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>come into an institutional D&D game, riding it being a club so you can't be refused
>bring a premade character without having it be approved by the GM, or even giving anyone a memo ahead of time that you will be playing so that an encounter can be balanced around your presence
>you don't even fucking know what level your char should be or what gear etc. they're allowed
>be told by GM that the party is in the middle of combat so you can't just jump in
>immediately insert yourself into the situation
>assume you have the initiative
>assume you are in position to touch to cast Vampiric Touch (you know, a touch spell) at the druid despite the encounter being described as druid being defended by bugbears
>immediately make a roll without being asked to
>point of the episode is the boys are the bigoted ones that need to be more accepting of girl players in tabletops, to contrast the too accepting female sports angle
What did the two boomers mean by this? It's almost like they spent all their childhood smoking weed rather than doing socially formative nerd shit like D&D.

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The only time I've seen older women play is because they were married to a board game nerd and picked it up from him. Sometimes a girl will play with a group of guys if she is invited, but I have never seen a group of girls spontaneously get into board games, especially fantasy and sci-fi genre type games.

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They do form groups, but you don't go to the places where they run. The thing is, they're more attracted to fanfiction and if they do roleplaying, it's going to be freeform. The girls who roleplay actively tend to view the math as cumbersome, which makes this entire premise feel misguided and pants on head retarded.

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Maybe fat chicks do, but I don't talk to fat chicks.

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I stopped paying attention to South park right around where Randy became the idiot of every episode. The few times I have played RPGS in a group with people its been majority dudes. The few times where women were in the group it was A.) some dudes GF who CLEARLY does not want to be there or B.) just some neckbeard chick. Ive heard stories by other people who play that some chick came in a destroyed their group and I dont find that hard to believe.

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wonder what south park meant by this, I don't know any group where the guys don't outnumber the girls at least 20 to 1

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Anywhere I can find a firefly RPG that's played online? Perhaps Serenity crew but preferably OC.

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>a firefly RPG
Firefly has its rpg true but it is basicalyl Traveller
Play Traveller, its more popular and easy to find players

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I don't understand the question, are you looking for a system to play a Firefly campaign or are you looking for a Firefly campaign to play in?

No way in hell you're going to easily find a group unless you DM if yourself OP, but you can trudge through the looking for group section of Roll20 if you're desperate.

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We all enjoyed the ride OP, you have to move on.

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>play as character who's a homeless man who hates the world for shitting on him and is a super degenerate
>gets possessed by an evil spirit and becomes the ultimate degenerate
>acquires another dimension to create an evil city in and custom mutation powers to make an army of perfect killers and amazonian futanari furries
>GMs keep trying to kill groups of player characters with by suddenly exploding the room they're in and I have to keep screaming them down into submission
>have to roleplay my character getting railed in the ass by his futa gf that does unsoakable health damage with her 2 foot dick that she thrusts 1 more time than I can react per turn
>have to roll regen just to stay alive
>also have to roleplay as her fucking me roleplaying me getting fucked
>get told that I'm inserting my fetishes into the game when I'm literally just doing what my character would do with the resources available in the gamebook that gamebook characters themselves use for similar things
>scream them into submission again using facts and logic

Where's the beef?

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No one's stopping anyone it's about telling them that my character is a degenerate who was provided a degenerate npc as a girlfriend who influenced him further to use his Wyrm powers to put Slaanesh to shame.
I scream them into submission until they're face down and I'm bouncing die off their asses.

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>get told that I'm inserting my fetishes into the game
>No one's stopping anyone

Ok, so let me get this straight...
You've made a thread on /tg/ asking "what's the beef?" when no-one's actually asked you to stop, or complained, or done anything untowards.
Your GM has made a statement, not a complaint, that "you are injecting your fetishes into the game". Apparently, your GM is perfectly OK with this (?), if they are your fetishes. However, they are not actually your fetishes, you just are playing a character who's a sick fuck.

