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>nevermind, i actually do want it

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I can't get "Looking into the flame" and "Cure disease" options to work, despite having sacrificed enough people in this mod. Is this because I'm playing on version 3.3?

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In all honesty, is this how it should've ended?
Must be a bug, mind you the current version of AGoT is full of bugs.

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shit op, also /sifg/ is dead

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"The cooler prequel jedi" edition

>Previous: >>69456144

>Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing, Armada, and Legion

>Star Wars Roleplaying Games (d6/d20/FFG)

>Other FFG Star Wars tabletop (Imperial Assault, Destiny and the LCG)

>Old links

>Latest FFG news:

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The actor who plays the doctor in the first episode of Mando also voiced one of the Mandalorian cadets from Clone Wars, the one that's friends with Satine's nephew.

So I'm expecting more clone wars talent to show up in the Mandalorian. His casting was probably Filoni's doing since he directed the 1st ep.

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Pictured, Exar Kun rolling several natural twenties in bluff.

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Meanwhile at spacestation 13.

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Oh shit, it's the yellow submarine, but gigantic and pink!
Oh wait, false alarm, it's just an enemy fleet.

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Sec to loading bay! The clown called its friends!

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My master is allowing me to use the new artificier in 5e, and for the iron defender (a mechanical "pet" you have in one of the subclasses) I'm gonna use a mechanical wolf that I ride (wonders of being a small reace).

Anyone has good images for that? Nothing I've found convices me.

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Is this the end of Games Workshop? They are so out of ideas they are turning a Total War game into an actual miniature game. What next - Battlefleet Gothic?

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but memetide is tow?

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Congratulations, you have made the dumbest bait thread this week.

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Come on, it's obviously a joke.

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People have been posting this same bait since the announcement.

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>What next - Battlefleet Gothic?
God I hope so.

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How there is no branded Ghost in the Shell RPG? The franchise is well known even among normies and the universe feels perfect for a sandbox cyberpunk system. It's surprising that the IP owners never cared enough to cash it this way.

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That sex scene was still the hottest porn Shirow ever illustrated.

Why can't he draw more gun porn like he used to?

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he 3D models it now

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Nope; he's always a step ahead of her.

On a more serious note, what would you want to have a GITS RPG cover? Setting up your own little deathsquad amongst the byzantine for-some-reason-80s-Britain-structured Japanese government? Playing as rookies in Section 9? Playing other factions and parties in the setting?

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Preferably? All fo the above. Realistically probably core would be working for Section 9 or a Section 9-like organization. The party being the individual members, probably class based with things like Operator, Heavy, Sniper, Hacker, Investigator, etc. And options for varying levels of Cyberization

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I've never heard anyone defend Innocence and 2nd Gig is fine.

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skeefee thread

What's a good reason for a spacefaring civilisation to muck about with powerarmour and swords instead of remotely nuking and droning everything into submission?

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Forcefields. Forcefields everywhere.
Also replace melee weapons such as swords with weaponized nailguns that are capable of penetrating said forcefields.

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Its to make fielding full power for the enemy less appealing and to force a trade if they do, specifically BECAUSE mass destruction is easy.

Think of it this way: an army of thousands of man and tanks *does not matter* in a ground war in the future, because that army gets obliterated from space by ship mounted weapons in a heartbeat long before they ever make it to a battle. You need men to hold territory, but concentrating your forces leaves them vulnerable to being wiped out.

Instead you invest your money in smaller groups that are better armed and better equipped so that you can hide their movements and make them less juicy targets for getting wiped off the map, while still making them powerful enough to do their objective. This allows them to reach the fight without getting deleted off the planet from space, but they reveal their position the moment the fighting starts.

This is why the prefer melee and other short range combat options. If you give them a railgun sniper rifle that can kill a tank from 10 miles away, thats cool and all but they get lasered to death from space about a minute after they fire their first shot. However if the first sign the enemy has that you are there is you jet-packing into the middle of their defense line and going to town on you with lightsabers, their ships can't fire on you without destroying their own defenses in the process. They are forced to let the fight on the ground play out to the point where they might glass you afterwards out of spite to deny you the victory, but they always lose something when they do.

Forcing the enemy into melee means that dropping a nuke on you means dropping a nuke on themselves.

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Gun Kata duels with nailguns sounds great.

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>what's a good reason for a skyfaring civilization to muck about with grunts and rifles instead of remotely nuking and tanking everything into submission

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Maybe there are employment laws that require at least some flesh-and-blood soldiers?

