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How do you do trolls /tg/? Big regenerating man eating monsters, ugly intelligent faerie people, or something in between?

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While I do somewhat dislike the modern D&D invention of trolls regenerating all the time, I do feel like it's become a part of their identity that's hard to shake. they're one of the few enemy types beyond slimes or like vampires/ghosts that can heal during a fight and not feel like total bullshit.

I do like folklore trolls, good with magic and strong, but a bit more dimwitted. Live under bridges and eat people who don't pay the toll.

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I've always liked trolls, and have them be the mysterious primitives who live stupid far north. They act a lot like Ents in my setting, only more person shaped, with regeneration and an allergy to sunlight

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Bumping this shit cause OP is a fag

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I'm building a setting, and I'm thinking I want to keep the regeneration theme but tone it down a bit, both to give them something like PC race stats and to avoid awkward physics questions about how this little bit of troll turns into a whole troll without absorbing any mass from anywhere else.

Anyways, I'm thinking of them as being akin to big, more terrestrial axolotls. The hard part now is brainstorming about how they live, what if any kind of civilization they have, etc. If they live in swampy, freshwater, warm places, maybe they're rice cultivators? That's as far as I've gotten.

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>Okay babe, so the difference is, wizards study to gain their powers, sorcerers are born with them due to magical bloodlines, and warlocks make pacts with superbeings like demons, fey queens, and so on
>Mechanically, they're almost indistinguishable to anyone on the outside, though

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thats not how it works

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>they play D&D

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>Mechanically, they're almost indistinguishable to anyone on the outside, though

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Outside of the context of magic, the word "wizard" means "wise one". You can see that it's basically "wise-ard", following a similar formation to words like "braggard" and "drunkard". So if you're trying to distinguish innate magic users from students of magic, it makes sense that "wizard" would refer specifically to the latter group.

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>class called "wise man"
>doesnt use wisdom as main stat
Who writes this shit

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Alright anons, let's talk aquatic races. How would you handle them? Does your setting have any? If so, what are they like?

I love the idea of aquatic races but I think they are often handled quite poorly, usually made completely irrelevant by whoever built the world. You could remove the aquatic race from most settings without it having any impact on anything whatsoever. What are your thoughts, /tg/?

Also, post qt fish girls (pic related)

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i want to have fish people but it's difficult for me personally to come up with something i like since they're supposed to be sufficiently alien. i don't want people with fins instead of legs.

the only underwater "people" i've ever liked are human-intelligence octopi.

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Personally, I don't have a problem with races looking close to humans, as long as their culture/way of life/way of thinking is sufficiently alien and weird. Speaking of which, I have no idea what kinda culture these things could've had in their country. It would be interesting if their way of life just can't be replicated in their new surroundings, maybe because it was tied to a specific resource that existed only on their island?

But I digress. What are these octopi you mentioned? Which setting?

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eclipse phase. pretty heavy scifi but the whole uplifted animals thing is neat to me. this is one of the pics that sold it for me.

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Thanks, anon! I'll definitely check it out for some inspiration

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>How would you handle them?

They're the oldest, most diverse, and easily the most populous of all the sapient races. Fish people have been around since damn near the dawn of time and there are fuckin' billions of them infesting the ocean.

With that said: cultural and technological development underwater is INCREDIBLY difficult and severely handicapped by the limitations inherently present in an aquatic environment, so they've remained largely unchanged and stagnant for literally millions of years.
Competition and pressure from other beings is also just more fierce and aggressive under the sea. Fish people is a colloquialism after all and could be used to describe over a dozen different species and sub-species of people ranging from perfectly intelligent entities to rough aquatic Beastmen.

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Could someone please upload Fate of the Oracle, by Arcane Games? 10 bucks on a One Shot it too much for me.

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Nice art but you really should have posted this in the share thread.

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How would the local lord's armed forces suppress a riot in your setting?

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GURPS is a universal system with a wide arrange of options and excellent modularity. Capable of recreating any setting, idea, or strange rule set you have in mind.

All the answers you seek (GURPS Books) are in the Image/PDF.

Thread Question. What are you favorite rules in GURPS. What do you personally find to be the best cocktail of GURPS perfection. Also, how's your game been going?

Previous Thread: >>72759399

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>part vampire

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the Vlog begins


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Alright, midlife GURPS crises. Can't wait.

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Didn't see this before the thread ended, but that was hugely helpful of a suggestion and I want to give a big thanks to Weeb Swashbuckler anon.