Let me ask you, what is YOUR beef? Why do you need to scream at people who say you have fetishes? You could just say "haha I'm just playing my character bro". Why are YOU making this a big deal if your GM apparently doesn't give a shit?

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Sounds like it's story time.

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OP won't tell a story because he's a lying faggot

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can true friendship (i gave up on love) bloom between murderhobos?

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I'm just gonna leave this here.

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>player character murders travelling NPCs as if it is the most natural thing in the world
>gets pissed when characters start being extra cautious of him due to faintly sensing an "aura of danger" from him

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Assuming DnD, lets flip through the Book of Vile Darkness.
Evil is an actual force in the realms.

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>Whether it's their choice of words, how they stand, their expressions or how they move
So now it's literally playing the character for them?

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Is English your first language?

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Watch a video that has some Russian Spetznaz in it.

Every one of them looks like a dead eye looking psycho.

You can definitely tell if someone has killed and is ready to kill again.

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Thoughts on cat dragons /tg/?

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>that's a 3/3
Jesus Christ

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Attaching giant bat wings to an animal does not convincingly make it a dragon. They should've called it bat cat instead.

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it's one bigass kitten

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I prefer sharkdragons

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What normal animals survive the best in heavily polluted water?

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Probably The Citarum River, located in West Java, Indonesia. Its one of the most polluted river in the world with lead concentration over 1000 times acceptable by American standards.

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To be fair, there isn't much difference between the population of Detroit and the population of Darkest Africa.

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I think Ohioans might win that fight, but it's close. After all, the Cuyahoga River Fire was so bad it created the EPA.

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In defence they dump at the very end and up the river is far cleaner. It's still retarded sounding though.

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>builds a computer out of Magic cards
>is a blue deck

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Welcome to the "Let The Games Begin" Edition of /bgg/ where we display our autism via pimping our favorite games of the last couple of years...

Previous thread: >>69377497

McPaste bin - over 8816 served: https://pastebin.com/h8Tz2ze8

The faggot known as 'OP' was shocked to discover an article about the "The 50 Best New Board Games" that wasn't loaded with shit like "Monopoly, Risk, Catan, and Ticket to Ride". Instead it has board games that many of us would actually like or already have in our collections. Unbelievable, I know, right?


> Do you own / plan to acquire any of the games in the article?

> What are your personal 'Top 3' new games of the past year to year and a half?

> What are you most excited about in the way of new releases?

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I figured I needed to cancel game night this week and sat down to write the email, then realized everyone had canceled individually over the last three days. I fucking hate organizing.

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sounds like things worked out pretty well for you

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I haven't played a board game in over two months anon

>> No.69458504

oof, good luck anon!

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>Love as a villain's motivation

How do you make this work?

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Honestly the only villain I have ever seen were I wanted him to win and not because the heroes were dislikeable.

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Had a necromancer that kept trying to resurrect his dead wife. Her soul had been devoured so he killed a lot of people trying to get the right combination of soul shards (soul D.N.A.) to combine with the residue that was all that remained of her original soul. Basically trying to rebuild it so she could finally be properly resurrected. This meant he was forced to experiment on countless inoocent people and rip out their souls, which he then tore to shreds and combined with other soul shards from other people.

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He never succeeded, because the final component he required was godhood and he never realized this, so he just kept on insanely experimenting and committing atrocities. Eventually he died, became a pit fiend, and then a lich.

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His name was Gala Nodel, The Whisper King

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Is there a bigger sacrilege in chess than changing the color of the pieces to red and blue?

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Gratias tibi ago, medice

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there are multiple forms of indirect or 2D depth perception, or "Monocular cues" as wikipedia calls them

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It's necessary for color-blind people.

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Quoted By: >>69440472

Are you retarded?

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Are you?

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Talking to animals is such an underrated power.

It might not be strong for combat unless you have the really strong/ animals like dragons. But even with less powerful animals, it would a very useful power before and after a battle.