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Even though it's highly unlikely, here's something I'd like to see happen...
(a) WoTC bring back and revise d20 Modern
(b) make supplements for this new version of d20 Modern using their toy properties (Transformers, etc.)

Surely there are some people out there who would be interested in this?

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Presumably ancient astronauts/sufficiently human aliens. (Given the human races on alien worlds in Transformers, Zoids, Power Rangers, etc.)

Given her staff, Repulsa could even be a darkling lord from Prysmos.

Also despite seeming to be a minor terrorist organization, Cobra is obviously just the latest front of the ancient cult of Sslither, the serpentine Inhumanoid.

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>I think, for obvious reasons, you'd want to keep the Hasbro science fiction properties and fantasy properties separate.

Yeah, my fault. Even though I called the thread "Hasbro multiverse", my idea wasn't necessarily to combine all the properties into one setting right from the get-go . (I just used the Unit-E pic because it conveniently had several Hasbro properties together at the same time.) I wanted the separate properties to each have their own supplement at first, but maybe much later on down the line offer some crossovers between them.

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IDW's ROM made me not want this to happen.

the endless crossover events ruined that book for me.

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>transformers happens before GI joe
cobra commander's appearance in G1 transformers takes after GI joe.

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That is after a 20 year time skip in the transformers. One of the adult characters in that season was the daughter of two Joes.

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Is the Navy the cushiest military branch in the Imperium?

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Everyone else has to go through the warp as well, but they have to actually fight at the other end as well.

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This. It’s real-world Navy but on steroids and cocaine.
The officers have it hard in that they don’t get any sleep and one wrong move could scuttle the whole vessel.
The ‘enlisted’ have to fear getting a prometheum bath because some retard in engineering hit the wrong button.

Even the stormtroopers have it rough. 99% of the time you’re just beating up lesser enlisted and deck slaves and then that one percent of the time you’re expected to board an Ork cruiser or repel nids/daemons/CSM from taking over the bowels of your ship - which is also your fucking home.

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It is for the officers until you fight, your gellar field fails or some heretic crewmembers sabotage your ship so that chaos forces board your ship to replenish their fleet.
For the crew you just work until you die

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Jesus imagine living on a ship that just fought Nids. Every fucking noise and shadow make you jump, and there is an actual chance you get blasted by your mates because they took you for a nids. And this isn't even counting the very real possibility of getting killed/kissed by a Genestealer, getting your brain sucked out by a Lictor who lurk in the airduck or stumbling into the nest those fucking Termagaunt made bellow the boiler for hydroponics#358

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Nice high elves reference desu

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Get in idiot, we got new rules! We're going on a crusade!

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Miracle of 40k is to make these religious rightwinger teens to worship a secular fedora emperor

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...yet the greatest Warcrime is that it never got finished.

Anyone playing it?
General opinion on the game?
What are you playing OG or Notepad version?

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Try using google boomer

but sure

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> let me bitch about the .pdf to not even look at it

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I may have been mistaken all along...

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The original goal wasn't to be super serious at first, just cleaning up some of the more bizarre mechanics that didn't work outside "lolmemes"
Did it escalate into something a bit more serious? Yeah, the idea of slowly losing your mind and going off the deep end appealed to me for some reason. Maybe it was my research into some of the Dictators and attempted revolutionary movements in Africa that got me moving in that direction.

If it's not your jam, okay, also claiming it's "Redditfied" is amusing. It'd get tore apart on that hugbox for not being D20 or that I did depict Africans not as fucking Wakandans.

To each their own, the Discord guys were alright when the "lead Dev" wasn't complaining about not playing or playing Minecraft with recycled /pol/ memes.

So there's that. I am going to be doing some fixing of my version to differentiate it a bit more, so bear that in mind.

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Long story short, I want to cook up an Oriental Adventures setting using Nentir Vale/Points of Light's design document as my guideline. As part of that, I want to come up with a list of nonhuman races for the setting. I've come up with the idea of theming the races around a take on "Oriental Elementalism"; Earth, Wood, Metal, Fire, Water and Void (which represents Chaos). Any anons interested in helping me figure out what races might be good fits for each element?

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I've definitely seen both earth and wood versions. Would you happen to know a primary source for either of them? The division is something I've been curious about. Is it regional, maybe?

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Huh, I'd never heard of that. I was more familiar with Wood = Air = Lightning, albeit mostly from non-/tg/ media, since that seems to be where elemental magic tends to get the most chance to shine.

Good point.

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3e's Oriental Adventures had their own ape folk named Varana, which may be suitably converted.

