'm thinking of running one myself and am looking for tips.

46 posts omitted.
>> No.69458521


CDDA doesn't work too well as a PNP because of its sandbox origins. That doesn't mean it couldn't work however.

1. You want a lifepath style system: You want the first week (game time: Closer to 3 months real time) to be handled before players even start. This gives time to get lived in: Characters should start with some gear, some injuries, some toys (any combination of bionics, mutations, tech, vehicles and/or a base).

2. To get the flavor in PnP, you should play a reasonably lethal game, but the characters should have options to make it out with consequences. This requires an inversion of the risk-reward mechanics of the roguelike. CMBs, mutations and such things should risk/reward somewhat consistently. In my case, I would make CMB's actually provide moderate surgical care based on prep-routines, but withou any technical skills, you can't disable the main routine, making them a gamble if you're badly wounded in a tight spot. Likewise, while radiation and contamination are generally negative; the serums are actually a useful (if terrifying) way to weather out illness and poison since they excite the dormant blob your characters are contaminated with. This way, you get the wacky characters the game is known for without the tepid, low risk buildup behind the famous characters.

3. Abstract the health and home-life stuff, but keep them present. Your general day to day should be handled by discrete levels of kinds of supplies, with the exceptions being unique conditions or threats that need special supplies or knowledge to treat. As long as you have this week's medical supplies, you're toughing out that cold; but if you start tasting mushrooms, you've got a priority mission (or task, if you have enough supplies and someone's got the knowledge to make the stuff)

System is a strange animal, since it's going to depend a lot on the tone you want. Can't really help you there.

>> No.69459347
File: 122KiB, 1192x670, patching_up_by_epsilon_shadow_dd5wuma-pre.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.69459456

Guns are pretty underpowered except as emergency backups though. They're loud, correct ammo is chancy to find, and they pretty much rely on either headshots or burst fire to do meaningful damage.

>> No.69459775
Quoted By: >>69460164

I wish I could artfag like this but I don't have the resources to practice.

>> No.69460164

You don't have a notebook and some pens?

File: 65KiB, 850x612, __ophilia_octopath_traveler_drawn_by_mella__sample-e292b84e4fd98dc2f14809df2b183328.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
69442712 No.69442712 [Reply] [Last 50] [Original]

You think there should be more Church-are-good-guys plot elements instead of the already seemingly overused Church-are-bad-guys stuff?

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>> No.69469306

You're the type of person that thinks the Church burned people for heliocentrism, aren't you?

>> No.69469317

you don't need to say everything they do is good
like they could have a corrupt organisation and hide pedophiles but also provide education (alright bad combo with the pedo one but you get my point) and charity and what not
that way your proselytism won't be too obvious lmao

>> No.69469791
Quoted By: >>69469868


Balts and Finns weren't hunter-gatherers during the Northern Crusades. Where do people get this stuff? Socially and technologically, they were the same as Scandinavia prior to christianization. Only the Sami would fit your description.

>> No.69469820

I what way is anything in that video racist?

>> No.69469868


Edit: Also, Christianity had already established a foothold among Baltic/Finnic people since the 10th century. They weren't living in a bubble.

File: 151KiB, 1280x854, e37b2cc3-f1cc-4e6a-a493-779f937f96c5.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
69442662 No.69442662 [Reply] [Original]

So I have an idea for a campaign:
>overlord threatened to cause 1000 years of darkness
>heroes gathered to oppose the overlord
>overlord defeats the heroes, begin the empire of 1000 years
>campaign begins in year 114 of the empire
>old folks heard stories as kids of when the world was free
>the overlord still controls the world in an iron fist
>quite literally 1000 years of darkness with clouds blocking out the sun
>players live in one of the massive slum cities that dot the empire
>slum cities are huddled around hyper opulent cities filled with the descendants of those who aided the overlord to power
>technology is something like 1940s
>current 'gods' of the world are the immortal lieutenants of the overlord who now rule over huge swathes of the world
>no one has seen the overlord in decades, he went into seclusion on some island in the middle of the ocean (the rumor being whispered is he's dead)
>players are part of terrorist organization trying to take down the establishment government
>the goal is to gather the magical mcguffins that the heroes who opposed the overlord used to try and defeat him and get ready for round 2

>> No.69442947
Quoted By: >>69443108

>in year 114
>old folks heard stories as kids
>no one has seen the overlord in decades

bro, how long do you think people live?

>> No.69443095
Quoted By: >>69443108 >>69443303

Your grandparents (age 70) were porn in year year 44 of the 1000 years of darkness. They could have heard about before the overlord took over from people who were like 60 at the time (age 16 when the overlord took over).

What issue do you see with the times?

>> No.69443108

Meant to reply to >>69442947

>> No.69443303

Gilf for the win, but i fail to see what tgat has to do with anything. Yeah the american civil war was like 5 people ago

>> No.69443936
File: 136KiB, 1440x720, ragtag band of maquisards.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>gather the magical mcguffins
You've probably already thought of this, but I'd suggest also focusing on building up The Resistance (or whatever) by allying with other groups that are opposed to the government, and fomenting rebellion among groups that are indifferent
For no other reason than I find "All the friends you made over the course of the campaign show up to help you in the final revolution" much more satisfying than "you sneak into the bbeg's house and stab him and then his empire collapses because reasons"

I'd say this counts especially when you suggest that the Overlord might be dead. What happens if the PCs collect the mcguffins and then find he's already dead? What if the real McGuffins were the (heavily armed and angry) friends they made along the way?
Killing a magic guy takes magic items, overthrowing a regime needs hearts and minds (and mates with guns)

File: 112KiB, 212x278, tumblr_ntkse5S3BB1r21rsxo1_250.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
69442636 No.69442636 [Reply] [Original]

The thinks you like and care about aren't always fun, but that doesn't mean that they're not worth doing. People that take part in political clubs, practice a sport or develop a skill such as drawing, programing or playing an instrument all have periods where things aren't fun. But they are invested in the processes and they are passionate about what they are doing.