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Don't thank him, he's an eldritch being who gets his power from people playing weeb swashbucklers.

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>fantasy thread
>all is well, everyone knows that it's fiction
>scifi thread
>people talk about a theme that some people don't like, like transhumanism or AIs having an actual conscioussness
>shitters get mad at people talking about something they don't believe in and believe that they must be actual "transhumanists" or whatever group of people with silly beliefs, ruin the thread by insisting on a '"debate" (shitting on imaginary true believers) until sage
Why are scifi posters like that?

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What are you talking about?
Every time I run a nanite apocalypse I have good fun with the nanites necessarily needing to form larger, purpose-built bodies in order to accomplish the task of eating everything.
Hell, I even have fun with the inevitability that deviants would start self predating, and the ecosystems that arise from that.

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And I'm pretty sure there was a big stink a year or two ago about some scientists in China (where else?) trying it on humans. The only real barrier to designer babies is ethics.

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Not to mention that robotics are key to many of our industries these days.

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>>fantasy thread
>>all is well, everyone knows that it's fiction
muh historical accuracy
they didn't do that in medieval Europe!
Don't u know nobody could read?
Why don't you have guns in your fantasy setting?
Such arrogance...
Necromancers are good because they can use zombies to work instead of the living
My HEMA instructor says that's wrong! It should be [insert German gobbledygook here]...
-4 strength
Rivers dun flow like that!
Can't have freakshit races in my SUPER SERIOUS medieval fantasy!

OP, have you even entered a fantasy thread on this board?

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To be honest there, fantasy thread has enough heat to forge plenty of swords that can be use to sate every anons bloodthirsty hatred by murdering eachother with s-word

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>playing a bard
>sometimes the GM takes control of my character for no reason
>the head priest of the church makes the discovery that I'm possessed by a demon
>start an exorcism for my character
>at the end I permanently lose control of my character, basically permadeath in a sense
>"you were the demon all along lol"
>bitch to the GM and find another party

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> 2019
> Be me
> forever DM looking for a new game to play in for once.
> find group at LGS
> Roll up hatchet-wielding Frankish-inspired fighter as I've normally ran other systems than DnD and want to get comfortable with the base mechanics.
> Apparently we have to find BBEG hold-up in some tower or some such, and need to travel to some lord's estate to get a mcguffin or something.
> there's a noticeable amount of anime-esque names all over, and what I would assume are anime tropes
> lots of kimonos, paper fans and cherry trees that always seem to be blooming but never bearing fruit.
> meet with lord
> it's some "loli" shit
> "Funny, where is the real lord or steward, if this rugrat is the legitimate heir" (I know a bit about how medieval nobility worked irl)
> my comment get's interrupted by GMs, uncomfortably detailed description of this child.
> I should leave but, to be honest I'm convinced at this point that GM is joking.
> Tells me to make a wisdom save to "resist my baser urges" or something like that.
> me: "what!? No!"
> GM asks if I'm opting to fail the save.
> Tell him that I will not make such a ridiculous save like that because 1: my character's not a pedophile, and 2: He's an emotionally well-adjusted adult that knows how to not act on every stupid thing that his reptile-brain thinks up.
> Tells me that since he's some filthy western barbarian he can't always control himself.
> Again say no and it's my character I get to make that determination.
> Says that since I won't roll, I auto-fail and begins describing my character molesting this loli npc.
> nope.jpeg
> I take his GM screen, place it in front of my seat and declare myself "The New DM"
> He says I can't do that.
> no one else protests.
> I'm made the new GM
> don't see that GM again

So I wound up GMing 2 campaigns, Covid-19 ended up causing both campaigns to get perma-cancelled. Kinda relieved but I still want to get out from behind the DM screen

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Quoted By: >>72889970


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it actually was Kim il sung

>> No.72889993

>Albert Einstein is actually Kim il Sung
What a tweest!

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This is the post of a man who constantly lurks game finder threads.

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I'm generally a hermit that doesn't care about long periods of isolation, but it's been over two months of lockdown for me. I only play RPGs in person, and even after the lockdown that's gonna be kind of a problem.

Fuck should I do? I'm bored out of my mind and I have undirected creative energies flowing, without a place to go.

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I mean, I've done a lot of productive stuff and I write ideas down all the time. I just need an outlet. Notes kind of add more fuel to the fire.

I'm considering porting an old D&D setting of mine to another system to pass the time, but at the same time I'm not sure if I'd want to run a game in that setting again. I'm sure something will come up.

nigga hush

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buy seeds, take up gardening, buy guns. Write down stories or game adventures you had upload em somewhere.