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>Japanese elementalism.
Is very different from the Chinese concept and is much closer to the western one. Japan breaks the elements down into Water, Fire, Air, Earth, and Void.

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Being stupid is never an excuse

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>Ram is well above the waterline
>ramming does Below the Waterline damage

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Lizardmen train aquatic dinosaurs I think.

>> No.69470523

>Vampires on the other hand might not even be able to go on running water at all.
There are vampire pirates, they just stay on their ship I guess. They use conventional sail ships too, using skeletons for sailors.

>> No.69470554

I think wh vamps specifically can use ships and bridges to cross running water, though I think it still weakens them to do so and they need to be in their comfy coffin to survive it.

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Wait, this game you're talking about has those cannon boats, and people are complaining about a lack of realism in the rams?

Those are the most absurd ships I've ever seen. If you actually fired that cannon the boat would capsize or snap in half -- and then capsize!

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Magic mah boy!

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Would Feanor make a good BBEG?

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>t. teleri

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Imagine if you worked on your art instead of samefagging

>> No.69461419

No. He's a retard, but he isn't malicious. He's a tragic figure you should learn from rather than try to kill. Mostly because he would wipe the floor with your party.

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>> No.69461679

Would your art make a good art if you worked on it?

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>room has trap
>describing any small details of the room might tip the players off that there is a trap
>if I describe every room that way the session will slow down

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never use perception rolls. just describe what they see.

>> No.69465590

Grats, they search everything and have no idea what conclusion they're supposed to draw, then they die. Good adventure.

>> No.69465797

Absolutely this. If you're gonna make a dungeon with details that need to be examined, go by MUD rules. This is what ABSOLUTELY needs to be defined, in any order.
1. List exits
2. List NPCs
3. List extremely important details
4. List loot/items
5. List flavor text

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>room has trap
>give the first clue right off the bat: a body with a spear through it, scorch marks on the floor, scrape marks on the walls, whatever
>trap is described in your notes in enough firm detail party can theoretically disable or bypass it by taking the right actions in character, without ever rolling to remove traps
>there is no guarantee this is easy or likely
>but they can still make that remove traps roll if they prefer, they don't have to read the GM's mind
Now you have a trap in your D&D, without training the players to prod every single surface and item with a ten foot pole before proceeding.
If it's easier than you expected, great, the players got a win and probably feel good about themselves. If it's harder than you expected they can always resort to rolling for it.
>How hard is 5 sentences per room
WotC did a study at a game convention once, they watched players while GMs were running games. You get two sentences of read-aloud or description, maybe three max, before players start to tune out. I don't like it, seems like it should be more, but that's the deal.
But the bright side is GMing and playing is best as a back and forth anyway. GM describes a room in 2-3 sentences, most obvious features first, a player asks a question about one of those features for clarity or detail, GM answers, and possibly repeat until the players take an action. You get the same or more information across as in five or more sentences of a longer description, but with better recall and involvement on the part of the players.
It takes a little deliberateness at first to come up with short descriptions that invite further questions, but it's entirely doable.

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>trap is described in your notes in enough firm detail party can theoretically disable or bypass it by taking the right actions in character, without ever rolling to remove traps
>but they can still make that remove traps roll if they prefer, they don't have to read the GM's mind
I like the sound of this method. When they roll to find or disable a trap I'd probably give a quick description of what they see that tips them off and how they disable it. Give more immersion than just saying, "You find the trap and disable it," and it wouldn't let those notes describing it go to waste. Hopefully getting some insight into how they work would even help the players learn how to deal with them through roleplay instead of rolling.

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How does epic level adventuring work in your preferred system? What are the threats to be faced?

>> No.69460741

>How does epic level adventuring work in your preferred system?
Transmortals with access to planet destroying power.

>What are the threats to be faced?
Reality defense systems, other transmortals, demigods, the armadas of the angels, raging demons, scheming devils, terrible fiends, greater elementals, consuming aberrations, hyper-advanced AI. Lots of stuff.

>> No.69461696

The highest my group ever goes in the "epic scale" is high-tier Supers. Which is far and away from what passes as epic level adventuring.
I did played once a one-shot where everyone was Sumerian hero, but it predominately boiled down to tearing shit apart and fighting multiple/extremely strong/both enemies. It was run on GURPS with Martial Arts and Action and cinematic rules applying.

