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Cuties of sigmar.

Last thread

>Official AoS website

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:
>AoS Novels, Battletome PDF and Audiobooks


>Thread question
Do you play warcry? Do you want more warcry teams?

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Pretty much. I hope acolytes get some love in the new book for both of our sakes. I fucking love the models.

The army is suposed to be a cult, but we only got one human cultist unit. Where are my Kairic Adepts or Apostles of Change huh GW??
Atleast give us a non-hideous magister model that looks like it fits in with being the leader of the Kairics. Or a new fatemaster.

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You're the one who wants to ban shit, fag. You can post all the dumb shit you want and I still wouldn't argue in favor of banning you.

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Post shit get b&. Or do you think the mods are here to protect your feefees?

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We need units that can be taken my multiple alliances, dragon ogres fluff is perfect for having them as free agents

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Remove that bullshit line of KO only allying with people they can trade with, remove that bullshit line about Fyreslayers preferring to work for Order, take away their GA keyword and make them universal allies. Same thing for Giants and Maneaters.

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have you been excellent to each others lately ?

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Quoted By: >>69454983


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good keep going

keep trying, you are part of /tg/ and /tg/ must maintain a standard of quality posts

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Irl yes
Here current state of the board makes that hard but I haven't shitposted in The very least 48 hours so mabye

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I try. I don't always succeed, unfortunately.

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This board has been compromised since 2016

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How to emulate acrobatic air combat between fighters? Some type of mechanic to roll to determine how they stay in the air?

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To take me out you must fight like a man
You’ve yet to prove that you can
I see your might it compares to something
That is if something is nothing

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Maybe a test outmanoeuvre your opponent. So a series of opposed checks, the first person to win three in a row gets to strike their opponent (most fights can be ended in one hit). You could either have different actions work in a rock<paper<scissors fashion to get bonuses to the roll, or have some provide bonuses to future actions or something, to add some strategy to what you do.

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You, anon
You are a cool poppa
Keep on being you

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Roll Pilot Skill for a barrel roll maneuver, -5 because you're in atmo. You have 4 hours of combat hours in your fuel reserves, could be stretched significantly longer if you minimize weapon usage, combat burns, and shield regen but some of that will be necessary to keep you alive

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>the party stumbles into a high society get together

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but how do you know if they are presenting themselves or they are really good?

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> The party arrives to the get together
> the three of them look around the room and notice everyone is wearing black robes and masks
> Ami: So is this an orgy?
> Kelly: What the fuck, Ami!?
> Ami: What? It look like the start of an orgy!
> Zeak: Its not an orgy, its a gathering for the elite and the well respected.
> Ami: are you sure, because im pretty sure no one's wearing anything under those robes.
> Kelly: and how do you know that?
> Ami: I can see that chick's nipples poking through.
> Zeak: well maybe its hot under those robes.
> Ami: yeah and pretty soon its going to be hot in here too, if you catch my drift.
> Kelly: for fuck sakes Ami, why would this be an orgy?
> Ami: No kelly, the question is why would it Not be an orgy. I mean look around, between the robes and the masks, this is giving me a fuck load of "eyes wide shut" vibes.
> Kelly: it could be a demonic ritual?
> Ami: it could, but even those end up becoming orgies after the lamb is torn apart.
> Zeak: for god sakes Ami, this is not an orgy!!
> just then, one of the cloaked figures begins to speak.
> Cloaked Figure: Everyone, please take your places. The meeting will soon begin...
> Kelly: See, its just a meeting.
> Cloaked Figure: ...and soon after the orgy shall commence!
> Ami: CALLED IT!!

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“I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

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"How do you do, fellow gentry?"

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Get out the snacks and watch the orgy.

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Quoted By: >>69468683

>My dwarves are anything other than greedy bearded Scotsmen who like alcohol.
>My elves are anything other than elegant and arrogant androgynous hippies.
>The primary religion of my setting is anything other than an allegory for Christianity?

