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What are some fun fantastical alternatives to the "gunpowder and bullets" guns?

I'm thinking in a fantastical world where those things did not get invented but instead something else immerged to fill in it's functionality - what kind of stuff could it be?

Let's go wild here - I'm thinking tubes with special fungus colonies that shoot out corrosive spores at high velocities, boxes that have mass produced poltergeists in them, that throw out small nail projectiles on command, battery powered crossbows with an AI assistants operating the trajectories - that kind of stuff

>inb4 depends on the setting hurr durr
it's all about the GUNS baby! everybody knows that the worlds are defined by the GUNS

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>a plant that shoots peas that can obliterate a human carcass

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A long tube inhabited by a small air elemental and a small earth elemental. The earth elemental creates small pebbles, and the air elemental accelerates them with blasts of wind to make them into lethal projectiles.

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what are some tcgs that don't have super complicated mechanics but aren't for children, I feel like all the popular tcgs get super complicated and EXPENSIVE, like after the first few sets of most tcgs the game either seems to die or get more complicated, pic related

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Some days ago, I decided to try to understand some old dead card games, and 7th Sea from what i've seen never really got too far from the core experience to get that glut of overinformation some card games get to.

I think the most complicated part of that game for a beginner to understand still is the boarding up until its death.

But then again I just had a really surface look at it.

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Big Swords Edition

>Resources (Rules, Lore and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay)
WFB: https://pastebin.com/qVGrgwwh
WFRP: https://pastebin.com/inbyBsR6
Novels: https://pastebin.com/6FV6bSNQ

> Alternative Warhammer Miniatures and Manufacturers

> Bretonnian 3rd Party Alternatives

> Warhammer Wikis

> Warhammer Video Games

Previous Thread: >>69439075

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>how can he be newly-manifested?
He showed up at that point.
>And how can he be a 'manifestation of Elven dignity, culture, and self-belief'?
Because he's an elf from the previous cycle and that's what he embodies.

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Calm the fuck down, Ben.

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So your response to the contradictions is to make things up until it fits?

You're going to have an uphill battle with that.

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>You're going to have an uphill battle with that.
Not even a little. Look at what you're doing. Digging up ancient shit, half of which is presented as in universe accounts, which can easily be wrong. That's some guy translating some guy's account who is in turn going on information that cannot be guaranteed to be reliable. The pre-history of the setting was never very fleshed out, and that seems to be where all your sticking points are.

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it's going to be square movement trays with round slots

screencap this

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>Google Drive

>Jumpchain IRC Chat


>How to Jumpchain

>Jumpchain Jump Record

>Last Thread

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It's not like you have anything better to do with your life though

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Sure is weekend in here.

Could you idiots at least try to keep your conversations /JC/ related?

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Nah femoid.
Don't get salty that you got BTFO.

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What did you do in Halo?

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No, the catalyst for summoning Astolfo is to fuck 1,000 women inside your summoning circle.

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>What is Exalted?
An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god-heroes in a world that turned on them.
Start here: http://theonyxpath.com/category/worlds/exalted/

>That sounds cool, how can I get into it?
Read the 3e core book (link below). For mechanics of the old edition, play this tutorial: http://mengtzu.github.io/exalted/sakuya.html

It’ll get you familiar with most of the mechanics.

>Gosh that was fun. How do I find a group? Roll20 and the Game Finder General here on /tg/.

>Resources for Older Editions

Resources for Third Edition
>3E Core and Splats

>Other Ex3 Resources

Hundred Devils Night Parade https://pastebin.com/QHMbXg3F
Adversaries of the Righteous https://pastebin.com/CULxBt2c
Eclipse Charms https://pastebin.com/8pYD8qun

Previous thread: >>69389543

The Realm download link

Supernal edition - what fun times have you had / witnessed with people picking unusual supernal abilities. Think Socialize, Sail, Bureacracy, etc. more than Melee and Presence.

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If I were to make a character that's intended to take on the Realm as a Solar, it'd almost certainly be a War Supernal zenith/dawn that also has charms in Integrity, Bureaucracy, and the social skills. Then I'd essentially cripple their bureaucratic capability in the regions I'm attacking, which'll also seriously hurt their ability to wield power in that region, and then proceed to liberate it - and I'd be using presence and socialize to make sure that it's viewed as liberation, not occupation - and turn it into my own powerbase.

With nobody currently able to operate the Imperial manse, I wouldn't be able to sweep over them, but I could get into a position where they can't dislodge me and turn running their empire into a nightmare. The best -place to start would actually be north of Lookshy.