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Lend me your ears, your gaming experience, your knowledge and your reasons. I haven't come to a conclusion on a question that's bugging me and I ask for your guidance on it.
Should Dragon Blooded be able to use Elements other than their Aspect, should they be restricted entirely to Charms of their Aspect, or should they just have to stunt all manifestations of elements other than their own as being of theirs [e.g. a water aspect stunts setting a sword on fire as covering it in boiling water, an Earth Aspect stunts growing a replacement arm made of wood as carving one out of stone etc.].

Also am I the only one who's experienced the realization that ATLA didn't even try to not rip off Exalted?

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>the wood aspect is the most flirtatious and comes from a super fertile family
What did Bryke mean by this.
Also atla was based on Exalted fight me on it.

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Quoted By: >>69461379

>Should Dragon Blooded be able to use Elements other than their Aspect

Why shouldn't they? They're connected to that element above the others but they're not exclusively tied to it any more than a Dawn is exclusively tied to combat.

>> No.69461379

Because it feels wrong to have an air aspect firebending elemental bolts everywhere. Or have a fire aspect spend a level of his burning anima for a water wave.

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Quoted By: >>69470427

You know, if someone wrote a guide on how to modify GURPS and run it properly, it'd be the best system in existence.

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It's modular and flexible. That's pretty much the only good thing about it, even if you understand it it's not a particularly good system.

>> No.69470427
Quoted By: >>69470944

GURPS is absolute shit though

>> No.69470880

GURPS is the best game I know of for gritty combat in cross-genre. It sucks for supers or anything too complicated, but for apocalyptic or realistic low-tech or low-fantasy, I would love to use GURPS. Also great for any modern day adventure. And for guns it has no equal besides maybe Phoenix Command and I don't want to deal with that.

>> No.69470944
Quoted By: >>69470998

The rules, despite being complicated, are pretty intuitive and easy to learn. I am shocked how quickly I absorbed the GURPS rules just by reading the books on loan on a friend.
The system is great for generic games. Will a tailored system be better? Sometimes, but not always, and there are few systems I find are tailored so well to a specific genre to be worth playing. Unironically, D&D is one of them. Superhero systems are another. I don't think the GURPS rules work very well for super heroes. It's also a bit clumsy for monster-fighting campaigns, and a monster-creation guide / flowchart / checklist to make sure you pick up all the necessary advantages when "building" a monster would be nice.

Other than that, there really isn't much difficult about GURPS, other than that "calculate your bow's damage from college-level math on material tensile strength" article that was there as a curiosity but drooling anti-GURPS fags blindly spam because they think it's relevant. No wonder most of them play storygames, their minds can't handle anything more (and I don't even think storygames are bad, or even necessarily simplistic. In fact, I doubt most of the antiGURPStards play at all).

>> No.69470998

My dude they all play HERO.

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Hello /tg/
I need the advice of the wargamers of this board.
Situation is this: I want to run in December a very large game of LOTR SBG on a large table. Maybe 3 players on each side. I want to avoid the usual meet in the middle and fight and thats it. I want o maybe have people enter the table from turn one (so no initial deployment). And I want each side to have a set of interesting objective that will make the game more dynamic. For instance the entire idea from 40k with secure objective X is ok. You need to move across the map and keep the enemy way from you. Now since LOTR si more skirmishy I want to put some restrictions like obejectives can be captured only by a captain or a group of at least 5 dudes. I want to avoid the "send one lonely guy to hold the objective" kind of situation. Any other interesting ideas you could help me with? like maybe is it a good idea to have public objectives organised by rounds? like first 2 rounds have only positioning objective, next 2 rounds have killing heroes objectves and so on? Thank you in advance.

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>"You cannot run from me forever, child! I am that supreme wickedness in the dark from the beginning, nothing is beyond my reach! You belong to me, it was your father and mother who sold your soul to me at your birth! Submit all of yourself now, it is no use to fight back! You will join them! You... will... be.... MINE!"

What would you do?

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No way fag.

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But i am not yours yet foul star spawn, i will rally against you, against the dark as my people have done for 10,000 generations. You tell me to submit, to give up. That tells me your claim is not complete. THERE IS STILL A DAMN GOOD FIGHT TO BE HAD.

>> No.69463687

Oh gosh!
Well, you see, there's kind of an issue. Point is I already gave my soul to Gog-Magog the All-Ruiner in change of, I quote, "incommensurable power over life and death".
So I guess you'll have to speak with the dude or something about it.

>> No.69463696

He might be your first, but you've U'd your last wU by then.