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(or just character edits of yourself or your favorite idols)

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How do those drawers even open that close to the bed?

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I'd say it's meant to be a stylized representation of her room in a cube rather than being on its actual scale.

But if it was to scale... they wouldn't, likely. I have that actual problem in my room, I have to shimmy the bed out of the way to open my lower drawers, but I barely use them, lol.

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There are people on this board, right now, who actually think they're good guys.

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The only good guys are whoever I decide to play.

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Same, same. Let me take you back to my city and dissect you then add 3 penises to you're abdomen

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The only good guy in 40k is Your Dudes and only if you want them to be.

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Let me borrow your skull. It's for a good cause, I promise.

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I'm happy with either:
A different kind of evil (so all playable races are bad, just different flavours)
The only good guys, but theyre too weak/naive.

I want it to be blatant/black and white though.

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In some weird timeline of events in the late 90s D&D FULLY fell into the public domain
What would of the roleplaying game industry subsequently looked like up to now ?

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Yeah, if they weren't too busy lobbying public domain laws, they could make big bucks on claiming words as their own IP. That's where the real money is at.

>> No.72885978

Pretty much, which explains the market for the last 5-15 years >>72885016

>> No.72888420
Quoted By: >>72889583

They actually might not do that this time. Every other time Steamboat Willy was coming up on public domain, they started lobbying a decade in advance, and the public response was worse every time. They're already years late to starting their campaign, and the last time really pissed a lot of people off. They might just be banking on their newer stuff instead of desperately trying to maintain a stranglehold on the old.

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Truly disgusting, isn’t it?

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It's not going to happen. Google is even more powerful than Disney and they want limited copyright to benefit YouTube. All of the streaming services want limits on copyright. Disney would have to face 100x as much opposition as ever before if they lobbied for an extension. It barely even matters because they bow to China now which has fuck all in terms of IP laws.

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Rolled 6, 3, 6, 2 = 17 (4d6)

Last Thread

***Announcements*** A new PDF for expansion 1, Requiem for the god soul, has been completed and added to the mediafire link! If you were avoiding it before because of pastebin or whatever, nows the time to sink your teeth into it! This includes the sample characters, art included, and the sample scenarios, which haven't been seen before!

Kamigakari is an episodic JTRPG with an emphasis on cool, high-powered anime adventures, designed around unraveling the mystery of and bringing down the powerful entities known as False Gods or Aramitama. KGK is a grid-based game that uses a D6 system, with a resource pool called Spirit Dice used to fuel abilities and modify the outcome of rolls. Players also have access to a finite, but powerful, resource called "Spirit crest" thats used to activate several special abilities that can turn the tides in their favor, At their own risk. The narrative style is either regimented or mostly freeform, depending on how strictly you follow scene rules, but doesn't place many limits on what kind of story you can run.

Core Book and related materials:
>Current Download files: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/24sv9v7sbakfz/Kamigakari

Translated Expansions and errata + Mononoke homebrew guide, FAQ, and a quick rules cheatsheet!

Full Item Compendium document sheet (Incomplete as of now, contains everything from core to expansion 3)

Character sheets hosted on Google Sheets (for online play!):

Class rundown (Incomplete)

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Thread Prompt
>Are there any games you've gone back to recently to wax nostalgic over, or to see how they've changed over the years? Have they given you any idea's for characters, NPC's, plots, or anything else?

Can be an ancient game from the olden days, or just one you haven't played in a hot minute, but what kinda stuff have you been revisiting lately?

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Quoted By: >>72887670

I'm about to revisit Xenoblade thanks to the Definitive Edition. Things like turning a whole race into monsters and their huge capital city into a giant dungeon or the whole concept of a monster that sees the future and is thus usually undefeatable are pretty good for inspiration.

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Pssst. Got any Kappa?

>> No.72887670

Yeah, those are the good kinda deep lore shit. Especially the first one, its got that "Oh god are we the actual monsters" sorta vibe to it.

>> No.72889354

I could go get you a shitload of nitori art. Does that help?

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I needa rtwork, of techpriests, skitarii and other cyborgs/transhumanists.
Feel free to also discuss the art and the concepts presented as we share.

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Quoted By: >>72889539


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It's perma for techpriests.

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File: 723KiB, 2500x1359, Techpriest+Designs.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


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Hello, anons. I come to you with a game I've been making for a while now. Attached is a PDF of the rules and i will follow with a demo set of cards, any feedback would be appreciated.

