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Tell me about the Dwarves, why do they use sign language instead of speaking with their tongues like the other higher races?

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To speak is to lie.

This is a truth that dwarves hold above all others.

To speak is to lie.

There is no greater sin to a dwarf than to lie. There are many crimes in dwarven law, but none is greater than to lie. It magnifies whatever event occurred, and puts the soul itself in danger.

To speak is to lie.

And so the dwarves do not speak. They pantomime, they sign, they communicate with their bodies and their eyes, but they do not speak, and rarely ever make any noise.

For to speak is to lie. And to lie is doom oneself forever.

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At the same time, while you're mining, you aren't exactly looking at the other dwarves.

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My mind immediately went to slavery as well, although I assumed it was because the dwarves had their tongues cut out.

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Some say there's a god ip there making those kinds of decisions, call Dee Ehm. Some say his a simpleton god and adds in stupid quirks of behaviour to make up for a lack of originality, forgetting that spoken language is vastly superior in every way due to being able to use it in the dark, across greater distances, and without your intended recipient being aware of you before you begin to communicate

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Tell me about the Dwarves, why do they wear wear the mask?

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How would it work? Should it try to be realistic? Or should try to treat wrestling as though it's storylines are real?

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Epic tales of heroism.


Gay porn for poor people.

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Ignore this moe shit. Use this:

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The name of the game eludes me, but I recall there being a game from the 1990s in which player characters were Hong Kong action cinema stars. Not the movie characters, but the actors. And each adventure was them getting through an action movie. There were elements of "real life" in the setup and execution of each adventure, then there was the in-movie stuff where most of the play happened. I could totally see this translating over to a pro wrestling game.

I know at least one of the TTRPG pro wrestling games addresses the distinction between heels and faces and how they get crowd engagement working in their favor, but only skimmed a friend's copy and never got to play. Was it World Wide Wrestling? I don't remember.

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>Any player who breaks kayfabe gains no XP for that session.
>Plot lines are 100% real, but The Company is always the real villain.
>Even the plot lines involving magic/science fiction are real.
>The Company is so powerful that it bends the justice system to its will. The police are never helpful except to the Company's interests.

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Run it in Tokyo NOVA and have people take the punchman class and the performer class for showboating. The third pick can be their choice, from the samurai class for chair and bat usage or maybe they're a mutant with four arms for extra wrasslin. Have players take social damage from particularly rude speeches and such but instead of having them get unpersoned when their social health reaches zero give them the option to interrupt a storyline as a surprise heel.

From there you can take the campaign as seriously or meta as you want. Either play it completely straight with all the ridiculous storylines being true (which is much easier in the ridiculous world of TN, where things like mutants and the occult actually exist) or you can go for a more meta approach where they're all actors but have to keep up the masquerade. Maybe someone catches two sworn rivals having lunch so now you have to hack the internet and delete or modify all the pictures, maybe you use all of your wrasslin skills to assault the headquarters of a rival wrestling federation and fuck up their broadcasts. Once you've got the groundwork of how the fights work down you can go anywhere with it.

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>friend brings qt bookworm girl to d&d session
>she roleplays as harlequin and acts out slutty scenarios to assist the group
How do you politely tell someone to stop doing something in a campaign?

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The last time I followed the chart I lost one of my best friends. :(

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Someone's going to score. But, with that attitude, it probably won't be you.

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Talk to the GM and let them make the call.

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Maybe if your friend wasn't such a fucking pussy, it wouldn't of matter. It's his issues, it is up to him to fix if he doesn't then he deserves to lose the ability to be in the group. Filter the weak, for the better.

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some questions to get the ball rolling.

what's your favourite opener?
favourite tactic?
what was the craziest way you delivered checkmate?
knight, rook, or bishop?
are you best early game, mid game, or endgame? which one do you enjoy the most?
do you perfer playing black, or white, and why?

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I am currently starting my first ever DnD 5e campaign, and after looking at my player's characters (they start at level 3) I realized how strong they are and just how much AC they have. I'm struggling to find a way to challenge them and make combat difficult. Please help me

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Actually bullshit them.


Fucking irrelevant.

You're god. Use your divine powers to make fights interesting.

And I don't mean fudging rolls, that's for little babies.

Give the enemies unique mechanics that the players have to play around.

This can make every fight memorable if you have the balls to step outside of the game's boundaries.