>> No.69463985

"Submit all of myself?" Why? You already have my soul, right? Why would I need to submit to anything?
Also, "all of myself" Did you have a problem in the past with unfinished submissions? People only surrending a limb or too? I'm gambling that you don't have my soul, and have no idea what the hell you're talking about, so I'll give you my appendix and whatever is in my pocket to fuck off.

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Quoted By: >>69461893

A friend of mine was thinking of adding a system into his 5e campaign were character would gain points from session to session that would count toward earning a permanent feat that matched their actions.

For instance, one character is acting cowardly so they would earn coward points and might get the "Cowardly" feat that gives them a disadvantage on the "afraid" condition but would give them +5 movement when moving away from enemies.

What do yall think? What are some ideas for "earned" feats to give party members?

>> No.69461893

This sounds kind of similar to how Traits work in Burning Wheel, so maybe look at some of them for ideas?

>> No.69462009

You can also have this done with downtime. Say that when you guys are on break the character studies languages or w/e.

>> No.69462015

So long as you stay away from Spell Slots and ohterwise buffing magic you should be fine.

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Quoted By: >>69461691

its been over a year since we and reddit collectively decided roll20 bad.

how are the other virtual tabletops looking? is fantasy grounds still the only option?

>> No.69461233
Quoted By: >>69461305

What is this from? I see these images with this girl everywhere, but whenever I reverse search I only find slav results

>> No.69461305
Quoted By: >>69461629

look in the current JOI thread on /aco/

>> No.69461629

What have they done to my girl

>> No.69461691

I was fine with roll20 until they broke the fucking jukebox. How easy can it be to break such a simple fucking feature?

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Paladins should be stronger than fighters.

A Paladin *is* a Fighter, that has been gifted with additional holy power to augment their martial prowess. They are explicitly Fighter+1. A Fighter with divine empowerment SHOULD be stronger than a Fighter without divine empowerment.

>But how is this balanced?

Because what Fighters lack in raw combat numbers they make up for in agency. The deal has always been that Paladins receive their divine power at the expense of adherence to a code of conduct and a moral cause. While a Paladin can deal bigger numbers than a Fighter, they are not allowed to do so however they please, lest they risk Falling. A Paladin is a specialized weapon of righteousness. Meanwhile, a Fighter is a liberated journeyman free to act however he sees fit as he makes his way through the world.

>But how is this balanced in combat?

It's not. In the real world, people are good at different things and thrive under different circumstances. The DM is always free to present situations that favor or disfavor the Paladin's liberty to act. Stop playing WoW.

>Why is this important?

So that shitty game devs stop gimping Paladins into a useless "hybrid support" role that isn't allowed to do anything except stand there and aura buff.

Paladin thread.

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No, it's an overpowered version of the 3.5 paladin.

>> No.69465438

Most of the 5e martials are much stronger than their 3.5 versions, which makes them much more balanced with casters after they got concentration forced on them.

>> No.69465693
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Yes, is pretty much unplayable.

Also, their take on the class is almost the exact opposite of what the OP suggests.

>> No.69465764

Paladins are weaker and they get stronger if they break their code?

>> No.69465920

It should be a fighter archetype.

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Welcome to the Black Cinnamon Tea edition of Board Games General.

Previous thread: >>69429634

McPaste bin - over 8816 served: https://pastebin.com/h8Tz2ze8

Why "Black Cinnamon Tea" edition you ask? Because it's either code for "The Spice must flow!" or "Midget Porn". You decide!

>What are you wanting to add to your collection if anything?

>What are you thinking about / planning to purge from your collection if anything?

> Feel free to let dem Freak Flags fly and waggle those collections. It's been a while.

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>> No.69470629
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Why purge CitOW?
You got Cthulhu Wars?

Either they just claim to have played a game by reading the description on BGG or they play games in the most retarded way possible.

Just find a review from them about a game you have played a few times yourself and compare your own impressions with theirs and see how far into the woods they are.

They even played TI4 while ignoring Diplomacy...
They could have played Netrunner while ignoring doing a run in itself.
They could play a round of Kemet and never move a figure and still whine how crappy the game is because you dont move much...

I like that they dont put on a performance which is the main reason I hate most reviewers, but these guys I hate purely because of how retarded they play games.

It'a like giving a calculus book to an art student...

>> No.69470870

Yeah, it's better though. You do a lot more energy management, and it models pilot awareness better than AirWar.

>> No.69470931

I have cthulhu wars and most of it's expacs.
I also hate what I think is the ridiculous order of operations for managing turns in every specific region on the map.

>> No.69471004

Ahahahahahah. That's pretty great, thanks for filling me in

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