Having soldiers that can speak to animals can help with reconnaissance of the terrain and the enemy. It can help you with keeping the enemy from doing those. It can harass the enemy supply lines, foraging parties and be a nuisance in general. It would more or less occupy the same space as light cavalry but with a few advantages.

Hell forget about Medieval-esque settings, even in the modern times, speaking to animals can be such a powerful tool. Most of the losses that modern wars are from ambushes. Imagine if every US marine squad was screened by a pack of dogs or crows or some other intelligent animal.

The only way to counter the Wargs (forgive the ASOIAF terminology) would be to have Wargs of your own. Kinda like an airforce. Wargs might not win wars but it gives your soldiers advantages to win it.

People tend to be too focused on battles and combat itself. Things that happen before and after is equally important. So here is the question, what fantasy powers have interesting uses outside of battles.

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Dragons speak draconic, speak with animals doesn't work on them because they aren't animals

Also I agree, it's a fantastic spell, I use them to talk to mutts like Half-orcs, Half-elves and other disgusting vermins like Halflings and Gnomes

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By elimination, societies who survived would be the one who didn't suffer from inevitable collapse from destroying their own environement (and possibly pissing off extremly powerfull mystical being) and simply adopted a more reasonable strategy to counter the information gathering tactics provided by the wildlife.

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>travelling mercenaries keeping treats and beautiful lady-dogs to indoctrinate spy dogs

>> No.69431488


What you suggest would make for a good nature vs human story.

Which I kinda dislike.

I would argue that animals could both be threat and an advantage. So there would be a balance. Forests around a city might be cut down but the Forest that are left would be patrolled and information from animals could be useful.

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>It might not be strong for combat unless you have the really strong/ animals like dragons.
Or if you can talk to many at once. Very few human armies are prepared to be swarmed by thousands of rats.

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How EXACTLY did dwarves accumulate all this capital?

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Well, anon, I don’t think anyone’s claiming they were being rational when they an heroed.

>> No.69457618

He worked on it his entire life compulsively and enjoyed a large deal of personal free time.

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I know I'm catching this thread in the tail end, but I'd still like to know: Would magic ever make a return in the LOTR world/Arda, or after the 3rd age was it basically over and mundanity would set in forevermore?

Am I right in my understanding that magic in their world is more or less a non-renewable resource? That once it's used up the world is made 'less' in varying increments and once it's gone it's just gone and that's all there is to it? Because I remember reading somewhere that magic could also be not just preserved, but actually 'put back' into the world through certain marvelous acts of creation- in regards to making something so amazing that it, itself, is supernatural and so forth.. Mirroring Eru Ilúvatar and the whole narrative of "creation is the most powerful ability".

I suppose I'm wondering if the Elves had not been so stingy with their Mallorn trees and other such gifts, would the world have 'carried on' better and Sauron's gift of preservation less tempting.

>> No.69457946

>Am I right in my understanding that magic in their world
Here is the crux of it. The entire world of Middle Earth is detailed in the Red Book of Westmarch, itself containing the writings of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. It was left in the care of Samwise Gamgee when the pair went beyond the sea, and in time Pippin returned to Gondor with a copy of it. The book was transcribed, edited, updated for more accurate geography and translation of Elvish, and eventually Pippin's Great Grandson got a copy from Gondor.
This is important because for meta-narrative purposes Tolkien 'found' it in the same manner that the Red Book of Hergest originally penned in 1380 and donated to Oxford in 1701, noted for containing the Mabinogian a series of Welsh tales and one of the incredibly few sources of such and then translated and transcribed by Tolkien into English.

It's literally Middle-Earth, because it eventually turns into the real world. And you don't see any magic around you, now do you?

>> No.69458052

'The Etymologies', itself a part of the book 'The Lost Road and Other Writings', itself a part of the twelve part series of books 'The History of Middle-earth'.

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Kind of a slow day for me, /tg/. I'd like to watch a comfy movie. Any ideas? I'll post some.

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It’s worth watching for Jeremy Irons’ eyebrows alone.

>> No.69429620

You should watch The Wild Hunt, very /tg/ movie.