Exactly how does creating an "original" fantasy setting benefit you in any shape and form? People go to fantasy settings to enjoy the familiar, not to be exposed to weird and foreign interpretations.

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Quoted By: >>69472016

Nobody cares about your setting

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some of these familiar things do not stem from real life but actually stem from mythical and strange fantasies exposed to during early life.
what matters is theme, not the coating. themes themselves can underline all of those and make even the most jewish bullshit approachable.

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So your elves and dwarves are just humans that resemble fantasy races?>>69468618
I do.

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Based Ahnold poster.

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Horrific Experiments Edition

>What is Genesys?
Released in November 2017, Genesys is a pen-and-paper generic RPG system and toolkit by Fantasy Flight Games, using a refined version of the system presented by their Star Wars RPGs (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny). Its central mechanic is the Narrative Dice System, using pools made of specialized dice to create narrative results. The intention is for the system to be a highly flexible narrative system, adaptable to most any conceivable setting and premise.

>The Expanded Player's Guide and official GM screen will release later this year; a setting splat for Keyforge should see release in Q2 2020
>The Genesys Foundry is open for business, an initiative allowing you to sell your fanmade hack(s) on DriveThruRPG

>Where can I find the books?
Check the Online Extras pastebin below. The core book is the only mandatory book.

>Player-made Genesys settings

>A quick and dirty primer on how the dice in Genesys work

>Online Extras (fillable sheets, dice roller, quick reference sheets, generators, PDFs, etc.)

>Official Discord Server (unaffiliated with /gengen/)

>FFG Community Forums (check out the Master Resources post)

Previous Thread

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Anybody got that world of android pdf?

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Quoted By: >>69471736

Could you just stat that as a secondary effect activated by advantage?

>> No.69471736

I guess that could work
>Gunblade Trigger (not sure about that name): Active; When you hit with an attack, you can spend 2 advantages to deal +4 extra damage.
Not sure about how much damage it should add.

Doing it this way makes it like a worse version of the linked quality. Actually, I might just add the linked 1 quality to gunblades and explain it as pulling the trigger at the correct time.

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Quoted By: >>69472124

Different anon here, but I guess it depends how crazy you are trying to make this weapon in setting. Limited ammo is a good idea, but I believe that would then apply to the entire weapon and would be difficult to apply it to just the activation (of course tho you can just say it does just that, the beauty of Genesys). What I was thinking is pretty similar to you but with extra effects.

+3 Damage (going off of shortsword), Crit 2, Engaged, Encum 1
Defensive 1, Unwieldy 3, Superior
User can spend 3 Advantage (or 1 Triumph) to deal extra damage equal to their Agility.

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This works, I think. It being based on agility is nice because it adds to that "you do more damage if you time it perfectly" aspect from the actual video game.

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Sneaky deaky edition

>Unearthed Arcana: Class Feature Variants

>5e Trove


>Stable releases


>Previous thread:

How sneaky is your character? Do they stow away in combat when its brewing or are you a brave and heroic warrior?

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Retard made the thread too late, not seeing there was already one up

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Shadow monk does basically everything rogue does but is a kungfu master, why not play monk?

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What's /tg/'s experience playing ttgs with female players/GMs?
Hard mode: Not your wife/gf.

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But he said where the human bit should be... So the only thing i can think of is an anthro horse torso on a horse body... So horse body, humanesque torso maybe with the same horse fur as the rest of the body, and horse head. The only thing I can't figure is if the anthro torso's arms end in human hands or another set of hooves.

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That's still fucky anon, your campaign was stillborn.

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Quoted By: >>69470174

I honestly don't know as I just never went back to the store.

>> No.69470174

Good decision. Vote with your feet.

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That is certainly a thing.

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Quoted By: >>69459388 >>69459537

In this thread, post negative comments about RPGs that you haven't played.

