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>put some children NPCs into my game that are only supposed to be involved in some minor sidequest to get the party from point A to point B
>party saves them from danger, bonds with them, checks in on the kids every now and again to make sure they are safe or to give them life advice

ITT: the little things that bring you joy

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This is why we can't have nice things.

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>Players trying to convince a notorious space pirate to go privateer for their nation.
>Suddenly a mutiny while they're in deliberations.
>Immediately (and correctly) deduce that the enemy nation has been courting the First Mate in secret when the mutineers tie red scarves to their left arms.
>Put down the mutiny and "buy" the grateful Captain's loyalty for the price of "A sufficiently fancy hat" (group's art monkey sketches out said hat on a napkin).
>Every time party reencounters the NPC, begin description with the hat.

I really meant the guy to be a one-and-done NPC, but the party Diplomancer likes him and he stirs up enough trouble to keep the more bloodthirsty players engaged.

It was the second game of a new campaign with a new group. I was so used to having to spell out every detail of what was going on to the last group I GM'd for that when this one instantly twigged to what was going on it took me a second to regain my mental footing.

It's really gratifying to have tangible proof that your group is paying attention and that everyone is on the same page.

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>Players cleaning out a werewolf den
>Find a bunch of kids in cages near an open clearing of packed earth with dried blood on the stones outlining the circle.
>Turns out the lycanthropes had some kind of child fight club thing going on. Basically they'd turn the winners to add their strength to the pack, and eat the losers.
>Party spends a little more than a week camping out with the kids while the Cleric hits each in turn with Remove Curse just to make sure.
>Whole group makes up names for all thirteen of the little guys OOC, play out a bunch of little vignettes to give them personalities and establish some of the group politics going on.
>Comfy game is had. Most kids go back to their parents. A number of them were orphaned in the werewolf attacks where they were taken. Party detours out to an orphanage they trust to make sure the survivors are taken care of.

>Later set up spin-off campaign with an alternate GM once a month for the orphan kids who've now grown up together to form a party of their own.

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Yeah, master of riding this dick

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So I've had an argument with a friend lately about what "Class" in most fantasy settings an Autistic/ADHD or Aspergers like person would realistically be, he asserts Barbarian, because of poor cognitive functions, while another person asserts Mages because of their ability to hyperfocus on things, another that they're Rogues because of how they're made outcast by society in many situations - But I was wondering what comes closest, realistically, /tg/, to a specific 'role' or class, or is it too varying to really nail down to a single character archetype?

Pic only semi-related

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In Stand Still, Stay Silent all mages are either naturally or artificially autistic.

Because you need emotional control to not get siren songed or driven insane by spirits, trolls, giants, etc.

The one character that doesn't have any control is a dirty sorcerer archetype who is pretty weak compared to the other mages.

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That has to be the dumbest argument I've ever heard

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Full disclosure: I'm HFA.

Class-based systems are stupid and do a very poor job of actually representing what a character does. Alignment-based systems (which most class-based systems are) are even worse in this regard, because they provide a very crude model for how decisions are actually made from a morality standpoint.

That said, if magic in your setting is strongly internally consistent and is treated as "accessing a console to reality" (as opposed to "powers granted by otherwordly entities" or "strong emotional desires that get projected onto reality and changed it"), Autists/Aspies are natural candidates for mages, because their skill at abstract thinking and penchant for systems and models is higher than neurotypicals.

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High level autists who have unlocked awesome psiconic powers.
The downside however is that most of their powers have little to not effect on neurotypicals so while two Autismarchs might be locked in an epic battle of wills the only thing their parties would notice are a low humming noise and a muttering about one piece that leads to nose-bleeding after prolonged exposure.
The Autismarch knows every spell in the lores of Aspergers, Autism and on the great spectrum. His skill with autism-cantrips and screech-tricks are beyond compare, any common autist who dares to cross the Autismarch will be disposed of with little more effort than crushing a bug.

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It annoys the fuck out of me how much normalfaggots try to patronise autists and how fucking sensitive other autists are to irrelevant shit. Fuck.

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>player wants to play a khajiit
>tell them yes
>they proceed to punch the shit out of enemies and be a valued member of the party
Remember being an ass purely on arbitrary principles makes you retarded

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I'd wager "I don't think you have an X, enjoy your Y" predates your arrival here by a half decade or more. Glass houses.

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You know, it would be the easiest thing in the world to disprove us. Give us a excerpt from your notes, make a copy of a character sheet, give us something of substance besides just name calling.

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retard >>69454097

>> No.69458147

and then you say its not good enough
post yours

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Trying to attract desperate women is the ultimate beta male move.