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But how could there be a 4th in a trilogy? Besides, what better ending could there be than riding off into the sunset, marking it as his own last crusade?

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Quoted By: >>69443492 >>69444320

Albrecht is a Cleric (First Estate). He answers to the Bishop of Six Falls.
Louis is a Knight (Second Estate). His is the vassal of Baron Summerland. Louis holds the grant of a very small farm.
Honorius is a Wizard (Third Estate). He is also the vassal of Baron Summerland because his family grew up on the Baron's land.
Gwendolyn is a Thief (Outlaw). She answers to nobody.

Standard Method (core D&D):
The group hears rumours of a dungeon in the wilderness. They march off, loot it, and return to town with 100gp each. They spend the loot on potatoes, coffee, books, and plate armor. Everything is fine.

Feudal Method:
The group hears rumours of a dungeon in the wilderness. Louis asks around and finds that the area is owned by Baron Greenfield, who is an ally of Baron Summerland, but whose seat of power is far from the dungeon. The players safely loot the dungeon and return to town with 100gp each. They spend the loot on meat, horses, and donations. Baron Summerland hears that his vassals have far too much money during peacetime. He shows up with a bunch of knights and interrogates them. While Louis and Albrecht are spared torture, Honorius is beaten nearly to death (below the waist, because he's a wizard), and Gwendolyn is hung from the nearest tree. The Baron finds out about the dungeon and the looting. Fearing war with Baron Greenfield, he revokes Louis' grant and title, and sends him with an armed escort to Baron Greenfield's seat of power to be tried and executed as a commoner. Honorius is kept as a battlefield mage and never trusted again. Albrecht is dispatched to the Bishop of Six Falls who severely chastises the poor priest and threatens to defrock him.

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How do your players react to the Feudal Method's result? Are they satisfied that yet another session has ended as it should have in reality?

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Quoted By: >>69443978

Isn't that basically of L5R (nip feudalism)? Not that I've actually played it.

>> No.69443978

L5R is a bit more fantastical and overly-fetishsized but yeah pretty much. Where as D&D is just the Wild West with a coat of Medieval paint.

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Quoted By: >>69445420

The problem with this faggotry is that it doesn't actually make sense.

The difference between the good and bad end is that in the good end everything magically went fine while in the bad end everything went wrong. This doesn't say anything particularly insightful about the setting or how roleplaying games should be run. It's about as useful as a page of text describing in lurid detail a player character getting raped by orcs after failing a saving roll and then contrasting it to a page of text about the good end resulting from not failing that throw.

There's no lesson to be drawn from it, it's self importance and self obsession. The author thinks the author knows best and is going to great pains to try and convince everyone reading that they should be trusted because they write well enough to put a sentence together.

>> No.69445420

>The author thinks the author knows best and is going to great pains to try and convince everyone reading that they should be trusted because they write well enough to put a sentence together.
Yes, of course, it's Skerples.

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Quoted By: >>69432795 >>69432895

When did you realize that "adventurers" are no better than bandits, and have no productive role whatsoever in a medieval fief?

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>> No.69432753

If, in your game, adventurers are shit...Guess what? It's Your Fault. Not the game's.
"Hate the Playa, not the Game."

>> No.69432795

whatever you say local lord

>> No.69432828

>Board is 30% realism posts now

>> No.69432885

Fair point

>> No.69432895

What do you mean? I see only landed knights, valuable mercenaries, aspiring loyal freemen, & sanctified academics brought together by circumstance to be those who answer the call when the terrible fantastic cause strife & ruin in our lands.

Ask yourself, if we supposedly live in such peaceful times to see heroes as vagrant rabbles then what need of you for heroes? For heroes rise when the night is long & true justice is uncertain. They hold back the beasts that run amok in lands unseen by the lord’s who seat them! Civilization comes with the sword, & heroes are those who wield it! If they come to your door harken to the baleful call for YOU are the evil that slumbers. YOU are the slayer of peace & the beast that eats fat on dispair!