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Bureaucracy is one of those charm trees that would be stupidly OP in a bigger setting.

But yes, I think A Night Caste with bureaucracy could act like a productivity Assassin. He sneaks into the Capitol, stares at a wall really hard, and society begins to crumble around him

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By making use of the Realm's current state of division. Play the Houses against each other while you gather troops and allies, let the Dynasty be weakened by its own infighting, and then strike.

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The realm today isn't the realm the lunars were fighting before. No grid, no empress, houses falling apart, divided attention. There totally were solars around before, bull being one of them, they didn't have any more luck over the eight centuries of the empress being around then the lunars did.

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There were a handful of Solars, mostly Night Castes who dodged long enough to avoid getting locked away. Hundreds of the fuckers all over Creation is a very different state of affairs

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Can someone spoonfeed me on what social combat is and what kind of rules are used in games that utilize it?

I'm a dirty murderhobo and generally play characters for the dungeons and monsters bits, but my friend wants to play something where it has more mechanics for social stuff. I don't know what system he has in mind but I want to know what to expect in more general terms.

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Here's hoping we wind up with something that doesn't fall into a quagmire, then. I'm not a very strong person socially (see factory occupation above) so the idea of having rules to back up my dude sounds nice, but I also don't generally have a lot of patience for when conversations get meaningless and obtuse so I was worried that I'd basically have to pick up a sociology handbook to understand half of what happens.

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Must be nice. I get to be the guy that tells shipping the product that's due out the door in five hours is unfit to ship and they have to get more made. Been sparring all day and I still have six hours to go.

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VtM doesn't have social combat, but VtR does. The difference is that VtM uses social skills that are the same my X+Y-your Z type thing, whereas VtR has a social "health bar", attack and defense, techniques, etc. It's literally the same rules as combat but with different stats and the result of losing is much different.

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Didn't Clay That Woke specifically tackle this concept? Can't remember how good it was at that though, it's been a few years since it was released and regrettably I haven't had a chance to actually play it, but the token and contest system for social interactions between characters and roleplaying that emerged from it looked really cool on paper.

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social combat is for murderhobos and turboautists who cant into normal conversation

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>Your rival in thieves guild stole your heart and she's all smug about it

What do

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I admit she won thereby stealing the satisfaction of the eternal competition

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Bring her to fey court.

>> No.69450048

Steal her kidneys until she gives it back.

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Quoted By: >>69450317

I steal her skin as a warning

Try and put that smug fuckin face on when you don't even have a face

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How would your current party fare in the town of Hawkins?

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>Stanger things
Get the fuck out normie

>> No.69448429

>liking anything is "normie" now
Remember when /tg/ wasn't a bunch of no fun allowed pissants?

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I don't know what that thing is but killed by a mage

>> No.69449695

It's from Stranger Things.

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" Oh? You're Approaching Me?" edition

Last thread

>Official AoS website

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:
>AoS Novels, Battletome PDF and Audiobooks


>Thread question
What other units should we expect for the StD release (besides SC box, and Ogroid)?

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Don't the Gore Gruntas count as a second battle line? I think I have 10 Ardboys in the start collecting as a first battleline.

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I wanna kitbash an extra tall skelly with canons on his shoulders to be my arch revenant

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Elves are his jam, scheming, ego, smarts, magic, why wouldn't he want them running rampant?

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Do I really want to watch this?

>> No.69450913

Stormacaust is starting in 3 years. Prepare yourselves.

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>pic related

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Does anyone have the gif of the over the top anime battle that everyone uses for this? I lost my old gif folder.

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>over the top
I dunno man, if hitting a guy really hard after moving is over the top that applies to about 90% of martial builds in 3.5e without the tob

>> No.69448577


I mean I agree but its a meme

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I wanted to make a joke about Stone Dragon, but this is really more Desert Spirit.

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>GM hands you a hidden note

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File: 445KiB, 500x333, Do you understand that your irritating behavior turns more people away from authentic aesthetics than wins them over? I hate pauldroncore and high fantasy shit and you are rapidly making me fucking sick and tired of this shit you fucking niggers spam this.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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I immediately put it in my pocket for safekeeping

>See everyone else lose from posts like these
>Due to seeing everyone else losing, feel like I've won, even if I'm not the guy who posted it
Reverse psychology feelsgoodman

shou ga nai* Also shikata ga nai, and other variations. t. translator

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I'm a very kind GM to my players, where I constantly shit talk their actions in and out of game, and have an npc who shit talks them in character while paying them exorbitant amounts of money to do fetch quests.