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It's boring and I can never find a group that would let me play with them.

I am of course talking about ALL RPGs. I've never played any despite being interested for years - and no, I haven't watched any Critical Roll or whatever, my interest came from an old friend who is dead now.

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Ryuutama has all the bad parts of rules-light games and still manages to be a convoluted mess that forces players into very strict roles

>> No.69459537

all rpg systems are absolute shit, terrible balance, too expensive. 0/10

>> No.69459642

I've played Pathfinder for 5 years and I agree with you.

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I thought WH40K had great potential until I realized the userbase wasn't treating it as satire. And now I'm repulsed.

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Quoted By: >>69453567

Book of Grudges Edition

>Unearthed Arcana: Class Feature Variants

>5e Trove


>Stable releases


>Previous thread:

Have you ever played a stereotypical character completely straight, diving headfirst into the cliches? Have you ever purposely subverted expectations about a seemingly cliche character, or made a character that intentionally defied the stereotype?

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I'm a little confused by this. The swarm ability says it is only once per turn
>once during each of your turns when you hit a creature with a weapon attack, you can deal an extra 1d6 force damage to that creature, and the swarm moves the creature up to 5 feet toward you or away from you (your choice)

So wouldn't that be more like
4d6 + 4d6 + 1d6 + (dex x 4) a round for a max of 74?

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Quoted By: >>69463918


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How sad does one person have to be to play Adventurer's League to this extent?

>> No.69463918

Anyone want to make a different thread with a less retarded OP image?

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Quoted By: >>69459646

Something else?

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based and redpilled

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Quoted By: >>69459034

There is no pdf. It's only been released as a physical book. The company is really determined to not be successful.

The best I can do is share the 7TV 2E rules with you. Otherworld is a bit diffierent, being based on 7TV 1E, but the games are relatively close in gameplay. The big differences is Otherworld has round by round initiative and Wandering Monsters, and doesn't have Countdown Cards. Otherworld does have Gadgets, it just calls them magic items.

>> No.69458636

The main selling point of the game, the LotR movies, are almost 2 decade old.

>> No.69459034

thanks dude

>> No.69459646

I like gaslands a lot but I don't think that's considered skirmish.

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Does anyone have any outlawed table subjects/topics while running rpgs?

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Quoted By: >>69453413

Run an arabian nights inspired game, in Al-Qadim.
Had this one guy who were spouting modern day politics about islam and jihad and mohammad, I doubt he had seen a muslim in his life beside the occasional cab driver (this was pre uber era)
We basically kicked him out. Yeah keep politics out please.

>> No.69453413

Yeah I dont really like politics bc with some players that means they just start spouting rhetoric that no one gives a shit about. We're here to play, not debate

>> No.69453458

Politics and work. Check reality at the door, we're here to play pretend and he away from it all.

>> No.69453479

Anything nerdy is off-limits in my house. No geeks allowed.

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Quoted By: >>69471525 >>69471681

How do we save Cosmic Horror?

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Quoted By: >>69471670

You make it so that there's no big monsters to conceptualize that you really are small insignificant there's no demons from the warp that feed on your psychic energies there's a black hole that's just slowly sucking in everything around it. The sun might shoot out a solar flare roast us all, you might be sitting on your computer right now and a fire forms just on the other side of the way to get out so you can either sit here and do nothing attempt to go through the fire or attempt to leave for the window but either way all your stuff is being destroyed and you're probably going to die.

That's some real cosmic or no big monster coming out of the water to be hit by a boat the idea that there are no gods that need you to worship them or the idea that you must reply to this post or your mother will die in her sleep

>> No.69471670

When will you assholes stop killing my mother ?

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Dunsany > Lovecraft

>> No.69471761

Jurasic Park. Not sure about the butts tho.

>> No.69472271

Usually it becomes clear after they die and people start going through their letters.