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Waifu war. Your waifu is shit. My waifu is best.

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The jabberings of lesser men do not concern me.

>> No.69430617
Quoted By: >>69431277

Shhh, anon. No words. Just let it happen.

>> No.69431277


>> No.69431311
Quoted By: >>69431420

I am in camp and to pass the time I wrote a list of all my waifus. Took up twenty minutes trying to recall them, but it made my twelve hour day go by faster.
Keep in mind I wrote this on notepad on my phone at like one AM so.
Kei and Yuri - Dirty Pair
Seras Victoria - Helsing
Princess Mononke - Princess Mononoke
Sheryl Nome - Macross Frontier
Klan Klein - Macross Fontier
Rally - Gunsmith Cats
Aisha Clan-Clan - Outlaw Star
Noriko Watanabe - Aim for the Top! Gunbuster
Deedlit - Record of Lodoss War
Pirotess - Record of Lodoss War
Mount Lady - Hero Academia
*the big tiddy bitch with the dark hair who can grow shit out of her* - Hero Academia
Diane - The Seven Deadly Sins
Nausicaa - Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
Revy - Black Lagoon
Misato - Neon Jellyfish Evan's Jelly Dong
Asuka - Nimrod Genius Evangelical Song

>Video Games
Jack - Mass Effect
Liara T'Soni - Mass Effect
Morrigan - Dragon Age: Origins
Lady Arano - Harebrained Schemes BATTLETECH
Samus Aran - Metroid(not Other M you fuck)
Lara Croft - Tomb Raider
Olga the Mountain - Shadowrun RPG

Vasquez - Aliens
Princess Leia - Star Wars
Aayla Secura - Star Wars
The Basket Case from the Breakfast Club - The Breakfast Club
Asian woman from Pacific Rim

R8 n' H8 my tastes, M8s

>> No.69431420
File: 787KiB, 1868x1018, anon's waifus.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Well, it's hardly the strangest list of waifus I've ever seen.

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Welcome to Old School Renaissance General, the thread dedicated to TSR-era D&D, derived systems, and compatible content.

>Troves, Resources, Blogs, etc:

>Previous thread:

Do you "fix" crossbows in your game, or are you happy to leave them as substandard missile weapons?

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>> No.69445648 [DELETED]

New Thread:

>> No.69445652

New Thread:

>> No.69445661

The Holy Roman Empire, I would assume.

>> No.69446085

Keeping it to this dead thread since I'm not an asshole-

1) Humans aren't machines. We can't spend our days researching everything, we rely on one another to parse what's relevant and share the info in relevant spots. If I publish a module, you're perfectly in your right to tell all DMs everywhere exactly who they're giving their money to. Hell, I'd argue that's the morally right thing to do if I've declared myself anybody's enemy.

2) Your personal attack is wrong on two points (the what and the how), but more importantly it makes the assumption it's hypocritical to be careful about RPGs but not, for example, food. Again, no, that's simply human. We don't have the capacity to be on the lookout every day, about everything. That leads to burnout. You are allowed to pick and choose the things you care about, it's not a binary all-or-nothing. And frankly I find it hard to believe that you care about exactly nothing. GYG as well, False Apoliticism Enthusiast.

>> No.69446981

bump :)

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Has anyone got any experience with a Ravnica campaign? My group want to start fresh, how well does the guild system work?

Also Ravnica art thread I guess

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>> No.69444902

What sort of buff would you give non-casters to match up with the benefits of being part of a guild provide in 5e to spellcasters?

I'm pondering 'Even if you're not a spellcaster, you can use the guild spell as Ritual Spells' + '1/day, if you don't have spell slots, you can still cast any spell on your guild spell list (Max level of what a wizard of your level could cast).

>> No.69445548
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>> No.69446410
Quoted By: >>69448627

The Quietmen never appeared on cards tho.