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>GM hands you a hidden note
>it's so well hidden you can't find it

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>we're running a short campaign in a different setting next time

>> No.69448524
Quoted By: >>69448579

Is this the show with the cold-as-ice asshole DM, or is that from Community. I can never remember.

>> No.69448579

Ben's not an asshole, he's just a sperg

>> No.69449836

It’s all about Cones

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Its now offical canon that Chadgor Ironhide prevented the End Times and Age of Shitmar, just by headbutting Archeon the Everjobber.

Remember to thank your local Green Chads for saving the Old World and driving away the Shitmar Reddit zoomers.

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Quoted By: >>69448768 >>69448883

One of the reccuring scripted event (the main one really) is "The End of Time" with Archaon poping up North with doomstack (and more doomstack poping south). It's mainly a boring slugfest because the stack keep repoping and fighting the same elite army 10 time is not fun (that and they tend to ignore other faction and rush you, and then avoid your armies/walled settlement to instead attack you small undefended city). It's kinda fun to dunk on Archaon with a leveled up Louen and absolutly trash him tough.

>> No.69448768
Quoted By: >>69448804

I enjoy doing it as Dwarfs the most.
>Bunker up in the North
>Swooce through Kislev
>End Times end before they even get out of the Chaos Wasted

>> No.69448779


Total war also uses some end time stuff. Arkhan uses his end times model, for instance, and Luthor and him are referred to as Mortarchs.

>> No.69448804

One of the last campaign I did was a coop Bretonnia and Empire. It was kinda hilarious, as not only did Kraka Drak survived, but Kislev too, and they eventually trashed the first wawe of the Chaos invasion, they needed our help after that but still.
>The Chad Realms of Man
>The Virigin Evil worshiper.

>> No.69448883

I did it with lizardmen, had the chaos gits try to attack one of my cities. Sigvald landed right on my beastmen hunting slann who been sitting back home to clear up chaos and shit.
Then managed to find rest of em in Lorthran and slowly demolished em all after msot of high elfs died.

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Quoted By: >>69448332

Pic related, Thing is a vraal from Deltora quest.

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Quoted By: >>69448672 >>69450104

Probably less than I should. Sci fi and fantasy as a kid certainly made me the gamer I am today, but it's been quite a while and I can't point to a lot of specific things I've used in games.
Pic related has a cool mythic idea for an artifact, a cauldron that brews fearsome soldiers for it's owner. Beats the heck out of another +X item.

>> No.69448672
Quoted By: >>69449814

I mean that's just from actual myth too.

>> No.69449814
Quoted By: >>69450104 >>69450524

Yeah, Isn't that Irish? I've always wanted to look more into Irish myths and legends, but it seems so much harder to find decent sources compared to other stuff.

>> No.69450104

the entire chronicles of prydain is excellent. 10/10 inspiration, even has a lich
ideas and settings come from welsh myth, though lloyd was very specific that it is not based on the myths.

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CYOA Booru: https://choose.booru.org
AllSync: https://cyoa.allsync.com/s/t6EgW8LqyMknt9d
Previous thread: >>69426527

>/u/, monstergirls and isekai

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You can cut down on the time on learning significantly on 1st and 2nd tier magic if you pick the twin treatise and fascicle of collected knowledge tomes. 3rd tier is pretty appropriate since most of those spells are quite powerful or extremely useful like the immortality one.

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Wiccans are retarded that's why

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Quoted By: >>69450758

Hey Tok. Quick question about Divinity in Chains. If we choose to knock up any of the goddesses we pick, do the resulting children have any powers?

>> No.69450758
Quoted By: >>69450817

>If we choose to knock up any of the goddesses we pick, do the resulting children have any powers?
They will have some minor powers, similar to the power the goddess now posses, plus eternal youth.

>> No.69450817

What if we choose not to unlock any of the goddesses powers and just keep them as purely sex slaves? Would the kids still get any anything?

