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Also check out Mothership. It's free it, it's good, it's Alien/Aliens done right but without licensing the name.

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??? It's just roll-under percentile. Usually against the stat or stat+skill that's written down on your sheet, sometimes against an opponent's armor value. Skill checks and combat run faster than D&D.
Stress and panic slowed us down the first time out, but that was mainly just looking things up. And in hindsight, probably one player not quite getting in the spirit of things and questioning it every time.

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I'm really liking Mothership lately, but that's space horror not space opera. Traveller is my space opera game.

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I recommend Mothership. It's at about that tech level, and delivers interesting combat and alien interaction. It lacks explicit diplomancy, but that could be easily added in as a Master-level skill.

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For sci fi horror I strongly recommend Mothership.
For modern day horror check out Unknown Armies. It's got it's own stuff going on as well around modern day magic, but it definitely encompasses horror.
Silent Legions is worth the purchase price for the campaign-building tools alone. I'm unenthusiastic about class-and-level for a modern day horror game, but I'm still a fan of the total package.

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