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Quoted By: >>72887095

I'm not really the target audience for this. But it looks like a lot of love and hard work went into this. I think the concept of a drafting deck building game based on a boss card is really neat. Keep it up anon.

>> No.72887095

Thanks for the kind words, anon.

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Quoted By: >>72887554 >>72888470

Ok, I've read the rules and now I'm taking a look at the cards.
OK, some observations:
- I don't understand if this is a two-player game or not. Most of the rules seem to indicate it's a two-player game, but there's stuff like the draft description that indicates it isn't.
- I think you're better off reducing the scale of your numbers. "+100 Power" is one of the things that makes me consider Yu-gi-oh ridiculous. Unless you're looking to release this in Japan or Korea, where they're crazy about this, you shouldn't bother with such huge numbers.
- the game seems like fun, from what I gather, and you should try to develop it further and even professionally. Maybe even keep the robot battles theme and do like in Covil: the Dark Overlords, where the author made most characters mashup of 80s and 90s cartoons.

>> No.72887554

Also, you might want to make a Tabletopia version so you can playtest it. I can't help you with that, though, I have no idea how it's done.

>> No.72888470

>I don't understand if this is a two-player game or not. Most of the rules seem to indicate it's a two-player game, but there's stuff like the draft description that indicates it isn't.
It's a bit weird in player count, the idea is that a whole game is a 4 player draft tournament, with individual matches being 1v1. We have tried a 4 player free for all, and it ended up a bit of a mess, though we've yet to try 2v2.

>I think you're better off reducing the scale of your numbers. "+100 Power" is one of the things that makes me consider Yu-gi-oh ridiculous. Unless you're looking to release this in Japan or Korea, where they're crazy about this, you shouldn't bother with such huge numbers.
I get what you're saying. The core increment of the game is 50, but I've been trying to utilize the numbers in between to at least some extent.

>the game seems like fun, from what I gather, and you should try to develop it further and even professionally.
Thanks, I actually have quite a bit more than what I posted prepared, but I thought it best to limit what I post to a small card pool so it's easier to digest.

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Quoted By: >>72888980 >>72889031

Let's play a game of nomic, /tg/
Here are the initial rules:

[001]Anyone may propose a rule change as a reply in this thread.
[002]If 10 minutes after the proposal has been made the votes for the proposal outnumber the votes again by two to one, that proposal passes and becomes a new rule.
[003]A proposal may be a new rule, a change to a rule, or the repeal of a rule.
[004]Every new rules is assigned an ordinal number that is one higher than the number of the current highest-numbered rule.
[005]A vote only counts if it is submitted as a direct reply to the proposal.
[006]Votes that are simultaneously for and against a proposal are void.
[007]Rules are immediately effective once the conditions specified in 002 are met, and they have no retroactive effect.

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>> No.72887215

none of these proposals received any votes

>> No.72888980

Everyone is wins the game as long as the thread is currently alive, everyone in the universe, except OP

>> No.72889031

rule 9001: no negroes aloud

>> No.72889141
Quoted By: >>72889188

Proposal: ammend rule 002

If 60 minutes after the proposal has been made the votes for the proposal outnumber the votes against it by two to one, that proposal passes and becomes a new rule.

>> No.72889188

I vote for it.

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Its me again. Remember me?

>New Rules for Chaos Daemons:

>New Rules for Imperial Knights

>New Rules for Chaos Knights

>Daily Duncan

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>3rd Party Pastebin:

>Book Megas (Don't share these, cunts):

>Previous Thread:

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Are Sisters of Battle Fun?

>> No.72888453
Quoted By: >>72888963

>the new Mars rules, which universally get to ignore Heavy anyway.
For one turn, once per game.

>> No.72888476

So are Sicarian Infiltrators just completely outclassed now?

>> No.72888598

Infiltrators are decent, I wouldn't use incursors personally. Infiltrators are great for screening and standing on objectives, and their ability to get auto-wounds on 6's lets them punch a bit above their weight.
Consider the comms array as well if you're using a Captain or Lieutenant in phobos armor. It'll let them reroll 1's to hit or wound respectively, which is pretty handy for a unit that probably won't be anywhere near your HQ's.
However, Infiltrators are expensive so putting them on middle objectives is probably a bad idea. Screening your flanks is a much more responsible use of them.

>> No.72888963

>For one turn, once per game.
Or, you know, you just roll like a normal person. With Cawl it's only a 25% chance not to get it, and with 3 good canticles, it's impossible to get bad ones. You can also reroll the rolls in case you miss.

