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Hot take: there is absolutely no RPG setting out there that:
>(1) has characters who can be superhumanly skilled in various fields, including mental and social fields
>(2) has some form of political structures
... and properly captures just how big an impact certain superhumanly skilled entities would have on national politics. None. Zero. No settings. Not even Exalted, which was all about that for certain types of Exalted.

You see some people and some settings doing the bare minimum of taking into account how, for example, magic would reshape a setting, but superhuman mundane skills? You hardly see any RPG setting, at all, take that into account.

I am open to hearing out RPG settings whose national politics take into account that there are human beings who can conceptualize ideas, synthesize knowledge, intuit information from their environment, and sway people with words with far greater skill than anyone on our planet has ever exhibited.

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>Mindjammer is a good example, as a transhumanist setting that commits to transhumanist super-societies.
Indeed. I like it quite a bit, though I wouldn't ever present it to my players as perfect/utopian/an ideal to strive for so much as a very comfy, low-suffering dystopia, if that makes sense.

The Core World Commonality basically made up of hedonistic meddling aristocrats. The punchline is just that everyone is one except uncontacted worlds, rather than that secretly yadda yadda yadda. Which is in some ways a better Tweest.

...boy now I wanna run it. But Fate is just kind of so much nothing.
Supposedly not/supposedly the others would get ample warning, but honestly the Tier 0 part of the political makeup of the society is one of the least explained parts.
Which, I suppose, makes sense. They're basically each a god-king in their own right.
In fact what I like is that in many ways they're more god-like than many gods in Fantasy because they're very much active forces that're interested in and capable of changing thigns on a grand scale, despite having to work through regular channels.

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Imagine how her brain-pussy must feel like. Top class.

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You have to remember that Exalted books happen in a postapocalyptic setting.
Over 90% of everything died. Some invaders still remain there and the Realm is only 200-300 years old.

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Any more pictures like this?

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Go away.

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what is the opposite of MurderHobo? i want to make an alignment graph

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Trapper Keepers were awesome other than the fact that it only took them a month or two to start falling apart.

Kids these days will never know the joy of trading football pencils based on what they believe their value to be even though they don't follow football or give the slightest shit about it. They will also never know the joy of snapping an opponent's Dallas Cowboys pencil in half with their Miami Dolphins pencil in a pencil fight.

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Theater kid.

The murder hobo fails to take the setting seriously; the theater kid takes it too seriously.
The murder hobo kills indiscriminately, damn the consequences, it's just a game; the theater kid does "What my character would do," which may sometimes be an equally poor choice.
The murder hobo has no ties to anything; the theater kid brought a backstory binder to the first session.
The murder hobo is here to roll dice and kill things; the theater kid is here to role-play.
The murder hobo wants to win; the theater kid wants an audience.

As for the other two quadrants (theater hobo, murder kid), the former wanders the land just as freely as the murder hobo, unbound by particulars, but still finds investment in playing an actual character; the latter cares enough to integrate themselves with the setting, but mostly uses this investment to find ways to break things open and deliberately cause trouble on a more intimate scale.

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>Houston Oilers
>Oakland Raiders
Right in the feels! Who am I kidding, fuck both those teams.

>pencil fight
Much like Kick The Can, these ephemera are lost to the ages. Being the last physical generation is weird.

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I approve this message.

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Hmm, Distant would work better, now that I think of it. But then the Distant Slave makes no sense.

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So I'm a new DM running my 2nd 5e module.

In our session today the party was faced with a giant crayfish and giant crab who could speak a language which no one in the party could speak.

The Bard decided to use Speak with Animals to be able to communicate with the creatures. I wasn't sure if this spell would work on them because they were capable of language unlike a regular beast creature.

I allowed them to be able to understand the intent and meaning of each others words, but not each others speech. In essence they could get their message across but couldn't have a conversation.

There was no obvious discontent, but I did get a feeling that perhaps they thought they should have been able to converse with the creatures.

Should they be able to use Speak with Animals on beasts which are capable of language, and if so should they be able to outright converse with them since the creatures are capable of speech?