The difference between people who treat fun as the 1:1 measurement of quality only do so because they have no passion for what they are doing.
I'm not undermining the enjoyment they have but I will overtly state that what they're doing isn't roleplaying.

>In place of impacting a developing shared story and changing the landscape of the world with your actions they use rapid leveling to give them a sense of achievement and progression.
>In place of three dimensional characters that realistically react to the events and people around them they play self inserts and meme characters that they use and toss away for another they created.
>In place of real risk, danger and hazards they have fumble tables.

The reason people are willing to put up with having to plan the logistics of an adventure, the reason people are willing to micromanage their actions and the reason people are willing to vigently manage resources is because at the end of it they not only have fun, but also gain a sense of lasting satisfaction.
A satisfaction that people who play for fun only get momentary with a well timed crit.

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>> No.69443756
Quoted By: >>69444251

People won't understand what I'm saying in the OP because they won't even bother to read past the title of the thread.

>> No.69444251

ok op

>> No.69446938
File: 145KiB, 1024x576, 1572946125188m.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>"there will be consequences to what you do"
>players do something bad
>something bad happens to them
Granted there is a cool story hook for redemption.

>> No.69447118
File: 14KiB, 264x240, 1343182731086.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.69447227

what's with this tg fixation on "original"? Mundane or boring is quite okay on it's own, most of threads are like that and "originality" is emergent from such a medium. Demanding something original to start with is so passe.

File: 1MiB, 2400x1840, Litovsky Guards Borodino.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
69442462 No.69442462 [Reply] [Original]

The armies of Napoleonic Europe are magically teleported into your setting. What changes?

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>> No.69448013

Erased by the cosmic force of anti-isekai, the elves, or the egyptians. Depending on who notices them first.

>> No.69448513

My setting is a Not!Late Roman setting with magic. It is 5e D&D. The Native armies lose out, hard. At least till the Napoleonic armies run out of gunpowder.

>What changes?

If not Roman survives for a bit they will start using crude firearms like Handgonnes.

>> No.69448645
File: 146KiB, 920x771, 7D6E4514-2156-4420-BCFF-D0C56854A2C0.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69448706

>le russian winter meme

>> No.69448706
File: 180KiB, 220x220, BFCA6E61-B766-462C-8124-6F687D2B15C6.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Using emojis of any kind

>> No.69450744

Napoleonic Europe now has twice the armies

File: 315KiB, 1600x1600, Four-handed_chess.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
69442378 No.69442378 [Reply] [Original]
Quoted By: >>69443365

How would a battle royale version of chess look like?

6 posts omitted.
>> No.69443082
Quoted By: >>69443241

Since the board will be so big, we will need a sudden death mechanic. Lets say if no pieces are eliminated in 10 rounds, the player that has the least points (measured as normal with the pieces they eliminated) loses instantly. This timer only starts after the first piece in the game is eliminated, allowing for early game setups.

>> No.69443241
Quoted By: >>69443253

>king has to actually be captured to eliminate a player

Isn’t one of the big memes that the king never actually gets captured tho? That kinda kills the magic of it.

Good idea anon. But what if all the player still have all their pieces when that rule hits?

>> No.69443242

I yield. You're right.

>> No.69443253

The timer does not start until the first piece is eliminated. This will allow for early game setups.

>> No.69443365
File: 338KiB, 640x432, tenor (1).png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>How... ...look like?

File: 78KiB, 1280x720, rpg.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
69442312 No.69442312 [Reply] [Original]

As a player, much fluff/background are you willing to read before the first session provided the setting is new to you.

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>> No.69446890
File: 425KiB, 1433x1551, tales from earthsea.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


The less there is to read, the better. Preferably one page, with one paragraph (or less) about each of the most relevant nations/places. A sentence each for gods in a small pantheon or a paragraph for a monotheistic religion. One paragraph about how magic is generally viewed in the world if there is any. The rest of the unnecessary fluff should be kept as reference for yourself to use later in the game.

Settings are really important to me as a player. I don’t want to be bored by a giant book of setting fluff, but don’t want a shallow and ill-conceived one either.

>> No.69447039
File: 608KiB, 1x1, Peoples of Lemuria (1).pdf [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

If we're doing this. How willing are you to read through this, given that you have to pick a homeland for character creation purposes?

>> No.69448094

If the GM is a friend then I'll read everything unless there's a bunch of stuff like>>69442519 said
>here's a bunch of metaphysical information that your characters don't know, and wont really ever matter ever anyway.
then I would skip those sections.

If its an acquaintance or a stranger I tell them I prefer characters with straight forward backgrounds that experience the setting through play.

>> No.69448459

I typically adore fluff and background. I'm willing to read a novel amount if it's engaging enough.

>> No.69449148

All depends on if its good/interesting

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