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>Tell furry player that my game I humans only
>He starts throwing a fit and threatening me and other players
Should I post his discord?

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When people reply to a decade old picture with "work on your art" as if it's the original artist putting up a new piece, it makes them look really new.

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Zip it jewboy.

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He's not telling him to work on it as though he's the original artist in need of improving. He's telling him to work on it so whoever this new spammer is, can improve their art and make their own/better art to not need to use old images from someone else.

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Why not say "use different art" or "stop triggering me" or something that doesn't immediately scream "I'm a newfag who just arrived and decided to get upset about something random"?
Check mate.

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Yeah, post it

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State it, /tg/

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How does the owlbear state function? What are its economy, institutions, culture, system of governance?

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What was owlbears tax policy? Did they maintain a standing army? What did they do in times of flood and famine? And what about all these bugbears?

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>How does the owlbear state function?
by sitting around regurgitating big bony shits
>What are its economy
free market big bony shits economy
ministry of owls, department of bears, the museum of natural owl bear history (the biggest, boniest mouth shits ever taken), pellet bank (of those BBS)
revolves around a nuclear family, very hospitable
>system of governance?
parliamentary democracy
>What was owlbears tax policy?
2% property tax with slight tax breaks for adventurer eaters
>Did they maintain a standing army?
sometimes, though mostly crawling ones
>What did they do in times of flood and famine?
they make withdrawals from the pellet bank
>And what about all these bugbears?

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>part owl part bear
>not part bug part bear

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the bug part stands for buggery
the bear part stand for big hairy dude

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Daily reminder posting furry art isn't traditional games and mods should be doing their job.

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I love this girl. Do you have more pictures of her?

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I need another chan
I miss you KC

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Samefag work on your art meme

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Spamming cestree threads isn't traditional games either, but the mods have been doing their jobs somewhat and deleting these threads

>> No.69451382

Daily reminder that this guy was spamming the exact same random ass anti-furry threads a couple of weeks ago and you all would have recognized that if you weren't obsessed with the art he's chosen to use to skim a few extra replies in them.

The only thing that's missing in this round are the off-the-wall "ant" posts.

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You knew the answer as you typed "NO men gay."

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Ask /trash/ or anonkun. Or like, find the ERP Discord. Spoilers: it's full of ghosting pricks.

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Women technically can't have sex with other women. It's biologically impossible.

>> No.69452024


I have a truly brilliant system for fuck battles and sexfighting but I don't want to post it here because I'll make a real RPG focused on that at some point (unexplored niche).

>> No.69452081

I mean, if you want to use a retard's definition of sex, sure.

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>Player makes a furry character
>Tell him the campaign is humans only
>He blocks me and deletes his account
Remember to shut down furfags

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At least let me call him retard

>> No.69451922

I cant tell if the Obsessed Samefag is a meme or if someone genuinely believes it. I hope its the former because i would pity the latter

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Quoted By: >>69452348

Based, he'll drag the actual cestree/ribbon spam threads down with him then when the mods lift a finger.

>> No.69452348
Quoted By: >>69452370

My understanding is that this was OP's real plan all along. Though that's just a guess, I can't reliably discern on how many levels of false-flag are these shitposts operating anymore.

>> No.69452370

I'd actually be mildly amused if the mods just leave the threads but ban the OP anyway.

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>Problem player wants to play a sergal
>Tell him no
>He throws a fit
Remember to do your part

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Quoted By: >>69451199 >>69451203

These threads are spam

>> No.69451199

What's your problem, and what's the cause of your pointless quest against the board mascot?

>> No.69451203

This thread? Maybe. Acting like any thread that has the character that triggers you is spam though is something only a newfag would believe.

But, you're just aiming for a ban that you don't care about, so let's at least have fun with this thread while you seethe.

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im doing my part fellow diaperbro!

>> No.69452134

>Problem anon wants to post his art
>Tell him to work on it
>He throws a fit
Remember to work on your art

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Hell yeah I would.

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Yes, there was nothing left to steal. So he left and scammed more people. Now he collects patreon bux from thirsty coomers for a game that will never come out because he spends all his time scribbling mod outfits for Lobotomy Corp instead.

>> No.69456054


>> No.69456092

You're not wrong.

>> No.69456160

>he spends all his time scribbling mod outfits for Lobotomy Corp instead.
and Darkest Dungeon - Omen Seeker (titty gypsy) and Slayer (not!Doomguy) are his doing.

File: 66KiB, 720x720, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f7a687569454e4e5439705a4c51773d3d2d3432392e313533383162636265343731366235663930333734323635383437302e6a7067.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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What's the best magic system out there?