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Quoted By: >>69427126

>Should they be able to use Speak with Animals on beasts which are capable of language
Nothing about Speak with Animals' description permits it to only work on nonintelligent beasts. In fact it says the communication is only limited by their intelligence. If they have a language that means they're intelligent enough to convey slightly more complex ideas. I'd say if it occurs again, say heir experience allows you to communicate with them and understand.

Plus, you're the DM. Make a call, stick to it until you're wrong. The spell specifies Beasts, so it can't understand say, an Undercommon-speaking owlbear, but it's basically carte blanche with Beast talkin.

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>speak with animals
>You gain the ability to comprehend and verbally communicate with beasts for the duration. The knowledge and awareness of many beasts is limited by their intelligence, but at minimum, beasts can give you information about nearby locations and monsters, including whatever they can perceive or have perceived within the past day. You might be able to persuade a beast to perform a small favor for you, at the DM's discretion.

>You gain the ability to comprehend and verbally communicate with beasts for the duration.

It doesn't say you can speak the beast's language, it says you can comprehend them and communicate with beasts
it says you can understand what they are saying if they are a beast,
and they can understand what you are saying if they are a beast

desu, I'd be salty. From the little information you've given us, it sounds like you had a specific encounter with a specific method of solving the problem and your table found an outside solution and you shat on it
not calling you a train conductor, juts calling it how I see it anon.

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Nah, I'd say you made the right call, >>69427056 has it

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I've never really had a use for my d12s except on the rare instance of a crit in certain systems. Surely there must be systems out there that base their mechanics around a d12 or a pool of such?

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There's a diceroll outcome breakdown on pg 86
In fact, looking over it that's probably the only real interesting thing in there
The skill cluster system I made was a little odd (each of ~13 skills has 6 subskills, which are counted as half of the governing skill level if you have the skill proficiency but not the subskill)
and the worldbuilding could probably do with a totally different angle
the core rules are discussed on pg 54, but they're really not the best friend of lucidity
everything is else is a half done subsystem like fatigue or designing necromancer minions

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I should say for that pg 86 table you have:
average number of successes
% chance of at least 1 success
standard deviation

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Anydice.com is your friend.

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Blade of the Iron Throne is a Riddle of Steel sucessor that uses d12 dicepools
In the One Ring you roll a d12, with the add of a d6 dice pool.
And Colonial Gothic uses d12. Those are the only RPGs I know that uses d12s prominently.

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Make one.

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What happened to Force Grey? Will there be another season?

This is the only live DND I can watch. It's concise, clear, and to the point. No need for six hours of bad accents and character intros, just action.

Does any other actual play emulate this style?

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Ok but I just need something that doesn't take six hours of bad accents, dumb jokes, faggotry, and back stories.

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Hey Guys,
One of my close friends built this website called Pong 4 Hong Kong (www.pong4hongkong.com) and I thought I would help get the word out. It's to help support the movement in Hong Kong through playing Pong. If you beat the AI in a game of 3, the website donates 5 cents per every win. Funding comes from occasional ads, so please excuse them.
Funds made on the website will be directed towards Hong Kong Free Press via Bitcoin, highlighting a potential use case as to bypass potential bottlenecks with sending money through traditional payment processors to Hong Kong.
Anyways, it would be appreciated if you try it out and help further spread the word.
Thanks a lot.

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I'm all for sticking it to Winnie the Pooh, but maybe /v/ would be better?

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Didn't we have this same thread yesterday?

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DnD 5e class flavor ideas: how to make your chosen class not boring and cliched.

Example: mine is a druid, I was thinking of turning him into a witch doctor. Thoughts?

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I was considering a similar concept, of a Warlock witch doctor to be exact. I'd reflavor some patron as da voodoo spirits. Probably fey.

>> No.69430091

>how to make your chosen class not boring and cliched.
>mine is a druid, I was thinking of turning him into a witch doctor.

>> No.69431797

What race?