It's also something you can do in literally any system, not just 5e.

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It's a draconic sorcerer, it's a PHB sorcerer that gets 13+dex mod as their default armor.

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How does it feel to be a useless phoneposter?

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Can we have a mecha thread? Dieselpunk/Clunkers are welcome and desired by OP.

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Magitech mecha love?

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I love all mechs.

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what are your favourite card games and why? I want to learn games to play with my friends

personally for me it'd have to be speed because of how intense it is. I also really love bullshit because of how you have to keep track of crds, and those sweet moments where someone picks up a shit ton of cards.

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I don't really like any card game played with a traditional deck. I especially hate all variants of poker.

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President/Asshole is always good to know because of how common its sort of rules are worldwide. There's pretty much always going to be a card game that looks like it.

Also, I'm French so Belote... it's just so good but it's harder to find partners. I mean, I can play Tarot ok and I can enjoy it, but it's not Belote.

Elevator is nice as well, not too complicated, you can work around bad cards and you can reasonably play with a larger numbers than most games.

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I particularly like Hearts, and it's a good introduction to other, more complex trick-taking games that may involve bidding or partners or other elements.

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Tell me about your cursed magic items /tg/.

Do you favor items where the curse is a will of their own, attempting to alter their user to better fit the item? Or do you gravitate towards items that alter the user irreversibly, imposing changes as a cost of their use? Or are your cursed items inherently a double edged sword, stronger than the norm, but with a drawback to compensate?

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>Flaming Gay Sword you have to blow to rekindle the flame
I see the inscription has partly worn off over the years of use.

Hey, that's kinda useful for sneaking under a door to unlock it from the inside. If the house owner catches you, you can always pretend you're there to fuck his wife.

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Yeah no the cause and effect is not clear to the players unless they follow you exact train of thought.

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I like it. Maybe let the player buy bootleg +x swords that have 1/200 chance of breaking each strike.

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Well, barely cursed, but there was a magical eyescope that, upon seeing through it, you could see an unfocused image of what might be a pretry lady bathing.
If the user twisted the item, trying to focus the lense and make the image clear, a spring loaded dart would be relased and shot to his eye.

Funniest fucking thing

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>try blowing on the pommel
Well played.

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>Be me
>Have a weekly DnD group that I'm currently DMing
>Group consists of me and 4 dudes
>Current campaign has been going on for a few months now
>One of my friends asks if he could invite his gf over to join us regularly
>Gf shows up, she's really cool and nice
>Rolls up a human ranger, decides to name her character Kay Diaz
>Resume campaign, party runs into BBEG
>Fight goes poorly, 3 of my players are incapacitated while Kay and the last one are on their last legs
>BBEG decides to toy with them, continually knocking them down with his enchanted weapon that torments the heroes with every strike
>Other player finally submits and surrenders, only Kay is left
>She gets knocked down over and over, but keeps getting back to her feet
>Rest of the party is moved to see her resilience, even the BBEG is impressed
>Mfw Kay Diaz stands

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So despite the furshit and the frankly hilarious art- I've seen this mentioned a couple times as an "its actually good" game. What are peoples thoughts on it?

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You have ten(10) seconds to name drop me one(1) good system that supports balanced casters and doesn't also make martials mostly redundant

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>doesn't know anything about the game he plays
checks out

>> No.69469667
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>Doesnt know the game he plays
I know enough to call you out on your bullshit.

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paladins by default have more versatility than fighters, the most overspecialized class in the game that by default can hit people with a sword really hard and do nothing else well, and then with the power of subclasses gets to also do one of the following
>hit people even harer
>hit people and also do some kind of added effect that makes hitting them next turn easier
>cast spells, but because you're encouraged to dump your mental stats you'll mainly stick to spells that make it easier to hit people or take hits from people (and you get them at a slower rate than paladins anyway)
meanwhile paladins can passively buff their allies, actively buff/heal them, get a horse and a bunch of other tricks along with being really good at hitting things with a weapon.
saying paladins are only effective against one specific enemy type is obviously bullshit, smite gives them the most powerful ability to "nova" out of any class
meanwhile with rogue you're just plain wrong. bonded accuracy in 5e means that the rogues advantage in skills is actually pointless in most situations, the bard is genuinely "good enough" to succeed 90% of the time a rogue would, while also being a full caster with 9 levels of spells, and being able to help people out and having a bunch of bard specific things rogues have no equivalent for like lore bards weakening enemies as a reaction

unless you are running diablo 2: dungeons and dragons edition where absolutely nothing besides "ability to kill monsters as fast as possible" is the only thing that actually matters, pure martial classes like fighter and rogue are clearly worse than classes that do most of their stuff but also have built in problem solving tools in the form of spells

you are the creationists of tabletop gaming

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It didn't turn everyone into wizards, it turned wizards into everyone else.