>> No.69448627

Which is a big shame
I've always wanted to see its design

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Press F to pay respects for the sisters edition

>WD Nov 2019:

>Index Inquisition:

>Space Marines – Why You Need Faith & Fury

>WarhammerTV Tip of the Day:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVbTjcUfRKs [Embed] [Embed]

>3rd party pastebin

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Book Megas:

Codex: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14wC7pS7shKfOLiuM18c3CpaA_G3JRo9LxV_Xd0vBfAg/
Forgeworld: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nSWZEyt0X6pfXvdVmPDjKpXtAqjjfiPvSTUaRWO8PTE/
Other: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19Zdiv_x8Q3sKIL2z7-BoEzyQpCIp22l4bA_3OpOTaxE/htmlview

>Previous thread

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>> No.69431739


I just re-watched the video though the guys called Mortifiers "shooty Penitent Engines" they really are not as they can be given the exact same wargear as Penitent Engines.

What makes them different is they are mini-Penitent Engines with only five wounds, no zealot, , T5 and only ignore wounds on a 6+. This means against basic firepower (AP0) these guys are less durable than a bullgryn.

Though with that said they can be given heavy bolters which does give them some ranged damage but they are still primary a melee unit.

>> No.69431944

By example, like the leader of a pack of wild dogs

>> No.69432573

I play Chaos and I haven't bought a single new kit. Suck my eight-pointed asshole.

>> No.69432732

I haven't bought a single new chaos model or book lol. some absolute apes at the local gs were trying to shill psychic awakening very hard to me but it doesn't take a genius to see shit in front of you.

>> No.69432848

hallo salty chaosfag.
PLEASE boycott chaos, and while your at it boycott this thread as well.
nobody will miss you.
bye, retard

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Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax were devout Christians

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>> No.69429351

>pharisees made this

>> No.69429379

>An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth is by no means anything but Lawful and Good. Prisoners guilty of murder or similar capital crimes can be executed without violating any precept of the alignment. Hanging is likely the usual method of such execution, although it might be beheading, strangulation, etc. A paladin is likely a figure that would be considered a fair judge of criminal conduct.

The Anglo-Saxon punishment for rape and/or murder of a woman was as follows: tearing off of the scalp, cutting off of the ears and nose, blinding, chopping off of the feet and hands, and leaving the criminal beside the road for all bypassers to see. I don't know if they cauterized the limb stumps or not before doing that. It was said that a woman and child could walk the length and breadth of England without fear of molestation then...

Chivington might have been quoted as saying "nits make lice," but he is certainly not the first one to make such an observation as it is an observable fact. If you have read the account of wooden Leg, a warrior of the Cheyenne tribe that fought against Custer et al., he dispassionately noted killing an enemy squaw for the reason in question.
Well ofcourse Gygax was a christian

>> No.69429399
Quoted By: >>69429419

They don't pass the Nicene Creed test

>> No.69429419

The Nicene creed is fake and gay, nassennes/nazarenes/nazirite should have burned down and inherited the catholic church

>> No.69429431

Worship of any entity other than God the Father is considered heretical in Christianity Orthodoxy (not to be confused with the various Orthodox Christian churches).
JW essentially derived their religion from Christianity but worship Abaddon, the Christian Angel of Destruction, in addition to God the Father AND God the Son along with practicing an assortment of other previously established heresies which are outside the confines of the post in question.
As this is what their entire doctrine revolves around, this makes JW a heresy of the Christian religion whether or not the various mainline branches acknowledge them or not.
Mainline Christian churches rarely declare specific sects to be heretical, but Dogma and Teachings, which in turn determines if any particular sect is considered heretical.

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69427868 No.69427868 [Reply] [Original]
Quoted By: >>69430910

How can Sanguinius even compete?