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Quoted By: >>69432155

druids are very good in general and you can change your spells whenever you want, so it's not like you would be boxed into healing if it wasn't working out for you

there's some theoretical reason for why combat healing isn't very good, something to do with the action economy, i forget the details

>> No.69432155

You don't heal enough to make up for the damage output ou lose.
Say you have 2 guys bashing your face in for 20 damage. You can either heal 20 damage or attack one of the guys to take him out of the fight. It's better to eliminate the source of damage than it is to do nothing but heal the damage you'll take again next round. As the damage dealt increases it becomes even less efficient to heal rather than attack/disable

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CYOA Booru: https://choose.booru.org
AllSync: https://cyoa.allsync.com/s/t6EgW8LqyMknt9d
Previous thread: >>69413530

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Someone had to say it. I thought the debate was boring as fuck.

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did the memeball trigger you so hard that you quoted me three times or what?

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One day, I will own this thread.

>> No.69449060

however, that day is not today

>> No.69449185

Congratulations on buying the thread

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Would you play this game /tg/?

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I actually did play a game like this on my graph calculator in high school.

>> No.69427036

fundies are still ging at it are they?

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Considering I own and play this game? Yes, yes I would.

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Buff cocaine please.

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Fundamentalists were never completely right in the head.

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Get In The Goddamn Cuck Shed Edition

Previously: >>69418654

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck strategy and card choices.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen color identity.

>Official search site.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface, more cards, and a deckbuilder.

>Thread Question
Is there a mechanic, creature type, or kind of card you wish you could build a deck around, but have no good support for? (By "kind of card," I mean card archetypes like wheels, wraths, tutors, Oblivion Ring effects, color hate cards, etc.)

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>someone cracks their time sieve without noticing the stranglehold

>> No.69437420

Whomever thinks they are the smartest man in the group and their ultracombo deck is literally unbeatable.

>> No.69437744

Magister Sphinx

>> No.69437752

I play Adun, but it's a decent combo deck. I've won against cEDH decks with it before.

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>FoF me
>I always split it 5-0
I am based

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Pay no attention to this perfectly ordinary, non-magical tanuki.

Just passing through...

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That's a bear cub

>> No.69444414

Ah, the elusive and legendary "potato." Bane of fantasy. We shall do away with it at once!

>> No.69444470

I wonder what it would be like to hold such a fat, fluffy thing against your chest and cuddle it tightly while it nuzzles the nape of your neck with its wet nose

>> No.69444522

based /an/ poster

>> No.69444693

Rolled 16 (1d20)

I roll to hit on the tanuki.

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>humans are perfectly capable of using both magic and physic abilities but are so innately adept at anti magic and physic negation that it is useless in combat with other humans
What would such a setting be like

>> No.69425980

The BBEG would be an anomaly among humans with anti-anti magic. Otherwise whats the point?

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Why do 5e fags get so uptight when you tell them their edition has no content?

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Judges Guild's 'Field Guide to Encounters' is the pinnacle of game design, and the last game that ever needed to be made. Nigh incomprehensible, as rpg's should be, no organization, no hand-holding. And yet it's chock full of interesting content, laoded with inspiring old-school art and unique setting details.

>> No.69447284
Quoted By: >>69447328 >>69447415

>Means I'm free to work on my own setting and setting-specific options
Protip: you always could do that. Having actual content never meant you couldn't make your own, and it baffles me that there are retards like you who felt they needed WotC's permission to homebrew and/or fix their shitass mistakes.

>> No.69447328
Quoted By: >>69447434

You missed the "without them crying about how tehy wanna be a race from Book X, a class from Book Y, an archetype from Podcast Z, take a feat from some article they can no longer cite but swear worked a given way, etc."

>> No.69447415

>and it baffles me that there are retards like you who felt they needed WotC's permission
If that's what you think the motivation is you're a monumental retard and a cocksucker of tremendous proportions. The more splats a system has, the more any group--by simple merit of there being multiple people with multiple perspectives coming together--will come to rely on the library of content to be available to them given frequency of use.

It has nothing to do with "needing permission" to houserule, you inbred mong. It has everything to do with getting a group together because you had your system, setting, and house rules in mind and then having to account for people coming in having already made characters using splats that make neither thematic nor mechanical sense given what you've prepared and having to deal with the disappointment that invariably comes with it. Shout "just say what you include in the game" through your sputtering gullet as much as you want, everyone who's played more than a few games knows that it does nothing to stop people from trying to cram in ideas from other books they hyped themselves on whether it works or not.