In Loveman's case he was a poet who lived with a male dancer and had a lot of openly effeminate friends. Lovecraft even mentions that after going to visit him.

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Quoted By: >>69470650 >>69471463

What are the barriers to entry to magic? In games where martial characters are subpar, why doesn't everyone just learn magic?

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Quoted By: >>69467217


Probably a bad example given the current job market tuition costs.

>> No.69467217

Don't remind me...

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I came here to post exactly this

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>What are the barriers to entry to magic?

What are the limits to that which you are willing to sacrifice?

>> No.69471463

Differentiating between "mundane" and "magic" is stupid.
Asian fantasy has it right, magic is just a subsystem of supernatural power and a guy who trains with a sword will be able to do supernatural feats just as much as an old man mumbling and wiggling his fingers.

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Quoted By: >>69452841

>The party comes upon a mysterious House in their travels
Do they venture inside?

>> No.69452818

Nah, we just burn it down and demand XP for whatever lived inside.

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Quoted By: >>69452970


>> No.69452970


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Quoted By: >>69454002 >>69456441

Hey /tg/ trying to figure out some gifts for a friend for Christmas.

He's really into /tg/ stuff and I want to get him some accessories for his hobby.
What could you recommend?

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File: 32KiB, 377x499, 1DAEF7D3-B11A-45A7-8BCC-4A28DE7E6516.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Ultimate Toolbox

>> No.69452705

Only a loser doesn't have something from bad dragon

>> No.69454002

Figures are a good gift. Everyone has dice, most will have the rulebooks and such. Building up a good figure base helps you use an accurate model for an encounter.
If he's into /tg/ stuff he likely has the main bases covered so I would go obscure. Something like this

>> No.69456306

Fancy dice bag.

A carry case if he uses figures

Gift cert for a local FLGS

>> No.69456441

What sort of /tg/ stuff is he into? Can you be more specific? Is he into roleplaying games, war games, card games or all three? Does he play Dungeons & Dragons? Warhammer 40k? Magic the Gathering?

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Quoted By: >>69452531

>Player comes out as trans
>Support them
>Player comes out as a furry
>Kick them out of my group
Why do they keep trying?

>> No.69452531

This post is disingenuous. Kick both.

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What would be some interesting twists on an Asian fantasy setting like Avatar? Like say I want something like Avatar, but with more creative freedom, and clearing up some missed opportunities?

Also Asian-fantasy thread while we're at it.

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Quoted By: >>69466977

So, emperor has fallen, a republic has been established but has only nominal control as the country is in the hands of a bunch of warlords. Foreigners with advanced weapons and magics keep the country divided by playing the warlords off each other, and seek to expand their own areas of influence.
Sounds cool.

>> No.69464932


>> No.69466977
Quoted By: >>69467004 >>69467056

If it's gay, I don't want to be straight.
Plus throw in a civil war between the communists and nominal republicans that goes on during an invasion of fascist samurai.

>> No.69467004
Quoted By: >>69467056

The Japanese weren't fascist, they were imperialist authoritarians.

>> No.69467056

Getting dangerously close to, "and then, the fire nation attacked" territory.

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Quoted By: >>69452997 >>69453050

I need ideas for a Pantheon of evil gods. Here are a few I have.

The Builder is the goddess of Wisdom. She creates elaborate dungeons full of treasure in order to lure foolish adventures in so her demons can kill them.

The Father is the god of life. He created all of the monsters in my setting.

The Warrior is the god of war (obviously). He was too powerful so the other gods bound his soul into a set of weapons, jewelry and armor. If it is all assembled again he will be released again to usher the apocalypse.

Any other ideas?

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>> No.69452997
Quoted By: >>69453030

The Builder idea is cool as fuck. What inspired that?

>> No.69453013

Basically evil parodies of the Greek Gods.
The Warrior: Ares
The Builder: Athena
The Father: Kronos
The Hunter: Artemis/Hades

>> No.69453030

I wanted an excuse for my setting to have tons of dungeons for the heroes to loot. I thought it would be funny if the dungeons were literally set up to lure adventures to them.