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Ah yes, the age old "But Rule 0!" argument and its perennial friend "Just shit on the wizard more to make it balanced!"

If the system is so broken out of the box that the DM must apply fixes for it how is that NOT a problem of the system? What other product do people buy where the item needs to be fixed right out of the box? The fact that you CAN fix the problem is not evidence that a problem doesn't exist. In fact, it's evidence that a problem DOES exist. This is the D&D Brain Cancer at its finest: fooling people into believing that D&D is not a worthless dumpster fire because you can pinch your nose to block the stench of burning garbage.

If the game doesn't work unless you specifically design every facet of your campaign around making sure that one particular character has a bad time perhaps that's an indication that the character (and the game in general) is not fucking balanced.

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>first level acquires a spell that can do 3d10 damage from melee and a spell that does 4d6 damage from range
>is the healer
The fuck? How is this not broken?

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Yeah for sure.

Who wants to be the useless baggage that just gets brought around so the big fighters can rest up and get back in the fight? They'd even treat you like shit since everyone know's you're just there to make the pain go away

>> No.69464333

Can confirm clerics are A+ blasters in early game. Last two campaigns I was a cleric (storm for one and light for another) and we encountered a ghost at level 2 which I presume was supposed to be a narrative scenario because he was a vengeful ghost we wanted to put to rest and free the mansion on the hill from his wrath. I saw that bastard and blasted him with guiding bolt for all of my spell slots round after round and fucking evaporated him, leaving us free to perform the ritual unhindered (except for the skeletons and zombies but the party could tangibly hit those while I perform the ritual)

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Jesus christ it's fucking everywhere

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It is broken. The whole point is no one plays cleric so wotc buffed them for three editions.

>> No.69470348

>implying everyone doesn't expect clerics to go life domain

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When a DM plays along with a player's clever tricks it can make for a very interesting session. What sort of shenanigans has your DM let you get away with?

No magic allowed, magic shenanigans are played out and boring and I can only imagine your nauseous breath wilting the pages of some poor PHB as you look up your stupid spell. I want to hear from people who used set pieces in battles, the DM's lore, or mundane equipment to overcome challenges.

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I was in a party where we were following a wizard who was apparently paranoid about people using scrying magic so we did our research with mundane spying methods and managed to lift a few spell scrolls from him to make the confrontation much easier. We essentially just used spyglasses to watch him and took advantage of some of his less loyal guards (he was real fucked in the head) to gain access to his tower. Though the existence of bribe-able guards makes me realize that the DM likely wished us to do it that way. Still was fun.

>> No.69458495

I just actually like tricks though.

>> No.69458500
Quoted By: >>69458654

how exactly was that clever?

>> No.69458592

Another fun one was where we couldn't get all the treasure out of a dungeon in one trip and so we just kind of used scooby doo villain tactics to keep out rival treasure hunters. We dressed some of the corpses of prior adventurers in our gear and impaled them on pikes and raised a horrible commotion if any opportunists stopped by while the other half of our party made a series of round trips in various costumes from the other remains so no one would get suspicious (the DM liked to have 'vultures' who would loot a dungeon for scraps when we left, is the reason).

>> No.69458654

It felt clever, in my heart and in my soul.

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I decided to make my own warband and feeling the hoilday spirit made them Bloody angel renegades who seek to ruin both Sanguinala and Slannashmas

>> No.69458284
Quoted By: >>69458290 >>69458609

Jingle Ba'als.

>> No.69458290

not bad

>> No.69458609

Seconding this. Also, OP, break out the CSM creation tables from 1d4chan.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! General #19

Non meta, newcomer/returnee (noob) and Card lore discussion.
CAC allowed and encouraged.