>> No.69447434

He's a consummate moron, you can't expect him to read the entirety of something that didn't come from a published splat.

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Quoted By: >>69426846

I need a replacement for 5e that does the what 5e pretends to do but without being an unbalanced piece of garbage

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>> No.69426830

>4e isn't an RPG
How is it not an RPG?

>> No.69426846

you are seeking 13th edition

>> No.69427033

What edition is Pendragon like and is it viable?

>> No.69427277


>> No.69427405

>4e isn't an RPG
How is it any less RPG than other DnDs?

(Maybe with exceptions of 5e that actually have some RP supporting mechanics, that i've seen mostly ignored.)

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Quoted By: >>69427181 >>69427248

Hello /tg/, I need to ask you a question and I need your honest answers.
If you were to play a competitive turn-based game like a card game, do you prefer it to be more luck-based like poker, magic, yu-gi-oh, and the likes, or more skill-based like checkers, chess, and the likes.

>> No.69426813


>> No.69427181

skill based like netrunner

>> No.69427248
Quoted By: >>69427972

Only a loser would think poker isn't skill based

>> No.69427972

you're a retard

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Not sure any of you know or even care to know, but the Astartes channel on YouTube has been hacked. If at all possible, is there a way we can get the perpetrator's personal information? Frankly I'm tired of this happening on YouTube and I'd like to make an example of this little shit.

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Quoted By: >>69425570

No, it's 2019. There ought to be a clock with the date and time in the lower right-hand corner of your monitor.

>> No.69424973
Quoted By: >>69425002

/b/ is not your personal army.

>> No.69425002

Never said it was.

>> No.69425570

>is there a way we can get the perpetrator's personal information?
Not on 4chan(nel).

>There ought to be a clock with the date and time in the lower right-hand corner of your monitor.
Read the rules, keyboard warrior.

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Damn, I got to use it so soon!

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Quoted By: >>69424971

come up with the best character /tg/

social skills have value in combat
the party is a bunch of loser spellsword retards
at least one player is a furry

>> No.69424870
Quoted By: >>69425101

To punish OP for his garbage thread, reply to this post with your favorite RPG memory.

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Quoted By: >>69424889

What the fuck is going on with those arms?

>> No.69424889

ice powers shrivel your arms and your enormous futa dick

>> No.69424971

>come up with the best character /tg/
Large-breasted Paladin lady who tries to teach the party the value of domestic talents and skills, like cooking or sewing.

She finds the furry character adorable but has zero sexual interest in them. This might sound strange to say but it's important when the furry inevitably tries to knot that.

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It was a session when we were just all having a good time. We were hunting a big mutated manticore, we had to get through a haunted patch of woods to find it, we killed it and some ghosts, and we spent nearly the entirety of the session talking in-character, just RPing it up. It wasn't exactly a big, greentext-worthy moment or anything, it was just a really nice session that we all really felt happy with.

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>post maps of any kind (dungeon, overworld, social hierarchy, WIPs, etc.)
>critique different maps and discuss techniques, programs, etc.

>I can't into art, what programs can I use to make a decent-looking map?
- Inkarnate is okay, if you don't mind the lack of an undo button.
- Wonderdraft is good, if you don't mind paying $20 or putting in some effort acquiring it from the PDF Share Thread
- Hexographer is decent if an old-school hex map is what you are looking for.
- Azgaar's random generator is good if you need continent ideas
- Alternative random generators:

>My continents looks like hideous blobs, what should I do?
Although this is case-by-case kind of thing, try making ultra straight and smooth coastlines a little more jagged, and also look at IRL continents and islands to draw inspiration from their shapes and various details.


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>> No.69455957
Quoted By: >>69456587

It bothers me how little forest area there is on that map. Present day America has way more forested area than that.

>> No.69456587
Quoted By: >>69457247


>> No.69457247

Present day America has way more forested area than that.

>> No.69457611

Do you guys have some hex space map or equivalent ? Some futuristic looking maps.