>> No.69453050

God of secrets, but he's more of a true-neutral that gets on all the meetings with the other evil gods.

>> No.69453053

I like it.

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69452314 No.69452314 [DELETED] [Reply] [Original]

Honestly, playable fantasy races are the problem in general. I think that fantasy races should be treated like the mutants in the Metro series. Things to be killed, things to be feared and kept at a distance, rarely interacted with.

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>> No.69452466

You're correct. All races should be purely human. At best there could be a few unobtrusive outliers, or non-humans as plot devices.

It's always the same "you hate fun" and "gay OP" or "you must be SOO fun at the table" responses, Jesus. Whether it's Critical Role, tumblr character art or anti-firbolg threads.

>> No.69452485

You haven't played metro have you? Whole game is set up showing that if you don't befriend the new men, you die in a nuke explosion.

>> No.69452501

>combining dogbolds and lizardbolds into one

>> No.69452515

I humbly disagree with your opinion

>> No.69452541

found the imperium player

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Nice Try Supreme Verdict Edition

>What's Pioneer?
Pioneer is a new, non-rotating, officially sanctioned MTG format that includes all standard-legal sets from Return to Ravnica onwards.
>What's the banlist?
Allied Fetchlands, Leyline of Abundance, Oath of Nissa, Felidar Guardian, and Veil of Summer - with more to come each week until 2020.
>Comprehensive Card Search Engine
>General overview of what's competitive right now
>Thread Question
Does your local store have a pioneer night and how is that going?

Previous thread >>69419366

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>> No.69472164
Quoted By: >>69472396

no changes lol

>> No.69472338

>no bans

>> No.69472392

It's boring watching people shuffle their decks every minute to...

>> No.69472396


>> No.69472399


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Quoted By: >>69472044

What was the most fetishbait character you've ever encountered (either PC or NPC)?

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>> No.69470963
Quoted By: >>69471092

It really wasn't fetishbait, since she was actually based on the old hippy dude on TV survival shows, but feel free to imagine she was.
Annointing her feet in expensive oils in complex daily cleaning and massage rituals that leave her feet soft, clean and sensitive, having to bite her lip to avoid letting out a moan in front of the party.

>> No.69471092
Quoted By: >>69471965

That second line caught my attention.

>> No.69471965
Quoted By: >>69472062

Feet aren't my thing, I was just trying to seed your imagination. Take it and run with it.

>> No.69472044

After one of the guys in our group admitted to like musclegirls the GMs (myself and another) would take turns dropping musclegirls into the games we were running. I went so far as to make a musclegirl PC for one game.

Primo effect, lol.

>> No.69472062

Thanks anyway...

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Shitposting Edition

>Psychic Awakening - Blood and Talons:

>WD Nov 2019:

>Index Inquisition:

>WarhammerTV Tip of the Day:
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This is why Imperial Armour was better, the Imperium/Space Marines could and would get their shit pushed in. Named character plot armour wasn't bogging it down either, Inquisitor Lok got a model and got killed in the same expansion. Made for some actually interesting narratives.

>> No.69456426

I like the washed-out style of the right one, especially the scraped-up armour.

>> No.69456468

In old 6th edition codex and in index Sisters, Deathwatch and GK were mentioned as Chamber Militant in codex and as ally in index.
Now SoB,Dw and GK aren't even mentioned.

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Yes but they push 40k way more than AOS

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Turbo Shadow Edition


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>Thread Question
How spikey are the people at your LGS and how fun is modern night at your LGS?

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Where is this from?

>> No.69469585

Tranny tree should have never been printed

>> No.69469697

Will Delver still be playable in Legacy? I don't care about Tranny tree ban, but I really love playing tempo.

>> No.69469701

New thread:

>> No.69470872

If only you knew.

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