D&D is fun and specific, but too arbitrary.

Mage is open ended and imaginative, but has NO crunch.

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Want best magic?
Want Crunch?
Ars Magica is your answer

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Quoted By: >>69451191

Ars Magica is the grandfather of world of darkness, it was the first baby of Mark-dot-Hagen before he created Vampire and other wod products. Tremere and Order of Hermes from WoD have its origins in Ars Magica.

1-2nd editions are very early whitewolfesque, a bit rouch on the edges and there is a focus on narrativism, storytelling. 3rd edition game out when WoD was becoming a star, so it is the grimdark setting.

The diversion happened in 4th edition, some players didn't like the too grim dark setting, and wanted a bit more accurate albeit mythic europe. Many new rules concerning magic, rules of magic, different forms of magic, how to take apprentices, how to do research, how to write magical books, how to do rituals, familiars etc were added/expanded. 4th and 5th edition made a break from WoD. Both in style and lore, that break is even harder in 5th

>Whats the difference between Ars Magic vs WodMage magic
Ars system is also creative but it is not as open ended as mage. The sphere system is replaced by 5 techniques 10 forms and you mix them up, I create + fire, I destroy + plant, etc. However these are governed by variety of rules you ranging from your personal skill to level of the spell to auras around. Moreover this is not the only way to cast spells as there are more complex rituals, or non-sponteneous spells that you can have. There are also as I mentinoed above tons of stuff you can do, books, familairs, apprentices, labs etc etc. The advancement also happens by seasons

>> No.69451191

In mage I feel like playing an action game, you are fighting a war you already lost and there are people who are out there to get you. Mage feels like 1st matrix before matrix came to theaters.

Ars feels like I am actually playing a wizard, doing wizardly things. The downside, the thing make people avoid this game is the bookkeeping aspects. You really track down a lot of stuff, number crunching and bookkeepnig and advancement requires some degree of commitment. People create their own wiki/google docs to track their progress, excel sheets with calculations are normal occurance.
So yeah its not for everyone, it has a very high simulationist aspect.

TL/DR. Ars has the best magic system but also highly simulationist. Requires a relative degree of bookkeeping and it is crunchy. However imho it is better than wod mage and miles better than playing d&d wizard.

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Fucking draft talk chaps!
-Discuss your pools and builds
-Drafting strategies for any format
-Dispute LSV card reviews
-Arenafags take it somewhere else
With one event on friday and two on saturday, I'm undefeated for the entire weekend, 7-0-1(split)

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What's the best way to improve your draft game?

Mostly I go 1-2, though a couple times I've 3-0 mostly due to rare bombs.

>> No.69453417

>no mill
Bro, you just posted cringe

>> No.69453475

Do you read LSV's set reviews? They are by far the most valuable resource. The rankings on draftaholics are also interesting, but not nearly as useful.
I also think that I honestly benefitted long term from reading LSVs book from way back. The gameplay/building philosophies in NLM can make a huge difference in how you approach limited formats.
The most common mistakes I see made by experienced players are in drafting and
building. If you want to play a cute card, you have to have support. You can't be afraid to cut for consistency.

>> No.69453499

Individual power+synergy
Also look to build a curve and have decent answers for what you may see in the set.

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This is how I GM

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>Finger goes immediately to the trigger
Deserves everything bad coming to him and then some.

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This is how I druid

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This is how I Druid

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This is how I barbarian/dm

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This is how I blackguard

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Quoted By: >>69455786

First session of a campaign, PF2, playing a champion who's a Paladin Champion.

Party is in town, paladin gets 5g pickpocketed, they pursue the thief, end up letting them keep it out of sympathy because the thief is a 14 year old beggar.
Later find that same thief in court being accused of stealing by a random merchant in front of the Queen of the land.
Queen explains that the penalty for petty theft is hand removal. Paladin says they willingly let the thief keep the gold, queen says even if they don't want to press charges the penalty for theft is hand removal. Paladin lies and says they gave the thief the gold willingly. DM decides that's not a lawful good act to lie to an authority figure and tries to force an alignment shift to Chaotic Good and cause the loss of Paladin powers.
What do you guys think? Should I even keep playing? The DM in question has openly stated they hate Lawful Good characters in their campaigns because "nobody knows how to play them right." Not really sure how to remedy this situation.

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I don't know what you're trying to say. The first line doesn't contradict the latter two. The first line is about the application of the Paladin tenet about respecting legitimate authority, the latter two are about a totally different code.