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Quoted By: >>69449177 >>69450462

Imagine a future where a "GM bot" is invented, aka a computer application capable of running any TTRPG system just as well as a human could, if not better thanks to perfect memory and instant calculations. (Skip the block of greentext if you're not concerned with the specifics I'm thinking of)

>An app called something like "GMbot.exe" is invented
>It can be taught any game system through installation files
>It can be tweaked to follow custom house rules over official ones
>It would never misuse rules, unless deliberately tweaked to make room for stuff like the "rule of cool"
>Based on keyword inputs inserted by a user, it can automatically generate complex campaigns/worlds with intricate storylines and potential plot-hooks full of twists and tension. Anything not specified would be randomly created based on if it fits
>Unlike in videogames, player desicion making is still as limitless as has always been in TTRPGS
>Its elaborate adaptive AI always has a sensible outcome/response for any of the actions the players take and constantly adapts/caters the story's direction to fit the group's playstyle
>It picks up on what players say/want to do either via listening to what they say, or through letting players type/interact with whatever computer the app is run on.
>It can deepfake any voice it has sufficient recording data of, and comes prepackaged with voices ranging from diverse humans of different accents/languages/ages to alien/monster sounding ones, letting it perfectly voice-act any character it needs to
>It is eventually made so affordable (if not free) that everyone has access to the application
>Human GMs are largely made redundant (at least for typical games)

Putting aside how improbable/impossible it would be for something like this to ever exist, what is your take on it? Would it permanently improve those kinds of role playing games, or would it suck all the magic and fun out of collabarative storytelling forever?

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>> No.69449146

>and/or the GM
Not that normal, but I guess I have wanted to die a couple of times while GM so I guess I should be thankfull

>> No.69449177

>Imagine a future where a "GM bot" is invented,
Ok, you've got a future where you can have AI pretend to people to an extent that they can interact believably enough with humans. 90% of the service industry is out of a job, the economy is in the shitter, and the world is probably unrecognisable by this point.

What was that about GMbots again?

>> No.69449333
Quoted By: >>69449394

This is incorrect, it is indeed possible for creative AI to exist. That being said, the "perfect memory" part is a joke.

>> No.69449394

How so? I think you could make a somewhat believable emulation of a creative AI, but it would still be an easily broken illusion.

Nice trips by the way.

>> No.69450462

Only way to have an AI replacement for a human GM would be to have an AI so advanced that it is, for all intents and purposes, human. Using them as slave labor would be profoundly unethical at that point, and if you can't use AI as slaves then there's no reason to have an AI in the first place.

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Many of us would agree we're tired of dragons and knights and local lords and the standard tropes of places with names like "Ashandia" and "Winter's Pauldron."

I think we've wrung every bit of use out of Tolkien's tropes. Elves and orcs and gnomes and ancient evils lying in wait.

What's the next kickstart to the genre? What does it need? Where is fantasy headed?

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>> No.69450004

Post-ruin science-fantasy á la Thundarr/Korgoth?

>> No.69450108

Sumerian era superheroes

>> No.69450541

I dunno. I just run a campaign that is what happens when you take the continental size of America (3.797 million mi2), then break that land mass up into a bunch of islands filled with various tribes (Think inuit, hawaiian, all the native american ones). Then fill that with monsters of people whose bodies have been warped by spirits of all sorts.

>> No.69450588

This is a common sentiment throughout most forms of creative pursuits. You've just noticed it in fantasy, but people have already analysed how this "everything's been done to exhaustion, where do we go from here, is there something that can save this" feeling pervades our postmodern culture.

It probably will go away, maybe not entirely and maybe not soon, though. How exactly it is going to happen is beyond us at the moment, but since the feeling is so generalised, it won't be by hiding in different tropes, as suggested many times itt.

>> No.69450667

/lit/ would pause just long enough (before kicking away the stool) to tell you that genre fiction is for plebs and fantasy is awful by axiom

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Quoted By: >>69447009 >>69450275

What's the best system for playing a game about plucky kids with PSI saving the world?

Preferably something straightforward enough for my brainlet players to understand.

>> No.69447009
Quoted By: >>69449172

If you like d20, you could use Mutants and Masterminds and just limit the power effects list to psionic/can-be-refluffed-as-psionic powers.

>> No.69449172

I considered that, but it seemed too high power to represent normlish kids. I've heard HERO works better at low power, but is it really complicated?

>> No.69450275

Monsters and other childish things

It's literally just rolling a number of dice and picking dubs, trips, whatever, even the most braindead players can manage that

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Quoted By: >>69447953 >>69448308

Choose your poison!

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As difficult as this might be to hear, I still have to say it. AoS is the final logical step in high fantasy. It's a setting that's so high up there that it doesn't even have to make sense because magic.

The lore doesn't make sense? Magic. The descriptions of the setting is too vague? Magic. The characters are too powerful? Magic. The battles are far too large to be reasonable? Magic.