Previous thread: >>69355596 (Cross-thread)

>Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Play
YGOPro is an automated simulator.
?The recommended PC client is YGOPro Percy. Download it here: https://discord.gg/ygopro-percy
?YGOpro2 is an HD simulator and has a friendlies UX though updates are slower. Download it here: https://discordapp.com/channels/253945062625378304/305053902867529728
?For Android, use YGOProES (see their discord server for the download link)
Duelingbook is a manual simulator. Visit it here: https://www.duelingbook.com/
Hosts should use the tag “/ygo/” and the password “vidya”

>Speed Duels

>Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Event Streaming
NA: https://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialYuGiOhTCG
EU: https://www.youtube.com/YuGiOhTCGEU
EU: https://www.twitch.tv/officialyugiohchannel (embed)

>Useful Links
Current Official Rulebook: http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/rulebook/SD_RuleBook_EN_V10.pdf
Wikis: https://yugipedia.com/wiki/Yugipedia and https://yugioh.fandom.com/wiki/Yu-Gi-Oh!_Wikia
Hypergeometric Probability Calculator: http://yugioh.party/
Yu-Gi-Oh! Stock Market: http://yugiohprices.com/

OCG: https://www.izazin.com/taikai/results?tag=???
TCG: http://yugiohtopdecks.com/decklists

>News Sites
OCG: http://blog.livedoor.jp/maxut/
TCG: https://ygorganization.com/

>Upcoming Releases
?Link Vrains Pack 3 (Nov 23)
?Structure Deck: Reverse of Shaddoll (Dec 7)
?Legendary Gold Box (Dec 21)
?Eternity Code (Jan 11)
?Rarity Collection Premium Gold Edition (Feb 8)
?Structure Deck R: Machiners Command (Feb 22)
?Premium Pack 2020 (Feb 22)
?Deck Build Pack: Secret Slayers (Mar 7)
?Structure Deck: Sacred Beasts of Chaos (Mar 20)
?The Mystic Fighters (Nov 22)
?Movie Pack Secret Edition (Jan 24)
?Ignition Assault (Jan 30)
?Structure Deck: Shaddoll Showdown (Feb 14)

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>Making monsters that can only die through battle is an awful idea.
Just give them shit stats so you have to boost them with removable equip cards and such.

>> No.69469941
Quoted By: >>69470027 >>69470288

There's a trap that prevents Tributing on all sides

Couple that with any generic (which is disgusting to say that immune to card effects is a generic ability) immune to everything and watch everyone swoop

>> No.69470027

It's not really generic, there's like a dozen monsters with complete immunity.

>> No.69470288

>Couple that with any generic (which is disgusting to say that immune to card effects is a generic ability) immune to everything and watch everyone make Borrelsword

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Who here plays Duel Links?

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What kind of articles would you want to see in a /tg/ magazine?

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Quoted By: >>69463021

fixed that for you

>> No.69462714

if we get retards from both sides it'll even out !!!

>> No.69462893

So you want a greentext section?

>> No.69463021
Quoted By: >>69463182

oh, it's the two-word answer autist
how's it going since yesterday ?

>> No.69463182

Who? And that post has 5 words in it

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Quoted By: >>69458022 >>69458129

How would /tg/ make a game based on LISA? What would be things you'd be considering and such?

>> No.69458022
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I used some aspects of Lisa in a game I ran. I liked the idea of a bunch of people adopting weird and flavorful names, and then banding together to commit atrocities.

I applied the concept not to a post-apocalypse, but rather a distant holy land that remained undiscovered, until it was populated by a huge number of survivors from a mass disaster elsewhere in the world. They were sent there involuntarily, forced out of a city that didn't want to help them after rescuing them, and diverted to the hidden land by the 'benefactor' that set the whole thing up.

Said holy land merged with their warped and traumatized perceptions, and granted them all new names, personas, and powers. They gathered together into a bunch of disparate cults, and began to joyride the lands and pervert it to their own ends, most no longer caring if they'd die or not.

>> No.69458129

I've never played a tabletop before, so take my words with some salt, but here's the general things to probably do or expect.

First everyone in the party has to be in it for the same general goal. Finding a girl, getting somewhere safe, something that everyone there can agree needs to be done for one reason or another.
Next, everyone should be able get their own general way of fighting, and since there's so many weirdo's in Olathe, it can be pretty far out there.
Now this part is a bit dependent on how many players you got or what the story in said campaign is like, but it'd say that being able to recruit and add new folks to the gang is a good step to go about it.
And off the top of my head right now, I would argue that you should make it that it's a bit hard to die (for the MC's at least), but it's definitely possible to get fucked up REAL bad.
To finish off what i'm thinking about right now, make the tone fairly grimdark, but not without good times, and funny events. Bad shit is out there, but it's not all bleak.