>> No.69455786
Quoted By: >>69457241

>What do you guys think? Should I even keep playing?
You should never play pathfinder in the first place.
But since you did, you should be doubly aware your DM self-castrated with a boxcutter back in middle school because otherwise he would have had the stones and the matured brain to realize that said paladin was acting in a Neutral Good manner, not a chaotic good.

But it doesn't matter because you're playing pathfinder with a dm who doesn't understand the alignment system, so I wouldn't hold out much hope that he knows any other rules. He'll just keep doing arbitrary shit that will get on your nerves.

>> No.69457241

What's wrong with Pathfinder?

>> No.69458024

It actually matters a great deal. The Paladin forgave them for their crime, gave them the gold, and thus were not criminals in the eyes of the gods. Thus they are an innocent and harm, such as hand removal which is a horrid punishment, must not fall to them under the cause of another lying about them commuting a crime, the unscrupulous merchants possibly evil act of lying an innocent into physical harm.

The Paladin followed their tenets fine. The gm is an asshat, and no legitimate LG country inflicts maiming upon its subjects if the commit crime. There is a reason legitamete authority is low on the list of things you should take care not to break but can if its to prevent harm from falling upon an innocent.

In the context of the tenets, innocence isn't about legality but about evil acts. Stealing gold from rich people is a chaotic act, part of the robin hood CG trope.

>> No.69458153


>Muh alignment shift
>A person's entire moral, societal and life philosophy can be boiled down into just two words.
>Even mildly shifting in any capacity from this rigid two word description means you pendulum swing all the way to the other.
Sounds like an ass dm

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Another one bites the dust

>> No.69450165


>> No.69450195

Imagine being so autistic as to take time to troll warhammer autists

>> No.69450230
Quoted By: >>69450251

The fuck is this cripto shit

>> No.69450251


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Quoted By: >>69452055

Why is the owlbear so endearing?

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>> No.69451204
Quoted By: >>69455263

There's a reason why bears evolved to rely on their smell rather than vision or hearing, anon.

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>> No.69451648
File: 376KiB, 1205x1416, cockbear.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.69452055

Owls are cute, bears are cute

>> No.69455263

Random chance that worked out well?
A bear with the eyesight of an owl more or less objectively better than one without

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Gangs of the Underhive


Book of Peril


Book of judgement


>Lore ebooks/Misc

Necromunda Uprising Trailer

Seriously bad dudes edition

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Quoted By: >>69466460

Are corpse grinders actually good in the game? They look like blind melee in a game with guns.

My friend wants to split the box to get into the game but I can’t help thinking that the corpse grinders aren’t worth playing and just going with another gang.

>> No.69466460
Quoted By: >>69467162

It's too early to tell. The rules they have make it so that if they reach melee whatever they touch is screwed, but their ability to get there is yet to be determined. They're probably great in ZM, but I could see them struggle in Sector Mechanicus unless they lean into overseer

>> No.69467162
Quoted By: >>69468213

I feel this will be the key, they will have to run through all the opposing shooting but will mince whatever they face in combat. I saw one of their tactics cards makes all fighters treat charge as a basic action rather than a double for a single round so that will be a go to card for them. Clever use of infiltrate on initiates to provide a distraction whilst the rest get across the board will also pay off.

>> No.69468213
Quoted By: >>69470299

I think the basic bitch bois getting infiltrate is the key to the gang. Their other units are super powerful but the infiltrators with basic armaments are dirt cheap and essentially pour out of the walls to disrupt enemy sight lines for your gang to barrel forth across the board.
Grapnel guns are essential for the bigwigs of this gang it seems

>> No.69470299

More important than that is then having pistols for pinning or harpoon launchers for manipulating enemy positioning, IMO

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How would they fare in 40k?

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>> No.69468048
Quoted By: >>69468191

I don't remember them being not removable. I thought there just never was any time for them to be unmasked.....

>> No.69468191

When Lady WiFi tried to unmask Ladybug, the mask turned out to be more or less part of her face to both their surprise

>> No.69470242

Shit tastes

>> No.69470930
Quoted By: >>69471058

>that's not to say I think he doesn't care about the boy's happiness, just that he considers it a distant third to his goals and Adrian's health
I suspect that Gabriel's thought of Adrien's happiness is more linked with his idea of "he'll be unhappy now, but when I succeed, everything will be great so it'll all be fine". He's losing him now, in the hope of getting him back later, but Gabriel not knowing his son is Chat Noir means that when the truth does come out it's just going to make things completely irreparable.

>> No.69471058

Probably, it’s clear he cares, but he also seems to thing bringing back Adrian’s mom will fix everything

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Quoted By: >>69456147

What's up with lamia referring to both lion women and snake women?