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>> No.69430910
Quoted By: >>69430945

by not being a tranny

>> No.69430945
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Quoted By: >>69431198


>> No.69431153
File: 196KiB, 1280x1153, 1553361584388.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69432205

Those are all incredibly mundane and ultimately don't put Sanguinius above Fulgrim. Off the top of my head, Fulgrim is better for the following reasons:

>Actually killed a primarch and left another in critical condition
>tried to kill Perturabo and when he tried to turn the tables on him, Fulgrim just became immortal
>brought a planet into compliance with just six of his kids
>The only primarch of the only legion to BTFO of the Ultramarines after the HH
>he's actually immortal now and has functioning wings
>four arms for jacking off
>he was never angsty about the future like a certain somebody
>yeah, his sons are drug junkies, but Sang's are barely civilised cannibals that snap at the worst possible moment and have contributed just as much to civilian deaths as any traitor legion. There's even a chapter that ritually sacrifices civvies to something "that totally isn't a daemon, we swear". Rocks and glass houses buddy.
>Every day he wakes up to getting his dicks sucked by a different daemonette.
>He has no less than three children who've come back to life
>His favorite son clones primarchs, escaped from Vulkan, and fucks over legions on a daily basis

>> No.69431198

my god i hate this thing so hard.

>> No.69432205

Don't forget
>not constantly whining about their daddy and other shit, just having the time of their life
Best legion

File: 69KiB, 650x650, TheyDontFuckinDie.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
69427736 No.69427736 [Reply] [Original]

Alright /tg/, you've had my back before lets see how it this time. Help e world build around the idea of clowns, jesters, and the like being a supernatural force

Chucklevoodoo in Homestuck was set up like the whole dark carnival thing the Juggalos had going. There's Pennywise and Sweet Tooth and Twisty all as mass murdering threats while there's a;so some goofier examples like that one clown god from DBZ and everything in Killer Klowns From Outer Space.

So my idea is to represent chaos and trickery as maybe an influence that possesses or influences people.

People under the influence probably have some combination these clownish things
> enhanced need to pull pranks, varyingly destructive
> an absolutely inhuman ability to withstand pain through squash and stretch or just a monsters constitution
> enhanced charisma for jokes and exaggerated goofy looks that's very uncanny
>hammerspace for surprise gags

Thoughts? Where would you go with this idea?

>> No.69427797

>mass murdering threat
That's not really fair to the poor guy. He was just a little unclear in the head and everything fell apart for him.

>> No.69430798

Starting with a Hamsteak image probably wasn't a very good idea.

In any case, I would portray it as a, well, somewhat mocking take on the sorts of secretive orders and mystic cosmic forces you see in fantasy and shit. Perhaps they realize that reality is an illusion, and are doing the equivalent of making hand puppets on the shadowed wall of Plato's Cave. Perhaps Comedy is a powerful extradimensional force reaching into our reality for wacky joke purposes. Perhaps it's just the only kind of magic that works. I'd maybe have it as an off-brand The Force, at least in that laughter connects all things but it's way too easy to get caught up in the jokes and start doing fucking extreme shit to get a cheap laugh.

I would also show the slow...degradation of clowning around over time. From the heady days of the noble court jester to the golden age of the circus clown, and then the descent into mockery of mockery and horror clowns. I Imagine bands of heroic clowns desperately trying to keep the fetid clowns of today from metaphorically spraying seltzer on the last embers of their noble tradition.

>> No.69431034

confirmed trash, fuck off faggot.

>> No.69433385

The day Homestuck is welcome is the day /tg/ is truly dead. Fuck off elsewhere.

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why do redditors not like 3.5?

152 posts omitted.
>> No.69446957

>Also, am I alone in preferring parts of 3.0 over 3.5?
There's people still playing 2e. That alone should tell you that no matter how degenerate your tastes, there will be others like you. Especially among D&D players.

>> No.69446972

Making characters was alot of fun and it's my favorite edition for reading the books front to back, but probably my least favorite to actually play.

>> No.69446980

I have considered it and come to the conclusion I hate all generations.

>> No.69447003

Almost everything in 4e can be traced back to 1e. Disregarding all the retardation of 2e and 3e is what made it so good and so universally hated.

>> No.69447534

>feat is about negating physical interactions
>durr its for spells
Are you actually retarded anon or do you just have shit reading comprehension?

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