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When did you realize not everything in your game has to be perfect?

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>> No.69459526

Not everything has to be perfect, but there are a few hard no's from me still that I occasionally have to state.

>No freakshit race PC's unless it makes sense for the setting of the game
>You do not treat monsters born from evil gods and freaks of nature like they are people

>> No.69461819
Quoted By: >>69461960

That perfection is unattainable is no reason not to strive for it.

>> No.69461930

When I realized that my players would run the campaign for me if I just loosened my plot-reigns a bit. Now all my games are largely player-driven, with me reacting to and anticipating them rather than preparing a story. I don't hold back, I don't care about making things balanced, I just let the world react to their actions, with a tiny bit of plot moving in the background that they can either react to or ignore until it gets worse.

>> No.69461960

Sounds like a great reason to me.

>> No.69462038

i had a lot of sessions which i was not proud of but when the players say it works for them i'm okay with it too.

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Quoted By: >>69459185 >>69460251

How would you justify someone getting as big as Abigail but still being human?

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>> No.69459185

Being an actual mutant pounding down steroids. Having that one double-muscled thing. Maybe even some kind of weird gene-doping thing (i.e. genetic enhancement) on top of it to just keep growing.

Also eating so much that his dietary needs are expressed in Mcals (thousands of kilocalories) like he's some kind of horse. Like one of those bodybuilders, if he's still hungry (say if he ran out of steak) he orders and eats multiple whole pizzas to fill up.

>sci-fi game where augmentations have gameplay drawbacks like making you pump money into food because your new implanted muscles are sucking nutrients out of you
Shadowrun does this. One of the player-races is "Trolls", and they have to pay double for "lifestyle" (i.e. rent, food, etc). Though in their case, the issue is more about constantly getting things modified to be the right size (custom-tailoring, renting a place with extra-large doorframes and toilets, buying a gun made for troll-hands, etc) rather than food itself. Nutrition is cheap, living is expensive.

Also >>69459045. You don't strictly need to explain that kind of thing. More likely people in the campaign won't even know

>> No.69459219

Her trigger-discipline is so good that her mind psychically replicates the effect of a trigger even when one is not present on her weapon

>> No.69459281
Quoted By: >>69459295

I love the art in this but sadly the actual storytelling is trash

>> No.69459295

the story is great, don't be a fag

>> No.69460251

A mutant human?

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Quoted By: >>69468068

What are battlemages or spellswords like in your setting? Are they like the kind of mages who are have all their gifts from a young age (Ex. Sorcerers) but decided to use swords instead of staves or is the magical talent gained from study at the local arcane university? Maybe the said individual joined their nation's army and got free education. I'm not talking about or excluding warlocks here. What are your thoughts about these arcane warriors /tg/?

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>> No.69467522
Quoted By: >>69467619

>So you're saying Paizo willingly submitted themselves to brainlet status?
Why are you making stuff up?
>Magus doesn't mean a magic using martial.
We've been over this, anon. In the context of Golarion, it does.
>To the common person it means a person who excels at magic or some other esoteric function
And to the common person, an elf is a little helpful spirit and not a forest dwelling race of near superhumans.
A word can have multiple meanings.

>> No.69467619

>In the context of Golarion, it does.
All this proves is that Golarion was made by ignorant morons who don't know what words mean.

>And to the common person, an elf is a little helpful spirit and not a forest dwelling race of near superhumans. A word can have multiple meanings.
Why are you pretending that "a word developed two different meanings organically over time" is the same as "some chucklefuck couldn't be bothered to see if he's using a word correctly"?

>> No.69467634
Quoted By: >>69470166

>bitching about the original use of a word when burly dwarves and human sized elves have been a mainstay of dnd for literal decades

>> No.69468068

Hospitalary knights/crusaders who boost their states by injecting viruses or parasytes and chanting prays to keep their sanity and bodies from falling to the illness. Basically they inject rabies and push their bodies through faith to cleans themselves.

The others are poisoned criminales who have experimented with their bodies to allow super human flexibility, low heart beats and toxic blood. They use heavy toxic potions to push their bodies to the limit.

I cant think of any other spellcaster hybrid in my setting.