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You died before your due time, sorry, my bad. To make up for it, I'll send you to another world and grant you three wishes. There are some rules however:
>1) You might not desire for more wishes;
>2) You might not wish for almighty powers like reality warping;
>3) You might not wish to eliminate the challenges that will face you in this new world;
>4) By default I will send you to a generic fantasy world, pseudo-European aesthetics, elves, dwarves and all those classic elements. You might trade one wish to change this, but remember that you will still be challenged in the new world, in one way or another;
>5~N) Listen to your common sense. Sure you might rule lawyer and exploit some loophole in the rules above but would that be fun?
So, what are your wishes?

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>> No.69455886

1.) alotta money

let the games begin

>> No.69456029

I’m not really that needy, so I’d rather just help others instead...
1. I wish all the other people in this thread get an extra wish
2. I wish to not go to any world, and instead spend my remaining time with you, bringing balance to the universe and helping the people who die before their time
3. I wish for... um... a hug?

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Quoted By: >>69458044

>guess I'll become an Arhat
>use my last wish for yourself, thanks for the solid

>> No.69458044

A what?

>> No.69458216

I wish to be unmade

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Quoted By: >>69424492 >>69425203

Does your character have a legendary legacy?

>> No.69424492

>character can’t live up to nearly impossible expectations
Sucks desu

>> No.69424496
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Not yet...

>> No.69425203
Quoted By: >>69425216

He unintentionally is the legacy he’s been aspiring to be be thanks to time travel shenanigans.

>> No.69425216


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Quoted By: >>69425577 >>69426586

I'm sure Deadlands isn't the only western system out there, but I'd rather play in a game and system that's less supernatural--or, at least, less blatantly supernatural. Or horror tinged. As such, what are recommendations for a western-themed RPG, preferably without a lot of supernatural elements?

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Also Dogs in the Vineyard if you wanna explore the early Mormons.

>> No.69425577

CoC 7e has a Wild West supplement which segregates the Mythos stuff from the Wild West rules for this exact reason.

>> No.69426481

You can easily remove the ersatz-Mormonism from Dogs.

>> No.69426528

Aces & Eights has a very crunchy and lethal combat system, including elaborate rules for infection and illness.

>> No.69426586
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Used to play a bit of RIFTs, always found the New West and Spirit West settings great. Outside of RIFTS being a fucking mess the ideas put forth in both books were pretty good for a Weird West style.

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>Google Drive

>Jumpchain IRC Chat


>How to Jumpchain

>Jumpchain Jump Record

>Last Thread

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How big of a monster are we talking here.

>> No.69431772

Insects are a more efficient source of nutrition and we aren't all that far away from printed meat becoming a mature economically viable technology. Though climate change putting pressure on traditional meat/fish sources is far more likely to cause lasting change then anyone complaining about livestock.

>> No.69431782
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Eyeballs the size of a normal person big.

>> No.69431808

They call those "anime girls" around here.

>> No.69431821

Optimal height leaves your wiafus above knee level but below pecs. Unless your waifus giant-up too I’m going to have to fail you, sir. Better luck next time.

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Shitposts everywhere edition.
>Resources (Rules, Lore and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay)
WFB: https://pastebin.com/qVGrgwwh
WFRP: https://pastebin.com/inbyBsR6
Novels: https://pastebin.com/6FV6bSNQ

> Alternative Warhammer Miniatures and Manufacturers

> Bretonnian 3rd Party Alternatives

> Warhammer Wikis

> Warhammer Video Games

Previous Thread:>>69416592

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/wfg/ already pre-emptively hates it.

>> No.69432239

migrate whenever

>> No.69432531

They're obviously going to release new models but since the Old Word is years away there isn't really any reason not to buy the old models if you like them, unless ofc you're just planning to store them in a closet until launch day.
Furthermore, there's nothing saying that the new models will be to your taste either.

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Listen to the Wham rap while looking at this

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Where Superheroes have lost their Superpowers, one man

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based blarNEKNEK poster

>> No.69424559

and it will work, tried and true.

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>one man
Never needed them to begin with.

>> No.69425073

He is...the BlarNEKNEK Knight

>> No.69425257

Fun fact, without his powers or Bruce's financial backing Clark did Batman's job in Gotham for a year. Even as a human, he's better than Batman.

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