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Operating on a space hulk means you need fuckton of people to keep it functional.
Orks can afford that during WAAAGH because they have millions if not billions orks.
CSM on the other hand aren't as numerous, even with cultists.

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Snakes were my favourite of the first batch. I would like to see bands that are devoted to each god too though.

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Would you build sisters with her?

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As if there's any competition

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Sounds like she was just playing a good bard.

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You could probably fit your dick through that gap in his teeth.

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That's not fetishbait, that's just being a terrible person.

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One of my favorite magic systems is the sort of mystical hermetic bullshit magic where you just have weird spells that do weird things. Like boil a talisman of ash over a fire for four days and thread some silver through it and you can now make somebody forget their own name or some shit.

Is there any good explanation of where or how these powers come from? Why does ritualized or enigmatic magic "exist"?

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>Vanilla marines are bland.
No they're not. What kind of brain damaged fuck thinks brotherhoods of fascistic super human space monks that draw from warrior cultures throughout history are bland? Seriously, fuck off.

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Why do people hate on nu-grievous for being a pussy? If I had to fight telekinetic superhuman enemies on a weekly basis I also wouldn't hesitate to just order my entire army to shoot them and I'd also run the fuck away if things started to go wrong. He finally decides to 1v1 Obi-Wan on Utapau and just dies because of it.
2003 tartakovskyboos need not apply

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Here's a possible solution:
>(CL_limit)/X + [Attribute(s) - 10*Y]/2
>(CL_limit)/X + [Attribute(s) - 10*Y]/Y
>(CL_limit)/X + Attribute(s)/Y - 10
This means that CL will scale with the average of the casting attributes, not the sum. It's further scaled to match ML scaling.
What are you talking about? 5+levels is the standard. Every race has at least that much ML/CL.
Here's a list of races that have ML or CL of 5+levels:
All Humanoid
All Demihumanoid
Angel, Djinn, Nephilim, Brain Eater, Dragonoid, Arthropod, Doppelganger, Planterran, Lycanthrope, Elemental, Automaton, Awakened Golem
And the ones that don't have ML and CL adding up to 10+level.

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You know he's working on the races one at a time, right?

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Id rather see both. Let all the AOS crap die.

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Yeah, PTA/PTU are just the creators trying to cram as many mechanics in a single game as possible. I don't think they got out of their videogame/D&D mindset and that's why they did so badly.

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There are retroclones that attempt to streamline AD&D a bit. Labyrinth Lord with its Advanced Edition Companion does. I understand that Old School Essentials has an Advanced thingy. And I think there's something else I'm forgetting. It might be worth taking a look at them if you want a more manageable AD&D.

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>Think I could just summarize it here and then see if I get enough interest for a (crappy) translation?
Yes, I need, please.

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And then what? Oh. OH!

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Quoted By: >>69456802

They sound really awesome, and all of the other basic "realm theme" warbands are pretty cool.
I hope they make more mercs too. The myrmidon was baller.

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I want to impregnate her.

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Roll20's character sheet doesn't have any premade skills, meanwhile GCS has the entire library and doesn't require a constant internet connection and an open browser.

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Yes, but they're not planting the trees now. They're only willing to regrow the forest after they've killed or functionally killed the spirits already living there, at which point regrowing the trees is, to me, a wasted gesture.

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>the old plague marines were pretty shit
Isn't looking like shit Plague Marines thing?

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Can't wait for this to die

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