>> No.69470166

What's up with human-sized elves and burly dwarves?

File: 537KiB, 470x694, ee23f04c7b409785a3295ab52afef81a.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
69457634 No.69457634 [Reply] [Original]

>be dwarf
>luv me axe
>luv me beer
>luv me beard
>luv me mine
>'ate elves
>simple as

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>> No.69457707
File: 50KiB, 163x214, 1cc.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Yep, this one's going to the cringe codex.

>> No.69457876
Quoted By: >>69457907

>ate elves
But that's cannibalism!

>> No.69457907

Only if you're an elf.

>> No.69460172
File: 463KiB, 700x800, 38008.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.69460257


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Quoted By: >>69468142

>Go Woke Go Bro-
What happened to the boycott you promised?

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>> No.69467933

>obvious false flag post
Why are /pol/lacks so bad at roleplaying as leftists? You spend so much time obsessing over them but you can't capture their language at all

>> No.69467946
File: 66KiB, 509x563, 967EBB91-5C95-4058-B3BC-DB6AD212EA74.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

T. Mark Rosewater

>> No.69468142

what do you mean "you"? who are you talking to?

>> No.69468237

How did a literal cuckold become the face of the right?

>> No.69468285

Big brained post.
Still fun to imagine a GW hive mind that does things a decade in advanced though.

File: 149KiB, 812x1060, Dante_book_cover.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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-In the intro of the novel, Guy Haley says that GW had it be all hush hush over whether the Primaris Angels can fall into the Black Rage or not. The answer they can but since there are no Black Company Primaris models yet, GW decided to make it vague for the time being.
-New Blood Angel supplement is coming soon featuring the Blood Primaris connection to the Black Rage. The novel acts as a tie in to it. Guy Haley is happy that his work is influencing the studio material. It’s part of the efforts to make novels and studio stuff be more in line with each other in terms of canon.
-Novel takes place months after the DoB
-The Warp was being disturbed to an extreme by the Great Rift. Vortexes of raw emotion are gathering so much energy from the chaos around them that they threatened to develop sentience but ultimately, they fail and collapse into nothing. Stillborn gods dying in the wound of the Warp.
-Dante is described the greatest hearted of all the marine heroes. But a few lines later, we see him submerged in the “stolen blood of innocents” in his healing coven so whatever Guy Haley/GW.
-Warp travel in the Dark Imperium era is danger af. Each moment in the Warp courts disaster. Ships in the Dark Imperium have to do short hops, having nothing to guide them. Not so for the Blood Angel fleet. The Blood Angel fleet follow the spirit of Mephiston in the Warp that's being projected from the Bloodcaller. Mephiston is following Sanguinor who is guiding the Blood Angels through the Warp. This allows the Blood Angels to do long Warp jumps unlike the rest of the imperium north.

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>> No.69469838
Quoted By: >>69469990

Don't normal hive tyrants usually do that job?

>> No.69469990
Quoted By: >>69470043

Hyperbole, anon.
Swarmie can show up in any hive fleet, but he isn't the boss of them, that is the norn queen.
Swarmie shows up when ground resistance is being a pain in the ass and needs a deft touch.

>> No.69470043
Quoted By: >>69470076

>It's the Norn Queen
Even the norn queen is in the end just a glorified gene editor ; the only true leader behind the nids is simply the Hive-Mind itself. Every nids exist by and for it's alien will.

>> No.69470071

>Are you upset that the Admech considers the act of sex a waste of time?
I’m more upset they use stupid shit like “xeimself” and other retarded pronouns that are blatant pandering. The same effect is gained by using They and variations of.

>> No.69470076

Yes, but that is at macro level, not micro.

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>Google Drive

>Jumpchain IRC Chat


>How to Jumpchain

>Jumpchain Jump Record

>Last Thread

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>> No.69465041

Shove into harem, enslave and sell, employ in Jumper's intelligence services

>> No.69465070
File: 506KiB, 660x1020, 43F04624-1ED8-44A1-8C4A-112CF0511ABA.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Yeah, well. You’re wrong

>> No.69465075
File: 124KiB, 1280x1151, 1564344683588.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>69465097

Best girl
Seemed like a slut/bimbo to me
Nerd that needs to learn to relax.

>> No.69465097
Quoted By: >>69465118

>Best girl
Why? I remember the show only vaguely.

>> No.69465118


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