>> No.69447951


I know this is all shitposting, but a local dude told me he likes the setting because the gods of the universe are walking around doing things instead of just being these mythical entities that may or may not be directing things. I only read the nighthaunt book, and it was annoying at how inconsistent it made Nagash, and honestly how sort of dumb it made him as well.

>> No.69447952

I find it nice little continuation and salvage of old fluff. There is not much new shit in AoS just stuff that really reminds me of early editions of WHFB. Like point at an army and I will show where it was in old fantasy.
All except SC, which I hate because I am not fan of poster boys they are. And even then they are basically just demons of sigmar that eventually go insane and murder everyone

>> No.69447953
File: 97KiB, 1000x1300, 4229085f5083c89815f4642a6459edb3.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Go Warhammer Fantasy!

>> No.69448308

GW knows better they will never fuck with 40k dude

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69446471 No.69446471 [Reply] [Original]
Quoted By: >>69450295

>the heroes team up with the previous villain to fight a bigger villain

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>> No.69450295
Quoted By: >>69450728 >>69450928

>minor details mentioned throughout the story foreshadow the huge plot twist later on
It's difficult to pull off well because you want to invoke the feeling of having missed something obvious without actually tipping off the readers as to what's going on.

>> No.69450728

>tfw my players are brainlets and missed the obvious plot twist
Feels good

>> No.69450928
File: 3MiB, 1280x544, When your players connect all the hooks you prepared just right.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Ah yes!

>> No.69450948

I hate you, and I'm so sick of DMs like you.

>> No.69450977

>cops help the outlaws fight a common enemy

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Quoted By: >>69449503 >>69450371


but seriously,the son of a bitch who did this needs to be skinned alive.

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>> No.69448746

>implying anyone with mental age over 14 finds 40k appealing
We've all been kids, but it's time to move on.

>> No.69449503
Quoted By: >>69450145 >>69450371


>> No.69450145
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>Posting quarter pounder

>> No.69450196

God I hated those commercials so much.

>> No.69450371

Not your personal army

Oh okay that explains it. It's that fat fucks paid shills again.

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Quoted By: >>69448995 >>69450297

How would /tg/ go about creating a *playable* medieval fantasy setting and campaign involving local lords, female martials, gunpowder firearms, and other stale memes while taking all of them seriously?

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>> No.69448978
Quoted By: >>69449047

>Atheism is a religion with its own clerics and paladins

>> No.69448995

I would do all of those things and take them seriously instead of pretending that simply because other people think something is a meme I must also treat it that way.

>> No.69449047
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>They birth a god of null, mundane existence
>Their clerics can nullify magic and cut off other clerics from their gods.
>They carry all sorts of murder gadgets like steam powered chainsaws and wrist mounted flamethrowers into battle

>> No.69449326

Pfft, easy.
>Local Lords
They're just lords of a small area. They don't have thousands of men in full harness, they have a handful of knights and some moderately trained peasants.
>Men-at-arms in full harness
fucking expensive, only rich and powerful lords can afford such a thing.
>leather armor
Leather made from monstrous hides is stronger than normal leather, so it is fine.
>Female martials
A woman capable of holding her own on the battlefield is not common, but it happens. Heroes are by definition exceptional, after all.
>Gunpowder Firearms
They exist, but are expensive. The barrel must be properly blessed lest the brimstone (sulfur) used in gunpowder summon fucking demons.
>Codified magic systems that give Casters OP over Martials that spit in the face of every bit of advice found in the usual Balancing Casters PDF
Ancient magics of a fallen age, whose tomes and artifacts litter the ruins. Not broadly known in the modern age.
>Glorious Nippon Steel
The smiths of the east, wanting to waste not even an ounce of precious steel in their metal-poor land, pour their very soul into their work. This is as literal as it is metaphorical, and their nigh-mystic rites endow their blades with an uncommon quality. It is as if the blade has been balanced in both a base material sense, but also in a rarefied spiritual sense.
>Adventuring Guilds
>Elf Slaves
Elves, known for their skilled craftsmanship, scholarly pursuits, and beauty, are often hauled to more primitive realms, where they serve as captive bureaucrats and administrators. It is involuntary brain drain as practiced by brutes and underdeveloped kingdoms which desperately seek a way to improve their lot in life.
>Tiefling Paladins
Many an accursed child, unwanted and feared by their parents, is left to the care of priests. While they may suffer an infernal taint, with proper faith and discipline they may find peace.
>Furfag Races
Just do them without making it sexual.

>> No.69450297

But how would it fare in 40k?

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