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>> No.69453564

Ah, if hugges ye seek, first must ye set a trap for her of a large box mayde of sturdy cardboarde.

>> No.69454820

RIP fuckpoetry

>> No.69455465
Quoted By: >>69456557

Also she's got big tiddies.

>> No.69456147
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Probably authors confusing lamia with lamassu like this guy suggested >>69450281

>> No.69456557

>tfw no cat-taur gf who pins you under her big, fluffy body and smothers you in her soft, plump breasts, purring loudly

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Does /tg/ like fun things?

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>> No.69451518
Quoted By: >>69451677

I mean technically true. The magyars are descendants of Atilla's band. As are the Bulgarians and debatably the Alans.

>> No.69451677

Hungarians and Bulgarians are so slavized that their ancestry to either of those groups is in less than a tenth of a percent.

>> No.69451980

>Do we like fun ?
Yes, we all do
>Do we like what you like ?
No, we don't. We don't even like you.

>> No.69452157

Yes, but your definition of fun is wrong.

>> No.69452507
File: 944KiB, 500x345, TG.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Does /tg/ like fun things?

File: 806KiB, 2818x2005, b6a764ea5ccd74cdf84b4c911c0d65dc.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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Quoted By: >>69468936

What marked the shift in RPGs away from OD&D and AD&D's historically accurate aesthetics and medieval setting sensibilities, and towards video gamey fantasy armor and Wild West with a medieval skin?

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>> No.69465645
Quoted By: >>69466068

this just in, people's preferences change over time.

>> No.69466068
Quoted By: >>69467984

>people's preferences change over time.

are you saying that you no longer find women attractive?

>> No.69467984

too many assumptions for the question to be meaningful. nice try though.

>> No.69468020

Specifically, comic book artists

>> No.69468936


Good riddance. The constant historical knowledge one-ups were one of my least favorite things in the hobby.

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>be wizard
>create something dangerous to do something mundane
>just kinda lose track of it and let it go wondering about

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>> No.69457333

>grudgling approaches you carrying its foodbowl
>calls you an n'wah
>drops bowl at your feet before falling over backwards.

>> No.69457465
Quoted By: >>69457504 >>69458664

I don't even know how to react to hearing that a bridge escaped into the wilderness

>> No.69457485

>great idea! Id also give it some sort of projected acid ability in case of a group of adventuring ne'er do wells trespassing, what do you think professor?

>> No.69457504

Agreed, it'd make much more sense for it to escape into a city.

>> No.69458664

I just like to imagine one of them moving to a new location as a wandering monster encounter.

>Party sets up camp. Assigns watches.
>Middle of second watch there's a loud crashing sound.
>Something huge and powerful is knocking over trees, moving slowly toward the camp.
>Watchman has plenty of time to wake the party. Everyone readies themselves.
>WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP it approaches
>Suddenly it comes crashing through the trees, a massive stone inch worm.
>"Hi guise!" it says cheerily. "Don't mind me, just passing through."
>"Say, you got any news? Heard of anybody in need of a bridge? Guys?"
>"Okay, well, nice meeting you all!"

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Any of you ever used music to end a campaign with? If so what was it and how did the campaign end?

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>> No.69449768

After playing only two players survived out of 5 their final stand in a delta green campaign, I ended the campaign describing them riding out of a destroyed small town into a highway towards the horizon, bloodied and tired but driven, and played 'Here I go Again' from Whitesnake to greadually rise in volume as my narration was over. Some players say it was a very memorable moment, but that could've just been because it was the end of the campaign.

>> No.69449773
Quoted By: >>69449907


>> No.69449907

Guess the context
anons with good taste should already have some idea

>> No.69449957


Ending of an "islands in the sky" pathfinder campaign. The players had defeated the fey queen and "tamed" the fey in that way, in a successful attempt to bring peace between them and the rest of the world. It was a happy ending all round. My players are all touhou fans so it was great for them.

>> No.69451371


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Quoted By: >>69451055

So I might be DMing for a new group and one of my ideas for a quest is to find a rare scroll that some high level person/creature wants for their collection. It's not impossible to get it, but by no means easy either. Then when they find the scroll...

It's a Scroll of True Strike

As in the cantrip is so bad that it's fading out of use and practice, becoming a rare spell that few can cast, with methods hard to come by. The quest giver just wants it as a rare piece of a collection. Is this a fun idea or just stupid?

>> No.69450843

I think this would be a funny fetch quest for a seasoned group that needs extra money, or a good reputation in a new place.

Cool concept anon

>> No.69451055

Really good if the group is thinking of keeping the scroll right before identifying it

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