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Quoted By: >>72886732 >>72887821

How do you handle fourth wall breaks well in rpg’s ?

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>> No.72886732

I slap the player with the Reverse Inspiration and tell them to never do it again.

>> No.72886938

Pretty sound

>> No.72887634

if the universe its in allows it (mages that bend reality for instance)

In Pathologic 2 the Theatre never claims to break the fourth wall but it feels like they're addressing the player more than Haruspex.

>> No.72887821

If you had to do it, it should probably be done in the very end and only if it makes sense.
Like when the player finally ascends to godhood or something. When the player asks the GM if x exists, the GM can just redirect it back to him.

>> No.72887871

Go no fucking farther than when you're playing World of Darkness and find a book by a Mage on the nature of reality. You will be killed if you try to do some fucking reddit faggotry about knowing it's a game.

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Quoted By: >>72885415 >>72885508

do y'all ever actually play rpgs? i'd like to run Delta green but if you're all annoying fucks i don't want you anywhere near my discord

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>> No.72885415

Mostly read about and have some PDFs - but never played anything
No friends plus massive anxiety to play online

>> No.72885508

Yes, but all online atm, although I'd like to go back to playing in person once the Corona passes.

I play in three games across two different groups. Two games are long running, about 3 and 2 years respectively and one literally just starting up.

Kind of have the luxury that none of my friends have particularly strenuous jobs so no one's too drained after work to hang out (also we live pretty close by)

>> No.72885557

I disagree. I've been playing Call of Cthluhu for over 5 years online with my group. It works very well in a Text -> IC and Voice -> OOC format. You get a lot of good roleplay, which in turn keeps the mood from slipping in an online format.

Playing online is completely different than playing in person, but it's still a very viable format.

>> No.72885739

Yeah i'd love to...
>But if you're annoying fucks...
Well I'll see myself out.

>> No.72888375

He was a pedo, but the stupid fucker got into trouble for texting an underage girl.

Honestly the whole thing makes me cringe & I would rather not talk about it

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I have been looking for a wile and cant find the rules for them.

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Arms & Armour thread

Post stuff, Ask questions.

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Quoted By: >>72889423


>> No.72889417

Lamellar plate helms were uncommons interesting idea, but having a solid one metal piece helm protects far better than multiple metal pieces. spangenhelms, which were made of multiple pieces of metal were often riveted or attached together through various means

>> No.72889423
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>> No.72889499
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File: 207KiB, 276x371, 0ffcc0bb89150cf9da37cb34aad8476b.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


File: 69KiB, 250x358, very big you fucking idiot.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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really gygax?

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>> No.72884367

>so anyway, I started stabbing

>> No.72884435
Quoted By: >>72885460

I'm so glad I'm not the only one seeing it.

>> No.72884527

Verbeegs were pretty cool in 4e as the good-looking fey-giant bullies who thought they're pretty clever despite all evidence to the contrary.

>> No.72885460
File: 555KiB, 924x1544, carl.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


i guess

>> No.72885491

Aye fryman you gonna make me an ice golem or what

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>> No.72883347

don’t shill your channel here you loser

>> No.72883425

>Making a 13 minute video speculating on things that we have 100% solid info on
Holy shit why is youtube like this

>> No.72883539

Post hairline faggot

>> No.72883562


40K is a setting where the less you think about it the more you get out of it.

You have thought to much about it.

>> No.72884510
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I recognize that artist...

File: 193KiB, 849x1192, __airi_and_rana_queen_s_blade_drawn_by_rin_sin__sample-4a3aed0208fcf924ca2d79b6bdbe74d9[1].jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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>> No.72883055
Quoted By: >>72883081 >>72887705

which one?

>> No.72883081

The one with boobs.

>> No.72883860

Kinda gross but also really hot

>> No.72886377

Str 7/33
Dex 13/97
Con 10/45
Int 11/20
Wis 9/19
App 14/24
Cha 14/55

>> No.72887705


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Quoted By: >>72890006

This is a 10/10 male according to your average Drow priestess

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>> No.72886685

No, they will see you as a barbaric brute that needs to be put down. Women like excitement more when it doesn't threaten them.

>> No.72889947
Quoted By: >>72890005

But Anon, that's not Displacer Beast

>> No.72889961

Correct, OP confirmed virgin

>> No.72890005

The shitskins are out again.

>> No.72890006

>seething drow manlets that got their girlfriend snibbedysnabbed

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